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GAM. Gamut.

GAZ. Gazette.

G.B. Great Britain;--G.B. AND I., Great Britain and Ireland.

G.C.B. [Knight] Grand Cross of the [Most Honourable Order of the] Bath.

G.C.H. [Knight] Grand Cross of Hanover.

G.C.I.E. [Knight] Grand Commander [of the Most Eminent Order] of the Indian Empire.

G.C.L.H. Grand Cross of the Legion of Honour.

G.C.M. Greatest common measure.

G.C.M.G. [Knight] Grand Cross of [the Most Distinguished Order of] St Michael and St George.

G.C.S.I. [Knight] Grand Commander of the [Most Exalted Order of the] Star of India.

G.C.V.O. [Knight] Grand Cross of the [Royal] Victorian Order.

GEN. General; Genesis.

GEN., GENL. General.

GEN. Gender; Genitive; Genus.

GENT. Gentleman, Gentlemen.

GEO. George.

GEOG. Geography.

GEOL. Geology.

GEOM. Geometry.

GER. Gerund.

G.F.S. Girls' Friendly Society.

GK. or GR. Greek.

GM. Gramme.

G.M.T. Greenwich Mean Time.

G.O. General Order; Grand Organ.

G.O.M. Grand Old Man (W. E. Gladstone).

GOV. Government, Governor.

G.P. General Practitioner; Grateful Patient; _Gloria patri_=Glory to the Father.

G.P.O. General Post-office.

GR. Grain; Grammar; Gross.

GS. Guineas.

G.S.P. Good Service Pension.

GU. Guinea; Gules.

GUIN. Guinea.

H., HR. Hour.

HAB. Habakkuk.

HAB. Habitat.

HAG. Haggai.

HANTS. Hampshire.

HAR. Harold.

H.B.M. His (or Her) Britannic Majesty.

H.C. Heralds' College; House of Commons; Holy Communion.

H.C.M. His (or Her) Catholic Majesty.

H.E., _hic est_=This is; _hoc est_=That is.

HEB. Hebrews.

H.E.I.C.S. Honourable East India Company's Service.

HER. Heraldry; _Heres_=Heir.

HF. Half;--HF.-BD., half-bound;--HF.-CF., half-calf.

H.G. Horse Guards; His Grace.

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