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H.H. His (or Her) Highness.

HHD. Hogshead.

H.I.H. His (or Her) Imperial Highness.

HIST. Historian, History.

H.J., _hic jacet_=Here lies;--H.J.S., _hic jacet sepultus_=Here lies buried.

H.K. House of Keys (Isle of Man).

H.M. His (or Her) Majesty.

H.M.C. His (or Her) Majesty's Customs.

H.M.I.S. His (or Her) Majesty's Inspector of Schools.

H.M.P., _hoc monumentum posuit_=Erected this monument.

H.M.S. His (or Her) Majesty's Ship or Service.

HO. House.

HON. Honourable, Honorary.

HOR. Horizon; Horology.

HORT., HORTIC. Horticulture, Horticultural.

HOS. Hosea.

H.P. High-priest; Half-pay.

H.P. Horse-power.

H.R. House of Representatives; Home Rule.

HR. Hour.

H.R.E. Holy Roman Emperor or Empire.

H.R.H. His (or Her) Royal Highness.

H.R.I.P., _hic requiescit in pace_=Here rests in peace.

H.S., _hic situs_=Here lies;--H.S.E., _hic sepultus_ (or _situs_) _est_=Here is buried (or laid).

H.S.H. His (or Her) Serene Highness.

H.S.S., _Historiae Societatis Socius_=Fellow of the Historical Society.

HY. Henry.

IA. Iowa.

IA., IND. Indiana.

IB., IBID., _ibidem_=In the same place.

I.C.E. Institute of Civil Engineers.

ICH., ICHTH. Ichthyology.

ICON. Iconography, Iconographic.

I.C.S. Indian Civil Service.

ID., _idem_=The same.

I.D.B. Illicit Diamond Buyer (in Cape Colony).

I.D.N., _in Dei nomine_=In the name of God.

I.E., _id est_=That is.

I.H.P. Indicated horse-power.

I.H.S., for the Greek capitals I[=H]C, (the C a form of Greek [Sigma]), the first three letters of the name Jesus, often misread as _Jesus Hominum Salvator_=Jesus Saviour of Men.

ILL. Illinois.

ILL. Illustration, Illustrated.

I.L.P. Independent Labour Party.

IMP. Imperial; _Imperator_=Emperor.

IMP. Imperfect; Imperative; _Imprimatur_=Let it be printed.

I.M.S. Indian Medical Service.

IN. Inch, Inches.

INC., INCORP. Incorporated.

INCOG., _incognito_ (It.). Unknown, avoiding publicity.

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