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E.S.E. East-south-east.

ESP., ESPEC. Especially.

ESQ., ESQR. Esquire.

EST. Established.

ET AL., _et alibi_=And elsewhere; or _et alii_ or _alia_=And others.

ETC., &C., _et ceteri_ or _cetera_=And others, and so forth.

ET SEQ., SQ., or SQQ., _et sequentes_ or _sequentia_=And the following.

ETY., ETYM. Etymology.

E.U. Evangelical Union.

EUPH. Euphemia.

EUR. Europe; European.

EX. Examined; Example; Exception; Excursus; Executive; Export.

EX., EXOD. Exodus.

EXC. Excellency.

EXC. Except; Exception.

EX DIV., _extra dividendum_=Without dividend.

EX. G., EX. GR. _exempli gratia_=For the sake of example.

EXON., _Exonia_=Exeter; _Exoniensis_=Of Exeter.

EXP. Export.

EXR. Executor.

EZ. Ezra.

EZEK. Ezekiel.

E. & O.E. Errors and Omissions Excepted.

F. Following; Farthing; Feminine; Fathom; Foot; Forte.

F., FAHR. Fahrenheit.

FAM. Familiar; Family.

F.A.M. Free and Accepted Masons.

F.A.S. Fellow of the Society of Arts; Fellow of the Antiquarian Society.

F.B. Fenian Brotherhood.

F.B.S. Fellow of the Botanical Society;--F.B.S.E., Fellow of the Botanical Society of Edinburgh.

F.C.I.S. Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Secretaries.

F.C.P. Fellow of the College of Preceptors.

FCP., FCAP. Foolscap.

F.C.S. Fellow of the Chemical Society.

F.D., _Fidei Defensor_=Defender of the Faith.

FEB. February.

FEC., _fecit_=He did it.

F.E.I.S. Fellow of the Educational Institute of Scotland.

FEM. Feminine.

F.E.S. Fellow of the Ethnological or of the Entomological Society.

FEUD. Feudal.

FF. The Pandects, prob. by corr. of Greek [Greek: P].

FF., _fecerunt_=They did it or made it; Folios.

F.F.A. Fellow of the Faculty of Actuaries.

F.F.P.S. Fellow of the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons (Glasgow).

F.G.S. Fellow of the Geological Society.

F.I.A. Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries.

FICT. Fiction.

FI. FA., _fieri facias_=That you cause to be made (a writ of execution).

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