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VARIOUS, v[=a]'ri-us, _adj._ varied, different: several: unlike each other: changeable: uncertain: variegated.--_adv._ V[=A]'RIOUSLY.--_n._ V[=A]'RIOUSNESS. [L. _varius_.]

VARISCITE, var'i-s[=i]t, _n._ a mineral very like a greenish turquoise found in Brittany. [From L. _Variscia_, Voigtland, part of Saxony.]

VARIX, v[=a]'riks, _n._ abnormal dilatation or tortuosity of a vein:--_pl._ VAR'IC[=E]S. [L.,--_varus_, bent.]

VARLET, var'let, _n._ a footman: a low fellow: a scoundrel.--_n._ VAR'LETRY (_Shak._), the rabble, the crowd. [O. Fr. _varlet_, formerly _vaslet_, from a dim. of Low L. _vassalis_.]

VARMIN, VARMINT, var'min, var'mint, dialectal variants for _vermin_.

VARNISH, var'nish, _v.t._ to cover with a liquid so as to give a glossy surface to: to give a fair appearance to.--_n._ a sticky liquid which dries and forms a hard, lustrous coating: a glossy, lustrous appearance: any gloss or palliation.--_ns._ VAR'NISHER; VAR'NISHING; VAR'NISHING-DAY, a day before the opening of a picture exhibition when exhibitors may varnish or retouch their pictures after they have been hung; VAR'NISH-TREE, a name given to trees of several distinct natural orders, the resinous juice of which is used for varnishing or for lacquering. [Fr. _vernis_--Low L.

_vitrinus_, glassy--L. _vitrum_, glass.]

VARRIATED, var'i-[=a]-ted, _adj._ (_her._) battlemented with solid projections and crenelles, both pointed bluntly, but in the latter case reversed. [So named from the resemblance to _vair_.]

VARSAL, var'sal, _adj._ (_coll._) universal.

VARSITY, var'si-ti, _n._ (_coll._) university.

VARSOVIENNE, var-s[=o]-vi-en', _n._ a dance imitated from the Polish mazurka, the music for such. [Fr., fem. of _Varsovien_--_Varsovie_, Warsaw.]

VARTABED, var'ta-bed, _n._ one of an order of Armenian clergy devoted to teaching.--Also VAR'TABET.

VARUNA, var'[=oo]-na, _n._ an ancient Indian Vedic god of heaven and day--latterly, rather the deity that rules over the waters.

VARUS, v[=a]'rus, _n._ the same as _talipes varus_: a knock-kneed person.


VARUS, v[=a]'rus, _n._ acne. [L.]

VARVELS, varv'elz, _n._ same as VERVELS.--_adj._ VAR'VELED (_her._), provided with vervels or rings.

VARY, v[=a]'ri, _v.t._ to make different: to diversify, modify: (_mus._) to alter or embellish a melody, preserving its identity: (_Shak._) to express variously: to change to something else: to make of different kinds.--_v.i._ to alter or be altered: to be or become different: to change in succession: to deviate (with _from_): to disagree: (_math._) to be subject to continual increase or decrease:--_pa.t._ and _pa.p._ v[=a]'ried.--_n._ (_Shak._) change.--_adj._ V[=A]'RIED.--_adv._ V[=A]'RIEDLY.--_n._ V[=A]'RIER, one who varies. [Fr. _varier_--L. _vari[=a]re_--_varius_.]

VAS, vas, _n._ (_anat._, _zool._) a vessel containing blood, &c.:--_pl._ V[=A]'SA.--_adjs._ V[=A]'SAL, pertaining to a vas; VAS'IFORM, having the form of a duct; VASOM[=O]'TOR, serving to regulate the tension of blood-vessels, as nerves; VASOM[=O]'TORY, VASOMOT[=O]'RIAL. [L.]

VASALIUM, va-s[=a]'li-um, _n._ vascular tissue proper.

VASCULAR, vas'k[=u]-lar, _adj._ of or relating to the vessels of animal and vegetable VASCUL[=A]'RES, a division of the vegetable kingdom embracing plants with vessels or ducts.--_v.t._ VAS'CULARISE.--_n._ VASCULAR'ITY.--_adv._ VAS'CULARLY.--_adjs._ VASCULIF'EROUS; VAS'CULIFORM.--_ns._ VAS'CULOSE, the substance, closely allied to cellulose, that makes up the greater part of the vessels of plants; VAS'CULUM, a botanist's specimen-box. [Fr. _vasculaire_--L. _vasculum_, dim. of _vas_, a vessel.]

VASE, v[=a]z, or v[a]z, _n._ a vessel of stone, metal, glass, or earthenware, anciently used for domestic purposes and in offering sacrifices: an ornamental vessel generally of an antique pattern: a sculptured, vaselike ornament: (_archit._) the body of the Corinthian capital.--_n._ VASE'-PAINT'ING, the decoration of vases with pigments, esp.

the decoration of the pottery of the ancient Greeks.--_adj._ V[=A]'SIFORM.--ETRUSCAN VASES, Greek vases so called mistakenly because found in Etruscan tombs; PORTLAND VASE, a famous Graeco-Roman cameo-glass with reliefs in opaque white glass on a dark-blue ground, 9 inches high, now preserved in the British Museum. [Fr.,--L. _vasum_ or _vas_.]

VASELINE, vas'e-lin, _n._ a yellowish, almost tasteless and inodorous, translucent substance obtained from petroleum, used as a salve, liniment, lubricant, &c. [Formed from Ger. _wasser_, water, and Gr. _elaion_, oil.]


VASSAL, vas'al, _n._ one who holds land from, and renders homage to, a superior: a dependant, retainer: a bondman, slave: (_Shak._) a low wretch.--_adj._ (_Shak._) servile.--_v.t._ to enslave, to dominate.--_ns._ VASS'AL[=A]GE, state of being a vassal: dependence: subjection: a fee, fief: (_Shak._) vassals collectively; VASS'ALESS (_Spens._), a female vassal; VASS'ALRY, vassals collectively. [Fr.,--Low L. _vassalis_--Bret.

_gwaz_, a servant; cf. W. _gwas_, a youth.]

VAST, vast, _adj._ of great extent: very great in amount: very great in degree, mighty: (_Shak._) vacant, desolate.--_n._ immensity: (_coll._) a large quantity: (_Shak._) the darkness of night.--_ns._ VASTID'ITY (_Shak._), immensity, desolation; VAS'TITUDE.--_adv._ VAST'LY.--_ns._ VAST'NESS; VAS'TUS, one of the great muscles upon the front of the thigh.--_adj._ VAS'TY, large, enormously great. [Fr. _vaste_--L. _vastus_, waste, vast; cf. A.S. _weste_, waste.]

VAT, vat, _n._ a large vessel or tank, esp. one for holding liquors.--_v.t._ to put in a vat.--_n._ VAT'FUL, the contents of a vat.

[Older form _fat_--A.S. _faet_; Dut. _vat_, Ice. _fat_, Ger. _fass_.]

VATICAN, vat'i-kan, _n._ an assemblage of buildings on the Vatican hill in Rome, including one of the pope's palaces: the papal authority.--_ns._ VAT'ICANISM, the system of theology and ecclesiastical government based on absolute papal authority, ultramontanism; VAT'ICANIST, one who upholds such a system.--VATICAN CODEX, a famous uncial MS. of the Greek Testament, of the 4th century, in the Vatican library at Rome; VATICAN COUNCIL, the Twentieth Ecumenical Council, according to popish reckoning, which met 8th December 1869 and proclaimed the Infallibility of the Pope. [Fr.,--It.

_Vaticano_--L. _Mons Vaticanus_, a hill in Rome.]

VATICIDE, vat'i-s[=i]d, _n._ the killing of a prophet: one who kills a prophet. [L. _vates_, _vatis_, a prophet, _caed[)e]re_, to kill.]

VATICINATE, va-tis'i-n[=a]t, _v.t._ to prophesy.--_adj._ VAT'IC, prophetic, oracular, inspired--also VATIC'INAL.--_ns._ VATICIN[=A]'TION, prophecy: prediction; VATIC'INATOR, a prophet. [L. _vaticin[=a]ri_, _-[=a]tus_, to prophesy--_vates_, a seer.]

VAUDEVILLE, v[=o]d'vil, _n._ originally a popular song with topical allusions: a play interspersed with dances and songs incidentally introduced and usually comic.--_n._ VAUDE'VILLIST, a composer of these.

[From _vau_ (_val_) _de Vire_, the valley of the VIRE, in Normandy, where they were first composed about 1400 A.D.]

VAUDOIS, v[=o]-dwo', _n._ a native of _Vaud_: the dialect spoken in Vaud.--_adj._ pertaining to Vaud or its people.

VAUDOIS, v[=o]-dwo', _n._ one of the Waldenses (q.v.).--_adj._ Waldensian.


VAULT, vawlt, _n._ an arched roof: a chamber with an arched roof, esp. one underground: a cellar: anything vault-like: a leap or spring by means of a pole or by resting the hands on something: the bound of a horse: a jump.--_v.t._ to shape as a vault: to arch: to roof with an arch: to form vaults in.--_v.i._ to curvet or leap, as a horse: to leap: to exhibit feats of leaping or tumbling.--_n._ VAUL'TAGE (_Shak._), an arched cellar: vaulted work.--_adj._ VAUL'TED, arched: concave overhead: covered with an arch or vault.--_ns._ VAUL'TER, one who vaults or leaps; VAUL'TING (_archit._), vaulted work; VAUL'TING-HORSE, a wooden horse used in gymnasiums for vaulting over.--_adj._ VAUL'TY (_Shak._), arched, concave.

[O. Fr. _volte_ (Fr. _voute_)--L. _volv[)e]re_, _volutum_, to roll.]

VAUNCE, vans, _v.i._ (_Spens._) to advance.

VAUNT, vawnt', or vant, _v.i._ to make a vain display: to boast.--_v.t._ to make a vain display of: to boast of.--_n._ vain display: boast.--_ns._ VAUN'TER; VAUN'TERY, vaunting.--_adj._ VAUNT'FUL.--_n._ VAUN'TING.--_adv._ VAUN'TINGLY. [O. Fr. _vanter_--Low L. _vanit[=a]re_--L. _vanitas_, vanity--_vanus_, vain.]

VAUNT, vant, _n._ (_Shak._) the first part. [_Van_.]

VAUNT-COURIER, vant'-k[=oo]'-ri-[.e]r, _n._ (_Shak._). Same as VANCOURIER.

VAUT, vawt, _v.i._ (_Spens._) same as VAULT.--_adj._ VAU'TY, vaulted.

VAVASOUR, vav'a-s[=oo]r, _n._ in feudal times, one who held his lands not directly of the crown but of one of the higher nobility.--_n._ VAV'AS[=O]RY, the tenure or lands of a vavasour. [O. Fr.,--Low L. _vassus vassorum_, vassal of vassals--_vassus_, vassal.]

VAWARD, v[=a]'wawrd, _n._ and _adj._ Same as VANWARD.

VEADAR, v[=e]'a-dar, _n._ the name of the intercalary or thirteenth month of the Jewish year, which must have been inserted about every third year.

[Heb., 'the additional _adar_,' from _ve_, and, and _adar_, so called because it was introduced in the calendar after the month Adar.]

VEAL, v[=e]l, _n._ the flesh of a calf.--_n._ VEAL'-SKIN, a skin-disease marked by white shiny tubercles on the ears and neck.--_adj._ VEAL'Y, like veal or like a calf: immature. [O. Fr. _veel_ (Prov. _vedel_)--L.

_vitellus_, dim. of _vitulus_; Gr. _italos_, a calf.]

VECTOR, vek'tor, _n._ (_math._) any directed quantity, as a straight line in space, involving both its direction and magnitude.--_n._ VECTIT[=A]'TION, a carrying.--_adj._ VECT[=O]'RIAL. [L.,--_veh[)e]re_, _vectum_, to convey.]

VEDA, v[=a]'da, _n._ the four holy books of the Hindus--_Rigveda_, or Veda of praises or hymns; _Samaveda_, or Veda of chants or tunes; _Yajurveda_, or Veda of prayers; and _Atharvaveda_, or Veda of the Atharvans:--_pl._ VEDAS (v[=a]'daz).--_n._ VEDAN'TA, a system of Hindu philosophy based on the VEDAS.--_adjs._ VEDAN'TIC, VE'DIC. [Sans. _veda_, knowledge--_vid_, to know; cf. _Wit_.]

VEDETTE, ve-det', _n._ a mounted sentry stationed at the outposts of an army to watch an enemy. [Fr.,--It. _vedetta_--_vedere_, to see--L.

_vid[=e]re_, to see.]

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