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VEER, v[=e]r, _v.i._ to change direction, as the wind: to alter, of the course of a ship: to change one's mind.--_v.t._ to turn, shift: to change a ship's course by turning her head away from the wind.--_n._ and _adj._ VEER'ING.--_adv._ VEER'INGLY. [Fr. _virer_ (Prov. _virar_)--Low L.

_vir[=a]re_, to turn--L. _viriae_, armlets.]

VEERY, v[=e]r'i, _n._ the tawny thrush of North America.

VEGA, v[=a]'ga, _n._ a tract of flat land, a tobacco-field in Cuba. [Sp.]

VEGETABLE, vej'e-ta-bl, _n._ an organised body without sensation and voluntary motion, nourished by roots fixed in the ground: a plant for the table.--_adj._ belonging to plants: consisting of or having the nature of plants: derived from vegetables.--_adj._ VEG'ETAL, of the nature of a vegetable: pertaining to the vital functions of plants and animals, as growth, reproduction, &c.--_ns._ VEG'ETALINE, a substitute for ivory, &c., made by treating woody fibre with sulphuric acid, mixing with various ingredients, and pressing into any required form; VEGETAL'ITY, vegetable character, the vegetal functions collectively.--_adj._ VEGET[=A]'RIAN, pertaining to those who abstain from animal food: consisting of vegetables.--_n._ one who holds that vegetables are the only proper food for man.--_n._ VEGET[=A]'RIANISM, the theory and practice of a vegetarian.--_v.i._ VEG'ET[=A]TE, to grow by roots and leaves: to sprout: to lead an idle, aimless life.--_n._ VEGET[=A]'TION, process of growing, as a plant: vegetable growth: plants in general.--_adj._ VEG'ET[=A]TIVE, growing, as plants: producing growth in plants: pertaining to unconscious or involuntary bodily functions as resembling the processes of vegetable growth: without intellectual activity, unprogressive.--_adv._ VEG'ET[=A]TIVELY.--_n._ VEG'ET[=A]TIVENESS.--_adj._ VEGETE (vej'[=e]t), vigorous.--_n._ VEG'ETIVE (_Shak._), a vegetable.--VEGETABLE KINGDOM, that division of natural objects which embraces vegetables or plants; VEGETABLE MARROW, the fruit of a species of gourd, so called from its marrow-like appearance; VEGETABLE MOULD, mould consisting mostly of humus; VEGETABLE PHYSIOLOGY, that department of botany which treats of the growth and functions of plants. [O. Fr.,--Low L. _vegetabilis_, animating--L.

_veget[=a]re_, to quicken--_veg[=e]re_, to be lively; akin to _vig[=e]re_, to be vigorous. Cf. _Vigour_.]

VEHEMENT, v[=e]'he-ment, _adj._ passionate: furious: very eager or urgent.--_ns._ V[=E]'HEMENCE, V[=E]'HEMENCY, the quality of being vehement: violence: great ardour or fervour.--_adv._ V[=E]'HEMENTLY. [O. Fr.,--L.

_vehemens_, from _ve_, out of, _mens_, mind; acc. to Vanicek, from _veh[)e]re_, to carry.]

VEHICLE, v[=e]'hi-kl, _n._ any kind of carriage or conveyance: that which is used to convey: (_med._) a substance in which a medicine is taken: (_paint._) a liquid used to render colours, varnishes, &c. fit for use.--_adjs._ VEHIC'[=U]LAR, -Y, pertaining to or serving as a vehicle.--_v.t._ VEHIC'[=U]LATE (_rare_), to ride in a vehicle.--_n._ VEHIC[=U]L[=A]'TION.--_adj._ VEHIC'[=U]L[=A]T[=O]RY. [L.

_vehiculum_--_veh[)e]re_, to carry.]

VEHMGERICHT, f[=a]m'ge-richt, _n._ one of the dread medieval German tribunals, empowered by the emperors to try cases in which the penalty was death and to execute the punishment on the guilty--also FEM'GERICHTE, or simply VEHME, FEHME:--_pl._ VEHMGERICHTE (f[=a]m'ge-rich-te).--_adj._ VEHM'IC. [Ger.,--fehme, _fehm_, a criminal tribunal, _gericht_, judgment.]

VEIL, v[=a]l, _n._ a curtain: anything that hides an object: a piece of muslin or thin cloth worn by ladies to shade or hide the face: a cover: a disguise: an obscuration of the clearness of the tones in pronunciation: in fungi, the partial covering of the stem or margin of the cap--applied also to the indusium of ferns.--_v.t._ to cover with a veil: to cover: to conceal.--_n._ VEIL'ING, the act of concealing with a veil: a veil: material for making veils.--_adjs._ VEIL'LESS, wanting a veil: uncovered; V[=E]'LAR (_philol._), denoting sounds (_gw_, _kw_, &c.) produced by the veil of the palate or soft palate; V[=E]'LARY, pertaining to a sail.--_n._ V[=E]L[=A]'TION, a veiling: concealment, mystery.--EUCHARISTIC or SACRAMENTAL VEILS, the linen or silk cloths used to cover the eucharistic vessels and the elements during the celebration of Mass or Holy Communion.--TAKE THE VEIL, to become a nun. [O. Fr. _veile_ (Fr.

_voile_)--L. _velum_, a curtain--_veh[)e]re_, to carry.]

VEILLEUSE, v[=a]-ly[.e]z', _n._ a shaded night-lamp.

VEIN, v[=a]n, _n._ one of the vessels or tubes which convey the blood back to the heart: one of the horny tubes forming the framework of an insect's wings: (_bot._) one of the small branching ribs in a leaf: a seam of a different mineral through a rock: a fissure or cavity: a streak in wood or stone: a train of thought: a course: tendency or turn of mind: mood or humour.--_v.t._ to form veins or the appearance of veins in.--_n._ VEIN'AGE, veins collectively.--_adj._ VEINED, full of veins: streaked, variegated: (_bot._) having vessels branching over the surface, as a leaf.--_n._ VEIN'ING, formation or disposition of veins: streaking.--_adj._ VEIN'LESS, having no veins.--_n._ VEIN'LET (_bot._), a little vein or vessel branching out from a larger one.--_adjs._ VEIN'OUS, VEIN'Y, full of veins.--_ns._ VEIN'STONE, the earthy part of a lode; VEIN'[=U]LE, a very small vein. [Fr. _veine_--L. _vena_, perh. from _veh[)e]re_, to carry.]

VELAMENTUM, vel-a-men'tum, _n._ a membrane or membraneous envelope--also VEL[=A]'MEN.--_adj._ VELAMEN'TOUS, veil-like.

VELARIUM, v[=e]-l[=a]'ri-um, _n._ an awning which could be drawn over the Roman amphitheatre: the marginal membrane of certain hydrozoans:--_pl._ VEL[=A]'RIA.

VELATURA, vel-a-t[=oo]'ra, _n._ a method of glazing a painting by rubbing on colour with the hand. [It.]

VELDT, velt, _n._ in South Africa, the name given to unforested or thinly-forested grass country.--Also VELD. [Dut. _veld_, field.]

VELE, v[=e]l, _n._ (_Spens._). Same as VEIL.

VELIA, v[=e]'li-a, _n._ a genus of semi-aquatic water-bugs.

VELITATION, vel-i-t[=a]'shun, _n._ a slight skirmish.

VELITE, v[=e]'l[=i]t, _n._ a light-armed Roman soldier. [L. _veles_, _velitis_.]

VELL, vel, _v.t._ (_prov._) to cut the turf from.

VELL, vel, _n._ (_prov._) rennet.

VELLEITY, ve-l[=e]'i-ti, _n._ (rare) volition in its lowest form: mere inclination. [Low L. _velleitas_, irregularly formed from L. _velle_, to wish.]

VELLENAGE, vel'en-[=a]j, _n._ (_Spens._) slavery--the same as VILLEINAGE.


VELLET, vel'et, _n._ (_Spens._). Same as VELVET.

VELLICATE, vel'i-k[=a]t, _v.t._ and _v.i._ to twitch.--_n._ VELLIC[=A]'TION.--_adj._ VELL'IC[=A]TIVE. [L. _vellic[=a]re_,-_[=a]tum_, to pluck.]

VELLON, ve-ly[=o]n', _n._ a Spanish money of account.

VELLOPED, vel'opt, _adj._ (_her._) having pendant wattles. [Prob.

_jelloped_ for _dewlapped_.]

VELLOZIA, ve-l[=o]'zi-a, _n._ a genus of plants of the natural order _Haemodoraceae_, found in Brazil, Madagascar, &c. [_Vellozo_, Brazilian botanist.]

VELLUM, vel'um, _n._ a finer kind of parchment prepared by lime-baths and burnishing from the skins of calves, kids, or lambs. [O. Fr. _velin_--Low L. (_charta_, paper), _vitulina_, of a calf--L. _vitulus_.]

VELOCE, ve-l[=o]'che, _adv._ (_mus._) with great rapidity.

VELOCIPEDE, v[=e]-los'i-p[=e]d, _n._ a light vehicle originally moved by striking the toes on the road, now with a treadle--its developments are the bicycle and tricycle.--_ns._ VELOC'IMAN, a velocipede driven by hand; VELOCIP[=E]'DEAN, VELOC'IP[=E]DIST, one who rides on a velocipede.

[Fr.,--L. _velox_, _velocis_, swift, _pes_, _pedis_, foot.]

VELOCITY, v[=e]-los'i-ti, _n._ swiftness: speed: rate of change of position of a point per unit of time.--_n._ VELOCIM'ETER, an apparatus for measuring velocity.--INITIAL VELOCITY, the rate of movement of a body at starting, esp. of a projectile. [L. _velocitas_--_velox_, swift.]

VELUM, v[=e]'lum, _n._ a velarium: the ciliated disc-like fold of the integument with which some embryo molluscs are provided:--_pl._ V[=E]'LA.--_adj._ V[=E]'L[=A]TE, having a velum.--_n._ V[=E]L[=A]'TION, formation of a velum.--_adjs._ V[=E]LIF'EROUS, V[=E]LIG'EROUS, having a velum.

VELURE, vel'[=u]r, _n._ velvet: a silk or plush pad for smoothing or giving lustre to silk hats--also VELOURS (ve-loor').--_v.t._ to dress with a velure.--_n._ VELOUTINE', a corded fabric of merino and fancy wool.--_adj._ VEL[=U]'TINOUS, velvety. [O. Fr. _velours_, _velous_ (Fr. _velours_)--Low L. _villosus_, velvet--L. _villosus_, shaggy.]

VELVET, vel'vet, _n._ a cloth made from silk, with a close shaggy pile: a similar cloth made of cotton: the velvet-like covering of a growing antler: (_slang_) money gained by gambling.--_adj._ made of velvet: soft like velvet.--_ns._ VEL'VERET, a poor quality of velvet, the web of cotton, the pile of silk; VELVETEEN', a fustian made of twilled cotton with a pile of the same material: a kind of velvet made of silk and cotton mixed throughout; VEL'VET-FLOWER, the VEL'VET-GUARDS (_Shak._), velvet trimmings, applied metaphorically to the citizens who wore them.--_ns._ VEL'VETING, the nap of velvet: (_pl._) velvet goods collectively; VEL'VET-LEAF, the Indian mallow; VEL'VET-P[=A]'PER, flock paper; VEL'VET-PILE, any material with a long, soft nap; VEL'VET-SC[=O]'TER, a kind of black duck with large white spot on the wings; VEL'VET-WORK, embroidery on velvet.--_adj._ VEL'VETY, made of or like velvet: soft: soft in taste or touch.--STAND ON VELVET, to place one's bets in such a way as not to loose in any event. [From Low L.

_velluetum_--Low L. _villutus_--L. _villus_, shaggy hair.]

VENA, v[=e]'na, _n._ a vein.--VENA CAVA, the largest vein in the body, entering the right auricle of the heart.

VENAL, v[=e]'nal, _adj._ that may be sold or got for a price: held for sale: mercenary.--_n._ VENAL'ITY, quality of being venal: prostitution of talents or services for a reward.--_adv._ V[=E]'NALLY. [Fr.,--L.

_venalis_--_venus_, sale; Gr. _[=o]n[=e]_, purchase.]

VENAL, v[=e]'nal, _adj._ pertaining to a vein or veins: contained in the veins. [L. _vena_, a vein.]

VENATIC, -AL, v[=e]-nat'ik, -al, _adj._ pertaining to hunting.--_adv._ VENAT'ICALLY.--_adj._ VENAT[=O]'RIAL. [_Venery_.]

VENATION, ve-n[=a]'shun, _n._ the way in which the leaves of plants are arranged: in insects, the distribution of the veins of the wings. [_Vein_.]

VEND, vend, _v.t._ to give for sale, to sell: to give for money: to make an object of trade.--_ns._ VENDEE', the person to whom a thing is sold; VEN'DER, -DOR, one who sells; VENDIBIL'ITY.--_adj._ VEND'IBLE, that may be sold: that may be disposed of as an object of trade.--_n._ something salable.--_n._ VEN'DIBLENESS.--_adv._ VEN'DIBLY.--_n._ VENDUE' (_rare_), a public auction. [Fr. _vendre_--L. _vend[)e]re_--_venus_, sale, _d[)a]re_, to give.]

VENDACE, ven'd[=a]s, _n._ a variety of the whitefish, found in Great Britain only in the Castle Loch at Lochmaben. [O. Fr. _vendese_, _vandoise_ (Fr. _vandoise_); orig. unknown.]

VENDeMIAIRE, vong-d[=a]-mi-[=a]r', _n._ the first month in the French Revolutionary Calendar, from 22d September to 21st October. ['The vintage-month,' Fr.,--L. _vindemia_, vintage--_vinum_, wine, _dem[)e]re_, to take off--_de_, off, _em[)e]re_, to take.]

VENDETTA, ven-det'ta, _n._ the practice--not yet entirely extinct in Calabria and Corsica--of individuals taking private vengeance on those who have shed the blood of their relatives. [It.,--L. _vindicta_, revenge--_vindic[=a]re_, to claim.]

VENEER, ve-n[=e]r', _v.t._ to overlay or face with another and superior wood: to cover with a thin coating of any substance other than wood: to disguise with artificial attractiveness.--_n._ a thin coating, as of wood: false show or charm.--_ns._ VENEER'-CUT'TER, a machine for cutting veneers from the block of wood; VENEER'ING, the act or art of overlaying an inferior wood with thin leaves of a more valuable kind: the thin leaf thus laid on. [Formerly _fineer_; corr. from Ger. _furniren_--O. Fr. _fornir_ (Fr. _fournir_), It. _fornire_, to furnish.]

VENEFICAL, v[=e]-nef'i-kal, _adj._ poisonous, using sorcery--also VENEFI'CIAL, VENEFI'CIOUS.--_v.t._ VEN'EN[=A]TE, to poison.--_adj._ poisoned.--_n._ VENEN[=A]'TION.--_adjs._ VENENIF'LUOUS; VEN'ENOUS. [L.

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