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UNWILFUL, un-wil'fool, _adj._ not wilful.

UNWILLING, un-wil'ing, _adj._ not willing: disinclined: reluctant.--_v.t._ UNWILL', to will the opposite of.--_adj._ UNWILLED', spontaneous.--_adv._ UNWILL'INGLY.--_n._ UNWILL'INGNESS.

UNWILY, un-w[=i]'li, _adj._ not wily.

UNWIND, un-w[=i]nd', _v.t._ to wind down or off.--_v.i._ to become unwound.

UNWINKING, un-wing'king, _adj._ not winking, not ceasing to keep watch.

UNWINNING, un-win'ing, _adj._ not winning, not conciliatory.

UNWIPED, un-w[=i]pt', _adj._ not wiped.

UNWIRE, un-w[=i]r, _v.t._ to take out the wire from.

UNWISE, un-w[=i]z', _adj._ not wise: injudicious: foolish.--_n._ UNWIS'DOM, want of wisdom: ignorance: foolishness.--_adv._ UNWISE'LY, not wisely or prudently.

UNWISH, un-wish', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to wish not to be.--_adj._ UNWISHED', not wished for.

UNWIST, un-wist', _adj._ (_Spens._) not known.

UNWITCH, un-wich', _v.t._ to set free from the power of witchcraft.

UNWITHDRAWING, un-with-draw'ing, _adj._ not withdrawing.

UNWITHERED, un-with'[.e]rd, _adj._ not withered.--_adj._ UNWITH'ERING, not withering or fading.

UNWITHHELD, un-with-held', _adj._ not withheld.

UNWITHSTOOD, un-with-st[=oo]d', _adj._ not opposed or resisted.

UNWITNESSED, un-wit'nest, _adj._ not witnessed.

UNWITTILY, un-wit'i-li, _adv._ not wittily, without wit.

UNWITTING, un-wit'ing, _adj._ without knowledge: ignorant.--_adv._ UNWITT'INGLY.

UNWIVED, un-w[=i]vd, _adj._ not having a wife.

UNWOMAN, un-w[=oo]m'an, _v.t._ to make unwomanly.--_n._ UNWOM'ANLINESS.--_adj._ UNWOM'ANLY, not befitting or becoming a woman.--_adv._ in a manner unbecoming a woman.

UNWONDERING, un-wun'd[.e]r-ing, _adj._ not wondering.

UNWONTED, un-wun'ted, _adj._ not wonted or accustomed: uncommon--(_Spens._) UNWONT'.--_adv._ UNWON'TEDLY.--_n._ UNWON'TEDNESS.

UNWOOED, un-w[=oo]d', _adj._ not wooed.

UNWOOF, un-w[=oo]f', _v.t._ to remove the woof from.

UNWORDED, un-wur'ded, _adj._ not worded, silent.

UNWORK, un-wurk', _v.t._ to undo.--_adjs._ UNWOR'KABLE, not workable: difficult to manage; UNWOR'KING, living without labour; UNWORK'MANLIKE, not like a good workman.

UNWORLDLY, un-wurld'li, _adj._ above worldly or self-interested motives, spiritual.--_n._ UNWORLD'LINESS.

UNWORMED, un-wurmd', _adj._ not wormed, not having had the worm or lytta under the tongue cut out--of a dog.

UNWORN, un-w[=o]rn', _adj._ not worn.

UNWORSHIPPED, un-wur'shipt, _adj._ not worshipped.

UNWORTHY, un-wur'_th_i, _adj._ not worthy: worthless: unbecoming.--_n._ UNWORTH (-worth'), unworthiness.--_adv._ UNWOR'THILY, in an unworthy manner: without due regard to worth or merit.--_n._ UNWOR'THINESS.

UNWOUNDED, un-w[=oo]n'ded, _adj._ not wounded: not offended.

UNWRAP, un-rap', _v.t._ to open what is wrapped or folded.--_v.i._ to become unwrapped.

UNWREAKED, un-r[=e]kt', _adj._ (_Spens._) unrevenged.

UNWREATHE, un-r[=e]th', _v.t._ to untwist, as anything wreathed.

UNWRECKED, un-rekt', _adj._ not wrecked.

UNWRINKLE, un-ring'kl, _v.t._ to smooth out from a wrinkled state.--_adj._ UNWRINK'LED, not wrinkled, smooth.

UNWRITTEN, un-rit'n, _adj._ not written or reduced to writing, oral: containing no writing.--_v.t._ UNWRITE', to cancel what is written.--_adj._ UNWR[=I]T'ING, not writing.

UNWROUGHT, un-rawt', _adj._ not laboured or manufactured.

UNWRUNG, un-rung', _adj._ not galled.

UNYIELDING, un-y[=e]l'ding, _adj._ not yielding or bending: stiff: obstinate.--_adv._ UNYIEL'DINGLY.--_n._ UNYIEL'DINGNESS.

UNYOKE, un-y[=o]k', _v.t._ to loose from a yoke: to disjoin.--_v.i._ to be loosed from a yoke, to cease work.--_adj._ UNYOKED', not yoked: not having worn the yoke: (_Shak._) unrestrained, licentious.

UNZEALOUS, un-zel'us, _adj._ not zealous, devoid of zeal or fervour.

UNZONED, un-z[=o]nd', _adj._ having no zone or girdle.

UP, up, _adv._ toward a higher place: aloft: on high: from a lower to a higher position, as out of bed, above the horizon, &c.: in a higher position: in a condition of elevation, advance, excitement, &c.: as far as, abreast of: completely: at an end, over.--_prep._ from a lower to a higher place on or along.--_adj._ inclining up, upward.--_n._ in phrase '_ups_ and downs,' rises and falls, vicissitudes.--_adv._ UP'-AND-DOWN', upright: here and there.--_adj._ plain, downright.--UP STICK, to pack up; UP TO (_coll._), about, engaged in doing; UP TO ANYTHING, capable of and ready for any mischief; UP TO DATE, to the present time: containing all recent facts, statistics, &c.: knowing the latest developments of fashion, usage, &c.; UP TO SNUFF (see SNUFF); UP TO THE KNOCKER (_slang_), up to the required standard, excellent; UP TOWN (_coll._), pertaining to the upper part of a town: towards the upper part of a town. [A.S. _up_, _upp_; Ger.

_auf_; L. _sub_, Gr. _hypo_.]

UPANISHAD, [=oo]-pan'i-shad, _n._ in Sanskrit literature, a name given to a class of treatises of theosophic and philosophical character, more or less closely connected with the Brahmanas, which are theological prose-works attached to each of the four collections (_Samhita_) forming the Veda.


UPAS, [=u]'pas, _n._ the juice of the Antjar or Anchar tree of the Philippine Islands, a powerful vegetable poison. [Malay, _[=u]pas_, poison.]

UPBAR, up-bar', _v.t._ (_Spens._) to lift up the bar of, to unbar.

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