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UPBEAR, up-b[=a]r', _v.t._ to bear up: to raise aloft: to sustain.

UPBIND, up-b[=i]nd'. _v.t._ to bind up.

UPBLAZE, up-bl[=a]z, _v.i._ to blaze or shoot up.

UPBLOW, up-bl[=o]', _v.t._ (_Spens._) to blow up.

UPBRAID, up-br[=a]d', _v.t._ to charge with something wrong or disgraceful: to reproach: to reprove severely.--_v.i._ to utter reproaches.--_n._ UPBRAID'ING, a charging with something wrong: act of reproaching.--_adv._ UPBRAID'INGLY. [A.S. _up_, up, on, _bregdan_, to braid.]

UPBRAST, up-brast', (_Spens._) burst open.

UPBRAY, up-br[=a]', _v.t._ (_Spens._) to upbraid.--_n._ an upbraiding.

UPBREAK, up'br[=a]k, _n._ a breaking up or bursting forth.

UPBRINGING, up'bring-ing, _n._ the process of nourishing and training.

UPBROUGHT, up-brawt', _adj._ (_Spens._) brought up, educated.

UPBUILDING, up-bil'ding, _n._ the act of building up, edification.

UPBUOYANCE, up-boi'ans, _n._ the act of buoying up.

UPBURST, up'burst, _n._ a bursting up.

UPBY, up'b[=i], _adv._ (_Scot._) up the way, a little farther on or up.

UPCAST, up'kast, _n._ a cast or throw in bowling: a shaft for the upward passage of air from a mine, a current of air passing along such: (_Scot._) state of being thrown into confusion, a taunt or gibe.--_adj._ thrown or turned upward.

UPCAUGHT, up-kawt', _adj._ caught up.

UPCHEER, up-ch[=e]r', _v.t._ to cheer up, to brighten.

UPCLIMB, up-kl[=i]m', _v.t._ (_Spens._) to climb up, to ascend.

UPCOIL, up-koil', _v.t._ and _v.i._ to coil.

UPCOMING, up'kum-ing, _n._ act of coming up.

UP-COUNTRY, up'kun-tri, _adv._ toward the interior.--_n._ the interior of a country.--_adj._ away from the seaboard.

UPFILL, up-fil', _v.t._ to fill up.

UPFLOW, up-fl[=o]', _v.i._ to stream up.--_n._ UP'FLOW, a flowing up.

UPGATHER, up-gath'[.e]r, _v.t._ to gather up: (_Spens._) to contract.

UPGAZE, up-g[=a]z', _v.i._ to gaze or look steadily upward.

UPGROWTH, up'gr[=o]th, _n._ process of growing up, development: that which grows up.--_v.i._ UPGROW', to grow up.

UPGUSH, up-gush', _v.i._ to gush upward.--_n._ UP'GUSH, a gushing upward.

UPHAND, up'hand, _adj._ lifted by hand.

UPHEAP, up-h[=e]p', _v.t._ to heap up.--_n._ UPHEAP'ING.

UPHEAVE, up-h[=e]v', _v.t._ to heave or lift up.--_n._ UPHEAV'AL, the raising of surface formations by the action of internal forces, believed to be due to the sinking in of the crust upon the cooling and contracting nucleus.

UPHELD, up-held', _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ of _uphold_.

UPHILL, up'hil, _adj._ ascending: difficult.--_adv._ up a hill, against difficulties.

UPHOARD, up-h[=o]rd', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to hoard up.

UPHOLD, up-h[=o]ld', _v.t._ to hold up: to sustain: to countenance: to defend: to continue without failing.--_n._ UPH[=O]L'DER.--_v.t._ UPH[=O]L'STER, to furnish furniture with stuffing, springs, &c., to provide with curtains, &c.--_ns._ UPH[=O]L'STERER, one who supplies or who sells furniture, beds, curtains, &c.; UPH[=O]L'STERY, furniture, &c., supplied by upholsterers.

UPHROE, [=u]'fr[=o], _n._ (_naut._) the circular piece of wood, with holes in it, by which the legs of a crowfoot are extended for suspending an awning.--Also U'VROU. [Dut. _juffrouw_, a young woman.]

UPKEEP, up'k[=e]p, _n._ maintenance, means of support.

UPLAND, up'land, _n._ upper or high land, as opposed to meadows, river-sides, &c.--_adj._ high in situation: pertaining to uplands.--_n._ UP'LANDER.--_adj._ UP'LANDISH (_obs._).

UPLAY, up-l[=a]', _v.t._ to lay up, to hoard.

UPLEAN, up-l[=e]n', _v.i._ (_Spens._) to lean upon anything.

UPLIFT, up-lift', _v.t._ to lift up or raise aloft.--_n._ a raising or upheaval of strata.

UPLOCK, up-lok', _v.t._ to lock up.

UPLOOK, up-look', _v.i._ (_Shak._) to look up.

UPLYING, up'l[=i]-ing, _adj._ upland, elevated.

UPMAKING, up'm[=a]-king, _n._ (_naut._) pieces of plank or timber piled on each other as filling up in building, esp. between the bilge-ways and ship's bottom, preparatory to launching: (_print._) arrangement of lines into columns or pages.


UPON, up-on', _prep._ on, in an elevated position.--_adv._ on.

UPPER, up'[.e]r, _adj._ (comp. of _up_) farther up: higher in position, dignity, &c.: superior:--_superl._ UP'PERMOST, UP'MOST.--_ns._ UP'PER, the part of a boot or shoe above the sole and welt; UP'PERHAND, superiority: advantage.--_adj._ UP'PERMOST, highest in place, rank, &c.: first to come into the mind.--_adv._ in the highest place, first.--_n._ UP'PER-ST[=O]'RY, a story above the ground-floor: the UP'PER-TEN, the wealthier or leading class in a community.--_adj._ UP'PISH, assuming, pretentious, snobbish.--_adv._ UP'PISHLY.--_n._ UP'PISHNESS. [For affix _-most_, cf. _Aftermost_, _Foremost_.]

UP-PILE, up-p[=i]l', _v.t._ to pile up.

UPPING, up'ing, _n._ the same as _swan-upping_ or _-marking_.

UP-PLOUGH, up-plow', _v.t._ to plough up.

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