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PRENOTION, pr[=e]-n[=o]'shun, _n._ preconception.

PRENTICE, pren'tis, _n._ Short for _apprentice_.

PREOCCIPITAL, pr[=e]-ok-sip'i-tal, _adj._ situated before the occipital region or lobe.

PREOCCUPY, pr[=e]-ok'[=u]-p[=i], _v.t._ to occupy or take possession of beforehand: to fill beforehand or with prejudices.--_ns._ PR[=E]OC'CUPANCY, the act or the right of occupying beforehand; PR[=E]OC'CUPANT, a prior occupant.--_v.t._ PR[=E]OC'CUP[=A]TE (_Bacon_), to occupy before others.--_n._ PR[=E]OCCUP[=A]'TION.--_adj._ PR[=E]OC'CUPIED, already occupied: lost in thought, abstracted.

PREOPTION, pr[=e]-op'shun, _n._ the right of first choice.

PREORAL, pr[=e]-[=o]'ral, _adj._ situated in front of the mouth.--_adv._ PRE[=O]'RALLY.

PREORDAIN, pr[=e]-or-d[=a]n', _v.t._ to ordain, appoint, or determine beforehand.--_n._ PREORDIN[=A]'TION.

PREORDER, pr[=e]-or'd[.e]r, _v.t._ to arrange beforehand.--_n._ PREOR'DINANCE, a rule previously established.

PREPAID, pr[=e]-p[=a]d', _adj._ paid beforehand.

PREPARATION, prep-a-r[=a]'shun, _n._ the act of preparing: previous arrangement: the state of being prepared or ready: that which is prepared or made ready: (_anat._) a part of any animal body preserved as a specimen: the day before the Sabbath or other Jewish feast-day: devotional exercises introducing an office: (_mus._) the previous introduction, as an integral part of a chord, of a note continued into a succeeding dissonance.--_adj._ PR[=E]PAR'ATIVE, having the power of preparing or making ready: fitting for anything.--_n._ that which prepares the way: preparation.--_adv._ PR[=E]PAR'ATIVELY, by way of preparation.--_adj._ PR[=E]PAR'ATORY, preparing for something coming: previous: introductory. [Fr.,--L.]

PREPARE, pr[=e]-p[=a]r', _v.t._ to make ready beforehand: to fit for any purpose: to make ready for use: to adapt: to form: to set or appoint: to provide: to equip.--_v.i._ to get one's self ready: to put everything in proper order: to lead up to.--_n._ (_Shak._) preparation.--_adj._ PREPARED', made ready, fit, or suitable: ready.--_adv._ PREP[=A]'REDLY.--_ns._ PREP[=A]'REDNESS; PREP[=A]'RER. [Fr.,--L.

_praepar[=a]re_--_prae_, before, _par[=a]re_, to make ready.]

PREPAY, pr[=e]-p[=a]', _v.t._ to pay before or in advance.--_n._ PREPAY'MENT.

PREPENSE, pr[=e]-pens', _adj._ premeditated: intentional, chiefly in the phrase 'malice prepense'=malice aforethought or intentional--(_obs._) PREPEN'SIVE.--_v.t._ (_Spens._) to consider or deliberate beforehand.--_adv._ PREPENSE'LY, intentionally. [Fr.,--L. _prae_, before, _pens[=a]re_--_pend[)e]re_, _pensum_, to weigh.]

PREPOLLENCE, pr[=e]-pol'ens, _n._ prevalence--also PREPOLL'ENCY.--_adj._ PREPOLL'ENT.

PREPONDERATE, pr[=e]-pon'd[.e]r-[=a]t, _v.t._ to outweigh: to incline to one side: to exceed in power or influence.--_ns._ PREPON'DERANCE, PREPON'DERANCY, PREPONDER[=A]'TION, power or state of outweighing: excess of weight, number, or quantity: predominance.--_adj._ PREPON'DERANT, outweighing: superior in weight, power, or influence.--_advs._ PREPON'DERANTLY, PREPONDER[=A]'TINGLY. [L. _prae_, before, _ponder[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_, to weigh--_pondus_, a weight.]

PREPOSITION, prep-[=o]-zish'un, _n._ a word placed before a noun or pronoun to show its relation to some other word of the sentence.--_adj._ PREPOSI'TIONAL.--_adv._ PREPOSI'TIONALLY.--_adj._ PREPOSI'TIVE, put before: prefixed.--_n._ a word or particle put before another word--opp. to _Post-positive_.--_n._ PREPOS'ITOR, a school-monitor. [Fr.,--L.

_praepositio_--_prae_, before, _pon[)e]re_, _positum_, to place.]

PREPOSSESS, pr[=e]-poz-zes', _v.t._ to possess beforehand: to fill beforehand, as the mind with some opinion: to bias or prejudice.--_adj._ PREPOSSESS'ING, tending to prepossess in one's favour: making a favourable impression.--_adv._ PREPOSSESS'INGLY.--_n._ PREPOSSES'SION, previous possession: impression formed beforehand, usually a favourable one.

PREPOSTEROUS, pr[=e]-pos't[.e]r-us, _adj._ contrary to nature or reason: wrong: absurd: foolish.--_adv._ PREPOS'TEROUSLY.--_n._ PREPOS'TEROUSNESS, unreasonableness. [L. _praeposterus_--_prae_, before, _posterus_, after--_post_, after.]

PREPOTENT, pr[=e]-p[=o]'tent, _adj._ powerful in a very high degree: excelling others in influence or authority.--_ns._ PREP[=O]'TENCE, PREP[=O]'TENCY.--_adj._ PREPOTEN'TIAL.

PREPUCE, pr[=e]'p[=u]s, _n._ the loose skin of the penis covering the glans: the foreskin.--_adj._ PREP[=U]'TIAL. [L. _praeputium_.]

PREPUNCTUAL, pr[=e]-pungk't[=u]-al, _adj._ excessively prompt.--_n._ PREPUNCTUAL'ITY.

PRERAPHAELITISM, pr[=e]-raf'[=a]-el-[=i]-tizm, _n._ a style of painting begun in 1847-49 by D. G. Rossetti, W. Holman Hunt, J. E. Millais, and others in imitation of the painters who lived before _Raphael_ (1483-1523), and characterised by a truthful, almost rigid, adherence to natural forms and effects--also PRERAPH'AELISM.--_adj._ PRERAPH'AELITE, pertaining to, or resembling, the style of art before the time of Raphael--also _n._--_adj._ PRERAPH'AELITISH.

PREREMOTE, pr[=e]-r[=e]-m[=o]t', _adj._ more remote in previous time or order.

PREREQUISITE, pr[=e]-rek'wi-zit, _n._ something previously necessary: something needed in order to gain an end.--_adj._ required as a condition of something else.

PREROGATIVE, pr[=e]-rog'a-tiv, _n._ a peculiar privilege shared by no other: a right arising out of one's rank, position, or nature.--_adj._ arising out of, or held by, prerogative.--_v.t._ to endow with a prerogative.--_adj._ PREROG'ATIVED (_Shak._), having a prerogative or exclusive privilege.--_adv._ PREROG'ATIVELY, by prerogative or exclusive privilege.--PREROGATIVE COURT, formerly a court having jurisdiction over testamentary matters.--ROYAL PREROGATIVE, the rights which a sovereign has by right of office, which are different in different countries. [Fr.,--L.

_praerogativus_, that is asked before others for his opinion or vote--_prae_, before, _rog[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_, to ask.]

PRESAGE, pr[=e]s'[=a]j, _n._ something that gives warning of a future event: a foreboding: a presentiment.--_v.t._ PR[=E]SAGE', to forebode: to warn of something to come: to predict.--_v.i._ to have a presentiment of.--_adj._ PRESAGE'FUL.--_ns._ PRESAGE'MENT, the act of presaging: that which is presaged: prediction; PRESAG'ER. [Fr. _presage_--L.

_praesagium_--_praesag[=i]re_--_prae_, before, _sag[=i]re_, to perceive quickly.]

PRESANCTIFY, pr[=e]-sangk'ti-f[=i], _v.t._ to consecrate beforehand.

PRESARTORIAL, pr[=e]-sar-t[=o]'ri-al, _adj._ before the age of tailoring.

[L. _sartor_--_sarc[=i]re_, to patch.]

PRESBYOPIA, pres-bi-[=o]'pi-a, _n._ long-sightedness, together with diminished power of distinguishing things near, common in old age--also PRES'BYOPY.--_n._ PRES'BYOPE, one so affected.--_adj._ PRESBYOP'IC.--_n._ PRES'BYTE, one affected with presbyopia. [Gr. _presbys_, old, _[=o]ps_, _[=o]pos_, the eye.]

PRESBYTER, prez'bi-t[.e]r, _n._ an elder, a priest: a minister or priest in rank between a bishop and a deacon: a member of a presbytery.--_adjs._ PRESBYT'ERAL, PRESBYT[=E]'RIAL, PRESBYT[=E]'RIAN, pertaining to, or consisting of, presbyters: pertaining to Presbytery or that form of church government in which all the clergy or presbyters are equal--opp. to _Episcopacy_.--_n._ PRESBYT'ER[=A]TE, the office of a presbyter: a presbytery.--_adv._ PRESBYT[=E]'RIALLY.--_ns._ PRESBYT[=E]'RIAN; PRESBYT[=E]'RIANISM, the form of church government by presbyters; PRES'BYTERSHIP; PRES'BYTERY, a church court ranking between the Kirk-session and the Synod, consisting of the ministers and one elder, a layman, from each church within a certain district: that part of the church reserved for the officiating priests: (_R.C._) a clergyman's house.--REFORMED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, a religious body in Scotland, called also _Cameronians_, who remained separate from the Church of Scotland and maintained the perpetual obligation of the Covenants--the greater part joined the Free Church in 1876; UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, a religious body formed by the union of the Secession and Relief Churches in 1847--itself uniting with the Free Church in 1900. [L.,--Gr. _presbyteros_, comp. of _presbys_, old.]

PRESCIENCE, pr[=e]'shi-ens, _n._ knowledge of events beforehand: foresight.--_adj._ PR[=E]'SCIENT, knowing things beforehand.--_adv._ PR[=E]'SCIENTLY. [L. _praesciens_, pr.p. of _praesc[=i]re_--_prae_, before, _sc[=i]re_, to know.]

PRESCIENTIFIC, pr[=e]-s[=i]-en-tif'ik, _adj._ before the scientific age, before knowledge was systematised.

PRESCIND, pr[=e]-sind', _v.t._ to abstract from other facts or ideas.--_v.i._ to withdraw the attention (_from_).--_adj._ PR[=E]SCIN'DENT.--_n._ PR[=E]SCIS'SION.

PRESCRIBE, pr[=e]-skr[=i]b', _v.t._ to lay down as a rule or direction: to give as an order: to appoint: (_med._) to give directions for, as a remedy: to render useless or invalid through lapse of time.--_v.i._ to lay down rules: to claim on account of long possession: to become of no force through time.--_ns._ PR[=E]SCRIB'ER; PR[=E]'SCRIPT, something prescribed: direction: model prescribed; PR[=E]SCRIPTIBIL'ITY.--_adj._ PR[=E]SCRIP'TIBLE, that may be prescribed.--_n._ PR[=E]SCRIP'TION, act of prescribing or directing: (_med._) a written direction for the preparation of a medicine: a recipe: (_law_) custom continued until it becomes a right or has the force of law.--_adj._ PR[=E]SCRIP'TIVE, consisting in, or acquired by, custom or long-continued use: customary.--PRESCRIPTIVE TITLE, a title established by right of prescription. [L. _praescrib[)e]re_, _-scriptum_--_prae_, before, _scrib[)e]re_, to write.]

PRESEE, pr[=e]-s[=e]', _v.t._ to foresee.

PRESENCE, prez'ens, _n._ state of being present--opp. of Absence: situation near or within sight, &c., companionship: approach face to face: nearness to the person of a superior: an assembly of great persons: mien: personal appearance: an apparition: calmness, readiness, as of mind: (_Shak._) a presence-chamber.--_ns._ PRES'ENCE-CHAM'BER, -ROOM, the chamber or room in which a great personage receives company.--_adj._ PRES'ENT, being in a certain place--opp. to _Absent_: now under view or consideration: being at this time: not past or future: ready at hand: attentive: not absent-minded: (_gram._) denoting time just now, or making a general statement.--_n._ present time or business: (_pl._) the writing of a letter, or a deed of any kind as actually shown at any time: any deed or writing.--_adj._ PR[=E]SEN'TIAL, having or implying actual presence.--_n._ PR[=E]SENTIAL'ITY.--_adv._ PR[=E]SEN'TIALLY.--_n._ PRES'ENTNESS, state of being present.--PRESENCE OF MIND, a state of mind which enables a person to speak or act with calmness and promptness in circumstances of great and sudden difficulties.--AT PRESENT, at the present time, now; REAL PRESENCE, a doctrine or belief that the body and blood of Christ are really and substantially present in the eucharist; THE PRESENT, the present time. [O.

Fr.,--L. _praesentia_--_praesens_, _-sentis_--_prae_, before, _sens_, being.]

PRESENT, pr[=e]-zent', _v.t._ to set before, to introduce into the presence of: to exhibit to view: to offer as a gift: to put into the possession of another: to make a gift of: to appoint to a benefice: to lay before for consideration: to point, as a gun before firing.--_n._ PRES'ENT, that which is presented or given, a gift.--_adj._ PR[=E]SENT'ABLE, fit to be presented: capable of being presented to a church living.--_n._ PRESENT[=A]'TION, act of presenting: a setting forth, as of a truth: representation: the act or the right of presenting to a benefice: the appearance of a particular part of the fetus at the superior pelvic strait during labour.--_adj._ PRESENT'ATIVE, having the right of presentation: pertaining to immediate cognition.--_ns._ PRESENT[=EE]', one who is presented to a benefice; PR[=E]SENT'ER.--_adj._ PR[=E]SENT'IVE, presentative, non-symbolic (of words).--_n._ PR[=E]SENT'IVENESS.--_adv._ PRES'ENTLY, after a little, by-and-by, shortly: (_arch._) without delay, at once.--_n._ PRESENT'MENT, act of presenting: the thing presented or represented: (_law_) notice taken of an offence by a grand-jury from their own knowledge or observation: accusation presented to a court by a grand-jury.--PRESENT ARMS, to bring the gun or rifle to a perpendicular position in front of the body, as a token of respect to a superior officer.

[Fr.,--L. _praesent[=a]re_--_praesens_.]

PRESENTIENT, pr[=e]-sen'shi-ent, _adj._ perceiving beforehand.--_n._ PR[=E]SEN'SION.

PRESENTIMENT, pr[=e]-sen'ti-ment, _n._ a sentiment or feeling beforehand: previous opinion: an impression as of something unpleasant soon to happen.

[O. Fr.,--L. _praesent[=i]re_.]

PRESENTOIR, prez-en-twor', _n._ a tray or salver: a Japanese lacquered stand for a bowl. [Fr.]

PRESERVE, pr[=e]-z[.e]rv', _v.t._ to keep safe from harm or injury: to defend: to keep in a sound state: to season for preservation: to make lasting: to keep up, as appearances.--_n._ that which is preserved, as fruit, &c.: that which preserves: a place for the protection of animals, as game: (_pl._) spectacles to protect the eyes from strong light, &c.--_n._ PR[=E]SERVABIL'ITY.--_adj._ PR[=E]SER'VABLE.--_n._ PR[=E]SERV[=A]'TION, act of preserving or keeping safe: state of being preserved: safety.--_adjs._ PR[=E]SER'VATIVE, PR[=E]SER'VATORY, tending to preserve: having the quality of preserving.--_n._ that which preserves: a preventive of injury or decay.--_n._ PR[=E]SERV'ER. [Fr. _preserver_--L. _prae_, beforehand, _serv[=a]re_, to preserve.]

PRESES, pr[=e]'s[=e]z, _n._ (_Scot._) a president or chairman.

PRESIDE, pr[=e]-z[=i]d', _v.i._ to direct or control, esp. at a meeting: to superintend.--_ns._ PRES'IDENCY, the office of a president, or his dignity, term of office, jurisdiction, or residence: a division of British India, as the _Presidency_ of Bengal; PRES'IDENT, one who presides over a meeting: a chairman: the chief officer of a college, institution, &c.: an officer elected from time to time, as chief ruler of a republic--also _adj._ (_Milt._).--_n.fem._ PRES'IDENTESS.--_adj._ PRESIDEN'TIAL, presiding over: pertaining to a president.--_n._ PRES'IDENTSHIP.--LORD PRESIDENT, the presiding judge of the Court of Session in Scotland; LORD PRESIDENT OF THE COUNCIL, a member of the House of Lords who presides over the privy council, with especial charge of education, sanitation, &c. [Fr.

_presider_--L. _praesid[=e]re_--_prae_, before, _sed[=e]re_, to sit.]

PRESIDIAL, pr[=e]-sid'i-al, _adj._ pertaining to a garrison.--_adj._ and _n._ PR[=E]SID'IARY.--_n._ PR[=E]SID'IO (_Sp. Amer._), a military post: a penitentiary.

PRESIGNIFY, pr[=e]-sig'ni-f[=i], _v.t._ to signify beforehand.--_n._ PR[=E]SIGNIFIC[=A]'TION, the act of showing beforehand.

PRESS, pres, _v.t._ to push on or against with a heavy weight or with great force: to squeeze out, as juice: to clasp or embrace: to bear heavily on: to distress: to urge strongly: to present to the mind with earnestness: to lay stress upon: to hurry on with great speed: to shape or smooth by the application of weight.--_v.i._ to exert pressure: to push with force: to crowd: to go forward with violence: to urge with vehemence and importunity: to exert a strong influence.--_n._ PRESS'ER.--_adj._ PRESS'ING, urgent: importunate: forcible.--_adv._ PRESS'INGLY.--_n._ PRES'SION. [Fr.

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