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in the church; PREFER'RER, one who prefers.--PREFERENCE SHARES, or STOCK, shares or stock on which the dividends must be paid before those on other kinds. [Fr. _preferer_--L. _praeferre_--_prae_, before, _ferre_, to bear.]

PREFIGURE, pr[=e]-fig'[=u]r, _v.t._ to represent beforehand: to suggest by former types or figures.--_ns._ PREFIGUR[=A]'TION, PREFIG'UREMENT.--_adj._ PREFIG'UR[=A]TIVE, showing by previous figures, types, or similitudes.

PREFIX, pr[=e]-fiks', _v.t._ to put before, or at the beginning: to fix beforehand.--_ns._ PR[=E]'FIX, a letter, syllable, or word put before another word to affect its meaning; PREFIX'ION, act of prefixing.

PREFORM, pr[=e]-form', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to form beforehand: to determine the shape of beforehand.--_n._ PREFORM[=A]'TION.--_adj._ PREFOR'MATIVE.

PREFRONTAL, pr[=e]-fron'tal, _adj._ pertaining to the forepart of the forehead.--_n._ a bone of this region.

PREFULGENCY, pr[=e]-ful'jen-si, _n._ superior brightness.

PREGLACIAL, pr[=e]-gl[=a]'shal, _adj._ (_geol._) prior to the glacial or drift period.

PREGNABLE, preg'na-bl, _adj._ that may be taken by assault or force. [Fr.

_prenable_--_prendre_, to take--L. _prehend[)e]re_.]

PREGNANT, preg'nant, _adj._ being with child or young: fruitful: abounding with results: full of meaning: implying more than is actually expressed: ready-witted: clever: ingenious: full of promise: free: evident: clear.--_n._ PREG'NANCY, state of being pregnant: fertility: unusual capacity.--_adv._ PREG'NANTLY. [O. Fr.--L. _praegnans_, _-antis_.]

PREHALLUX, pr[=e]-hal'uks, _n._ a cartilaginous spur on the inner side of the foot in some batrachians.

PREHENSILE, pr[=e]-hen'sil, _adj._ seizing: adapted for seizing or holding--also PREHEN'SORY.--_adj._ PREHEN'SIBLE, that may be seized.--_ns._ PREHEN'SION, act of seizing or taking hold; PREHEN'SOR, one who takes hold.

[L. _pre-hend[)e]re_, _-hensum_, to seize.]

PREHISTORIC, pr[=e]-his-tor'ik, _adj._ relating to a time before that treated of in history.--_n._ PR[=E]HIS'TORY, history prior to record--the Ger. _Urgeschichte_.

PREHNITE, pren'[=i]t, _n._ a hydrous silicate of alumina and lime, usually of a pale-green colour. [Named after _Prehn_, the discoverer of the mineral.]

PREIGNAC, pr[=a]-nyak', _n._ an esteemed white wine of Bordeaux. [From _Preignac_ in the Gironde.]

PRE-INSTRUCT, pr[=e]-in-strukt', _v.t._ to instruct beforehand.

PRE-INTIMATION, pr[=e]-in-ti-m[=a]'shun, _n._ an intimation or suggestion made beforehand.

PREJINK, pr[=e]-jingk', _adj._ (_Scot._) tricked out with dress.--Also PERJINK'.

PREJUDGE, pr[=e]-juj', _v.t._ to judge or decide upon before hearing the whole case: to condemn unheard.--_n._ PREJUDG'MENT.--_adj._ PREJUDICAL (pre-j[=oo]'di-kal), pertaining to the determination of some undecided matter.--_v.t._ PREJUDIC[=A]TE (-j[=oo]d'-), to judge beforehand: to prejudge.--_v.i._ to decide without examination.--_n._ PREJUDIC[=A]'TION (-j[=oo]d-).--_adj._ PREJUDIC[=A]TIVE (-j[=oo]d'-), forming a judgment or opinion beforehand. [L. _praejudic[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_--_prae_, before, _judic[=a]re_, to judge.]

PREJUDICE, prej'[=u]-dis, _n._ a judgment or opinion formed beforehand or without due examination: a prejudgment: unreasonable prepossession for or against anything: bias: injury or wrong of any kind: disadvantage: mischief.--_v.t._ to fill with prejudice: to cause a prejudice against: to prepossess: to bias the mind of: to injure or hurt.--_adj._ PREJUDI'CIAL, causing prejudice or injury: disadvantageous: injurious: mischievous: tending to obstruct.--_adv._ PREJUDI'CIALLY.--_n._ PREJUDI'CIALNESS. [O.

Fr.,--L. _praejudicium_--_prae_, before, _judicium_, judgment.]

PREKNOWLEDGE, pr[=e]-nol'ej, _n._ prior knowledge.

PRELATE, prel'[=a]t, _n._ the holder of one of those higher dignities in the church to which, of their own right, is attached a proper jurisdiction, not derived by delegation from any superior official: a church dignitary.--_ns._ PREL'ACY, the office of a prelate: the order of bishops or the bishops collectively: church government by prelates: episcopacy; PREL'ATESHIP.--_adjs._ PRELAT'IC, -AL, pertaining to prelates or prelacy.--_adv._ PRELAT'ICALLY.--_v.t._ and _v.i._ PREL'ATISE, to make or to become prelatical.--_ns._ PREL'ATISM, PREL'ATURE, prelacy: the time during which a prelate exercises authority; PREL'ATIST, an upholder of prelacy. [Fr. _prelat_--L. _prelatus_--_prae_, before, _latus_, borne.]

PRELECT, pr[=e]-lekt', _v.i._ to read before or in presence of others: to read a discourse: to lecture.--_ns._ PRELEC'TION, a lecture or discourse read to others; PRELEC'TOR, one who prelects: a lecturer. [L.

_praeleg[)e]re_--_prae_, before, _leg[)e]re_, _lectum_, to read.]

PRELIBATION, pr[=e]-l[=i]-b[=a]'shun, _n._ a tasting beforehand, foretaste.

[L. _praelibatio_--_prae_, before, _lib[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_, to taste.]

PRELIMINARY, pr[=e]-lim'in-ar-i, _adj._ introductory: preparatory: preceding or preparing for the main discourse or business.--_n._ that which precedes: introduction--used mostly in _pl._--_adv._ PRELIM'INARILY. [L.

_prae_, before, _liminaris_, relating to a threshold--_limen_, _liminis_, a threshold.]

PRELINGUAL, pr[=e]-ling'gwal, _adj._ prior to language.

PRELUDE, pr[=e]-l[=u]d', or prel'[=u]d, _n._ the introductory movement of a musical work: a prefatory piece to an oratorio, &c.: an organ voluntary before a church service: a preface: a forerunner.--_v.t._ PRELUDE', to play before: to preface, as an introduction.--_v.i._ to perform a prelude: to serve as a prelude.--_adjs._ PREL[=U]'DIAL and PREL[=U]'DIOUS (_rare_); PREL[=U]'SIVE, of the nature of a prelude: introductory.--_advs._ PREL[=U]'SIVELY; PREL[=U]'SORILY.--_adj._ PREL[=U]'SORY, introductory.

[Fr.,--Late L. _praeludium_--L. _prae_, before, _lud[)e]re_, to play.]

PREMANDIBULAR, pr[=e]-man-dib'[=u]-lar, _adj._ in front of the lower jaw, as a bone of some reptiles.

PREMATURE, pr[=e]-ma-t[=u]r', _adj._ mature before the proper time: happening before the proper time: too soon believed: unauthenticated (as a report).--_adv._ PR[=E]MAT[=U]RE'LY.--_ns._ PREMAT[=U]R'ITY, PR[=E]MAT[=U]RE'NESS. [L. _praematurus_--_prae_, before, _maturus_, ripe.]

PREMAXILLARY, pr[=e]-mak'si-l[=a]-ri, _adj._ in front of the maxilla.--_n._ such a bone.

PREMEDITATE, pr[=e]-med'i-t[=a]t, _v.t._ to meditate upon beforehand: to design previously.--_v.i._ to deliberate beforehand.--_adv._ PREMED'IT[=A]TEDLY.--_n._ PREMEDIT[=A]'TION.--_adj._ PREMED'IT[=A]TIVE.

[L., _praemedit[=a]ri_, _-[=a]tus_--_prae_, before, _medit[=a]ri_, to meditate.]

PREMIER, pr[=e]'mi-[.e]r, _adj._ prime or first: chief: (_her._) most ancient.--_n._ the first or chief: the prime-minister.--_v.i._ to govern as premier.--_adj._ and _n._ PREMIeRE (pre-my[=a]r'), first or leading actress, dancer, forewoman, &c.--_n._ PR[=E]'MIERSHIP. [Fr.,--L.

_primarius_, of the first rank--_primus_, first.]

PREMILLENNIAL, pr[=e]-mi-len'i-al, _adj._ of or pertaining to the times before the millennium--also PREMILLEN[=A]'RIAN.--_n._ one who believes in the premillennial advent of Christ.--_ns._ PREMILLEN[=A]'RIANISM; PREMILLENN'IALISM.

PREMISE, PREMISS, prem'is, _n._ that which is premised or stated at the outset: a proposition previously stated or proved for after-reasoning: (_logic_) one of the two propositions in a syllogism from which the conclusion is drawn: the thing set forth in the beginning of a PREM'ISES, a building and its adjuncts.

PREMISE, pr[=e]-m[=i]z', _v.t._ to send or state before the rest: to make an introduction: to lay down propositions for subsequent reasonings.

[Fr.,--L. (_sententia_) _praemissa_, (a sentence) put before--_prae_, before, _mitt[)e]re_, _missum_, to send.]

PREMIUM, pr[=e]'mi-um, _n._ a reward: a prize: a bounty: payment made for insurance: the difference in value above the original price or par of stock--opp. to _Discount_: anything offered as an incentive.--_adjs._ PR[=E]'MIAL, PR[=E]'MIANT.--_v.t._ PR[=E]'MIATE, to reward with a premium.--AT A PREMIUM, above par (see PAR). [L. _praemium_--_prae_, above, _em[)e]re_, to buy.]

PREMOLAR, pr[=e]-m[=o]'lar, _adj._ before a molar, in place or time, deciduous.--_n._ a milk-molar.

PREMONISH, pr[=e]-mon'ish, _v.t._ to admonish or warn beforehand.--_n._ PR[=E]MONI'TION, a warning or sign (often a feeling) of what is going to happen.--_adjs._ PR[=E]MON'ITIVE, PR[=E]MON'ITORY, giving warning or notice beforehand.--_n._ PR[=E]MON'ITOR, one who, or that which, gives warning beforehand.--_adv._ PR[=E]MON'ITORILY. [_Pre-_, before, _monish_, a corr.

form through O. Fr., from L. _mon[=e]re_, to warn.]

PREMONSTRANT, pr[=e]-mon'strant, _n._ a member of an order of regular canons founded by St Norbert, in 1119, at a place in the forest of Coucy (near Laon in the dep. of Aisne), pointed out in a vision, and thence called Premontre (L. _Pratum monstratum_=the meadow pointed out)--called also Norbertines, and in England, from their habit, White Canons.--Also PREMONSTRATEN'SIAN (_n._ and _adj._).

PREMORSE, pr[=e]-mors', _adj._ ending abruptly, as if bitten off. [L.

_praemord[=e]re_, _praemorsum_, to bite in front.]

PREMOSAIC, pr[=e]-m[=o]-z[=a]'ik, _adj._ before the time of _Moses_.

PREMOTION, pr[=e]-m[=o]'shun, _n._ previous motion.

PRENASAL, pr[=e]-n[=a]'sal, _adj._ in front of the nasal passages.

PRENATAL, pr[=e]-n[=a]'tal, _adj._ previous to birth.

PRENOMINATE, pr[=e]-nom'in-[=a]t, _p.adj._ (_Shak._) forenamed.

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