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OUTSUM, owt-sum', _v.t._ to outnumber.

OUTSWEAR, owt-sw[=a]r', _v.t._ to exceed in swearing.

OUTSWEETEN, owt-sw[=e]t'n, _v.t._ to excel in sweetness.

OUTSWELL, owt-swel', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to overflow.

OUTTALK, owt-tawk', _v.t._ to talk down.

OUTTONGUE, owt-tung', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to bear down by talk or noise.

OUTTOP, owt-top', _v.t._ to reach higher than: to excel.

OUT-TRAVEL, owt-trav'el, _v.t._ to surpass in travelling, to go more swiftly than.

OUTVALUE, owt-val'[=u], _v.t._ to exceed in value.

OUTVENOM, owt-ven'um, _v.t._ (_Shak._) to exceed in poison.

OUTVIE, owt-v[=i]', _v.t._ to go beyond in vying with: to exceed: to surpass.

OUTVILLAIN, owt-vil'[=a]n, _v.t._ (_Shak._) to exceed in villainy.

OUTVOICE, owt-vois', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to exceed in clamour or noise: to drown the voice of.

OUTVOTE, owt-v[=o]t', _v.t._ to defeat by a greater number of votes.

OUTWALK, owt-wawk', _v.t._ to walk farther, longer, or faster than.

OUTWALL, owt'wawl, _n._ the outside wall of a building: (_Shak._) external appearance.

OUTWARD, owt'ward, _adj._ toward the outside: external: exterior: not inherent, adventitious: (_theol._) worldly, carnal--opp. to _Inward_ or spiritual: (_B._) public.--_adv._ toward the exterior: away from port: to a foreign port: superficially--also OUT'WARDS.--_n._ OUT'WARD (_Shak._), external form: the outside.--_adj._ OUT'WARD-BOUND, bound outwards or to a foreign port.--_adv._ OUT'WARDLY, in an outward manner: externally: in appearance.--_n._ OUT'WARDNESS.--_adj._ OUT'WARD-SAINT'ED, appearing outwardly to be a saint.

OUTWARD, owt-wawrd', _n._ a ward in a detached building connected with a hospital.

OUTWATCH, owt-wawch', _v.t._ to watch longer than.

OUTWEAR, owt-w[=a]r', _v.t._ to wear out: to spend tediously: to last longer than: to consume.

OUTWEARY, owt-w[=e]'ri, _v.t._ to weary out completely.

OUTWEED, owt-w[=e]d', _v.t._ (_Spens._) to root out.

OUTWEIGH, owt-w[=a]', _v.t._ to exceed in weight or importance: to overtask.

OUTWELL, owt-wel', _v.t._ and _v.i._ to pour or well out.

OUTWENT, owt-went', _v.t._ went faster than, outstripped.

OUTWIN, owt-win', _v.t._ (_Spens._) to get out of.

OUTWIND, owt-w[=i]nd', _v.t._ to extricate by winding, to unloose.

OUTWING, owt-wing', _v.t._ to outstrip in flying: to outflank.

OUTWIT, owt-wit', _v.t._ to surpass in wit or ingenuity: to defeat by superior ingenuity:--_pr.p._ outwit'ting; _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ outwit'ted.

OUTWITH, owt'with, _prep._ (_Scot._), without, outside of.

OUTWORK, owt'wurk, _n._ a work outside the principal wall or line of fortification: work done in the fields, out of doors, as distinguished from indoor work.--_v.t._ OUTWORK' (_Shak._), to surpass in work or labour: to work out or bring to an end: to finish.--_n._ OUT'WORKER, one who works out of doors, or who takes away work to do at home.

OUTWORTH, owt-wurth', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to exceed in value.

OUTWREST, owt-rest', _v.t._ (_Spens._) to extort by violence.

OUVRAGE, [=oo]v'razh, _n._ work.--_ns._ (_masc._) OUVRIER ([=oo]v'ri-[=a]), (_fem._) OUVRIeRE ([=oo]v'ri-[=a]r), a working man or woman.--_adj._ working. [Fr.]

OUZEL, [=oo]'zl, _n._ a kind of thrush--also OU'SEL. [A.S. _osle_; cog.

with Ger. _amsel_.]

OVAL, [=o]'val, _adj._ having the shape of an egg.--_n._ anything oval, a plot of ground, &c.: an ellipse.--_adv._ O'VALLY. [Fr. _ovale_--L. _ovum_, an egg.]

OVARY, [=o]'var-i, _n._ the part of the female animal in which the egg of the offspring is formed, the female genital gland: (_bot._) the part of the pistil which contains the O'VA, eggs.--_adjs._ OV[=A]'RIAL, OV[=A]'RIAN, of or pertaining to the ovary.--_ns._ OV[=A]'RI[=O]LE; OVARIOT'OMIST; OVARIOT'OMY (_surg._), the removal of a diseased tumour from the ovary.--_adj._ OV[=A]'RIOUS, consisting of eggs.--_n._ OVAR[=I]'TIS, inflammation of the ovary. [Low L. _ovaria_.]

OVATE, [=o]'v[=a]t, _n._ an Eisteddfodic graduate who is neither a bard nor a druid. [W. _ofydd_, a philosopher.]

OVATE, -D, [=o]'v[=a]t, -ed, _adj._ egg-shaped.

OVATION, [=o]-v[=a]'shun, _n._ an outburst of popular applause, an enthusiastic reception: in ancient Rome, a lesser triumph.

[Fr.,--L.,--_ov[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_, to shout.]

OVEN, uv'n, _n._ an arched cavity over a fire for baking, heating, or drying: any apparatus used as an oven.--_ns._ OV'EN-BIRD, a South American tree-creeper which builds an oven-shaped nest; OV'EN-TIT, the willow-warbler; OV'EN-WOOD, brushwood.--DUTCH OVEN, a baking-pot, heated by heaping coals round it. [A.S. _ofen_; Ger. _ofen_.]

OVER, [=o]'v[.e]r, _prep._ higher than in place, rank, value, &c.: across: on the surface of: upon the whole surface of: through: concerning: on account of: longer than.--_adv._ on the top: above: across: from one side, person, &c. to another: above in measure: too much: in excess: left remaining: at an end: completely.--_adj._ upper or superior (often used as a prefix, as in _over_coat, _over_lord, &c.): beyond: past.--_n._ the number of balls delivered at cricket between successive changes of bowlers: an excess, overplus.--_v.t._ to go, leap, or vault over.--_v.i._ to go over.--OVER AGAIN, afresh, anew; OVER AGAINST, opposite; OVER AND ABOVE, in addition to: besides; OVER AND OVER, several times: repeatedly; OVER HEAD AND EARS, beyond one's depth: completely; OVER SEAS, to foreign lands.--All over, completely: at an end. [A.S. _ofer_; Ger. _uber_, L. _super_, Gr.


OVERACT, [=o]-v[.e]r-akt', _v.t._ to act overmuch, to overdo any part.--_v.i._ to act more than necessary.

OVER-ALL, [=o]'v[.e]r-awl, _adv._ (_Spens._) everywhere, all O'VERALLS, loose trousers of canvas, &c., worn over the others to keep them sound or clean, waterproof leggings.

OVER-ANXIOUS, [=o]-v[.e]r-angk'shus, _adj._ anxious beyond what is right or reasonable.--_n._ OVER-ANX[=I]'ETY.--_adv._ OVER-ANX'IOUSLY.

OVERARCH, [=o]-v[.e]r-arch', _v.t._ to arch over.--_v.i._ to hang over like an arch.

OVERAWE, [=o]-v[.e]r-aw', _v.t._ to restrain by fear or by superior influence.

OVERBALANCE, [=o]-v[.e]r-bal'ans, _v.t._ to exceed in weight, value, or importance: to cause to lose (one's) balance.--_n._ excess of weight or value.

OVERBATTLE, [=o]-v[.e]r-bat'tl, _adj._ (_obs._) too fertile.

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