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OUTRAGE, owt'r[=a]j, _n._ violence beyond measure: excessive abuse: wanton mischief.--_v.t._ to treat with excessive abuse: to injure by violence, esp. to violate, to ravish.--_v.i._ to be guilty of outrage.--_adj._ OUTR[=A]'GEOUS, violent: furious: turbulent: atrocious: enormous, immoderate.--_adv._ OUTR[=A]'GEOUSLY.--_n._ OUTR[=A]'GEOUSNESS. [O. Fr.

_oultrage_ (mod. _outrage_)--Low L. _ultragium_--L. _ultra_, beyond.]

OUTRANCE, owt'rans, _n._ the utmost extremity: the bitter end.--a OUTRANCE, to the bitter end of a combat--usually in Eng. use, a L'OUTRANCE. [Fr.]

OUTRe, [=oo]t-r[=a]', _adj._ beyond what is customary or proper: extravagant: overstrained. [Fr. pa.p. of _outrer_--_outre_--L. _ultra_, beyond.]

OUTREACH, owt-r[=e]ch', _v.t._ to reach or extend beyond: to cheat or overreach.

OUTREDDEN, owt-red'n, _v.t._ (_Tenn._) to grow redder than.

OUTREIGN, owt-r[=a]n', _v.t._ (_Spens._) to reign longer than: to reign through the whole of (a period).

OUTREMER, [=oo]tr-m[=a]r', _n._ the region beyond sea. [Fr.]

OUTRIDE, owt-r[=i]d', _v.t._ to ride beyond: to ride faster than.--_n._ OUT'RIDER, one who rides abroad: a servant on horseback who attends a carriage.

OUTRIGGER, owt'rig-[.e]r, _n._ a projecting spar for extending sails or any part of the rigging: a projecting contrivance ending in a float fixed to the side of a canoe against capsizing: an iron bracket fixed to the outside of a boat carrying a rowlock at its extremity to increase the leverage of the oar: a light racing-boat with projecting rowlocks.

OUTRIGHT, owt'r[=i]t, _adv._ immediately: at once: completely.--_adj._ free from reserve: positive, undisguised.

OUTRIVAL, owt-r[=i]'val, _v.t._ to surpass, excel.

OUTROAD, owt'r[=o]d, _n._ (_obs._) a foray into an enemy's country, a hostile attack--opp. to _Inroad_.

OUTROAR, owt-r[=o]r', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to exceed in roaring.--_n._ OUT'ROAR, an uproar.

OUTROOT, owt-r[=oo]t', _v.t._ to root out.

OUTROPER, owt-r[=o]'p[.e]r, _n._ formerly an officer in London who seized the goods of foreigners sold elsewhere than in the public market.

OUTRUN, owt-run', _v.t._ to go beyond in running: to exceed: to get the better of or to escape by running.--_n._ OUT'RUNNER.

OUTRUSH, owt-rush', _v.i._ to rush out:--_n._ a rushing out.

OUTSAIL, owt-s[=a]l', _v.t._ to leave behind in sailing.

OUTSCOLD, owt-sk[=o]ld', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to exceed in scolding.

OUTSCORN, owt-skorn', _v.t._ to bear down or confront by contempt: to disregard or despise.

OUTSCOURING, owt'skowr-ing, _n._ substance washed or scoured out.

OUTSELL, owt-sel', _v.t._ to sell for a higher price than: to exceed in the number or amount of sales.

OUT-SENTRY, owt'-sen-tri, _n._ a sentry who guards the entrance to a place at a distance.--_n._ OUT'SCOUT, an advance scout.

OUTSET, owt'set, _n._ a setting out: beginning.--Also OUT'SETTING.

OUTSETTLEMENT, owt'set'l-ment, _n._ a settlement away from the main one.

OUTSHINE, owt-sh[=i]n', _v.i._ to shine out or forth.--_v.t._ to excel in shining: to be brighter than.

OUTSHOT, owt'shot, _n._ (_Scot._) a projection in a building: (_pl._) in paper-making, rags of second quality.

OUTSIDE, owt's[=i]d, _n._ the outer side: the farthest limit: the surface: the exterior: one who is without, as a passenger on a coach, &c.: the outer or soiled sheets of a package of paper.--_adj._ on the outside: exterior: superficial: external: extreme, beyond the limit.--_adv._ on the outside: not within.--_prep._ beyond.--_ns._ OUT'SIDE-CAR, an Irish jaunting-car; OUT'SIDER, one not admitted to a particular company, profession, &c., a stranger, a layman: a racehorse not included among the favourites in the betting: (_pl._) a pair of nippers for turning a key in a keyhole from the outside.--OUTSIDE COUNTRY, districts beyond the line of settlements in Australia; OUTSIDE OF, outside: (_coll._) besides.--GET OUTSIDE OF (_vulgar_), to comprehend: to eat or drink.

OUTSIGHT, owt's[=i]t, _n._ power of seeing things, outlook.--OUTSIGHT PLENISHING (_Scot._), outdoor movables.

OUTSIT, owt-sit', _v.t._ to sit beyond the time of.

OUTSKIRT, owt'sk[.e]rt, _n._ the outer skirt: border: suburb--often used in _pl._

OUTSLEEP, owt-sl[=e]p' _v.t._ (_Shak._) to sleep longer than.

OUTSLIDE, owt-sl[=i]d', _v.t._ to slide forward.

OUTSOAR, owt-s[=o]r', _v.t._ to soar beyond.

OUTSOLE, owt's[=o]l, _n._ the outer sole of a boot or shoe which rests on the ground.

OUTSPAN, owt-span', _v.t._ and _v.i._ to unyoke or unharness draught-oxen, &c., from a vehicle, to encamp--opp. to _Inspan_.

OUTSPEAK, owt-sp[=e]k', _v.t._ to say aloud: to speak more, louder, or longer than.--_v.i._ to speak boldly, to speak up.--_adj._ OUTSP[=O]'KEN, frank or bold of speech: uttered with boldness.--_n._ OUTSP[=O]'KENNESS.

OUTSPECKLE, owt'spek'l, _n._ (_Scot._) a laughing-stock.

OUTSPENT, owt-spent', _adj._ thoroughly tired out.

OUTSPORT, owt-sport', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to outdo in sporting.

OUTSPREAD, owt-spred', _v.t._ to spread out or over.--_adj._ OUTSPREAD'ING.

OUTSPRING, owt'spring, _n._ the outcome, result, or issue.

OUTSTAND, owt-stand', _v.t._ to resist or withstand: to stand beyond the proper time.--_v.i._ to stand out or project from a mass: to remain unpaid or unsettled in any way.--_adj._ OUTSTAND'ING, prominent: uncollected: remaining unpaid.

OUTSTARE, owt'st[=a]r, _v.t._ (_Shak._) to stare down or abash with effrontery.

OUTSTAY, owt-st[=a]', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to stay beyond.

OUTSTEP, owt-step', _v.t._ to step beyond, overstep.

OUTSTRETCH, owt-strech', _v.t._ to spread out, extend.

OUTSTRIKE, owt-str[=i]k', _v.t._ to exceed in striking, so as to overpower.

OUTSTRIP, owt-strip', _v.t._ to outrun: to leave behind: to escape beyond one's reach.

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