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OUTASK, owt-ask', _v.t._ to ask or proclaim, as to be married, in church for the last time.

OUTBALANCE, owt-bal'ans, _v.t._ to exceed in weight or effect: to outweigh.

OUTBAR, owt-bar', _v.t._ (_Spens._) to bar out, esp. to shut out by fortifications.

OUTBARGAIN, owt-bar'gin, _v.t._ to get the better of in a bargain.

OUTBID, owt-bid', _v.t._ to offer a higher price than another.

OUTBLUSH, owt-blush', _v.t._ to exceed in rosy colour.

OUTBLUSTER, owt-blus't[.e]r, _v.t._ to exceed in blustering: to get the better of in this way.

OUTBOUND, owt'bownd, _adj._ bound for a distant port.

OUTBOUNDS, owt'bowndz, (_Spens._) boundaries.

OUTBRAG, owt-brag', _v.t._ to surpass in bragging or boasting: to surpass in beauty or splendour.

OUTBRAVE, owt-br[=a]v', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to excel in bravery or boldness, to defy.

OUTBREAK, owt'br[=a]k, _n._ a breaking out: eruption: a disturbance of the peace.--_v.i._ OUTBREAK', to burst forth.--_ns._ OUT'BREAKER, a wave which breaks on the shore or on rocks; OUT'BREAKING.

OUTBREATHE, owt-br[=e]th', _v.t._ (_Spens._) to breathe out as breath or life: to exhaust or deprive of breath.--_v.i._ to be breathed out: (_Shak._) to expire.

OUTBUD, owt-bud', _v.i._ (_Spens._) to sprout forth.

OUTBUILDING, owt'bild-ing, _n._ a building separate from, but used in connection with, a dwelling-house or a main building: an outhouse.

OUTBURN, owt-burn', _v.t._ to exceed in burning.--_v.i._ to burn away.

OUTBURST, owt'burst, _n._ a bursting out: an explosion.

OUTBY, owt'b[=i], _adv._ (_Scot._) out of doors: (_min._) towards the shaft--opp. to _Inby._--Also OUT'BYE.

OUTCAST, owt'kast, _adj._ exiled from home or country: rejected.--_n._ a person banished: a vagabond: an exile: (_Scot._) a quarrel: the amount of increase in bulk of grain in malting.

OUTCOME, owt'kum, _n._ the issue: consequence: result.

OUTCRAFTY, owt-kraft'i, _v.t._ (_Shak._) to exceed in craft.

OUTCROP, owt'krop, _n._ the appearance, at the surface, of a layer of rock or a vein of metal, caused by tilting or inclination of the strata: the part of a layer which appears at the surface of the ground.--_v.i._ to appear at the surface.

OUTCRY, owt'kr[=i], _n._ a loud cry of distress: a confused noise: a public auction.--_v.t._ to cry louder than.

OUTDARE, owt-d[=a]r', _v.t._ to surpass in daring: to defy.

OUTDISTANCE, owt-dis'tans, _v.t._ to distance, leave far behind in any competition.

OUTDO, owt-d[=oo]', _v.t._ to surpass: excel.

OUTDOOR, owt'd[=o]r, _adj._ outside the door or the house: in the open air.--_adv._ OUT'DOORS, out of the house: abroad.--OUTDOOR RELIEF, help given to a pauper who does not live in the workhouse.

OUTDWELL, owt-dwel', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to dwell or stay beyond.--_n._ OUT-DWELL'ER, one who owns land in a parish but lives outside it.

OUT-EDGE, owt'-ej, _n._ the farthest bound.

OUTER, owt'[.e]r, _adj._ more out or without: external--opp. to _Inner_.--_n._ the part of a target outside the rings, a shot striking here.--_adj._ OUT'ERMOST, most or farthest out: most distant.--OUTER BAR, the junior barristers who plead outside the bar in court, as distinguished from King's Counsel and others who plead within the bar. [Comp. of _out_.]

OUTFACE, owt-f[=a]s', _v.t._ to stare down: to bear down by bravery or impudence: to confront boldly.

OUTFALL, owt'-fawl, _n._ the place of discharge of a river, sewer, &c.: (_prov._) a quarrel.

OUTFIELD, owt'f[=e]ld, _n._ (_Scot._) arable land continually cropped without being manured--opp. to _Infield_: any open field at a distance from the farm-steading: any undefined district or sphere: at cricket and baseball, the players collectively who occupy the outer part of the field.--_n._ OUT'FIELDER, one of such players.

OUTFIT, owt'fit, _n._ the act of making ready everything required for a journey or a voyage: complete equipment: the articles or the expenses for fitting out: the means for an outfit.--_v.t._ to fit out, equip.--_ns._ OUT'FITTER, one who furnishes outfits; OUT'FITTING, an outfit: equipment for a voyage.

OUTFLANK, owt-flangk', _v.t._ to extend the flank of one army beyond that of another: to get the better of.

OUTFLASH, owt-flash', _v.t._ to outshine.

OUTFLING, owt'fling, _n._ a sharp retort or gibe.

OUTFLOW, owt-fl[=o]', _v.i._ to flow out.--_n._ issue.

OUTFLUSH, owt'flush, _n._ any sudden glow of heat.

OUTFLY, owt-fl[=i]', _v.t._ to surpass in flying: to fly faster than: to escape by swiftness of flight.

OUTFOOT, owt-f[=oo]t', _v.i._ to outsail.

OUTFROWN, owt-frown', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to frown down.

OUTGARTH, owt'garth, _n._ an outer yard or garden.

OUTGAZE, owt-g[=a]z', _v.t._ to stare out of countenance: to gaze farther than.

OUTGENERAL, owt-jen'[.e]r-al, _v.t._ to outdo in generalship: to prove a better general than.

OUTGIVE, owt-giv', _v.t._ and _v.i._ to surpass in liberality.

OUTGO, owt-g[=o]', _v.t._ to advance before in going: to surpass: to overreach.--_v.i._ to go out: to come to an end.--_ns._ OUT'GO, that which goes out: expenditure--opp. to _Income_; OUT'GOER; OUT'GOING, act or state of going out: extreme limit: expenditure.--_adj._ departing--opp. to _Incoming_, as a tenant.

OUTGROW, owt-gr[=o]', _v.t._ to surpass in growth: to grow out of.--_n._ OUT'GROWTH, that which grows out of a thing: growth to excess.

OUTGUARD, owt'gard, _n._ a guard at a distance or at the farthest distance from the main body.

OUTGUSH, owt-gush', _v.i._ to issue with force.--_n._ OUT'GUSH, a gushing out.

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