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OSNABURG, oz'na-burg, _n._ a coarse kind of linen, originally brought from _Osnaburg_ in Germany.

OSPREY, os'pr[=a], _n._ the fish-hawk, a species of eagle very common on the coast of North America. [Corr. from _ossifrage_, which see.]

OSSEOUS, os'[=e]-us, _adj._ bony: composed of, or resembling, bone: of the nature or structure of bone.--_ns._ OSS[=A]'RIUM, an ossuary; OSS'[=E]IN, the organic basis of bone; OSS'ELET, a hard substance growing on the inside of a horse's knee; OSS'ICLE, a small bone.--_adjs._ OSSIF'EROUS, producing bone: (_geol._) containing bones; OSSIF'IC.--_n._ OSSIFIC[=A]'TION, the process or state of being changed into a bony substance.--_v.t._ OSS'IFY, to make into bone or into a bone-like substance.--_v.i._ to become bone:--_pa.p._ oss'ified.--_adj._ OSSIV'OROUS, devouring or feeding on bones.--_ns._ OS'TEOBLAST, a cell concerned in the formation of bone; OS'TEOCLAST, an apparatus for fracturing bones; OSTEOCOL'LA, a deposited carbonate of lime encrusted on the roots and stems of plants; OSTEODEN'TINE, one of the varieties of dentine, resembling bone; OSTEOGEN'ESIS, the formation or growth of bone--also OSTEOG'ENY; OSTEOG'RAPHER; OSTEOG'RAPHY, description of bones.--_adj._ OS'TEOID, like bone: having the appearance of bone.--_ns._ OSTEOL'EPIS, a genus of fossil ganoid fishes peculiar to the Old Red Sandstone, so called from the bony appearance of their scales; OSTEOL'OGER, OSTEOL'OGIST, one versed in osteology.--_adjs._ OSTEOLOG'IC, -AL, pertaining to osteology.--_adv._ OSTEOLOG'ICALLY.--_ns._ OSTEOL'OGY, the science of the bones, that part of anatomy which treats of the bones; OSTEOMAL[=A]'CIA, a disease in which the earthy salts disappear from the bones, which become soft and misshapen; OS'TEOPHYTE, an abnormal bony outgrowth.--_adjs._ OSTEOPHYT'IC; OSTEOPLAST'IC.--_ns._ OS'TEOPLASTY, a plastic operation by which a loss of bone is remedied; OSTEOSARC[=O]'MA, a tumour composed of intermingled bony and sarcomatous tissue; OS'TEOTOME (_surg._), a saw-like instrument for cutting bones; OSTEOT'OMY, the division of, or incision into, a bone; OST[=I]'TIS, inflammation of bone. [L. _osseus_--_os_, _ossis_, bone; Gr.

_osteon_, bone.]

OSSIANIC, os-i-an'ik, _adj._ pertaining to _Ossian_ or the poems dubiously attributed to him.

OSSIFRAGE, os'i-fr[=a]j, _n._ the sea or bald eagle, common in the United States: (_B._) the bearded vulture, the largest of European birds. [L.

_ossifragus_, breaking bones--_os_, _frag_, root of _frang[)e]re_, _fractum_, to break.]

OSSUARY, os'[=u]-ar-i, _n._ a place where the bones of the dead are deposited: a charnel-house. [L. _ossuarium_, a charnel-house--_os_, a bone.]

OSTENSIBLE, os-tens'i-bl, _adj._ that may be shown: declared: put forth as real: apparent.--_n._ OSTENSIBIL'ITY.--_adv._ OSTENS'IBLY.--_adj._ OSTENS'IVE, showing: exhibiting.--_adv._ OSTENS'IVELY.--_ns._ OSTEN'SORY, a monstrance; OS'TENT (_Shak._), appearance, manner: token: portent, prodigy; OSTENT[=A]'TION, act of making a display: ambitious display: display to draw attention or admiration: boasting.--_adj._ OSTENT[=A]'TIOUS, given to show: fond of self-display: intended for display.--_adv._ OSTENT[=A]'TIOUSLY.--_n._ OSTENT[=A]'TIOUSNESS. [L. _ostend[)e]re_, _ostensum_, to show.]

OSTIARY, os'ti-ar-i, _n._ the doorkeeper of a church.

OSTIUM, os'ti-um, _n._ an opening: the mouth of a river.--_n._ OSTI[=O]'LE, a small orifice.--_adjs._ OS'TIOLAR; OS'TIOL[=A]TE, furnished with an ostiole. [L.]

OSTLER, os'l[.e]r. Same as HOSTLER.

OSTMEN, ost'men. the Danish settlers in Ireland.

OSTRACEA, os-tr[=a]'s[=e]'a, the oyster family.--_adjs._ OSTR[=A]'CEAN, OSTR[=A]'CEOUS.--_ns._ OS'TRACITE, a fossil oyster; OS'TR[=E]A, the typical genus of the oyster family; OSTR[=E]ICUL'TURE, oyster-culture; OSTR[=E]ICUL'TURIST.

OSTRACISE, os'tra-s[=i]z, _v.t._ in ancient Greece, to banish by the vote of the people written on an earthenware tablet: to banish from society.--_n._ OS'TRACISM, banishment by ostracising: expulsion from society. [Gr. _ostrakizein_--_ostrakon_, an earthenware tablet.]

OSTRICH, os'trich, _n._ the largest of birds, found in Africa, remarkable for its speed in running, and prized for its feathers.--_n._ OS'TRICH-FARM, a place where ostriches are bred and reared for their feathers. [O. Fr.

_ostruche_ (Fr. _autruche_)--L. _avis-_, _struthio_, ostrich--Gr.

_strouthi[=o]n_, an ostrich, _strouthos_, a bird.]

OSTROGOTH, os'tr[=o]-goth, _n._ an eastern Goth: one of the tribe of east Goths who established their power in Italy in 493, and were overthrown in 555.--_adj._ OS'TROGOTHIC.

OTACOUSTIC, ot-a-kows'tik, _adj._ assisting hearing.--_n._ an instrument to assist hearing--also OTACOUS'TICON. [Gr. _akoustikos_--_akouein_, to hear--_ous_, _[=o]tos_, ear.]

OTALGIA, [=o]-tal'ji-a, _n._ earache--also OTAL'GY.--_ns._ OTOG'RAPHY, descriptive anatomy of the ear; OTORRH[=E]'A, a purulent discharge from the ear; O'TOSCOPE, an instrument for viewing the interior of the ear.

OTARY, [=o]'tar-i, _n._ a genus of seals with an external ear:--_pl._ O'TARIES.--_adj._ OT'ARINE. [Gr. _[=o]taros_, large-eared--_ous_, _[=o]tos_, ear.]

OTHER, u_th_'[.e]r, _adj._ and _pron._ different, not the same: additional: second of two.--_adj._ OTH'ERGUESS=_Othergates_.--_n._ OTH'ERNESS.--_advs._ OTH'ERWHERE, elsewhere; OTH'ERWHILE, OTH'ERWHILES, at other times: sometimes; OTH'ERWISE, in another way or manner: by other causes: in other respects.--_conj._ else: under other conditions.--EVERY OTHER, each alternate; RATHER ... THAN OTHERWISE, rather than not; THE OTHER DAY, on some day not long past, quite recently. [A.S. _other_; cf. Ger. _ander_, L.


OTHERGATES, u_th_'[.e]r-g[=a]tz, _adv._ (_obs._) in another way--also _adj._ [_Other_, and _gate_, way, manner.]

OTIC, [=o]'tik, _adj._ of or pertaining to the ear.--_ns._ OT[=I]'TIS, inflammation of the internal ear; OT'OCYST, an auditory vesicle; OT'OLITH, a calcareous concretion within the membranous labyrinth of the ear; OTOL'OGIST, one skilled in otology; OTOL'OGY, knowledge of the ear. [Gr.

_ous_, _[=o]tos_, ear.]

OTIOSE, o'shi-[=o]s, _adj._ unoccupied: lazy: done in a careless way, perfunctory, futile.--_n._ OTIOS'ITY, ease, idleness. [L.

_otiosus_--_otium_, rest.]


OTTAVA, ot-ta'va, _n._ an octave.--OTTAVA RIMA, an Italian form of versification consisting of eight lines, the first six rhyming alternately, the last two forming a couplet--used by Byron in _Don Juan_. [It.]

OTTER, ot'[.e]r, _n._ a large kind of weasel living entirely on fish. [A.S.

_otor_, _oter_; cf. Dut. and Ger. _otter_.]

OTTO, ot'o, OTTAR, ot'ar (better ATT'AR), _n._ a fragrant oil obtained from certain flowers, esp. the rose. [Ar. _'itr_--_'atira_, to smell sweetly.]

OTTOMAN, ot'o-man, _adj._ pertaining to the Turkish Empire, founded by _Othman_ or _Osman_ about 1299.--_n._ a Turk (_Shak._ OTT'OMITE): a cushioned seat for several persons sitting with their backs to one another: a low, stuffed seat without a back: a variety of corded silk. [Fr.]

OUBIT, [=oo]'bit, _n._ a hairy caterpillar. [Prob. the A.S. _wibba_, a crawling thing.]

OUBLIETTE, [=oo]-bli-et', _n._ a dungeon with no opening but at the top: a secret pit in the floor of a dungeon into which a victim could be precipitated. [Fr.,--_oublier_, to forget--L. _oblivisci_.]

OUCH, owch, _n._ a jewel or ornament, esp. one in the form of a clasp: the socket of a precious stone. [O. Fr. _nouche_, _nosche_, from Teut., cf. Old High Ger. _nusca_, a clasp.]

OUDENARDE, [=oo]'de-nard, _n._ a kind of decorative tapestry, representing foliage, &c., once made at _Oudenarde_ in Belgium.

OUGHT, awt, _n._ (same as _Aught_) a vulgar corr. of _nought_.--_adv._ (_Scot._) OUGHT'LINGS, at all, in any degree.

OUGHT, awt, _v.i._ to be under obligation: to be proper or necessary.--_n._ OUGHT'NESS, rightness. [A.S. _ahte_, pa.t. of _agan_, to owe.]

OUISTITI, wis'ti-ti, _n._ a wistit or marmoset.

OUNCE, owns, _n._ the twelfth part of a pound troy=480 grains: 1/16 of a pound avoirdupois=437 troy grains. [O. Fr. _unce_--L. _uncia_, the twelfth part.]

OUNCE, owns, _n._ a carnivorous animal of the cat kind, found in Asia, allied to the leopard--(_obs._) ONCE. [Fr. _once_, prob. Pers. _yuz_, a panther.]

OUNDY, own'di, _adj._ wavy: scalloped: (_her._) unde.

OUPHE, [=oo]f, _n._ (_Shak._). Same as OAF.

OUR, owr, _adj._ and _pron._ pertaining or belonging to us--prov.

OURN.--_prons._ OURS, possessive of _We_; OURSELF', myself (as a king or queen would say):--_pl._ OURSELVES (-selvz'), we, not others: us. [A.S.

_ure_, gen. pl. of _we_, we.]




OUST, owst, _v.t._ to eject or expel.--_n._ OUST'ER (_law_), ejection: dispossession. [O. Fr. _oster_ (Fr. _oter_), to remove; acc. to Diez, from L. _haur[=i]re_, _haustum_, to draw (water).]

OUT, owt, _adv._ without, not within: gone forth: abroad: to the full stretch or extent: in a state of discovery, development, &c.: in a state of exhaustion, extinction, &c.: away from the mark: completely: at or to an end: to others, as to hire _out_: freely: forcibly: at a loss: unsheltered: uncovered.--_prep._ forth from: outside of: exterior: outlying, remote.--_n._ one who is out, esp. of office--opp. to _In_: leave to go out, an outing.--_v.i._ to go or come out.--_interj._ away! begone!--_n._ OUT'-AND-OUT'ER, a thoroughgoer, a first-rate fellow.--_adjs._ OUT'-OF-DOOR, open-air; OUT-OF-THE-WAY', uncommon: singular: secluded.--OUT AND AWAY, by far; OUT AND OUT, thoroughly: completely--also as _adj._ thorough, complete; OUT-AT-ELBOWS, worn-out, threadbare; OUT OF CHARACTER, unbecoming: improper; OUT OF COURSE, out of order; OUT OF DATE, unfashionable: not now in use; OUT OF FAVOUR, disliked; OUT OF HAND, instantly; OUT OF JOINT, not in proper connection: disjointed; OUT OF ONE'S MIND, mad; OUT OF POCKET, having spent more than one has received; OUT OF PRINT, not to be had for sale, said of books, &c.; OUT OF SORTS, or TEMPER, unhappy: cross-tempered; OUT OF THE COMMON, unusual, pre-eminent; OUT OF THE QUESTION, that cannot be at all considered; OUT OF TIME, too soon or too late: not keeping time in music; OUT WITH, away with: (_Scot._) outside of: say, do, &c., at once. [A.S. _ute_, _ut_; Goth. _ut_, Ger. _aus_, Sans.


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