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ORSEILLE, or-s[=a]l', _n._ a colouring matter (cf. _Archil_ and _Litmus_).--_adj._ ORSEL'LIC. [Fr.]

ORT, ort, _n._ a fragment, esp. one left from a meal--usually _pl._ [Low Ger. _ort_, refuse of fodder.]

ORTHOCEPHALY, or-th[=o]-sef'a-li, _n._ the character of a skull in which the ratio between the vertical and transverse diameters is from 70 to 75.--_adj._ ORTHOCEPHAL'IC.

ORTHOCERAS, or-thos'e-ras, _n._ a genus of fossil cephalopods, having the shell straight or but slightly curved.

ORTHOCHROMATIC, or-th[=o]-kr[=o]-mat'ik, _adj._ correct in rendering the relation of colours, without the usual photographic modifications. [Gr.

_orthos_, right, _chr[=o]ma_, colour.]

ORTHOCLASE, or'tho-kl[=a]z, _n._ common or potash feldspar.--_adj._ ORTHOCLAS'TIC. [Gr. _orthos_, straight, _klasis_, a fracture.]

ORTHODOX, or'tho-doks, _adj._ sound in doctrine: believing the received or established opinions, esp. in religion: according to the received doctrine.--_adv._ OR'THODOXLY.--_ns._ OR'THODOXNESS; OR'THODOXY, soundness of opinion or doctrine: belief in the commonly accepted opinions, esp. in religion. [Through Fr. and Late L. from Gr. _orthodoxos_--_orthos_, right, _doxa_, opinion--_dokein_, to seem.]

ORTHODROMIC, or-th[=o]-drom'ik, _adj._ pertaining to OR'THODROMY, the art of sailing on a great circle or in a straight course.

ORTHOePY, or'tho-e-pi, _n._ (_gram._) correct pronunciation of words.--_adjs._ ORTHOeP'IC, -AL.--_adv._ ORTHOeP'ICALLY.--_n._ OR'THOePIST, one versed in orthoepy. [Gr. _orthos_, right, _epos_, a word.]

ORTHOGAMY, or-thog'a-mi, _n._ (_bot._) direct or immediate fertilisation.

ORTHOGNATHOUS, or-thog'n[=a]-thus, _adj._ straight-jawed--also ORTHOGNATH'IC.--_n._ ORTHOG'NATHISM. [Gr. _orthos_, straight, _gnathos_, the jaw.]

ORTHOGON, or'tho-gon, _n._ (_geom._) a figure with all its angles right angles.--_adj._ ORTHOG'ONAL, rectangular.--_adv._ ORTHOG'ONALLY. [Gr.

_orthos_, right, _g[=o]nia_, angle.]

ORTHOGRAPHER, or-thog'ra-f[.e]r, _n._ one who spells words correctly--also ORTHOG'RAPHIST.--_adjs._ ORTHOGRAPH'IC, -AL, pertaining or according to orthography: spelt correctly.--_adv._ ORTHOGRAPH'ICALLY.--_n._ ORTHOG'RAPHY (_gram._), the art or practice of spelling words correctly. [Gr.

_orthographia_--_orthos_, right, _graphein_, to write.]

ORTHOMETRY, or-thom'et-ri, _n._ the art of constructing verse correctly.

ORTHOPaeDIA, or-th[=o]-p[=e]-d[=i]'a, _n._ the art or process of curing deformities of the body, esp. in childhood--also OR'THOPaeDY, OR'THOPEDY.--_adjs._ ORTHOPae'DIC, -AL, ORTHOPED'IC, -AL.--_ns._ ORTHOPae'DICS, ORTHOPED'ICS, orthopaedic surgery; OR'THOPaeDIST, OR'THOPEDIST, one skilled in the foregoing. [Gr. _orthos_, straight, _pais_, _paidos_, a child.]

ORTHOPHONY, or'th[=o]-f[=o]-ni, _n._ the art of correct speaking: the proper culture of the voice. [Gr. _orthos_, straight, _ph[=o]nein_, to speak--_ph[=o]n[=e]_, voice.]

ORTHOPNOEA, or-thop-n[=e]'a, _n._ dyspnoea.--_n._ ORTHOP'NIC, one who can breathe in an upright posture only. [Gr. _orthos_, straight, _pnein_, to breathe.]

ORTHOPRAXY, or'th[=o]-prak-si, _n._ correct practice or procedure.

ORTHOPTERA, or-thop't[.e]r-a, _n._ an order of insects with wing-covers, that overlap at the top when shut, under which are the true wings, which fold lengthwise like a fan.--_ns._ ORTHOP'TER, ORTHOP'TERAN, an insect of the order orthoptera; ORTHOPTEROL'OGY.--_adj._ ORTHOP'TEROUS, pertaining to the orthoptera. [Gr. _orthos_, straight, _ptera_, pl. of _pteron_, wing.]

ORTHOSCOPIC, or-th[=o]-skop'ik, _adj._ seeing correctly: appearing normal to the eye. [Gr. _orthos_, straight, _skopein_, to see.]

ORTHOSTYLE, or'th[=o]-st[=i]l, _n._ (_archit._) an arrangement of columns or pillars in a straight line. [Gr. _orthos_, straight, _stylos_, a column.]

ORTHOTONIC, or-th[=o]-ton'ik, _adj._ retaining an accent in certain positions, but not in others--also OR'THOTONE.--_n._ ORTHOTON[=E]'SIS, accentuation of a proclitic or enclitic--opp. to _Enclisis_. [Gr. _orthos_, straight, _tonos_, accent.]

ORTHOTROPISM, or-thot'r[=o]-pizm, _n._ vertical growth in plants.--_adjs._ ORTHOT'ROPAL, ORTHOTROP'IC, ORTHOT'ROPOUS. [Gr. _orthos_, straight, _trepein_, to turn.]

ORTHOTYPOUS, or'th[=o]-t[=i]-pus, _adj._ in mineralogy, having a perpendicular cleavage.

ORTHROS, or'thros, _n._ one of the Greek canonical hours, corresponding to the Western lauds. [Gr. _orthros_, dawn.]

ORTIVE, or'tiv, _adj._ rising: eastern.

ORTOLAN, or't[=o]-lan, _n._ a kind of bunting, common in Europe, and considered a great table delicacy. [Fr.,--It. _ortolano_--L. _hortulanus_, belonging to gardens--_hortulus_, dim. of _hortus_, a garden.]

ORVIETAN, or-vi-[=e]'tan, _n._ a supposed antidote or counter-poison.--_n._ ORVI[=E]'TO, an esteemed still white wine.

ORYCTICS, [=o]-rik'tiks, _n._ the branch of geology relating to fossils.--_adjs._ ORYCTOGRAPH'IC, -AL.--_n._ ORYCTOZOoL'OGY, palaeontology.

[Gr. _oryctos_, fossil.]

ORYX, or'iks, _n._ a genus of antelopes. [Gr., a pick-axe.]

ORYZA, [=o]-r[=i]'za, _n._ a small tropical genus of true grasses, including rice.

OS, os, _n._ a bone. [L.]

OSCAN, os'kan, _n._ and _adj._ one of an ancient Italic race in southern Italy: a language closely akin to Latin, being a ruder and more primitive form of the same central Italic tongue.

OSCHEAL, os'k[=e]-al, _adj._ pertaining to the scrotum.--_ns._ OSCHE[=I]'TIS, inflammation of the scrotum; OS'CHEOCELE, a scrotal hernia; OS'CHEOPLASTY, plastic surgery of the scrotum. [Gr. _osch[=e]_, the scrotum.]

OSCILLATE, os'sil-l[=a]t, _v.i._ to move backwards and forwards like a pendulum: to vary between certain limits.--_n._ OS'CILLANCY, a swinging condition.--_adj._ OS'CILL[=A]TING.--_n._ OSCILL[=A]'TION, act of oscillating: a swinging like a pendulum: variation within limits.--_adjs._ OS'CILL[=A]TIVE, having a tendency to vibrate; OS'CILL[=A]TORY, swinging: moving as a pendulum does. [L. _oscill[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_, to swing--_oscillum_, a swing.]

OSCINES, os'si-n[=e]z, a sub-order of birds of the order Passeres.--_adj._ OS'CINE--also _n._ [L. _oscen_, _oscinis_, a singing-bird.]

OSCITANCY, os'si-tan-si, _n._ sleepiness, stupidity.--_adj._ OS'CITANT.--_adv._ OS'CITANTLY.--_v.i._ OS'CITATE, to yawn.--_n._ OSCIT[=A]'TION, act of yawning or gaping from sleepiness. [L.

_oscit[=a]re_, to yawn.]

OSCULANT, os'k[=u]-lant, _adj._ kissing: adhering closely: (_biol._) situated between two other genera, and partaking partly of the character of each.--_v.t._ OS'CUL[=A]TE, to kiss: to touch, as two curves: to form a connecting-link between two genera.--_adj._ of or pertaining to kissing.--_n._ OSCUL[=A]'TION.--_adj._ OS'CUL[=A]TORY, of or pertaining to kissing: (_geom._) having the same curvature at the point of contact.--_n._ a tablet with a picture of the Virgin or of Christ, which was kissed by the priest and then by the people.--_ns._ OS'CULE, a little mouth: a small bilabiate aperture; OS'C[=U]LUM, a mouth in sponges: one of the suckers on the head of a tapeworm. [L. _oscul[=a]ri_, _-[=a]tus_--_osculum_, a little mouth, a kiss, dim. of _os_, mouth.]

OSIER, [=o]'zh[.e]r, _n._ the popular name for those species of willow whose twigs are used in making baskets, &c.--_adj._ made of or like osiers.--_adj._ O'SIERED, adorned with willows.--_n._ O'SIERY, a place where osiers are grown. [Fr.; perh. from Gr. _oisos_.]

OSIRIS, [=o]-s[=i]'ris, _n._ the greatest of Egyptian gods, son of Seb and Nut, or Heaven and Earth, married to Isis, slain by Set but avenged by his son Horus, judge of the dead in the nether-world.

OSITE, os'[=i]t, _n._ Sombrero guano.

OSMANLI, os-man'li, _adj._ of or belonging to Turkey.--_n._ a member of the reigning family of Turkey: a subject of the emperor of Turkey. [_Osman_ or _Othman_, who founded the Turkish empire in Asia, and reigned 1288-1326.]

OSMETERIUM, os-m[=e]-t[=e]'ri-um, _n._ an organ devoted to the production of an odour, esp. the forked process behind the head of certain butterfly-larvae:--_pl._ OSMET[=E]'RIA.

OSMIDROSIS, os-mi-dr[=o]'sis, _n._ the secretion of strongly smelling perspiration.--Also _Bromidrosis_. [Gr. _osm[=e]_, smell, _hidr[=o]sis_, sweat.]

OSMIUM, [=o]s'mi-um, _n._ a gray-coloured metal found in platinum ore, the oxide of which has a disagreeable smell.--_adjs._ OS'MIC, OS'MIOUS. [Gr.

_osm[=e]_, smell, orig. _od-m[=e]_--_ozein_, to smell.]

OSMOSE, os'm[=o]s, _n._ the tendency of fluids to mix or become equally diffused when in contact, even through an intervening membrane or porous structure--also OSM[=O]'SIS.--_adj._ OSMOT'IC, pertaining to, or having, the property of osmose.--_adv._ OSMOT'ICALLY. [Gr. _[=o]smos_=_[=o]sis_, impulse--_[=o]thein_, to push.]

OSMUNDA, os-mun'da, _n._ a genus of ferns, the chief species being OSMUNDA REGALIS, the royal fern--also called _Bog-onion_, _King-fern_, &c.

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