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RHYNCHOPHORA, ring-kof'[=o]-ra, a section of tetramerous coleopterous insects: the weevils.--_adjs._ RHYNCHOPH'ORAN, RHYNCHOPH'OROUS. [Gr. _rhyngchos_, snout, _pherein_, to bear.]

RHYNCHOPS, ring'kops, _n._ the skimmers or scissor-bills. [Gr. _rhyngchos_, snout, _[=o]ps_, _[=o]pos_, an eye.]

RHYNCHOSIA, ring-k[=o]'si-a, _n._ a genus of leguminous plants. [Gr.

_rhyngchos_, a snout.]

RHYNCHOSPORA, ring-kos'p[=o]-ra, _n._ a genus of sedge-like plants--the beak-rush or beak-sedge. [Gr. _rhyngchos_, snout, _sporos_, seed.]

RHYNCHOTA, ring-k[=o]'ta, _n._ an order of true hexapod insects.--_adjs._ RHYNCH'[=O]TE, beaked; RHYNCH[=O]'TOUS, belonging to the Rhynchota. [Gr.

_rhyngchos_, a snout.]

RHYNCHOTUS, ring-k[=o]'tus, _n._ a genus of the South American tinamous, including the ynambu. [Gr. _rhyngchos_, a snout.]

RHYNE, r[=i]n, _n._ the best kind of Russian hemp.

RHYOLITE, r[=i]'[=o]-l[=i]t, _n._ an igneous rock, called also _Liparite_ and _Quartz-trachyte_.--_adj._ RHYOLIT'IC. [Gr. _rhyax_, a stream, _lithos_, a stone.]

RHYPAROGRAPHY, rip-a-rog'ra-fi, _n._ _genre_ or still-life pictures, esp.

of low subjects.--_adj._ RHYPAROGRAPH'IC. [Gr. _rhyparos_, dirty, _graphein_, to write.]

RHYPHUS, r[=i]'fus, _n._ a genus of gnats.

RHYPTICUS, rip'ti-kus, _n._ a genus of serranoid fishes--the soap-fishes.

[Gr. _rhyptikos_--_rhypein_, to cleanse--_rhypos_, dirt.]

RHYSIMETER, r[=i]-sim'e-t[.e]r, _n._ an instrument for measuring the velocity of fluids and the speed of ships. [Gr. _rhysis_, a flowing, _metron_, a measure.]

RHYSSA, ris'a, _n._ a genus of long-tailed ichneumon flies. [Gr. _rhyssos_, wrinkled, _eryein_, to draw.]

RHYSSODES, ri-s[=o]'d[=e]z, a genus of clavicorn beetles. [Gr.

_rhyssod[=e]s_, wrinkled-looking--_rhyssos_, wrinkled, _eidos_, form.]

RHYTHM, ri_th_m, or rithm, _n._ flowing motion: metre: regular recurrence of accents: harmony of proportion: a measure, or foot: (_mus._) the regular succession of heavy and light accents: (_phys._) the succession of alternate and opposite states.--_adjs._ RHYTH'MIC, -AL, having or pertaining to rhythm or metre.--_adv._ RHYTH'MICALLY.--_n._ RHYTH'MICS, the science of rhythm.--_v.t._ and _v.i._ RHYTH'MISE, to subject to rhythm: to observe rhythm.--_n._ RHYTH'MIST, one who composes in rhythm.--_adj._ RHYTHM'LESS, destitute of rhythm.--_ns._ RHYTHMOM'ETER, an instrument for marking rhythms for music, a metronome; RHYTHMOPOE'IA, the art of composing rhythmically. [L.,--Gr. _rhythmos_--_rhein_, to flow.]

RHYTINA, ri-t[=i]'na, _n._ a genus of _Sirenia_, akin to the dugong and the manatee, once plentiful in the northern Pacific. [Gr. _rhytis_, a wrinkle.]

RHYTON, r[=i]'ton, _n._ a Greek drinking-vase, with one handle, generally ending in a beast's head:--_pl._ RHY'TA. [Gr.]

RIALTO, ri-al't[=o], _n._ a famous bridge over the Grand Canal, Venice, [It., _rio_, stream--L. _rivus_, a stream--It. _alto_, deep--L. _altus_, deep.]

RIANT, r[=i]'ant, _adj._ laughing: gay.--_n._ R[=I]'ANCY. [Fr.,--L.

_ridens_, pr.p. of _rid[=e]re_, to laugh.]


RIB, rib, _n._ one of the bones from the backbone which encircle the chest: anything like a rib in form or use: a piece of meat containing one or more ribs: a piece of timber which helps to form or strengthen the side of a ship: a vein of a leaf, or an insect's wing: a prominence running in a line: a ridge: (_archit._) a moulding or projecting band on a ceiling: one of the rods on which the cover of an umbrella is extended: (_coll._) a wife (from Gen. ii., 21-23).--_v.t._ to furnish or enclose with ribs: to form with rising lines--as corduroy: to enclose:--_pr.p._ rib'bing; _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ ribbed.--_ns._ RIB'-BAND, a piece of timber bolted longitudinally to the ribs of a vessel to hold them in position; RIB'BING, an arrangement of ribs; RIB'-GRASS, the ribwort plantain.--_adj._ RIB'LESS, having no ribs.--_n._ RIB'LET, a rudimentary rib.--_adjs._ RIB'-LIKE, like a rib: resembling a rib; RIB'-NOSED, having the snout ribbed, as a baboon.--_v.t._ RIB'-ROAST, to beat soundly.--_ns._ RIB'-ROAST'ER (_coll._), a severe blow on the ribs; RIB'-ROAST'ING, a severe beating; RIB'-VAULT'ING. [A.S.

_ribb_; Ger. _rippe_.]

RIB, rib, _n._ hound's tongue: water-cress. [A.S. _ribbe_.]

RIBALD, rib'ald, _n._ a loose, low character.--_adj._ low, base, mean: licentious: foul-mouthed--also RIB'AUD (_Spens._).--_adjs._ RIB'ALDISH, RIB'ALDROUS, ribald.--_n._ RIB'ALDRY, obscenity: filthiness: low and vulgar scurrility--also RIB'AUDRY (_obs._). [O. Fr. _ribald_, _ribaut_ (Fr.

_ribaud_, It. _ribaldo_)--Old High Ger. _hr[=i]p[=a]_, Mid. High Ger.

_ribe_, a whore.]

RIBAND, rib'and, _n._ Same as RIBBON.

RIBATTUTA, r[=e]-bat-t[=oo]'ta, _n._ (_mus._) a melodic embellishment.


RIBAUDEQUIN, ri-baw'de-kin, _n._ a movable cheval-de-frise. [O. Fr.; of doubtful origin.]

RIBBLE-RABBLE, rib'l-rab'l, _n._ a mob: indecent language.--_n._ RIBB'LE-ROW, a list of rabble.

RIBBON, rib'on, _n._ a fillet or strip of silk: a narrow strip: (_pl._) reins for driving: a shred: a watch-spring: an endless saw: (_her._) a bearing considered usually as one of the subordinaries: (_naut._) a painted moulding on the side of a ship--also RIB'AND, RIBB'AND.--_adj._ made of ribbon: having bands of different colours.--_v.t._ to adorn with ribbons: to stripe: to streak.--_ns._ RIBB'ON-BRAKE, a brake having a band which nearly surrounds the wheel whose motion is to be checked; RIBB'ON-FISH, a long, slender, compressed fish, like a ribbon; RIBB'ON-GRASS, a variety of striped canary-grass: Lady's Garter; RIBB'ONISM, a system of secret associations among the lower classes in Ireland, at its greatest height from about 1835 to 1855--from the green badge worn; RIBB'ONMAN, a member of a Ribbon society; RIBB'ON-MAP, a map printed on a long strip which winds on an axis within a case; RIBB'ON-SEAL, a North Pacific seal, banded and striped; RIBB'ON-SNAKE, a harmless striped snake abundant in the United States; RIBB'ON-STAMP, a simple form of printing-press for transferring colours to paper; RIBB'ON-WAVE, a common geometrid moth; RIBB'ON-WEED, a seaweed whose frond has a long, flat blade; RIBB'ON-WIRE, a strong tape with wire threads for strengthening garments; RIBB'ON-WORM, tapeworm.--BLUE RIBBON, the ribbon of the Order of the Garter: anything which marks the attainment of some ambition, also the object itself: the badge adopted by a teetotal society; RED RIBBON, the ribbon of the Order of the Bath. [O. Fr.

_riban_ (Fr. _ruban_), perh. Celt.; cf. Ir. _ribin_, Gael. _ribean_. Diez suggests Dut. _ring-band_, necktie, collar.]

RIBES, ribz, _n.sing._ and _pl._ a currant, currants.--_n.sing._ RIBES (r[=i]'b[=e]z), a genus of shrubs belonging to the natural order _Ribesiaceae_, familiar examples of which are the garden Gooseberry and the Currant. [O. Fr. _ribes_--Low L. _ribus_--Ar. _r[=i]b[=e]s_, _r[=i]b[=a]s_.]

RIBIBE, rib-[=i]b', _n._ (_obs._) a rebec: an old woman.--_v.i._ to play on a ribibe. [_Rebec._]

RIBSTON-PIPPIN, rib'ston-pip'in, _n._ a fine variety of winter apple--from _Ribston_ in Yorkshire, where Sir Henry Goodricke (1642-1705) first introduced them.

RICARDIAN, ri-kar'di-an, _adj._ pertaining to the political economist David _Ricardo_ (1772-1823), or his theory.

RICASSO, ri-kas'[=o], _n._ that part of a rapier-blade next to the hilt.

[Ety. unknown.]

RICCIA, rik'si-a, _n._ a genus of cryptogamous plants. [From the Italian botanist P. Francisco _Ricci_.]

RICE, r[=i]s, _n._ one of the most useful and extensively cultivated of grains, like oats when ripe.--_ns._ RICE'-BIRD, the reed-bird: the paddy bird or Java sparrow; RICE'-BIS'CUIT, a sweet biscuit made of flour mixed with rice; RICE'-DUST, RICE'-MEAL, the refuse of rice, a valuable food for cattle; RICE'-FIELD-MOUSE, the rice-rat; RICE'-FLOUR, a ground rice for puddings, for a face-powder, &c.; RICE'-GLUE, a cement made by boiling rice-flour in soft water; RICE'-HEN, the common American gallinule; RICE'-MILK, milk boiled and thickened with rice; RICE'-P[=A]'PER, a white smooth paper, made by the Chinese from the pith of _Fatsia (Aralia) papyrifera_, a tree peculiar to Formosa; RICE'-PLANT'ER, an implement for sowing rice; RICE'-POUND'ER, a rice-mill; RICE'-PUDD'ING, a pudding made of rice and milk, sweetened, often with eggs, raisins, &c.; RICE'-SOUP, a soup of rice with flour, &c.; RICE'-STITCH, an embroidery-stitch resembling rice in grain; RICE'-WA'TER, water in which rice has been boiled--a nourishing drink for invalids; RICE'-WEE'VIL, a weevil that destroys stored rice, &c.

[O. Fr. _ris_--L. _oryza_--Gr. _oryza_, from Old Pers., whence also Ar.

_uruzz_, _ruzz_.]

RICERCATA, r[=e]-cher-ka'ta, _n._ a very elaborate form of fugue. [It.

_ricercare_, to search out.]

RICH, rich (_comp._ RICH'ER, _superl._ RICH'EST), _adj._ abounding in possessions: wealthy: valuable: sumptuous: fertile: full of agreeable or nutritive qualities: affluent: productive, as a rich mine: costly: mighty: ruling: ample: of superior quality: luxurious: of great moral worth: highly seasoned or flavoured, as rich pastry: bright, as a colour: full of harmonious sounds, as a rich voice: full of beauty, as a rich landscape: of a vivid colour: extravagant, as a rich joke.--_v.t._ (_Shak._) to enrich.--_v.i. to_ grow rich.--_v.i._ RICH'EN, to become rich, or of higher quality of any kind.--_adj._ RICH'-LEFT (_Shak._), left with much wealth, richly endowed.--_adv._ RICH'LY.--_n._ RICH'NESS, wealth: abundance: fruitfulness: value: costliness: abundance of imagery. [A.S. _rice_, rich; Ger. _reich_, Dut. _rijk_, Goth. _reiks_.]

RICHARDIA, ri-char'di-a, _n._ a small genus of South African herbs of the Arum family, including the calla-lily. [From the French botanists, L. C. M.

_Richard_ (1754-1821) and his son.]

RICHARDSONIA, rich-ard-s[=o]'ni-a, _n._ a genus of gamopetalous plants, belonging to the madder family, native to the warmer parts of America.

[Named from the 17th-cent. Eng. botanist, Richard _Richardson_.]

RICHEL-BIRD, rich'el-b[.e]rd, _n._ (_prov._) the least tern.

RICHES, rich'ez, (in _B._ sometimes _n.sing._) wealth: richness: abundance: an intellectual treasure, as the riches of wisdom: the pearl, flower, or cream of anything. [M. E. _richesse_ (n.sing.)--O. Fr.

_richesse_--Mid. High Ger. _riche_.]

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