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RETRENCH, r[=e]-trensh', _v.t._ to cut off or away: to render less: to curtail.--_v.i._ to live at less expense: to economise.--_n._ RETRENCH'MENT, cutting off: lessening or abridging: reduction: economy: (_fort._) a work within another for prolonging the defence. [O. Fr.

_retrencher_ (Fr. _retrancher_)--_re-_, off, _trencher_, to cut, which, acc. to Littre, is from L. _trunc[=a]re_, to cut off.]

RETRIAL, r[=e]-tr[=i]'al, _n._ a repetition of trial.

RETRIBUTE, r[=e]-trib'[=u]t, _v.t._ to give back: to make repayment of.--_ns._ R[=E]TRIB'[=U]TER, -OR; RETRIB[=U]'TION, repayment: suitable return: reward or punishment: retaliation.--_adjs._ R[=E]TRIB'[=U]TIVE, repaying: rewarding or punishing suitably; R[=E]TRIB'[=U]TORY. [L.

_retributio_--_retribu[)e]re_, to give back--_re-_, back, _tribu[)e]re_, to give.]

RETRIEVE, r[=e]-tr[=e]v', _v.t._ to recover: to recall or bring back: to bring back to a former state: to repair: to search for and fetch, as a dog does game--also _n._ (_obs._).--_adj._ RETRIEV'ABLE, that may be recovered.--_n._ RETRIEV'ABLENESS, the state of being retrievable.--_adv._ RETRIEV'ABLY.--_ns._ RETRIEV'AL; RETRIEVE'MENT; RETRIEV'ER, a dog trained to find and fetch game that has been shot. [O. Fr. _retreuver_ (Fr.

_retrouver_)--_re-_, again, _trouver_, to find--Low L. _tropare_--L.

_tropus_, a song--Gr. _tropos_, a trope.]

RETRIM, r[=e]-trim', _v.t._ to trim again.

RETRIMENT, ret'ri-ment, _n._ dregs. [L. _retrimentum._]

RETROACT, r[=e]-tr[=o]-akt', _v.i._ to act backward, or in return or opposition, or on something past or preceding.--_n._ RETROAC'TION.--_adj._ RETROAC'TIVE.--_adv._ RETROAC'TIVELY, in a retroactive manner: by operating on something past.--RETROACTIVE LAW, a retrospective law. [L. _retroactus_, _retroag[)e]re_--_retro_, backward, _ag[)e]re_, _actum_, to do.]

RETROBULBAR, r[=e]-tr[=o]-bul'bar, _adj._ being behind the eyeball.

RETROCEDE, r[=e]-tr[=o]-s[=e]d', _v.t._ to go back: to relapse: to retire: to give back.--_adj._ RETROC[=E]'DENT.--_n._ RETROCES'SION (_med._), the disappearance of a tumour inwardly: a retreating outline: (_Scots law_) the act of retroceding, or giving back, as of a right by an assignee. [Fr.,--L.

_retroced[)e]re_, _-cessum_--_retro_, backward, _ced[)e]re_, to go.]

RETROCHOIR, r[=e]'tr[=o]-kw[=i]r, _n._ (_archit._) an extension of a church behind the high altar, as a chapel.

RETROCLUSION, r[=e]-tr[=o]-kl[=oo]'zhun, _n._ a method of using the pin in acupressure.

RETROCOLLIC, r[=e]-tr[=o]-kol'ik, _adj._ pertaining to the back of the neck.

RETRODATE, r[=e]'tr[=o]-d[=a]t, _v.t._ to assign a date to a book earlier than its actual publication.

RETRODUCT, r[=e]-tr[=o]-dukt', _v.t._ to draw back: to withdraw.--_n._ RETRODUC'TION.

RETROFLEX, r[=e]'tr[=o]-fleks, _adj._ reflexed, bent backward--also R[=E]'TROFLEXED.--_n._ RETROFLEC'TION. [L. _retro_, backward, _flect[)e]re_, _flexum_, to bend.]

RETROFRACT, -ED, r[=e]'tr[=o]-frakt, -ed, _adj._ (_bot._) bent sharply back, so as to appear as if broken. [L. _retro_, backward, _fractus_, pa.p.

of _frang[)e]re_, _fractum_, to break.]

RETROGRADE, ret'r[=o]-, or r[=e]'tr[=o]-gr[=a]d, _adj._ going backward: falling from better to worse: contrary: (_biol._) becoming less highly organised, as 'a retrograde theory:' swimming backwards, as many animals: (_astron._) moving westwards relatively to the fixed stars.--_v.i._ to go backwards.--_ns._ RETROGRAD[=A]'TION, deterioration; R[=E]'TROGRESS, falling off; R[=E]TROGRES'SION, a going backward: a decline in quality or merit.--_adjs._ R[=E]TROGRES'SIONAL, R[=E]TROGRESS'IVE.--_adv._ R[=E]TROGRESS'IVELY.--_n._ R[=E]TROGRESS'IVENESS. [L. _retrogradus_, going backward--_retro_, backward, _gradi_, _gressus_, to go.]

RETROLINGUAL, r[=e]-tr[=o]-ling'gwal, _adj._ serving to retract the tongue.

RETROMINGENT, r[=e]-tr[=o]-min'jent, _adj._ urinating backward.--_n._ RETROMIN'GENCY.--_adv._ RETROMIN'GENTLY.

RETRO-OCULAR, r[=e]-tr[=o]-ok'[=u]-lar, _adj._ situated behind the eyeball.

RETRO-OPERATIVE, r[=e]-tr[=o]-op'e-r[=a]-tiv, _adj._ retrospective in effect.

RETROPOSITION, r[=e]-tr[=o]-p[=o]-zish'un, _n._ displacement backward.

RETROPULSION, r[=e]-tr[=o]-pul'shun, _n._ a disorder of locomotion: repulsion.--_adj._ RETROPUL'SIVE.

RETRORSE, r[=e]-trors', _adj._ turned back or downward--_adv._ RETRORSE'LY.

RETROSERRATE, r[=e]-tr[=o]-ser'[=a]t, _adj._ (_entom._) armed with minute retrorse teeth.

RETROSPECT, ret'r[=o]-spekt, or r[=e]'-, _n._ a looking back: a contemplation of the past: the past.--_n._ RETROSPEC'TION, the act or faculty of looking back on the past.--_adj._ RETROSPEC'TIVE.--_adv._ RETROSPEC'TIVELY. [L. _retrospectus_, pa.p. of _retrospic[)e]re_--_retro_, back, _spec[)e]re_, to look.]

RETROSTERNAL, r[=e]-tr[=o]-ster'nal, _adj._ being behind the sternum.

RETROTARSAL, r[=e]-tr[=o]-tar'sal, _adj._ being behind the tarsus of the eye.

RETROTRACHEAL, r[=e]-tr[=o]-tr[=a]'k[=e]-al, _adj._ being at the back of the trachea.

RETROUSSAGE, re-tr[=oo]-sazh', _n._ a method of producing effective tones in the printing of etchings by skilful treatment of the ink in certain parts.

RETROUSSe, re-tr[=oo]-s[=a]', _adj._ turned up: pug.

RETROVACCINATE, r[=e]-tr[=o]-vak'si-n[=a]t, _v.t._ to vaccinate a cow with human virus.--_ns._ RETROVACCIN[=A]'TION; RETROVAC'CINE.

RETROVENE, r[=e]'tr[=o]-v[=e]n, _adj._ inclined backward.

RETROVERT, r[=e]'tr[=o]-v[.e]rt, _v.t._ to turn back.--_n._ one who returns to his original creed.--_n._ RETROVER'SION, a turning or falling back. [L.

_retro_, backward, _vert[)e]re_, to turn.]

RETROVISION, r[=e]-tr[=o]-vizh'un, _n._ the power of mentally seeing past events.

RETRUDE, r[=e]-tr[=oo]d', _v.t._ to thrust back.--_adj._ RETRUSE'.--_n._ RETRU'SION. [L. _retrud[)e]re_, _retrusum_.]

RETRY, r[=e]-tr[=i]', _v.t._ to try again: to put on trial a second time.

RETTING, ret'ing, _n._ the act or process of preparing flax for use by rotting the useless part of the plant.--_n._ RETT'ERY. [Conn. with _rot_.]

RETUND, r[=e]-tund', _v.t._ to blunt, as the edge of a weapon.

RETURN, r[=e]-turn', _v.i._ to come back to the same place or state: to answer: to retort: to turn back: to repeat: to revert: to recur: to reappear.--_v.t._ to bring or send back: to transmit: to give back: to repay: to give back in reply: to report: to give an account: to cast back: to reflect: to re-echo: to revolve: to restore: to requite: to return a call: to elect, as a member of parliament: in card-playing, to lead back in response to the lead of one's partner: in tennis, to bat the ball back over the net: in fencing, to give a thrust or cut after parrying a sword-thrust.--_n._ the act of going back: revolution: periodic renewal: the act of bringing or sending back: restitution: repayment: the profit on capital or labour: a reply: a report or account, esp. official: (_pl._) a light-coloured and mild kind of tobacco: (_law_) the rendering back of a writ to the proper officer: (_mil._) the return of the men fit for duty: (_archit._) the continuation in a different direction of the face of a building, as a moulding.--_adj._ RETUR'NABLE, legally requiring to be returned.--_ns._ RETURN'-BEND, a pipe-coupling in the shape of the letter [U shape]; RETURN'-CAR'GO, a cargo brought back in place of merchandise previously sent out; RETURN'-CHECK, a ticket for readmission; RETURN'-DAY, the day fixed when the defendant is to appear in court; RETUR'NER; RETUR'NING-OFF'ICER, the officer who makes returns of writs, &c.: the presiding officer at an election.--_adj._ RETURN'LESS.--_ns._ RETURN'-MATCH, a second match played by the same set of players; RETURN'-SHOCK, an electric shock due to the action of induction sometimes felt after a lightning-flash; RETURN'-TAG, a tag attached to a railway-car as evidence of its due arrival; RETURN'-TICK'ET, a ticket issued by a company for a journey and its return, usually at a reduced charge; RETURN'-VALVE, a valve which opens to allow reflux of a fluid in case of overflow. [Fr. _retourner_--_re-_, back, _tourner_, to turn--L.

_torn[=a]re_, to turn.]

RETUSE, r[=e]-t[=u]s', _adj._ (_bot._) terminating in a round end, with a centre somewhat depressed. [L. _retusus_--_retund[)e]re_, to blunt.]

RETYRE, r[=e]-t[=i]r', _n._ (_Spens._) retirement.

RETZIA, ret'si-a, _n._ a genus of brachiopods.

REUNE, r[=e]-[=u]n', _v.t._ (_obs._) to reunite.--_v.i._ to hold a reunion.--_adjs._ RE[=U]'NIENT; RE[=U]'NITIVE.

REUNION, r[=e]-[=u]n'yun, _n._ a union after separation: an assembly or social gathering. [Fr. _reunion_--_re-_, again, _union_, union.]

REUNITE, r[=e]-[=u]-n[=i]t', _v.t._ to join after separation: to reconcile after variance.--_v.i._ to become united again: to join again.--_v.t._ RE[=U]'NIFY.--_adv._ REUN[=I]'TEDLY.--_n._ REUNI'TION.--_adj._ RE[=U]'NITIVE.

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