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RETICLE, ret'i-kl, _n._ Same as RETICULE.

RETICULE, ret'i-k[=u]l, RETICLE, ret'i-kl, _n._ a little network bag: a lady's workbag: an attachment to a telescope consisting of a network of lines ruled on glass.--_adj._ RETIC'ULAR, having the form of network: formed with interstices: (_anat._) cellular.--_ns._ RETICUL[=A]'R[=E]; RETICUL[=A]'RIA, a genus of the myxomycetous RETICULARI[=A]'CEae.--_adjs._ RETICUL[=A]'RIAN; RETICUL[=A]'RIOUS.--__adv.__ RETIC'ULARLY.--_adjs._ RETIC'ULARY; RETIC'UL[=A]TE, -D, netted: having the form or structure of a net: having veins crossing like network, as a reticulate leaf.--_n._ RETICUL[=A]'TION, a method of copying a painting by the help of threads stretched across a frame.--_adj._ RETIC'UL[=O]SE, finely reticulate.--_n._ RETIC'ULUM, a network: the second stomach of a ruminant: a southern constellation.--RETICULAR CARTILAGE, a cartilage in which the matrix is permeated with elastic fibres; RETICULAR LAYER OF SKIN, the deeper part of the corium; RETICULATED GLASS, ware made from glass, in which one set of coloured lines meets with another; RETICULATED MICROMETER, a micrometer for an optical instrument with a reticule in the focus of an eyepiece; RETICULATED MOULDING, a fillet interlaced in various ways; RETICULATED WORK, masonry constructed with diamond-shaped stones. [L.

_reticulum_--_rete_, net.]

RETIERCe, r[=e]-ty[=a]r's[=a], _adj._ (_her._) divided fesswise into three equal parts.

RETIFERA, r[=e]-tif'er-a, _n._ the true limpet.

RETIFORM, r[=e]'ti-form, _adj._ having the form or structure of a net. [L.

_rete_, net, _forma_, form.]

RETINA, ret'i-na, _n._ the innermost coating of the eye, consisting of a fine network of optic nerves.--_adj._ RET'INAL, pertaining to the retina of the eye.--_n._ RETIN[=I]'TIS, inflammation of the retina. [Fr.,--L. _rete_, a net.]

RETINACULUM, ret-i-nak'[=u]-lum, _n._ (_anat._) a connecting band: one of the annular ligaments which hold the tendons close to the bones of the larger joints: (_zool._) one of the retractor muscles of the proboscis of certain worms: (_bot._) a small viscid gland.

RETINALITE, r[=e]-tin'a-l[=i]t, _n._ a green translucent variety of serpentine.

RETINERVED, r[=e]'ti-n[.e]rvd, _adj._ netted, veined.

RETINITE, ret'i-n[=i]t, _n._ pitch-stone or obsidian.

RETINOID, ret'i-noid, _adj._ resin-like.

RETINOL, ret'i-nol, _n._ a hydro-carbon oil used in printers' ink.

RETINOPHORA, ret-i-nof'[=o]-ra, _n._ a cell of the embryonic eye of anthropods.

RETINOSCOPY, ret'in-[=o]-sk[=o]-pi, _n._ examination of the retina with an ophthalmoscope.

RETINOSPORA, ret-in-os'p[=o]-ra, _n._ a genus of coniferous trees, in use for lawn decoration.

RETINUE, ret'i-n[=u], _n._ the body of retainers who follow a person of rank: a suite: a cortege. [_Retain._]

RETINULA, r[=e]-tin'[=u]-la, _n._ (_entom._) a group of pigmented cells.--_adj._ RETIN'ULAR.

RETIPED, r[=e]'tip-ed, _n._ having reticulated tarsi.

RETIRACY, r[=e]-t[=i]r'[=a]-si, _n._ retirement.

RETIRADE, ret-i-rad', _n._ a retrenchment in the body of a bastion which a garrison may defend. [Fr.]

RETIRE, r[=e]-t[=i]r', _v.i._ to draw back: to retreat: to recede: to go to bed.--_v.t._ to withdraw from circulation, as to retire a bill: to cause to retire.--_n._ a call sounded on a bugle: act of retiring: retreat: (_obs._) a place of retreat.--_n._ RET[=I]'RAL, the act of taking up a bill when due.--_adj._ RETIRED', withdrawn: secluded: private: withdrawn from business.--__adv.__ RETIRED'LY.--_ns._ RETIRED'NESS; RETIRE'MENT, act of retiring or withdrawing from society or from public life, or of an army: state of being retired: solitude: privacy.--_p.adj._ RETIR'ING, reserved: unobtrusive: retreating: modest: given to one who retires from a public office or service.--RETIRED LIST, a list of officers who are relieved from active service but receive a certain amount of pay. [O. Fr.

_retirer_--_re-_, back, _tirer_, to draw.]

RETITELae, ret-i-t[=e]'l[=e], a group of spiders which spin irregular webs.--_n._ RETITEL[=A]'RIAN.

RETOLD, r[=e]-t[=o]ld', _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ of _retell_.

RETORQUE, r[=e]-t[=o]rk', _v.t._ (_obs._) to turn back.

RETORSION, r[=e]-t[=o]r'shun, _n._ retaliation.


RETORT, r[=e]-tort', _v.t._ to throw back: to return: to retaliate: to separate by means of a retort.--_v.i._ to make a sharp reply.--_n._ a ready and sharp reply: a witty answer: a vessel used in distillation, properly a spiral tube.--_p.adj._ RETOR'TED (_her._), interlaced.--_ns._ RETOR'TER; RETOR'TION.--_adj._ RETOR'TIVE.--_n._ RETORT'-SEAL'ER, an instrument for removing the encrustation in coal-gas retorts. [Fr.,--L. _retortum_, pa.p.

of _retorqu[=e]re_--_re-_, back, _torqu[=e]re_, to twist.]

RETOSS, r[=e]-tos', _v.t._ to toss back.

RETOUCH, r[=e]-tuch', _v.t._ to improve, as a picture, by new touches.--_n._ the reapplication of the artist's hand to a work: (_phot._) the act of finishing and correcting.--_ns._ RETOUCH'ER; RETOUCH'MENT.--RETOUCHING FRAME, a desk formed of fine ground glass, used for retouching negatives.

RETOUR, r[=e]-t[=oo]r', _n._ a returning: (_Scots law_) an extract from chancery of the service of an heir to his ancestor.--_adj._ RETOURED'.

RETOURN, r[=e]-turn', _v.t._ (_Spens._) to turn back.

RETRACE, r[=e]-tr[=a]s', _v.t._ to trace back: to go back by the same course: to renew the outline of: to repeat.--_adj._ RETRACE'ABLE.

RETRACT, r[=e]-trakt', _v.t._ to retrace or draw back: to recall: to recant.--_v.i._ to take back what has been said or granted.--_adjs._ RETRAC'TABLE, RETRAC'TIBLE, capable of being retracted or recalled.--_n._ RETRACT[=A]'TION.--_p.adj._ RETRAC'TED (_her._), couped by a line diagonal to the main direction: (_bot._) bent back.--_adj._ RETRAC'TILE, that may be drawn back, as claws.--_n._ RETRAC'TION, act of retracting or drawing back: recantation.--_adj._ RETRAC'TIVE, able or ready to retract.--_adv._ RETRAC'TIVELY.--_n._ RETRAC'TOR, one who, or that which, retracts or draws back: in breech-loading firearms, a device for withdrawing a cartridge-shell from the barrel: (_surg._) an instrument for holding apart the edges of a wound during operation: a bandage to protect the soft parts from injury by the saw: (_zool._) a muscle serving to draw in any part.

[Fr.,--L. _retrah[)e]re_, _retractum_--_re-_, back, _trah[)e]re_, to draw.]

RETRAD, r[=e]'trad, _adv._ (_anat._) backward.

RETRAHENS, r[=e]'tr[=a]-henz, _n._ (_anat._) a muscle which draws the ear backward.--_adj._ R[=E]'TR[=A]HENT.

RETRAIT, r[=e]-tr[=a]t', _n._ (_Spens._) a picture, a portrait: aspect.--_adj._ retired. [O. Fr.,--_retraire_, to draw back, to take a portrait--L. _retrah[)e]re_--_re-_, back, _trah[)e]re_, to draw.]

RETRAL, r[=e]'tral, _adj._ back, posterior.

RETRANCHe, re-trong-sh[=a]', _adj._ (_her._) divided bend-wise twice or into three parts.

RETRANSFER, r[=e]-trans-f[.e]r', _v.t._ to transfer back.--_n._ RETRANS'FER.

RETRANSFORM, r[=e]-trans-form', _v.t._ to transform or change back again.--_n._ RETRANSFORM[=A]'TION, a second or renewed transformation: a change back to a former state.

RETRANSLATE, r[=e]-trans-l[=a]t', _v.t._ to translate anew: to translate back into the original languages.--_n._ RETRANSL[=A]'TION.

RETRANSMISSION, r[=e]-trans-mish'un, _n._ a repeated transmission.--_v.t._ R[=E]'TRANSMIT.

RETRATE, r[=e]-tr[=a]t', _n._ (_Spens._)=_retreat_.

RETRAVERSE, r[=e]-trav'[.e]rs, _v.t._ to traverse again.

RETRAXIT, r[=e]-trak'sit, _n._ (_law_) the open renunciation of a suit in court.

RETREAT, r[=e]-tr[=e]t', _n._ a drawing back or retracing one's steps: retirement: place of privacy: withdrawal: a place of security: a shelter: (_mil._) the act of retiring in order from before the enemy, or from an advanced position: the signal for retiring from an engagement or to quarters: a special season of religious meditation.--_v.i._ to draw back: to recede: to consider: to retire, esp. to a place of shelter: to retire before an enemy or from an advanced position: in fencing, to move back so as to avoid the point of the adversary's sword: to slope back, as a retreating forehead.--_ns._ RETREAT'ER; RETREAT'MENT. [O. Fr. _retrete_--L.

_retractus_, pa.p. of _retrah[)e]re_.]

RETREE, r[=e]-tr[=e]', _n._ in paper-making, broken or imperfect paper.

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