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EMURE, a variant of _immure_.

EMYS, em'is, _n._ a genus of marsh tortoises, found in South and Middle Europe, North Africa, and South-west Asia. [Gr. _emys_.]

ENABLE, en-[=a]'bl, _v.t._ to make able: to give power, strength, or authority to.

ENACT, en-akt', _v.t._ to perform: to act the part of: to establish by law.--_n._ (_Shak._) that which is enacted.--_adjs._ ENACT'ING, ENACT'IVE, that enacts.--_ns._ ENACT'MENT, the passing of a bill into law: that which is enacted: a law; ENACT'OR, one who practises or performs anything: one who forms decrees or establishes laws; ENACT'URE (_Shak._), action.

ENALLAGE, en-al'a-j[=e], _n._ (_gram._) the exchange of one case, mood, or tense for another. [Gr.,--_en_, and _allassein_, to change.]

ENAMEL, en-am'el, _n._ the name given to vitrified substances applied chiefly to the surface of metals: any smooth hard coating, esp. that of the teeth: anything enamelled.--_v.t._ to coat with or paint in enamel: to form a glossy surface upon, like enamel:--_pr.p._ enam'elling; _pa.p._ enam'elled.--_adj._ EN-AM'ELLAR.--_ns._ ENAM'ELLER, ENAM'ELLIST; ENAM'ELLING. [O. Fr. _enameler_--_en_, in, _esmail_, enamel. Cf. Eng.

_Smelt_, _Melt_.]

ENAMOUR, en-am'ur, _v.t._ to inflame with love: to charm.--_p.adjs._ ENAM'OURED; ENAM'OURING.--BE ENAMOURED (with _of_, _with_), to be in love.

[O. Fr. _enamourer_--_en_, to make, _amour_--L. _amor_, love.]

ENANTHESIS, en-an-th[=e]'sis, _n._ an eruption on the skin from internal disease. [Gr.]

ENANTIOPATHY, en-an-ti-op'a-thi, _n._ a synonym of allopathy. [Gr.

_enantios_, opposite, _pathos_, suffering.]

ENANTIOSIS, e-nan-ti-[=o]'sis, _n._ (_rhet._) the expression of an idea by negation of its contrary, as 'he is no fool'='he is wise.' [Gr.]

ENARCHED, en-archt', _adj._ (_her._) arched, like an arch.

ENARCHING, a variant of _inarching_.

ENARMED, en-armed', _adj._ (_her._) having horns, hoofs, &c. of a different colour from the body.

ENARRATION, [=e]-na-r[=a]'shun, _n._ narration.

ENARTHROSIS, en-ar-thr[=o]'sis, _n._ (_anat._) a joint of 'ball-and-socket'

form, allowing motion in all directions.--_adj._ ENARTHR[=O]'DIAL.

[Gr.,--_en_, in, and _arthroein_, _arthr[=o]sein_, to fasten by a joint--_arthron_, a joint.]

ENATE, [=e]'n[=a]t, _adj._ growing out.

ENAUNTER, en-an't[.e]r, _conj._ (_obs._) lest by chance. [Contr. from _in adventure_.]

ENCaeNIA, en-s[=e]'ni-a, _n._ the annual commemoration of founders and benefactors at Oxford, held in June.--Also ENC[=E]'NIA. [L.,--Gr.

_egkainia_, a feast of dedication--_en_, in, _kainos_, new.]

ENCAGE, en-k[=a]j', _v.t._ to shut up in a cage.

ENCAMP, en-kamp', _v.t._ to form into a camp.--_v.i._ to pitch tents: to halt on a march.--_n._ ENCAMP'MENT, the act of encamping: the place where an army or company is encamped: a camp.

ENCANTHIS, en-kan'this, _n._ a small tumour of the inner angle of the eye.


ENCARNALISE, en-kar'nal-[=i]z, _v.t._ to embody: to make carnal.

ENCARPUS, en-kar'pus, _n._ a festoon ornamenting a frieze. [Gr.]

ENCASE, en-k[=a]s', INCASE, in-, _v.t._ to enclose in a case: to surround, cover.--_n._ ENCASE'MENT, the enclosing substance: a covering.

ENCASHMENT, en-kash'ment, _n._ payment in cash of a note, draft, &c.

ENCAUSTIC, en-kaws'tik, _adj._ having the colours burned in.--_n._ an ancient method of painting in melted wax.--ENCAUSTIC TILE, a decorative glazed and fired tile, having patterns of different coloured clays inlaid in it and burnt with it. [Fr.,--Gr.,--_egkaiein_, _egkausein_--_en_, in, _kaiein_, to burn.]

ENCAVE, en-k[=a]v', _v.t._ to hide in a cave.

ENCEINTE, ang-sangt', _n._ (_fort._) an enclosure, generally the whole area of a fortified place. [Fr.,--_enceindre_, to surround--L. _in_, in, _cing[)e]re_, _cinctum_, to gird.]

ENCEINTE, ang-sangt', _adj._ pregnant, with child. [Fr.,--L. _incincta_, girt about.]

ENCEPHALON, en-sef'al-on, _n._ the brain.--_adj._ ENCEPHAL'IC, belonging to the head or brain.--_ns._ ENCEPHAL[=I]'TIS, inflammation of the brain; ENCEPH'ALOCELE, a protrusion of portion of the brain through the skull, where the bones are incomplete in infancy.--_adj._ ENCEPH'ALOID, resembling the matter of the brain.--_n._ ENCEPHALOT'OMY, dissection of the brain.--_adj._ ENCEPH'ALOUS, cephalous. [Gr.,--_en_, in, _kephal[=e]_, the head.]

ENCHAFE, en-ch[=a]f', _v.t._ (_obs._) to make warm.

ENCHAIN, en-ch[=a]n', _v.t._ to put in chains: to hold fast: to link together.--_n._ ENCHAIN'MENT [Fr. _enchainer_--_en_, and _chaine_, a chain--L. _catena_.]

ENCHANT, en-chant', _v.t._ to act on by songs or rhymed formulas of sorcery: to charm: to delight in a high degree.--_p.adj._ ENCHANT'ED, under the power of enchantment: delighted: possessed by witches or spirits.--_n._ ENCHANT'ER, one who enchants: a sorcerer or magician: one who charms or delights:--_fem._ ENCHANT'RESS.--_adv._ ENCHANT'INGLY, with the force of enchantment: in a manner to charm or delight.--_n._ ENCHANT'MENT, act of enchanting: use of magic arts: that which enchants. [Fr. _enchanter_--L.

_incant[=a]re_, to sing a magic formula over--_in_, on, _cant[=a]re_, to sing.]

ENCHARGE, en-charj', _v.t._ to enjoin: to entrust. [O. Fr. _encharger_. See CHARGE.]

ENCHASE, en-ch[=a]s', _v.t._ to fix in a border: to set with jewels: to engrave: to adorn with raised or embossed work.--_p.adj._ ENCHASED'. [Fr.

_enchasser_--_en_, in, _chassis_, _caisse_, a case--L. _capsa_, a case. See CHASE, _n._ CHASE, _v.t._, is a contraction.]

ENCHEASON, en-ch[=e]'zn, _n._ (_Spens._) reason, cause, occasion. [O. Fr.

_encheson_, _encheoir_, to fall in; influenced by L. _occasio_, occasion.]

ENCHEER, en-ch[=e]r', _v.t._ to cheer, comfort.

ENCHIRIDION, en-ki-rid'i-on, _n._ a book to be carried in the hand for reference: a manual. [Gr. _encheiridion_--_en_, in, and _cheir_, the hand.]

ENCHONDROMA, en-kon-dr[=o]'ma, _n._ (_path._) an abnormal cartilaginous growth. [Formed from Gr. _en_, in, _chondros_, cartilage.]

ENCHORIAL, en-k[=o]'ri-al, _adj._ belonging to or used in a country: used by the people, noting esp. the written characters used by the common people in Egypt as opposed to the hieroglyphics.--Also ENCHOR'IC. [Gr.

_ench[=o]rios_--_en_, in, and _ch[=o]ra_, a place, country.]

ENCHYMATOUS, en-kim'a-tus, _adj._ infused, distended by infusion.

ENCINCTURE, en-singk't[=u]r, _v.t._ to surround with a girdle.--_n._ an enclosure.

ENCIRCLE, en-s[.e]rk'l, _v.t._ to enclose in a circle: to embrace: to pass round.--_n._ ENCIRC'LING.

ENCLASP, en-klasp', _v.t._ to clasp.

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