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ENCLAVE, en-kl[=a]v', or ang-kl[=a]v', _n._ a territory entirely enclosed within the territories of another power.--_v.t._ to surround in this way.

[Fr.,--Late L. _inclav[=a]re_--L. _in_, and _clavis_, a key.]

ENCLITIC, en-klit'ik, _adj._ that inclines or leans upon.--_n._ (_gram._) a word or particle which always follows another word, so united with it as to seem a part of it.--_n._ EN'CLISIS.--_adv._ ENCLIT'ICALLY. [Gr.

_engklitikos_--_en_, in, _klinein_, to bend.]

ENCLOISTER, en-klois't[.e]r, _v.t._ to immure.

ENCLOSE, en-kl[=o]z', INCLOSE, in-, _v.t._ to close or shut in: to confine: to surround: to put in a case, as a letter in an envelope, &c.: to fence, esp. used of waste land.--_ns._ ENCLOS'ER; ENCLOS'URE, the act of enclosing: state of being enclosed: that which is enclosed: a space fenced off: that which encloses: a barrier. [Fr.,--L. _includ[)e]re_, _inclusum_--_in_, in, _claud[)e]re_, to shut.]

ENCLOTHE, en-kl[=o]_th_', _v.t._ to clothe.

ENCLOUD, en-klowd', _v.t._ to cover with clouds.

ENCOLOUR, en-kul'ur, _v.t._ to colour, tinge.

ENCOLPION, en-kol'pi-on, _n._ an amulet: a Greek pectoral cross.--Also ENCOL'PIUM. [Gr.]

ENCOLURE, engk-ol-[=u]r', _n._ (_Browning_) a horse's mane.

ENCOMIUM, en-k[=o]'mi-um, _n._ high commendation: a eulogy:--_pl._ ENC[=O]'MIUMS.--_n._ ENC[=O]'MIAST, one who utters or writes encomiums: a praiser.--_adjs._ ENCOMIAS'TIC, -AL, bestowing praise.--_adv._ ENCOMIAS'TICALLY. [L.,--Gr. _egk[=o]mion_, a song of praise--_en_, in, _k[=o]mos_, festivity.]

ENCOMPASS, en-kum'pas, _v.t._ to surround or enclose: (_obs._) to go round.--_n._ ENCOM'PASSMENT.

ENCORE, ang-k[=o]r', _adv._ again: once more.--_n._ a call for the repetition of a song, &c.: the repetition of a song, &c.--_v.t._ to call for a repetition of. [Fr. (It. _ancora_)--perh. from L. (_in_) _hanc horam_, till this hour, hence=still.]

ENCOUNTER, en-kown'ter, _v.t._ to meet face to face, esp. unexpectedly: to meet in contest: to oppose.--_n._ a meeting unexpectedly: an interview: a fight: (_Shak._) behaviour. [O. Fr. _encontrer_--L. _in_, in, _contra_, against.]

ENCOURAGE, en-kur'[=a]j, _v.t._ to put courage in: to inspire with spirit or hope: to incite: to patronise: to cherish.--_ns._ ENCOUR'AGEMENT, act of encouraging: that which encourages; ENCOUR'AGER,--_p.adj._ ENCOUR'AGING, giving ground to hope for success.--_adv._ ENCOUR'AGINGLY. [O. Fr.

_encoragier_ (Fr. _encourager_)--_en_, to make, _corage_, courage.]

ENCRADLE, en-kr[=a]'dl, _v.t._ (_Spens._) to lay in a cradle.

ENCRATITE, en'kra-t[=i]t, _n._ one of a heretical sect in the early church, who abstained from marriage, and from flesh and wine.--_n._ EN'CRATISM.

[Formed from Gr. _egkrat[=e]s_, continent--_en_, in, _kratos_, strength.]

ENCREASE, obsolete form of _increase_.

ENCRIMSON, en-krim'zn, _v.t._ to tinge with a crimson colour.--_p.adj._ ENCRIM'SONED.

ENCRINITE, en'kri-n[=i]t, _n._ a common fossil crinoid, found thick in limestone and marble--called also _Stone-lily_.--_adjs._ ENCR[=I]'NAL, ENCRIN'IC, ENCRIN[=I]'TAL, ENCRINIT'IC, relating to or containing encrinites. [Formed from Gr. _en_, in, _krinon_, a lily.]

ENCROACH, en-kr[=o]ch', _v.i._ to seize on the rights of others: to intrude: to trespass.--_n._ ENCROACH'ER.--_adv._ ENCROACH'INGLY.--_n._ ENCROACH'MENT, act of encroaching: that which is taken by encroaching. [O.

Fr. _encrochier_, to seize--_en-_, and _croc_, a hook.]

ENCRUST, en-krust', INCRUST, in-, _v.t._ to cover with a crust or hard coating: to form a crust on the surface of.--_v.i._ to form a crust.--_n._ ENCRUST[=A]'TION, act of encrusting: a crust or layer of anything: an inlaying of marble, mosaic, &c. [Fr.,--L. _incrust[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_--_in_, on, _crusta_, crust.]

ENCUMBER, en-kum'b[.e]r, _v.t._ to impede the motion of: to hamper: to embarrass: to burden: to load with debts.--_ns._ ENCUM'BERMENT, the act of encumbering: the state of being encumbered; ENCUM'BRANCE, that which encumbers or hinders: a legal claim on an estate: one dependent on another--e.g. 'a widow without encumbrances'=a widow without children; ENCUM'BRANCER. [O. Fr. _encombrer_, from _en-_, and _combrer_.]

ENCURTAIN, en-kur'tin, _v.t._ to curtain, to veil.

ENCYCLICAL, en-sik'lik-al, _adj._ sent round to many persons or places.--_n._ a letter addressed by the pope to all his bishops condemning current errors or advising the Christian people how to act in regard to great public questions.--Also ENCYC'LIC. [Gr. _engkyklios_--_en_, in, _kyklos_, a circle.]

ENCYCLOPaeDIA, ENCYCLOPEDIA, en-s[=i]-klo-p[=e]'di-a, _n._ the circle of human knowledge: a work containing information on every department, or on a particular department, of knowledge, generally in alphabetical order: a name specially given to the work of the French writers Diderot, D'Alembert, and others in the third quarter of the 18th century.--_adjs._ ENCYCLOPae'DIAN, embracing the whole circle of learning; ENCYCLOPae'DIC, -AL, pertaining to an encyclopaedia: full of information.--_ns._ ENCYCLOPae'DISM, knowledge of everything; ENCYCLOPae'DIST, the compiler, or one who assists in the compilation, of an encyclopaedia: esp. a writer for the French Encyclopedie (1751-65). [Formed from Gr. _engkyklopaideia_--_engkyklios_, circular, _paideia_, instruction.]

ENCYST, en-sist', _v.t._ or _v.i._ to enclose or become enclosed in a cyst or vesicle.--_ns._ ENCYST[=A]'TION, ENCYST'MENT.--_adj._ ENCYST'ED.


END, end, _n._ the last point or portion: termination or close: death: consequence: object aimed at: a fragment.--_v.t._ to bring to an end: to destroy.--_v.i._ to come to an end: to cease.--_n._ END'-ALL, that which ends all.--_adj._ END'ED, brought to an end: having ends.--_n._ END'ING, termination: conclusion: that which is at the end: (_gram._) the terminating syllable or letter of a word.--_adj._ END'LESS, without end: everlasting: objectless.--_adv._ END'LESSLY.--_n._ END'LESSNESS.--_adv._ END'LONG, lengthwise: continuously: on end.--_adj._ END'MOST, farthest.--_n._ END'SHIP (_obs._) a village.--_advs._ END'WAYS, END'WISE, on the end: with the end forward.--END FOR END, with the position of the ends reversed; ENDLESS SCREW, an arrangement for producing slow motion in machinery, consisting of a screw whose thread gears into a wheel with skew teeth; END ON, having the end pointing directly to an object--(_naut._) opp. to _Broadside on_: (_min._) opp. to _Face on_.--A SHOEMAKER'S END, a waxed thread ending in a bristle.--AT LOOSE ENDS, in disorder; AT ONE'S WITS' END, at the end of one's ability to decide or act.--BEGIN AT THE WRONG END, to manage badly; BE THE END OF, to cause the death of.--COME TO THE END OF ONE'S TETHER, to go as far as one's powers permit.--HAVE AT ONE'S FINGER-ENDS, to be thoroughly acquainted, to have in perfect readiness.--IN THE END, after all: at last.--LATTER END, the end of life.--MAKE BOTH ENDS MEET, to live within one's income (both ends meaning both ends of the year).--NO END (_coll._), very much, a great deal.--ON END, erect.--ROPE'S END (see ROPE). [A.S. _ende_; cf. Ger. and Dan. _ende_, Goth. _andeis_; Sans. _anta_.]

ENDAMAGE, en-dam'[=a]j, _v.t._ same as DAMAGE.--_n._ ENDAM'AGEMENT, damage, injury, loss.

ENDANGER, en-d[=a]n'j[.e]r, _v.t._ to place in danger: to expose to loss or injury.--_ns._ ENDAN'GERER; ENDAN'GERMENT, hazard, peril.

ENDEAR, en-d[=e]r', _v.t._ to make dear or more dear.--_adjs._ ENDEARED', beloved; ENDEAR'ING.--_adv._ ENDEAR'INGLY.--_n._ ENDEAR'MENT, act of endearing: state of being endeared: that which excites or increases affection: a caress.

ENDEAVOUR, en-dev'ur, _v.i._ to strive to accomplish an object: to attempt or try.--_v.t._ to attempt.--_n._ an exertion of power towards some object: attempt or trial.--_n._ ENDEAV'OURMENT (_Spens._), endeavour.--DO ONE'S ENDEAVOUR, to do one's utmost. [Fr. _en devoir_--_en_, in (with force of 'to do' or 'make,' as in _en-amour_, _en-courage_), and _devoir_, duty.]

ENDECAGON, en-dek'a-gon, _n._ a plane figure of eleven sides--also HENDEC'AGON.--_adjs._ ENDECAG'YNOUS, having eleven pistils; ENDECAPHYL'LOUS, having eleven leaflets; ENDECASYLLAB'IC, having eleven syllables.

ENDEICTIC, en-d[=i]k'tik, _adj._ showing, exhibiting.--_n._ ENDEIX'IS, an indication. [Gr.]

ENDEMIC, -AL, en-dem'ik, -al, ENDEMIAL, en-d[=e]'mi-al, _adj._ peculiar to a people or a district, as a disease.--_n._ ENDEM'IC, a disease affecting a number of persons simultaneously, in such manner as to show a distinct connection with certain localities.--_adv._ ENDEM'ICALLY.--_ns._ ENDEMI'CITY, state of being endemic; ENDEMIOL'OGY, knowledge of endemic diseases. [Gr. _end[=e]mios_--_en_, in, and _d[=e]mos_, a people, a district.]

ENDENIZEN, en-den'i-zn, _v.t._ to naturalise, to make a denizen.

ENDERMIC, -AL, en-d[.e]rm'ik, -al, _adj._ through or applied directly to the skin--also ENDERMAT'IC.--_n._ EN'DERON, the corium, derma, or true skin. [Gr. _en_, in, and _derma_, the skin.]

ENDEW, en-d[=u]', _v.t._ (_obs._) to endow.--Also ENDUE'.


ENDITE, obsolete form of _indite_.

ENDIVE, en'div, _n._ an annual or biennial plant of the same genus as chicory, used as a salad. [Fr.,--L. _intubus_.]

ENDOCARDIUM, en-do-kar'di-um, _n._ the lining membrane of the heart.--_adjs._ ENDOCAR'DIAC, ENDOCAR'DIAL.--_n._ ENDOCARD[=I]'TIS, disease of the internal surface of the heart, resulting in the deposit of fibrin on the valves. [Gr. _endon_, within, _kardia_, heart.]

ENDOCARP, en'do-karp, _n._ the inner coat or shell of a fruit. [Gr.

_endon_, within, and _karpos_, fruit.]

ENDOCHROME, en'd[=o]-kr[=o]m, _n._ the colouring matter, other than green, of vegetable cells, esp. of algae: (_zool._) the coloured endoplasm of a cell. [Gr. _endon_, within, _chr[=o]ma_, colour.]

ENDODERM, en'do-derm, _n._ the inner layer of the Blastoderm (q.v.). [Gr.

_endon_, within, _derma_, skin.]

ENDOGAMY, en-dog'am-i, _n._ the custom forbidding a man to marry any woman who is not of his kindred.--_adj._ ENDOG'AMOUS. [Gr. _endon_, within, _gamos_, marriage.]

ENDOGEN, en'do-jen, _n._ a plant that grows from within, or by additions to the inside of the stem, as the palm, grasses, &c.--_adj._ ENDOG'ENOUS, increasing by internal growth. [Gr. _endon_, within, and _gen[=e]s_, born.]

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