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MONOSEPALOUS, mon-[=o]-sep'a-lus, _adj._ (_bot._) having the sepals all united: having a calyx of one piece.

MONOSPERMOUS, mon-[=o]-sp[.e]rm'us, _adj._ (_bot._) having one seed only.--_n._ MON'OSPERM. [Gr. _monos_, alone, _sperma_, seed.]

MONOSPOROUS, mon'[=o]-sp[=o]r-us, _adj._ of a single spore.

MONOSTICH, mon'[=o]-stik, _n._ a poem complete in one verse.--_adj._ MONOS'TICHOUS. [Gr. _monos_, alone, _stichos_, verse.]

MONOSTROPHIC, mon-[=o]-strof'ik, _adj._ having but one strophe: not varied in measure.--_n._ MONOS'TROPHE. [Gr. _monos_, alone, _stroph[=e]_, a strophe.]

MONOSTYLE, mon'[=o]-st[=i]l, _adj._ (_archit._) consisting of a single shaft. [Gr. _monos_, alone, _stylos_, a pillar.]

MONOSY, mon'[=o]-si, _n._ (_bot._) an abnormal condition in which organs usually entire or united are found disunited. [Gr. _mon[=o]sis_--_monos_, single.]

MONOSYLLABLE, mon-[=o]-sil'la-bl, _n._ a word of one syllable.--_adj._ MONOSYLLAB'IC, consisting of one syllable, or of words of one syllable.--_n._ MONOSYL'LABISM, an exclusive use of monosyllables, as in Chinese.

MONOSYMMETRIC, mon-[=o]-sim-et'rik, _adj._ having only one plane of symmetry in crystallisation.--_adj._ MONOSYMMET'RICAL (_bot._), of flowers capable of being bisected into similar halves in only one plane.

MONOTESSARON, mon-[=o]-tes'a-ron, _n._ a harmony of the four gospels.

MONOTHALAMOUS, mon-[=o]-thal'a-mus, _adj._ (_bot._) single-chambered: with but one cavity. [Gr. _monos_, single, _thalamos_, a chamber.]

MONOTHEISM, mon'[=o]-th[=e]-izm, _n._ the belief in only one God.--_n._ MON'OTHEIST, one who believes that there is but one God.--_adj._ MONOTHEIST'IC. [Gr. _monos_, alone, _theos_, God.]

MONOTHELITE, mon-oth'e-l[=i]t, _n._ one who holds that Christ had but one will and one operation or energy, as He had but one nature.--_ns._ MONOTH'ELISM, MONOTHELIT'ISM. [Gr. _monos_, alone, _thel[=e]t[=e]s_, one who wills--_thelein_, to will.]

MONOTHETIC, mon-[=o]-thet'ik, _adj._ assuming a single essential element.

[Gr. _monos_, single, _thetos_, verbal adj. of _tithenai_, to put.]

MONOTINT, mon'[=o]-tint, _n._ drawing or painting in a single tint.

MONOTOCOUS, m[=o]-not'o-kus, _adj._ having one only at a birth. [Gr.

_monos_, single, _tiktein_, to bear.]

MONOTONE, mon'[=o]-t[=o]n, _n._ a single, unvaried tone or sound: a succession of sounds having the same pitch: a piece of writing in one strain throughout.--_v.t._ and _v.i._ to intone, chant.--_adjs._ MONOTON'IC, MONOT'ONOUS, uttered in one unvaried tone: marked by dull uniformity.--_adv._ MONOT'ONOUSLY.--_n._ MONOT'ONY, dull uniformity of tone or sound: want of modulation in speaking or reading: (_fig._) irksome sameness or want of variety. [Gr. _monos_, alone, _tonos_, a tone.]

MONOTREMATA, mon-[=o]-trem'a-ta, the lowest order of Mammalia, having a single opening for the genital and digestive organs.--_adj._ MONOTREM'ATOUS--also MON'OTREME.--_n._ MON'OTREME, a member of the Monotremata. [Gr. _monos_, alone, _tr[=e]ma_, a hole.]

MONOTYPE, mon'[=o]-t[=i]p, _n._ and _adj._ having only one type or representative: a print transferred from a painting on a metal plate.--_adj._ MONOTYP'IC.

MONOXIDE, mo-nok's[=i]d, _n._ an oxide containing a single oxygen atom in combination with two univalent atoms or one bivalent atom.

MONOXYLON, mon-oks'i-lon, _n._ a canoe made from one log.--_adj._ MONOX'YLOUS, formed of a single piece of wood. [Gr. _monos_, single, _xylon_, wood.]

MONROEISM, mon-r[=o]'izm, _n._ more generally MONROE DOCTRINE, the principle of the non-intervention of Europe in matters relating to the American continent--from President _Monroe's_ Message in Dec. 1823.

MONSEIGNEUR, mon-s[=a]-nyer', _n._ my lord: a title in France given to a person of high birth or rank, esp. to bishops, &c. (written _Mgr._):--_pl._ MESSEIGNEURS (me-s[=a]-nyer'). The corresponding Italian title is MONSIGNOR (mon-s[=e]'nyor), conferred on prelates and on the dignitaries of the papal household--also MONSI'GNORE. [Fr., from L. _meus_, my, _senior_, older.]

MONSIEUR, m[)o]-sye', _n._ sir: a title of courtesy in France=_Mr_ in English (written _M._ or _Mons._): the eldest brother of the king of France: a Frenchman generally--usually _mounseer_: a French gentleman:--_pl._ MESSIEURS (me-sye').--MONSIEUR DE PARIS, the public executioner. [Fr.,--L. _meus_, my, _senior_.]

MONSOON, mon-s[=oo]n', _n._ a periodical wind of the Indian Ocean, which blows from the S.W. from April to October, and from the N.E. the rest of the year: similar winds elsewhere, returning periodically with the seasons.--_adj._ MONSOON'AL [It. _monsone_--Malay _m[=u]sim_--Ar. _mawsim_, a time, a season.]

MONSTER, mon'st[.e]r, _n._ anything out of the usual course of nature: a prodigy, or fabulous animal: anything unusually large: anything horrible from ugliness or wickedness.--_adj._ unusually large, huge.--_n._ MONSTROS'ITY, an unnatural production.--_adj._ MON'STROUS, out of the common course of nature: enormous: wonderful: horrible.--_adv._ MON'STROUSLY.--_n._ MON'STROUSNESS, state or quality of being monstrous.--GILA MONSTER, a large poisonous lizard of Arizona, &c., having tubercular scales. [Fr.,--L. _monstrum_, an omen, a monster--_mon[=e]re_, to warn.]


MONSTRANCE, mon'strans, _n._ the utensil employed in R.C. churches for presenting the consecrated host for the adoration of the people, consisting of a stand and a repository or case with small semicircular holder (_lunula_).--Also _Ostensory_. [Fr.,--L. _monstr[=a]re_, to show, _monstrum_, an omen.]

MONTAGNARD, mong-ta-nyar', _n._ one of the 'Mountain' or the extreme democratic wing of the French Legislative Assembly (1st Oct. 1791-21st Sept. 1792), so called because sitting on the topmost benches.

MONTANIC, mon-tan'ik, _adj._ pertaining to mountains: consisting in mountains. [L. _montanus_--_mons_, _montis_, a mountain.]

MONTANISM, mon'tan-izm, _n._ a heresy which grew up in the Christian Church in the second half of the 2d century, founded by the prophet and 'Paraclete,' _Montanus_ of Phrygia--an ascetic reaction in favour of the old discipline and severity.--_n._ MON'TANIST, a supporter of Montanism.--_adj._ MONTANIST'IC.

MONTANT, mont'ant, _adj._ rising: (_her._) increasing.--_n._ an upright rail or stile, as in a door, &c.: (_Shak._) a contraction of _montanto_, a term in fencing, apparently for an upward blow: a two-handed sword.

[Fr.,--_monter_, to mount--L. _mons_, _montis_, a mountain.]

MONT-DE-PIeTe, mong'-de-p[=e]-[=a]-t[=a]', the Italian MONTE DI PIETa, _n._ a pawnbroking shop set up by public authority. [Fr. and It., 'fund, bank, of piety.']

MONTE, mon'te, _n._ a shrubby tract, a forest: a Spanish-American gambling game, played with a pack of forty cards.--THREE-CARD MONTE, a Mexican gambling game, played with three cards, one usually a court-card. [Sp., 'a hill'--L. _mons_, _montis_, a mountain.]

MONTEITH, mon-t[=e]th', _n._ a large 18th-century punch-bowl, usually of silver, fluted and scalloped: a cotton handkerchief with white spots on a coloured ground.

MONTEM, mon'tem, _n._ a former custom of Eton boys to go every third Whit-Tuesday to a hillock on the Bath road and exact 'salt-money' from passers-by, for the university expenses of the senior scholar or school captain.

MONTONEGRINE, mon-te-neg'rin, _adj._ and _n._ relating to _Montenegro_, or a native thereof: a close-fitting outer garment for women, braided and embroidered.

MONTEPULCIANO, mon-te-pul-cha'n[=o], _n._ a fine wine produced around _Montepulciano_, in central Italy.

MONTERO, mon-t[=a]'ro, _n._ a huntsman: a horseman's cap. [Sp. _montero_, a huntsman--_monte_--L. _mons_, _montis_, a mountain.]

MONTGOLFIER, mont-gol'fi-[.e]r, _n._ a balloon made by the brothers _Montgolfier_, Joseph Michel (1740-1810) and Jacques Etienne (1745-99), of Annonay, in 1783.

MONTH, munth, _n._ the period from new moon to new moon--a _lunation_, _lunar_, or _synodic_ month (=29.5306 days): one of the twelve divisions of the year--a _calendar_ month: one-twelfth part of a tropical year, the time the sun takes to pass through 30--a _solar_ month=30.4368 days.--_n._ MONTH'LING, that which is a month old or which lasts a month.--_adj._ MONTH'LY, performed in a month: happening or published once a month.--_n._ a monthly publication: (_pl._) the menses.--_adv._ once a month: in every month.--MONTH OF SUNDAYS, a period that seems very long; MONTH'S MIND (see MIND).--SIDEREAL, OR STELLAR, MONTH, the time in which the moon passes round the ecliptic to the same star=27.3217 days; TROPICAL, or PERIODIC, MONTH, from the moon's passing the equinox till she again reaches it=27.3216 days. [A.S. _mon_--_mona_, the moon.]

MONTICULUS, mon-tik'[=u]-lus, _n._ a little elevation--also MON'TICLE and MON'TICULE.--_adjs._ MONTIC'ULATE, MONTIC'ULOUS, having small projections.

MONTOIR, mon-twar', _n._ a stone or block used in mounting a horse. [Fr., _monter_, to mount.]

MONTON, mon'ton, _n._ a Mexican unit of weight for ore, varying from 1800 to 3200 Spanish pounds.

MONTRE, mon't[.e]r, _n._ a flue-stop the pipes of which show from without, usually the open diapason of the great organ: an opening in a kiln wall.

MONTURE, mon't[=u]r, _n._ a mounting, setting, frame. [Fr.]

MONUMENT, mon'[=u]-ment, _n._ anything that preserves the memory of a person or an event, a building, pillar, tomb, &c.: a record or enduring example of anything: any distinctive mark.--_v.t._ to raise a monument in memory of.--_adj._ MONUMENT'AL, of or relating to a monument or tomb: memorial: impressive: amazing.--_adv._ MONUMENT'ALLY. [Fr.,--L.

_monumentum_--_mon[=e]re_, to remind.]

MOO, m[=oo], _v.i._ to low like a cow. [Imit.]

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