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MONODRAMA, mon'[=o]-dra-ma, _n._ a dramatic piece for a single performer.--_adj._ MONODRAMAT'IC.

MONODY, mon'[=o]-di, _n._ a mournful ode or poem in which a single mourner bewails: a song for one voice: monotonous sound.--_adjs._ MONOD'IC, -AL.--_n._ MON'ODIST, one who writes monodies.

MONOECIOUS, mon-[=e]'shus, _adj._ having the stamens and pistils in separate flowers on the same individual MONOE'CIA, the 21st class of plants of Linnaeus. [Gr. _monos_, single, _oikos_, a house.]

MONOGAMY, mon-og'a-mi, _n._ marriage to one wife only: the state of such marriage.--_adjs._ MONOGAM'IC, MONOG'AMOUS.--_n._ MONOG'AMIST. [Gr.

_monos_, one, _gamos_, marriage.]

MONOGENESIS, mon-[=o]-jen'e-sis, _n._ development of the ovum from a parent like itself.--_adj._ MONOGENET'IC.--_ns._ MONOG'ENISM, the descent of the whole human family from a single pair--also MONOG'ENY; MONOG'ENIST, one who maintains this.--_adjs._ MONOGENIST'IC; MONOG'ENOUS, generating by fission, gemmation, &c.: pertaining to monogenism: (_math._) having a single differential coefficient considered as a rule of generation.

MONOGONY, m[=o]-nog'o-ni, _n._ a sexual reproduction.

MONOGRAM, mon'[=o]-gram, _n._ a figure consisting of several letters interwoven or written into one.--_adj._ MONOGRAMMAT'IC. [Gr. _monos_, alone, _gramma_, a letter.]

MONOGRAPH, mon'[=o]-graf, _n._ a treatise written on one particular subject or any branch of it.--_v.t._ to write a monograph upon.--_ns._ MONOG'RAPHER, MONOG'RAPHIST, a writer of monographs.--_adjs._ MONOGRAPH'IC, -AL, pertaining to a monograph: drawn in lines without colours.--_n._ MONOG'RAPHY, a representation by one means only, as lines: an outline drawing. [Gr. _monos_, alone, _graphein_, to write.]

MONOGYNIA, mon-[=o]-jin'i-a, _n._ an order of plants which have only one pistil or female organ.--_n._ MON'OGYN, a plant of this kind.--_adjs._ MONOGYN'IAN, MONOG'YNOUS (_bot._), having only one pistil or female organ.--_n._ MONOG'YNY, a mating with only one female. [Gr. _monos_, alone, _gyn[=e]_, a female.]

MONOHYDRIC, mon-[=o]-h[=i]'drik, _adj._ containing one atom of hydrogen.

MONOID, mon'oid, _adj._ and _n._ (_pros._) containing but one kind of foot.

MONOLATRY, m[=o]-nol'a-tri, _n._ the actual worship of but one divinity, not necessarily a disbelief in others.

MONOLITH, mon'[=o]-lith, _n._ a pillar, or column, of a single stone.--_adjs._ MONOLITH'AL, MONOLITH'IC. [Gr. _monos_, alone, _lithos_, a stone.]

MONOLOGUE, mon'[=o]-log, _n._ a speech uttered by one person: soliloquy: a poem, &c. for a single performer.--_v.i._ MONOL'OGISE, to indulge in this.--_ns._ MONOL'OGIST, one who talks in monologue; MONOL'OGY, the habit of doing so. [Fr.,--Gr. _monos_, alone, _logos_, speech.]

MONOMACHY, m[=o]-nom'a-ki, _n._ a single combat: a duel.--Also MONOM[=A]'CHIA. [Gr. _monos_, alone, _mach[=e]_, a fight.]

MONOMANIA, mon-[=o]-m[=a]'ni-a, _n._ madness confined to one subject, or to one faculty of the mind: an unreasonable interest in any particular thing.--_n._ MONOM[=A]'NIAC, one affected with monomania.--_adjs._ MONOM[=A]'NIAC, -AL, affected with monomania. [Gr. _monos_, alone, _mania_, madness.]

MONOMEROUS, m[=o]-nom'e-rus, _adj._ having the tarsi single-jointed: (_bot._) having but one member in each cycle. [Gr. _monos_, single, _meros_, part.]

MONOMETALLIC, mon-[=o]-me-tal'ik, _adj._ consisting of but one metal.--_ns._ MONOMET'ALLISM, the use of but one metal as a standard of value; MONOMET'ALLIST, one who upholds this theory.

MONOMETER, m[=o]-nom'e-t[.e]r, _adj._ and _n._ (_pros._) consisting of one measure.--_adjs._ MONOMET'RIC, -AL.

MONOMIAL, mon-[=o]'mi-al, _n._ an algebraic expression of one term only: a series of factors of single terms--also MON'OME.--_adj._ MON[=O]'MIAL. [Gr.

_monos_, alone, L. _nomen_, name.]

MONOMORPHIC, mon-[=o]-mor'fik, _adj._ of the same type of structure, or morphological character.--_adj._ MONOMOR'PHOUS. [Gr. _monos_, single, _morph[=e]_, form.]

MONOMYARIAN, mon-[=o]-m[=i]-[=a]'ri-an, _adj._ having but one adductor muscle, as an oyster. [Gr. _monos_, single, _mys_, muscle.]

MONONYM, mon'[=o]-nim, _n._ a name consisting of a single term.--_adj._ MONONYM'IC.

MONOoUSIOUS, mon-[=o]-[=oo]'si-us, _adj._ having the same substance. [Gr.

_monos_, single, _ousia_, essence.]

MONOPATHY, m[=o]-nop'a-thi, _n._ (_pathol._) a disease affecting only one organ or function.--_adj._ MONOPATH'IC. [Gr. _monos_, single, _pathos_, suffering.]

MONOPETALOUS, mon-[=o]-pet'a-lus, _adj._ (_bot._) having only one petal, or denoting a corolla, the petals of which so cohere as to form a tube.

MONOPHOBIA, mon-[=o]-f[=o]'bi-a, _n._ morbid dread of being left alone.

[Gr. _monos_, single, _phobia_, fear.]

MONOPHONOUS, mon-of'o-nus, _adj._ producing one sound at one time. [Gr.

_monos_, single, _ph[=o]n[=e]_, voice.]

MONOPHOTE, mon'[=o]-f[=o]t, _n._ an electric arc-lamp regulator working in single series. [Gr. _monos_, single, _ph[=o]s_, _ph[=o]tos_, light.]

MONOPHTHONG, mon'of-thong, _n._ a simple vowel-sound.--_adj._ MON'OPHTHONGAL.

MONOPHYLETIC, mon-[=o]-fi-let'ik, _adj._ pertaining to a single phylum:--opp. to _Polyphyletic_.

MONOPHYLLOUS, mon-[=o]-fil'us, _adj._ having a leaf of but one piece. [Gr.

_monos_, alone, _phyllon_, a leaf.]

MONOPHYODONT, mon-[=o]-f[=i]'[=o]-dont, _adj._ having only one set of teeth.--_n._ such an animal.

MONOPHYSITE, m[=o]-nof'i-s[=i]t, _n._ one who holds that Christ had but one composite nature, instead of the orthodox doctrine that He united two complete natures without confusion or mutation in one person.--_adj._ MONOPHYSIT'ICAL.--_n._ MONOPHYSIT'ISM. [Gr. _monos_, alone, _physis_, nature.]

MONOPLAST, mon'[=o]-plast, _n._ an organism consisting of a single cell.

[Gr. _monos_, single, _plastos_, formed--_plassein_, to form.]

MONOPLEGIA, mon-[=o]-pl[=e]'ji-a, _n._ paralysis limited to a single part.

[Gr. _monos_, single, _pl[=e]g[=e]_, stroke.]

MONOPNOA, mo-nop'n[=o]-a, a class of reptiles breathing in one way only. [Gr. _monos_, single, _pnoos_, breathing--_pnein_, to breathe.]

MONOPODE, mon'[=o]-p[=o]d, _adj._ and _n._ having but one foot.--_adj._ MONOPOD'IC--_n._ MON'OPODY.

MONOPOLISE, mon-op'o-l[=i]z, _v.t._ to obtain possession of anything so as to be the only seller or sharer of it: in engross the whole of.--_ns._ MONOP'OLISER, MONOP'OLIST.--_adj._ MONOPOLIS'TIC.--_n._ MONOP'OLY, the sole power of dealing in anything: exclusive command or possession: (_law_) a grant from the crown to an individual for the sole right to deal in anything. [L. _monopolium_--Gr. _monos_, alone, _p[=o]lein_, to sell.]

MONOPTERON, m[=o]-nop'te-ron, _n._ a kind of temple or portico of columns grouped in a circle, and supporting a cupola. [Gr. _monos_, single, _pteron_, a wing.]

MONOPTOTE, mon'op-t[=o]t, _n._ a noun, &c., having but one case-form. [Gr.

_monos_, alone, _pt[=o]sis_, case.]

MONORCHID, mo-nork'id, _adj._ having only one testicle.--_n._ MONORCH'ISM.

MONORGANIC, mon-or-gan'ik, _adj._ of one organ.

MONORHINE, mon'[=o]-rin, _adj._ having but one nasal passage.--Also MON'ORH[=I]NAL. [Gr. _monos_, single, _hris_, _hrinos_, the nose.]

MONORHYME, mon'[=o]-r[=i]m, _n._ a poem in which all the lines end with the same rhyme.

MONOSEMIC, mon-[=o]-s[=e]'mik, _adj._ (_pros._) consisting in, or equal to, a single semeion (mora or unit of time).

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