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JAPONICA, jap-on'i-ka, _n._ an abbreviation for _Pyrus japonica_, the Japanese quince.

JAR, jar, _v.i._ to make a harsh discordant sound: to dash: to quarrel: to be inconsistent.--_v.t._ to shake:--_pr.p._ jar'ring; _pa.p._ jarred.--_n._ a harsh rattling sound: clash of interests or opinions: discord.--_adv._ JAR'RINGLY. [Imit.; cf. _jargon_.]

JAR, jar, _n._ an earthen or glass bottle with a wide mouth: a measure. [O.

Fr. _jare_--Pers. _jarrah_.]

JAR, jar, _n._ a turn, used only in the phrase, 'on the jar,' ajar. [See AJAR.]

JARDINIeRE, zhar-d[=e]-ny[=a]r', _n._ a vessel for the display of flowers, growing or cut: a lappet forming part of an old head-dress. [Fr., 'a flower-stand,' _jardinier_, a gardener.]

JARGON, jar'gon, _n._ confused talk: slang.--_n._ JAR'GONIST, one who uses jargon. [Fr. _jargon_, prob. conn. with L. _garr[=i]re_, to prattle.]

JARGON, jar'gon, _n._ a variety of zircon found in Ceylon, transparent, colourless.--Also JAR'GOON.

JARGONELLE, jar-go-nel', _n._ a kind of pear. [Fr.]

JARKMAN, jark'man, _n._ (_slang_) a swindling beggar, a begging-letter writer.

JARL, jarl, _n._ a noble, chief, earl. [Scand.]

JAROOL, ja-r[=oo]l', _n._ the Indian bloodwood.

JARRAH, jar'a, _n._ the mahogany gum-tree of Australia.

JARVEY, jar'vi, _n._ (_slang_) a hackney-coach driver.

JASEY, j[=a]'zi, _n._ a kind of wig, originally made of worsted. [Corr. of _Jersey_.]

JASHER, jash'[.e]r, _n._ one of the lost books of the ancient Hebrews, quoted twice (Josh. x. 13; 2 Sam. i. 18), most probably a collection of heroic ballads.

JASMINE, jas'min, JESSAMINE, jes'a-min, _n._ a genus of plants, many species of which have very fragrant flowers. [Fr. _jasmin_--Ar.,--Pers.


JASPER, jas'p[.e]r, _n._ a precious stone, being a hard siliceous mineral of various colours.--_adjs_. JAS'Pe, having the surface ornamented with veins; JAS'PERATED, mixed with jasper; JAS'PERY, like jasper; JASPID'EAN, JASPID'EOUS, JAS'POID. [Fr. _jaspe_--L. and Gr. _iaspis_--Ar. _yasb_.]

JATAKA, ja'ta-ka, _n._ a nativity, the birth-story of Buddha.

[Sans.,--_j[=a]ta_, born.]

JAUNCE, jans, _v.i._ (_Shak._) to jolt or shake: to ride hard.--_n._ a jaunt. [O. Fr. _jancer_, to stir.]

JAUNDER, jan'der, _v.i._ (_Scot._) to talk idly.--_n._ gossip.

JAUNDICE, jan'dis, _n._ a disease, characterised by a yellowness of the eyes, skin, &c., caused by bile.--_adj._ JAUN'DICED, affected with jaundice: prejudiced. [Fr. _jaunisse_, from _jaune_, yellow--L. _galbinus_, yellowish, _galbus_, yellow.]

JAUNT, jant, _v.i._ to go from place to place: to make an excursion.--_n._ an excursion: a ramble.--_adj._ JAUNT'ING, strolling: making an excursion.--_n._ JAUNT'ING-CAR, a low-set, two-wheeled, open vehicle used in Ireland, with side-seats back to back. [O. Fr. _jancer_, to stir (a horse); but more prob. Scand.]

JAUNTY, JANTY, jant'i, _adj._ airy: showy: finical.--_adv._ JAUNT'ILY.--_n._ JAUNT'INESS. [Fr. _gentil_.]

JAUP, jap, _v.t._ (_Scot._) to spatter.--_v.i._ to make a sound like water shaken in a vessel.--_n._ water or mud splashed up.

JAVEL, jav'el, _n._ (_Spens._) a worthless fellow.

JAVELIN, jav'lin, _n._ a spear meant to be hurled, anciently used by both infantry and cavalry. [O. Fr. _javelin_; prob. Celt.]

JAW, jaw, _n._ the bones of the mouth in which the teeth are set: the mouth: anything like a jaw: (_slang_) talkativeness, scolding.--_v.i._ (_slang_) to scold.--_ns._ JAW'BONE, the bone of the jaw, in which the teeth are set; JAW'-BREAK'ER (_slang_), a word hard to pronounce.--_adj._ JAWED, having jaws: denoting the appearance of the jaws, as _lantern-jawed_.--_n._ JAW'FALL, a falling of the jaw: (_fig._) depression of spirits.--_adj._ JAW'-FALL'EN, depressed in spirits: dejected.--_ns._ JAW'-FOOT, a foot-jaw, maxilliped; JAW'-L[=E]'VER, an instrument for opening the mouth of a horse or cow to admit medicine; JAW'-TOOTH, one of the double teeth, a grinder or molar.--BREAK-JAW WORD, a very long word, or one hard to pronounce; HOLD ONE'S JAW, to cease from talking or scolding.

[Old spelling _chaw_, akin to _chew_.]

JAW, jaw, _v.t._ (_Scot._) to pour out, throw out: splash.--_ns._ JAW'-BOX, JAW'-HOLE, a sink.

JAY, j[=a], _n._ a bird of the crow family with gay plumage: a wanton woman: an indifferent actor, a stupid chattering fellow. [O. Fr. _jay_ (mod. Fr. _geai_); from root of _gay_.]


JEALOUS, jel'us, _adj._ suspicious of or incensed at rivalry: anxious to defend the honour of.--_adv._ JEAL'OUSLY.--_ns._ JEAL'OUSY, JEAL'OUSHOOD (_Shak._), JEAL'OUSNESS. [O. Fr. _jalous_ (mod. Fr. _jaloux_)--L.

_zelus_--Gr. _z[=e]los_, emulation.]

JEAMES, j[=e]mz, _n._ a flunkey. [From Thackeray's '_Jeames_ de la Pluche.']

JEAN, j[=a]n, _n._ a twilled cotton cloth.--_n._ JEANETTE', coarse jean, for lining.--SATIN JEAN, a smooth, glossy, hard-twilled cotton goods.


JEBUSITE, jeb'[=u]-z[=i]t, _n._ one of a Canaanitish race who long defied the Israelites from their stronghold on Mount Zion.--_adj._ JEBUSIT'IC.

JEDDART, jed'dart, _n._ an old name for _Jedburgh_.--JEDDART AXE, a stout steel-headed pole, four feet long; JEDDART, or JEDWOOD, JUSTICE, hanging first and trying afterwards.

JEDGE, jej, _n._ (_Scot._) a gauge or standard.

JEER, j[=e]r, _v.t._ to make sport of: to treat with derision.--_v.i._ to scoff: to deride: to make a mock of.--_n._ a railing remark: biting jest: mockery.--_n._ JEER'ER, a scoffer or mocker.--_adv._ JEER'INGLY. [Acc. to Skeat, from the Dut. phrase _den gek scheeren_, lit. 'to shear the fool,'

to mock, the words _gek scheeren_ (now _scheren_) being corr. into _jeer_.]

JEFF, jef, _v.i._ to gamble with printers' quadrats thrown like dice.

JEFF, jef, _n._ a rope, in circus slang.

JEFFERSONITE, jef'er-son-[=i]t, _n._ a greenish-black variety of pyroxene.

[Thomas _Jefferson_, 1743-1826.]

JEHOIADA-BOX, j[=e]-hoi'a-da-boks, _n._ a child's savings-bank--from 2 Chron. xxiv. 6-11.

JEHOVAH, je-h[=o]'va, _n._ the eternal or self-existent Being, the chief Hebrew name of the Deity.--_n._ JEH[=O]'VIST, one who holds that the vowel-points annexed to the word _Jehovah_ in Hebrew are the proper vowels of the word, some maintaining that they are those of the word _Adonai_ or of _Elohim_: the supposed writer of the passages in the Pentateuch, in which the name applied to God is Jehovah.--_adj._ JEHOVIST'IC. [Heb.

_Yah[=o]w[=a]h_, hardly from _h[=a]w[=a]h_, to be.]

JEHU, j[=e]'h[=u], _n._ (_coll._) a driver, esp. a furious whip. [A reference to 2 Kings, ix. 20.]

JEJUNE, je-j[=oo]n', _adj._ empty: void of interest: barren.--_adv._ JEJUNE'LY.--_ns._ JEJUNE'NESS; JEJU'NUM, the second division of the small intestine between the duodenum and the ileum. [L. _jejunus_, hungry.]

JELLY, jel'i, _n._ anything gelatinous: the juice of fruit boiled with sugar.--_v.i._ JELL, to jelly.--_adj._ JELL'IED, in the state of jelly.--_v.t._ JELL'IFY, to make into a jelly.--_v.i._ to become gelatinous.--_ns._ JELL'Y-BAG, a bag through which jelly is strained; JELL'Y-FISH, marine radiate animals like jelly. [Fr. _gelee_, from _geler_--L. _gel[=a]re_, to freeze.]

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