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INTERCOURSE, in't[.e]r-k[=o]rs, _n._ connection by dealings: communication: commerce: communion: coition. [O. Fr. _entrecours_--L. _intercursus_, a running between--_inter_, between, _curr[)e]re_, _cursum_, to run.]

INTERCROSS, in-t[.e]r-kros', _v.t._ and _v.i._ to cross mutually: interbreed.

INTERCURRENT, in-t[.e]r-kur'ent, _adj._ running between: intervening.--_n._ INTERCURR'ENCE. [O. Fr.,--L. _inter_, between, _curr[)e]re_, to run.]

INTERDASH, in-t[.e]r-dash', _v.t._ to intersperse.

INTERDEAL, in't[.e]r-d[=e]l, _n._ (_Spens._) intercourse, traffic.

INTERDEPENDENCE, in-t[.e]r-de-pend-ens, _n._ mutual dependence: dependence of parts one on another.--_adj._ INTERDEPEND'ENT.

INTERDICT, in-t[.e]r-dikt', _v.t._ to. prohibit: to forbid: to forbid communion.--_n._ (in't[.e]r-dikt) prohibition: a prohibitory decree: a prohibition of the Pope restraining the clergy from performing divine service.--_n._ INTERDIC'TION.--_adjs._ INTERDIC'TIVE, INTERDIC'TORY, containing interdiction: prohibitory. [L. _interdic[)e]re_, -_dictum_--_inter_, between, _dic[)e]re_, to say.]

INTERDIGITAL, in-t[.e]r-dij'i-tal, _adj._ situated between digits.--_v.t._ INTERDIG'ITATE, to insert between the fingers.--_v.i._ to be interwoven, to interlock by finger-like processes.--_n._ INTERDIGIT[=A]'TION.

INTEREST, in't[.e]r-est, _n._ advantage: premium paid for the use of money (in COMPOUND INTEREST, the interest of each period is added to its principal, and the amount forms a new principal for the next period): any increase: concern: special attention: influence over others: share: participation.--_n._ (_Spens._) IN'TERESS, interest, concern.--_v.t._ to concern deeply.--EQUITABLE INTEREST, such interest as is protected by courts of equity, although it might not be at common law; LANDED INTEREST (see LANDED); VESTED INTEREST, an interest thoroughly secure and inalienable, except for public use and upon compensation.--MAKE INTEREST FOR, to secure interest on behalf of. [O. Fr. _interest_ (Fr.

_interet_)--L. _interest_, it is profitable, it concerns--_inter_, between, _esse_, to be.]

INTEREST, in't[.e]r-est, _v.t._ to engage the attention: to awaken concern in: to excite (in behalf of another).--_adj._ IN'TERESTED, having an interest or concern: affected or biassed by personal considerations, self-interest, &c.--_adv._ IN'TERESTEDLY.--_n._ IN'TERESTEDNESS.--_adj._ IN'TERESTING, engaging the attention or regard: exciting emotion or passion.--_adv._ IN'TERESTINGLY.--_n._ IN'TERESTINGNESS.--In an interesting condition, in the family way. [From obs. _interess_--O. Fr. _interesser_, to concern--L. _interesse_.]

INTERFACIAL, in-t[.e]r-f[=a]'shal, _adj._ (_geom._) included between two plane faces or surfaces.--_n._ INTERFACE', a plane surface regarded as the common boundary of two bodies.

INTERFEMORAL, in-t[.e]r-fem'o-ral, _adj._ situated between the thighs, connecting the hind limbs.

INTERFERE, in-t[.e]r-f[=e]r', _v.i._ to come in collision: to intermeddle: to interpose: to act reciprocally--said of waves, rays of light, &c.--_ns._ INTERFER'ENCE; INTERFER'ER.--_adv._ INTERFER'INGLY. [Through O. Fr., from L. _inter_, between, _fer[=i]re_, to strike.]

INTERFLUENT, in-t[.e]r'fl[=oo]-ent, _adj._ flowing between or together--also INTER'FLUOUS. [L. _interfluens_--_inter_, between, _flu[)e]re_, to flow.]

INTERFOLD, in-t[.e]r-fold', _v.t._ to fold one into the other.

INTERFOLIACEOUS, in-t[.e]r-f[=o]-li-[=a]'shus, _adj._ placed between leaves.--_v.t._ INTERF[=O]'LIATE, to interleave.

INTERFRETTED, in-t[.e]r-fret'ed, _adj._ fretted between, or interlaced.

INTERFRONTAL, in-t[.e]r-fron'tal, _adj._ situated between the right and left frontal bones.

INTERFUSED, in-t[.e]r-f[=u]zd', _adj._ poured between: fused together: associated.--_n._ INTERF[=U]'SION.

INTERGLACIAL, in-t[.e]r-gl[=a]'shi-al, _adj._ (_geol._) occurring between two periods of glacial action.

INTERGLANDULAR, in-t[.e]r-glan'd[=u]-lar, _adj._ situated between glands.

INTERGLOBULAR, in-t[.e]r-glob'[=u]-lar, _adj._ situated between globules.

INTERGRADE, in-t[.e]r-gr[=a]d', _v.i._ to become alike gradually.--_n._ IN'TERGRADE, an intermediate grade.

INTERGROWTH, in't[.e]r-gr[=o]th, _n._ a growing together.

INTERHEMAL, in-t[.e]r-h[=e]'mal, _adj._ between the hemal processes or spines.

INTERIM, in't[.e]r-im, _n._ time between or intervening: the meantime: in the history of the Reformation, the name given to certain edicts of the German emperor for the regulation of religious and ecclesiastical matters, till they could be decided by a general council--as the Augsburg Interim (1548), &c. [L.,--_inter_, between.]

INTERIOR, in-t[=e]'ri-ur, _adj._ inner: remote from the frontier or coast: inland.--_n._ the inside of anything: the inland part of a country.--_n._ INTERIOR'ITY.--_adv._ INT[=E]'RIORLY. [L.,--comp. of _interus_, inward.]

INTERJACENT, in-t[.e]r-j[=a]'sent, _adj._ lying between: intervening.--_n._ INTERJ[=A]'CENCY, a lying between: a space or region between others. [L.

_inter_, between, _jac[=e]re_, to lie.]

INTERJACULATE, in-t[.e]r-jak'[=u]-l[=a]t, _v.i._ to interrupt conversation with an ejaculation.

INTERJECT, in-t[.e]r-jekt', _v.t._ to throw between: to insert.--_v.i._ to throw one's self between.--_n._ INTERJEC'TION, a throwing between: (_gram._) a word thrown in to express emotion.--_adjs._ INTERJEC'TIONAL, INTERJEC'TIONARY, INTERJEC'TURAL.--_adv._ INTERJEC'TIONALLY. [L. _inter_, between, _jac[)e]re_, to throw.]

INTERJOIN, in-t[.e]r-join', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to join mutually, to intermarry.

INTERKNIT, in-t[.e]r-nit', _v.t._ to unite closely.

INTERLACE, in-t[.e]r-l[=a]s', _v.t._ to lace together: to unite: to insert one thing within another.--_v.i._ to intermix.--_n._ INTERLACE'MENT.--INTERLACING ARCHES (_archit._), an arcature in which the arches intersect.

INTERLARD, in-t[.e]r-lard', _v.t._ to mix in, as fat with lean: to diversify by mixture.

INTERLEAVE, in-t[.e]r-l[=e]v', _v.t._ to put a leaf between: to insert blank leaves in a book.

INTERLINE, in-t[.e]r-l[=i]n', _v.t._ to write in alternate lines: to write between lines.--_adj._ INTERLIN'EAR, written between lines.--_ns._ INTERLINE[=A]'TION, INTERL[=I]N'ING, act of interlining: that which is interlined: correction or alteration made by writing between lines.

INTERLINK, in-t[.e]r-lingk', _v.t._ to connect by uniting links.

INTERLOBULAR, in-t[.e]r-lob'[=u]-lar, _adj._ being between lobes.

INTERLOCATION, in-t[.e]r-lo-k[=a]'shun, _n._ a placing between.

INTERLOCK, in-t[.e]r-lok', _v.t._ to lock or clasp together.--_v.i._ to be locked together.

INTERLOCUTION, in-t[.e]r-lo-k[=u]'shun, _n._ conference: an intermediate decree before final decision.--_n._ INTERLOC'UTOR, one who speaks between or in dialogue (_fem._ INTERLOC'UTRESS, INTERLOC'UTRICE): (_Scots law_) an intermediate decree before final decision.--_adj._ INTERLOC'UTORY.

[Fr.,--L. _interlocutio_, from _interloqui_--_inter_, between, _loqui_, _locutus_, to speak.]

INTERLOPER, in-t[.e]r-l[=o]p'[.e]r, _n._ one who trades without license: an intruder.--_v.i._ and _v.t._ INTERLOPE', to intrude into any matter in which one has no fair concern. [Dut. _enterlooper_, a smuggling vessel, as running in and out along the coast--L. _inter_, between, Dut. _loopen_, to run. See LEAP.]

INTERLUDE, in't[.e]r-l[=oo]d, _n._ a short dramatic performance or play between the play and afterpiece, or between the acts of a play: a short piece of music played between the parts of a drama, opera, hymn, &c.--_adj._ INTERLUD'ED, inserted as an interlude: having interludes. [From L. _inter_, between, _ludus_, play.]

INTERLUNAR, in-t[.e]r-l[=oo]'nar, _adj._ belonging to the moon's monthly period of invisibility.--Also INTERLU'NARY.

INTERMARRY, in-t[.e]r-mar'i, _v.i._ to marry between or among: to marry reciprocally, or take one and give another in marriage.--_n._ INTERMARR'IAGE.

INTERMAXILLARY, in-t[.e]r-maks'il-ar-i, _adj._ situated between the jawbones.

INTERMEDDLE, in-t[.e]r-med'l, _v.i._ to meddle with: to interfere improperly.--_n._ INTERMEDD'LER.

INTERMEDIATE, in-t[.e]r-m[=e]'di-[=a]t, _adj._ in the middle between: intervening--also INTERM[=E]'DIARY, INTERM[=E]'DIAL.--_ns._ INTERM[=E]'DIACY, state of being intermediate; INTERM[=E]'DIARY, an intermediate agent.--_adv._ INTERM[=E]'DIATELY.--_n._ INTERMEDI[=A]'TION, act of intermediating; INTERM[=E]'DIUM, a medium between: an intervening agent or instrument.

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