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INTERMENT, in-t[.e]r'ment, _n._ burial.

INTERMEZZO, in-t[.e]r-med'z[=o], _n._ a light dramatic entertainment between the acts of a tragedy, grand opera, &c.: a short musical burlesque, &c. [It.]

INTERMIGRATION, in-t[.e]r-m[=i]-gr[=a]'shun, _n._ reciprocal migration.

INTERMINABLE, in-t[.e]r'min-a-bl, INTERMINATE, in-t[.e]r'min-[=a]t, _adj._ without termination or limit: boundless: endless.--_n._ INTER'MINABLENESS.--_adv._ INTER'MINABLY.--INTERMINATE DECIMAL, a decimal conceived as carried to an infinity of places.

INTERMINGLE, in-t[.e]r-ming'gl, _v.t._ and _v.i._ to mingle or mix together.

INTERMIT, in-t[.e]r-mit', _v.t._ to cause to cease for a time: to interrupt.--_n._ INTERMISS'ION, act of intermitting: interval: pause.--_adj._ INTERMISS'IVE, coming at intervals.--_ns._ INTERMIT'TENCE, INTERMIT'TENCY, state of being intermittent.--_adj._ INTERMIT'TENT, intermitting or ceasing at intervals, as a fever.--_adv._ INTERMIT'TINGLY.--INTERMITTENT, or INTERMITTING, SPRING, a spring flowing for a time and then ceasing, beginning again, &c. [L. _intermitt[)e]re_, _-missum_--_inter_, between, _mitt[)e]re_, to cause to go.]

INTERMIX, in-t[.e]r-miks', _v.t._ and _v.i._ to mix among or together.--_n._ INTERMIX'TURE, a mass formed by mixture: something intermixed.

INTERMOBILITY, in-t[.e]r-mo-bil'i-ti, _n._ capacity of things to move among themselves.

INTERMUNDANE, in-t[.e]r-mun'd[=a]n, _adj._ between worlds.

INTERMURAL, in-t[.e]r-m[=u]'ral, _adj._ lying between walls.

INTERMUSCULAR, in-t[.e]r-mus'k[=u]-lar, _adj._ between the muscles.

INTERMUTATION, in-t[.e]r-m[=u]-t[=a]'shun, _n._ mutual change.

INTERN, in-t[.e]rn', _adj._ internal.--_n._ an inmate of a school, an assistant surgeon or physician in a hospital.--Also INTERNE'.

INTERN, in-t[.e]rn', _v.t._ to send into the interior of a country: to immure in an interior locality without permission to leave the district.--_n._ INTERN'MENT, state of being confined in the interior of a country. [Fr. _interner_. See INTERNAL.]

INTERNAL, in-t[.e]r'nal, _adj._ being in the interior: domestic, as opposed to foreign: intrinsic: pertaining to the heart:--opp. to _External_.--_n._ INTERNAL'ITY.--_adv._ INTER'NALLY.--INTERNAL EVIDENCE, evidence with regard to a thing, subject, book, &c. afforded by its intrinsic qualities. [L.

_internus_---_inter_, within.]

INTERNATIONAL, in-t[.e]r-nash'un-al, _adj._ pertaining to the relations between nations.--_n._ a short-lived association formed in London in 1864 to unite the working classes of all countries in efforts for their economic emancipation.--_adv._ INTERNAT'IONALLY.

INTERNECINE, in-t[.e]r-n[=e]'s[=i]n, _adj._ mutually destructive: deadly.--Also INTERN[=E]'CIVE. [L. _internec[=a]re_--_inter_, between, _nec[=a]re_, to kill.]

INTERNEURAL, in-t[.e]r-n[=u]'ral, _adj._ (_anat._) situated between the neural spines or spinous processes of successive vertebrae.

INTERNODE, in't[.e]r-n[=o]d, _n._ (_bot._) the space between two nodes or points of the stem from which the leaves arise.--_adj._ INTERN[=O]'DIAL.

[L. _internodium_--_inter_, between, _nodus_, a knot.]

INTERNUNCIO, in-t[.e]r-nun'shi-[=o], _n._ a messenger between two parties: the Pope's representative at minor courts.--_adj._ INTERNUN'CIAL. [Sp.,--L.

_internuntius_--_inter_, between, _nuntius_, a messenger.]

INTEROCEANIC, in-t[.e]r-[=o]-she-an'ik, _adj._ between oceans.

INTEROCULAR, in-t[.e]r-ok'[=u]-lar, _adj._ between the eyes.

INTERORBITAL, in-t[.e]r-or'bi-tal, _adj._ situated between the orbits of the eyes.

INTEROSCULATION, in-t[.e]r-os'k[=u]-l[=a]-shun, _n._ interconnection by, or as if by, osculation.--_adj._ INTEROS'CULANT.--_v.t._ INTEROS'CUL[=A]TE.

INTEROSSEOUS, in-t[.e]r-os'e-us, _adj._ situated between bones.--Also INTEROSS'EAL.

INTERPAGE, in-t[.e]r-p[=a]j', _v.t._ to insert on intermediate pages.

INTERPARIETAL, in-t[.e]r-pa-r[=i]'e-tal, _adj._ situated between the right and left parietal bones of the skull.

INTERPELLATION, in-t[.e]r-pel-[=a]'shun, _n._ a question raised during the course of a debate: interruption: intercession: a summons: an earnest address.--_v.t._ INTER'PELLATE, to question. [Fr.,--L.,--_interpell[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_, to disturb by speaking--_inter_, between, _pell[)e]re_, to drive.]

INTERPENETRATE, in-t[.e]r-pen'e-tr[=a]t, _v.t._ to penetrate between or within.--_n._ INTERPENETR[=A]'TION.

INTERPETIOLAR, in-t[.e]r-pet'i-[=o]-lar, _adj._ (_bot._) between the petioles.

INTERPHALANGEAL, in-t[.e]r-fa-lan'j[=e]-al, _adj._ situated between any successive phalanges of a finger or toe: nodal, of a digit.

INTERPILASTER, in-t[.e]r-pi-las't[.e]r, _n._ (_archit._) space between two pilasters.

INTERPLANETARY, in-t[.e]r-plan'et-ar-i, _adj._ between the planets.

INTERPLAY, in't[.e]r-pl[=a], _n._ mutual action: interchange of action and reaction.

INTERPLEAD, in-t[.e]r-pl[=e]d', _v.i._ (_law_) to discuss adverse claims to property by bill of interpleader.--_n._ INTERPLEAD'ER, one who interpleads: a form of process in the English courts, by a bill in equity, intended to protect a defendant who claims no interest in the subject-matter of a suit, while at the same time he has reason to know that the plaintiff's title is disputed by some other claimant.

INTERPLEDGE, in-t[.e]r-plej', _v.t._ to pledge mutually: to give and take a pledge.

INTREPLEURAL, in-t[.e]r-pl[=oo]'ral, _adj._ situated between the right and left pleural cavities.

INTERPOLAR, in-t[.e]r-p[=o]'lar, _adj._ situated between or connecting the poles, as of a galvanic battery.

INTERPOLATE, in-t[.e]r'po-l[=a]t, _v.t._ to insert unfairly, as a spurious word or passage in a book or manuscript, to foist in: to corrupt: (_math._) to fill up the intermediate terms of a series.--_adj._ INTER'POLABLE.--_ns._ INTERPOL[=A]'TION; INTER'POLATOR. [L.

_interpol[=a]re_, -_[=a]tum_--_inter_, between, _pol[=i]re_, to polish.]

INTERPOLITY, in-t[.e]r-pol'i-ti, _n._ (_rare_) interchange between countries.

INTERPOSE, in-t[.e]r-p[=o]z', _v.t._ to place between: to thrust in: to offer, as aid or services.--_v.i._ to come between: to mediate: to put in by way of interruption: to interfere.--_ns._ INTERPOS'AL, same as INTERPOSITION; INTERPOS'ER; INTERPOS'IT, a place of deposit between two cities or countries; INTERPOSI'TION, act of interposing: intervention: anything interposed. [Fr.,--L. _inter_, between, Fr. _poser_, to place.]

INTERPRET, in-t[.e]r'pret, _v.t._ to explain the meaning of, to elucidate, unfold, show the purport of: to translate into intelligible or familiar terms.--_v.i._ to practise interpretation.--_adj._ INTER'PRETABLE, capable of being explained.--_n._ INTERPRET[=A]'TION, act of interpreting: the sense given by an interpreter: the power of explaining: the representation of a dramatic part according to one's conception of it.--_adj._ INTERPRET[=A]'TIVE, collected by or containing interpretation.--_adv._ INTER'PRET[=A]TIVELY.--_n._ INTER'PRETER, one who explains between two parties: an expounder: a translator. [Fr.,--L. _interprer[=a]ri_, -_[=a]tus_--_interpres_, _inter_, between, -_pres_, prob. conn. with Gr.

_phrasis_, speech.]

INTERPROVINCIAL, in-t[.e]r-pr[=o]-vin'shal, _adj._ existing between provinces.

INTERPUBIC, in-t[.e]r-p[=u]'bik, _adj._ situated between the right and left pubic bones.

INTERPUNCTION, in-t[.e]r-pungk'shun, _n._ the places of points or stops in writing, intermediate punctuation.--Also INTERPUNCTU[=A]'TION.

INTERRACIAL, in-t[.e]r-r[=a]'si-al, _adj._ existing or taking place between races.

INTERRRADIAL, in-t[.e]r-r[=a]'di-al, _adj._ situated between the radii or rays.--_adv._ INTERR[=A]'DIALLY.--_n._ INTERR[=A]'DIUS, an interradial part, esp. of a hydrozoan.

INTERRAMAL, in-t[.e]r-r[=a]'mal, _adj._ situated between the rami or forks of the lower jaw.

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