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DOODLE, d[=oo]d'l, _v.i._ (_Scot._) to drone, as a bagpipe.

DOOK, d[=oo]k, _n._ (_Scot._) a plug of wood driven into a wall to hold a nail, &c.

DOOLEFULL, d[=oo]l'fool, _adj._ (_Spens._) = DOLEFUL.--_ns._ DOOL'-TREE, DULE'-TREE (_Scot._), a tree that marks a place of mourning.


DOOM, d[=oo]m, _n._ judgment: condemnation: destiny: ruin: final judgment: a picture of the Last Judgment.--_v.t._ to pronounce judgment on: to sentence: to condemn:--_pr.p._ d[=oo]m'ing; _pa.p._ d[=oo]med.--_adjs._ DOOMED, under sentence; DOOM'FUL (_Spens._), full of doom, ruin, or destructive power.--_adv._ DOOMS (_Scot._) very, exceedingly.--_ns._ DOOMS'DAY, the day of doom, the day when the world will be judged; DOOMS'DAY-BOOK (see DOMESDAY); DOOMS'MAN, one who pronounces doom or sentence, a judge.--CRACK OF DOOM, the signal for the final dissolution of all things, the last trump. [A.S. _dom_, judgment.]

DOOM-PALM, d[=oo]m'-pam, _n._ a kind of African palm, with a branched stem, tufts of fan-shaped leaves, and a fruit as big as an apple.

DOOR, d[=o]r, _n._ the usual entrance into a house, room, or passage: the wooden frame on hinges closing up the entrance: a means of approach or access.--_ns._ DOOR'-BELL; DOOR'-CASE, the frame which encloses a door; DOOR'-CHEEK (_Scot._), one of the side-posts of a door; DOOR'-KEEP'ER; DOOR'-KNOCK'ER; DOOR'-MAT; DOOR'-NAIL; DOOR'-PLATE, a plate on or at a door with the householder's name on it; DOOR'-POST, the jamb or side-piece of a door; DOOR'-SILL, the threshold of a doorway; DOOR'-STEAD, a doorway; DOOR'-STEP, DOOR'-STONE, the step-stone; DOOR'WAY, the entrance or passage closed by the door; DOOR'-YARD, a yard about the door of a house; FOLD'ING-DOOR, a door in two halves, each of which may be folded back against the wall.--DARKEN ONE'S DOOR, to cross one's threshold; DEATH'S DOOR, on the point of death, in great danger of death; NEXT DOOR TO, in the house next to: near to, bordering upon, very nearly; OUT OF DOORS, in the open air; SHOW TO THE DOOR, to dismiss with ignominy. [A.S. _duru_; Ger.

_thor_, _thur_; Gr. _thyra_, L. _fores_ (_pl._), a door.]

DOP, dop, _n._ a copper cup with a wooden handle, in which a gem is soldered to be held while being cut or polished. [Dut.]

DOP, dop, _v.i._ to dip or duck.--_n._ a diving bird.

DOPE, d[=o]p, _n._ any thick liquid used as a lubricant, axle-grease: any absorbent material holding a thick liquid, as cotton-waste, or a substance used to hold nitro-glycerine. [Prob. Dut. _doop_, a dipping.]

DOPPER, dop'er, _n._ a member of a rigid religious sect in South Africa.

DOPPLERITE, dop'ler-[=i]t, _n._ a substance derived from the maceration of peat. [From _Doppler_, a German physicist.]

DOQUET, dok'et, a form of _docket_.

DOR, dor, _n._ (_obs._) a scoff, mockery, as 'to give (any one) the dor.'

[Prob. Ice. _dor_, scoff.]

DOR, DORR, dor, _n._ a kind of dung-beetle, also called _Dor-beetle_ and _Dor-fly_; a cockchafer (in U.S. called _Dor-bug_): (_obs._) a drone. [A.S.

_dora_, a humble-bee.]

DORADO, d[=o]-ra'd[=o], _n._ the dolphin, so called from its beautiful colour when dying. [Sp., from _dorar_, to gild--L. _deaur[=a]re_, _[=a]tum_. See DORY, EL DORADO.]

DORCAS, dor'kas, _n._ given in Acts, ix. 36, as the Greek translation of _Tabitha_ (Aramaic, 'female gazelle'), the name of the Christian woman of Joppa, famous for her good works, esp. the making of clothes for the poor--hence DORCAS SOCIETIES, ladies' societies for making and providing clothes for the poor.


DOR-HAWK, dor'-hawk, _n._ the common goatsucker, night-jar, or fern-owl.

DORIAN, d[=o]'ri-an, _adj._ and _n._ belonging to _Doris_ in Greece, Doric: a native of Doris.

DORIC, dor'ik, _adj._ belonging to _Doris_ in Greece, denoting one of the Greek orders of architecture, distinguished by its simplicity and solidity.--_n._ one of the modes of Greek music: a dialect of the Greek language distinguished by the use of broad vowel sounds: any dialect having this character, as Scotch.--_ns._ DOR'ICISM, DOR'ISM, a peculiarity of the Doric dialect. [Fr. _dorique_--L. _Doricus_--Gr. _D[=o]ris_.]

DORKING, dork'ing, _n._ a square-bodied breed of poultry, variously coloured, and with five claws on each foot--so named from _Dorking_ in Surrey.

DORLACH, dor'lah, _n._ a bundle, a knapsack.--Also DOR'LOCH. [Gael.]

DORMANT, dor'mant, _adj._ sleeping: at rest: not used, in abeyance (as a title): in a sleeping posture: (_archit._) leaning.--_n._ a crossbeam: a joist.--_n._ DOR'MANCY, quiescence.--_ns._ DOR'MER-WIN'DOW, a vertical window, esp. of a sleeping-room (formerly called _dormer_), on the sloping roof of a house; DORMI'TION, sleeping.--_adj._ DOR'MITIVE, causing sleep (of medicine), as opium.--_ns._ DOR'MITORY, a large sleeping-chamber with many beds; DOR'MOUSE, a small rodent intermediate between the squirrel and the mouse, so called because torpid in winter:--_pl._ DOR'MICE; DOR'TOUR (_Spens._) a dormitory. [Fr. _dormir_--L. _dorm[=i]re_, to sleep.]

DORMY, DORMIE, dor'mi, _adj._ a term applied to one player at golf, when he is as many holes ahead as there remain holes to be played.

DORNICK, dor'nik, _n._ a kind of stout figured linen, originally made at _Doornik_, or Tournay, in Belgium.

DORP, dorp, _n._ a rare form of _thorp_, village.

DORSAL, dor'sal, _adj._ pertaining or belonging to the back.--_adv._ DOR'SALLY.--_n._ DORSE (_obs._), the back of a writing: a dossal: the back.--_adj._ DORSIBRANCH'IATE, having gills on the back.--_n._ one of the _Dorsibranchiata_, including free marine worms.--_adjs._ DORSIF'EROUS, dorsigerous: dorsiparous; DORSIG'EROUS, carrying on the back; DOR'SIGRADE, walking on the back of the toes; DORSIP'AROUS, bearing fruit on the back: hatching young upon the back; DOR'SISPIN'AL, pertaining to both the back and the spine; DORSIVEN'TRAL, DORSABDOM'INAL, pertaining to the back and the belly; DORSOCAU'DAL, superior and posterior in direction or position; DORSOCER'VICAL, pertaining to the back of the neck.--_n._ DORSOFLEX'ION, a bending of the back, a bow.--_adjs._ DORSOLAT'ERAL, pertaining to the back and the side; DORSOLUM'BAR, pertaining to the whole dorsal region of the trunk--also DORSILUM'BAR; DORSOM[=E]'DIAN, situated in the middle of the back; DORSOMES'AL, lying along the middle line of the back--also DORSIMES'AL; DORSOPLEU'RAL, pertaining to the back and the side.--_n._ DORS'UM.--SEND TO DORSE, to throw on the back. [Fr.,--L. _dorsum_, the back.]

DORSE, dors, _n._ a young cod. [Low Ger. _dorsch_.]

DORTY, dor'ti, _adj._ (_Scot._), pettish: delicate.

DORY, d[=o]'ri, _n._ a fish of a golden-yellow colour.--Also JOHN DORY and DOREE. [Fr. _doree_, from _dorer_, to gild--L. _deaur[=a]re_, to gild--_de_, of, with, and _aurum_, gold. _John_ is simply the ordinary name.]

DOSE, d[=o]s, _n._ the quantity of medicine given to be taken at one time: a portion: anything disagreeable that must be taken.--_v.t._ to order or give in doses: to give anything nauseous to.--_ns._ D[=O]S'AGE, a practice or method of dosing; DOSIM'ETER, an apparatus for measuring minute quantities of liquid.--_adj._ DOSIMET'RIC.--_n._ DOSOL'OGY, the science of doses--also DOSIOL'OGY. [O. Fr. _dose_--Gr. _dosis_, a giving--_did[=o]mi_, I give.]

DOSEH, d[=o]'se, _n._ a religious ceremony at Cairo during the festival of the Moolid, in which the sheik rides on horseback over the prostrate bodies of dervishes.

DOSSAL, dos'sal, _n._ a cloth hanging, of various colours at various festivals, for the back of an altar and the sides of the chancel of a church.--Also DOS'SEL. [Late L. _dossale_, _dorsale_--L. _dorsum_, the back.]

DOSSER, dos'er, _n._ a rich hanging of tapestry for the walls of a hall or of a chancel: a pannier.

DOSS-HOUSE, dos'-hows, _n._ a very cheap lodging-house.--_n._ DOSS'ER, one who lodges in a doss-house. [Perh. from _doss_, a prov. Eng. name for a hassock.]

DOSSIL, dos'il, _n._ a plug, spigot: a cloth roll for wiping ink from an engraved plate in printing: (_surg._) a pledget of lint for cleaning out a wound. [O. Fr. _dosil_--Late L. _ducillus_, a spigot.]

DOST, dust, 2d pers. sing. pres. indic. of DO.

DOT, dot, _n._ any small mark made with a pen or sharp point.--_v.t._ to mark with dots: to diversify with objects.--_v.i._ to form dots:--_pr.p._ dot'ting; _pa.p._ dot'ted.--DOT AND CARRY, in addition, to set down the units and carry over the tens to the next column. [Prob. related to the Dut. _dot_, a little lump.]

DOTATION, d[=o]-t[=a]'shun, _n._ the act of bestowing a dowry on a woman: an endowment.--_n._ DOT, a marriage portion.--_adj._ D[=O]'TAL, pertaining to dowry or to dower. [Low L. _dotation-em_--L. _dot[=a]re_, to endow.]

DOTE, d[=o]t, _v.i._ (_arch._) to be stupid or foolish: to be weakly affectionate: to show excessive love--formerly also spelt _Doat_.--_ns._ D[=O]T'AGE, a doting: childishness of old age: excessive fondness; D[=O]T'ANT (_Shak._), a dotard; D[=O]T'ARD, one who dotes: one showing the weakness of old age, or excessive fondness.--_adj._ D[=O]T'ED (_Spens._), stupid.--_n._ D[=O]T'ER, one who dotes.--_p.adj._ and _n._ D[=O]T'ING.--_adjs._ D[=O]T'ISH, silly; DOT'TLE (_Scot._), stupid.--_n._ a dotard.--_adj._ DOT'TY, feeble in mind: tottering. [Old Dut. _doten_, to be silly, Scot. _doitet_, stupid; Fr. _radoter_, to rave, is from the same root.]

DOTH, duth, 3d pers. sing. pres. indic. of DO.

DOTTEREL, dot'[.e]r-el, _n._ a kind of plover, named from its apparent stupidity in allowing itself to be approached and caught: a stupid fellow, a dupe. [Also spelt _dottrel_, from _dote_.]

DOTTLE, dot'l, _n._ (_Scot._) a plug, esp. the tobacco at the bottom of a pipe after smoking, sometimes put on the top of fresh tobacco after refilling.

DOUANE, d[=oo]-an', _n._ a custom-house.--_n._ DOUAN'IER, a custom-house officer. [Fr.]

DOUAR, DOWAR, dow'ar, _n._ a cluster of Arab tents in a circle.


DOUBLE, dub'l, _adj._ twofold: twice as much: of extra weight, size, or quality: two of a sort together: in pairs: acting two parts, insincere.--_adv._ DOUB'LY. [O. Fr. _doble_--L. _duplus_--_duo_, two, and _plus_, akin to _plenus_, full.]

DOUBLE, dub'l, _v.t._ to multiply by two, to be the double of: to fold: to repeat: to clench: to pass round or by.--_v.i._ to increase to twice the quantity: to turn sharply back on one's course in running.--_n._ twice as much: a duplicate: an actor's substitute: a quick pace (short for double-quick): one's wraith or apparition: one's exact counterpart: a trick: (_eccles._) a feast on which the antiphon is said both before and after the psalms.--_adjs._ DOUB'LE-ACT'ING, applying power in two directions: producing a double result; DOU'BLE-BANKED, having two men at each oar, or having two tiers of oars one above the other, as in ancient galleys; DOUB'LE-BARR'ELLED, having two barrels.--_n._ DOUB'LE-BASS, the lowest-toned instrument of violin form.--_adjs._ DOUB'LE-BIT'ING, cutting on either side; DOUB'LE-BREAST'ED, of a coat having two breasts, one to be folded over the other.--_ns._ DOUB'LE-CHARGE, to charge with a double measure; DOUB'LE-DEAL'ER, a deceitful person; DOUB'LE-DEAL'ING, duplicity.--_adj._ DOUB'LE-DECKED, having two decks above water-line.--_n._ DOUB'LE-DECK'ER, a double-decked frigate.--_adj._ DOUB'LE-DYED, twice dyed: deeply imbued (as a double-dyed villain).--_n._ DOUB'LE-EA'GLE (_U.S._), a gold coin worth $20, or 4, 2s. 2d.: the heraldic representation of an eagle with two heads, as in the arms of Russia and Austria.--_adj._ DOUB'LE-EDGED, having two edges: cutting or working both ways.--_ns._ DOUB'LE-END'ER, anything having two ends alike: a cross-cut sawing machine, with two adjustable circular saws, for sawing both ends of timber; DOUB'LE-EN'TRY (_book-k._), a method by which two entries are made of each transaction.--_adjs._ DOUB'LE-EYED, having a deceitful countenance; DOUB'LE-FACED, hypocritical, false.--_ns._ DOUB'LE-F[=A]'CEDNESS; DOUB'LE-FIRST, at Oxford, a degree with first-class honours in mathematics and classics: one who takes such a degree.--_adj._ DOUB'LE-FLOW'ERED, having double flowers, as a plant.--_v.t._ DOUB'LE-GILD, to gild with double coatings of gold: to gloze over.--_n._ DOUB'LE-GLOS'TER, Gloucestershire cheese of extra richness.--_adjs._ DOUB'LE-HAND'ED, having two hands, two-handled; DOUB'LE-HEAD'ED, having two heads; DOUB'LE-HEART'ED, treacherous; DOUB'LE-HUNG, suspended, as a window-sash, so as to move either upward or downward; DOUB'LE-LOCKED, locked with two locks or bolts: locked by two turns of the key, as in very few locks but many novels; DOUB'LE-MANNED, furnished with twice the complement of men; DOUB'LE-MEAN'ING, deceitful; DOUB'LE-MIND'ED, undetermined, wavering.--_n._ DOUB'LE-MIND'EDNESS.--_adj._ DOUB'LE-N[=A]'TURED, having a twofold nature.--_n._ DOUB'LENESS, the state of being double: duplicity.--_adj._ and _adv._ DOUB'LE-QUICK, the pace next a run.--_n._ the double-quick pace.--_v.t._ DOUB'LE-SHADE (_Milt._), to double the natural darkness.--_adj._ DOUB'LE-SHOT'TED, of cannon, with two shots in them.--_ns._ DOUB'LE-SHUFF'LE (see SHUFFLE); DOUB'LE-STOP'PING, playing on two stopped strings of a violin at once; DOUB'LE-STOUT, extra strong stout or porter.--_adj._ DOUB'LE-TONGUED, deceitful.--_n._ DOUB'LING, the act of making double: a turning back in running: a trick: a plait or fold.--_adj._ shifting, manoeuvring.

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