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Chapter 47
Chapter 47: Heavenly Go Manual

On the Dao Impartment Platform, only Lu Fan remained .

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Hunched down with one hand holding his chin, Lu Fan was contemplating, and his eyebrows were tightly knitted together .

Lu Fan hadn’t chosen Hidden Dragon Ridge at random . He had selected it after deep consideration . It was in his immediate control and would be used as the deployment location for his first Secret Realm .

Across the broad plain in front of Beiluo City, there was a ridge that looked like a dragon lounging on the flat ground . That was Hidden Dragon Ridge .

It was about thirty miles away from Beiluo City, which wasn’t too far away, but it wasn’t close either .

To Lu Fan, creating a Secret Realm wasn’t that complicated . It was just like writing the code for an instance dungeon for a video game .

Yet, for this Secret Realm, he still needed to set some rules .

The first Secret Realm represented the beginning of the Spirit Qi revival .

Lu Fan had to make it impressive and striking for the people in this world .

“Yuwen Xiu and Xiang Shaoyun . One is the emperor of Great Zhou, and the other is the Mayor of West County . They’re both extremely powerful and are able to deploy forces . By the time the two meet each other, the Secret Realm exploration spot might become their two armies’ battlefield, which wouldn’t be ideal for what the Secret Realm was created for in the first place: Dao Impartment . So one needs to have certain qualifications first to access the Secret Realm…”

On the Dao Impartment Platform, Lu Fan was lost in deep thought, and he rubbed his thin, long fingers .

His brain was working incredibly fast, considering all kinds of potential issues and problems .

Now that his Soul Strength was above 20, his consciousness was unprecedentedly clear and bright, and his thinking was more logical and organized .


After a long while…

Lu Fan took action .

“Activate [Dao Impartment Platform] Access… Create Secret Realm . ”

As his consciousness rolled and surged, Lu Fan slightly lowered his voice .

Waves of Spirit Qi were stirred up in a sudden wind, and they thickened as they whirled around .

Lu Fan’s gown floated around him, and he looked like a legitimate Immortal, sitting on the clouds .

Eight Trigrams characters were floating in front of him, lining up to form a matrix .

Lu Fan reached out his hand and gently touched each character, as if he knew them by heart .

The next moment, everything started changing dramatically before Lu Fan’s eyes .

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It turned into chaos .

There was no sense of direction, no sky or earth to orient himself . There was nothing but a void filled with chaos .

Floating inside the space, Lu Fan frowned and raised his hands . Twenty-seven characters were whirling around his fingertips in different patterns .

Perhaps because he had access to Dao Impartment Platform, the meanings of all the rules formed by the characters were imprinted and displayed in Lu Fan’s mind .

He could easily arrange them based on their meanings . He even felt as if he’d already gained the power to create a world at will .

Of course, his current ability wasn’t enough to create a universe . After all, his Soul Strength still wasn’t high enough for that yet .

He couldn’t yet afford the cost to create a universe .

In the chaos…

Lu Fan slightly tapped the characters, one after another .

The characters then fell into the void one by one, hiding in the chaos .

Lines intertwined in front of Lu Fan, and Hidden Dragon Ridge eventually emerged .

The Hidden Dragon Ridge landform appeared in front of him in the form of lines .

Lu Fan waved his hands in the void to zoom in on Hidden Dragon Ridge, and cast a trigram label deep down into the ridge .

There was a giant crater deep down in the ridge, as if someone had once dug a hole there .

How should the first Secret Realm be presented?

Lu Fan had been thinking about it for a long time and had been mulling over an answer ever since he activated the Dao Impartment Platform .

Now he finally made a decision .

He planned to present the first Secret Realm as a tomb .

He planned to make an ancient tomb of a Qi Refiner, which had never actually existed in reality . There would be Spirit Qi inside the tomb, along with Immortal cultivation methods… that was the Immortal encounter he had talked about .

Of course, Lu Fan also set up some obstacles . But he didn’t choose anything supernatural, like “ghosts” or “monsters . ”

After all, Wuhuang Continent was still a Low Level Martial World . If he set the defensive level for the Secret Realm too high and ended up killing all the explorers, then there wouldn’t be a transformation to start with .

So Lu Fan only set up some tricks and traps on the body of the Qi Refiner he created .

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As the Qi Refiner’s tomb was being created, Lu Fan felt that his Soul Strength was quickly dwindling .

“After the Secret Realm is created, rules still need to be made for it…”

Lu Fan knitted his eyebrows .

His Soul Strength was limited, so he couldn’t create a large range for the Secret Realm, which meant specific qualifications were necessary to enter it .

“Set up the rule: set ten Qi Plaques, five Heaven Qi Plaques, and ten Earth Qi Plaques . Only those with Heaven Qi Plaques or Earth Qi Plaques are qualified to enter the Secret Realm . ”

Lu Fan’s consciousness started surging .

Soon, a system prompt popped up .

“Do you want to spend 5 points of Soul Strength to set up a rule for the Secret Realm?”

It cost 5 points of Soul Strength to make one rule, which Lu Fan wasn’t too happy about .

Creating the whole Secret Realm would cost only 6 points of Soul Strength .

“Confirm . ”

But rules were necessary . There was no way around it .

5 points of Soul Strength instantly evaporated .

The next moment…

Before Lu Fan, Spirit Qi gathered and intertwined, forming ten plaques, each the size of a hand .

Five white, five black . On each of the white plaques, the character “heaven” was carved, representing Heaven Qi Plaque .

The character “earth” was carved on all the black plaques, representing Earth Qi Plaque .

“Set up the rule: outside the Secret Realm, the strength of defending Spirit Pressure: 25 times the Spirit Pressure formed by 100 wisps of Spirit Qi . ”

Lu Fan spent an additional 5 points of Soul Strength to set up another rule .

Two rules had been made, and Lu Fan’s Soul Strength only had 3 points left .

Lu Fan shook his head, trying hard to endure the dizziness .

Following his consciousness, Lu Fan flicked his fingers .

The ten Qi Plaques instantly flew out into the void and disappeared .

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[Create Secret Realm completed . ]

[Launching Secret Realm Deployment, reflecting in reality . ]

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Thick black clouds suddenly rolled across the sky, and the brilliant moon, which looked like a silver plate, was blocked, and darkness fell upon the world .

Thirty miles away from Beiluo City…

Hidden Dragon Ridge…

The ridge was long and narrow, and deathly still . But it suddenly started shaking violently . Rocks fell and bounced around as the whole place trembled, as if the earth were angry .

Deep down in Hidden Dragon Ridge, night crows and all kinds of birds leapt into the air and took off, all flapping their wings at the same time . In the darkness, it was unbelievably spooky .

The whole of Hidden Dragon Ridge seemed to be up to something big . It was glowing with faint blue light .

Lu Fan exited [Dao Impartment Platform] and opened his eyes .

His whole body was soaked with sweat, and he gasped a couple of times . Then he waited for a while, but…

“No rewards?”

Lu Fan lay in bed, exhausted .

Unlike when he created the Cultivation Manual Modifier, [All Method Furnace], this time, he didn’t get any stat rewards .

Staring at the 3 points of Soul Strength now left on the System Page, Lu Fan rubbed the space between his eyebrows in distress .

On the bed, there were five technique manuals .

There were Transfusion Techniques, Military Strategies, etc .

Collecting five technique manuals wasn’t easy . After all, Transfusion Technique manuals were incredibly rare in this world, not to mention that they needed to be above a certain level for Lu Fan’s purposes .

If the manual’s level was too low, even if it could be modified using [All Method Furnace], it might fail to evolve into a Spirit Qi Immortal Cultivation Method .

Among the manuals Lu Fan had collected were three Transfusion Technique manuals: Dispersed Earth Sutra, Zhongnan Sword Technique, and Righteousness Transfusion Technique . Lu Changkong had made Lu Fan a copy of Dispersed Earth Sutra, which was the Transfusion Technique Lu Changkong had been using all this time .

Zhongnan Sword Technique was the kind of Transfusion Technique used by Sword Sect . When Jing Yue surrendered to Lu Fan, he had given it to him in exchange for his life .

As to Righteousness Transfusion Technique, Lu Fan had obtained it from interrogating the Confucianists he had later killed .

Besides Transfusion Techniques, there were also two manuals about martial arts techniques: Sword Sect Flying Sword Technique and Bouncing Sword . They were both Sword Sect’s techniques, and Lu Fan now had them thanks to Jing Yue’s shameless contribution when he surrendered .

Now Lu Fan had collected all five of them, and hadn’t wasted any time in doing so .

Lu Fan concentrated his consciousness .

All Method Furnace, which was the size of a hand, emerged on his palm .

A system message popped up .

[Do you want to spend 25 wisps of Spirit Qi to modify and deduce the available Transfusion Techniques and martial arts techniques?]

Lu Fan focused his eyes on the prompt .

“Yes . ”

It was only 25 wisps of Spirit Qi . He could afford it .

In the System Page, 25 wisps of Spirit Qi vanished at once .

The half-visible All Method Furnace on his palm started working, and the manuals on his bed changed . The words, as if they had suddenly come to life, jumped into All Method Furnace one after another .

As it worked, the palm-sized All Method Furnace looked as if it were covered in real flames .

A long while later…

Everything became quiet again .

A system prompt popped up in front of Lu Fan .

[Modification completed . Deduction and improvement of Provided cultivation methods and techniques completed . Level: Earth Level High Grade . ]

The five scrolls lay quietly glowing on the bed .

Lu Fan’s eyes narrowed .

Just as he picked up one of the scrolls and was about to read it…

More system prompts popped up .

[Side quest 1: Deduction of five Transfusion Techniques or martial arts techniques (current progress 5/5, completed) . ]

[Congratulations to the Host on completing [side quest 1], earning 5 Available Points and a Go Manual: Heavenly Go Manual . ]

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