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Chapter 46
Chapter 46: Immortal Cultivation Is Not For Those Without Sincerity

When Lu Fan saw the system prompt, he couldn’t help but be surprised . “For real? Someone successfully refined a second wisp of Spirit Qi?”

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It’d only been three days, yet someone had already refined a second wisp of Spirit Qi from one wisp of Spirit Qi .

The human body actually contains Spirit Qi . Everything in the world has a spirit . The only difference is the amount of Spirit Qi each thing has .

Starting from the day they’re born, all creatures have a natural wisp of Spirit Qi .

Of course, with the passage of years, and the work of metabolism, that one wisp of Spirit Qi gradually wears down and hides in every corner of the body, decaying until it eventually completely fades away .

Under circumstances where there’s no Spirit Qi in nature, the only way to refine Spirit Qi is to rouse and extract the natural Spirit Qi hidden inside the body .

This method was imaginably complicated, which proved how terrifying Xiang Shaoyun’s gift for cultivation was .

[Dao Impartment Platform], though it claimed to have randomly chosen those people, its decisions appeared to have been heavily based on the targets’ gifts .

Because all those chosen by Dao Impartment Platform were pretty much martial arts practitioners .

Of course, this was the case for Nie Changqing, too . He used to be Daoist No . 10 . In fact, the emperor of Great Zhou, Yuwen Xiu, was also a martial arts practitioner .

As for Xiang Shaoyun, he was known as the Conqueror of West County for his almost supernatural strength and agility .

There were rumors that when Xiang Shaoyun was six years old, he was able to defeat a Grandmaster martial arts practitioner with his iron-like fists and his incredible strength . After he started practicing martial arts and the Transfusion Technique for Qi and blood, he started making even more astounding advances .

All in all, Lu Fan had heard that Xiang Shaoyun was absolutely one of the top three strongest martial arts practitioners .

He basically represented the peak of this Low Level Martial World .

“Confirm to withdraw . ”

Lu Fan settled his consciousness and chose to withdraw the one wisp of Spirit Qi .

All of a sudden, in the System Page, one wisp was added to the Spirit Qi stats . The total Spirit Qi went up to 101 wisps .

This could be considered Lu Fan’s first solid step toward Refined Qi Level 3 .

Lu Fan squinted his eyes and excitedly focused his consciousness .

Besides exchanging with his Soul Strength, another primary method for refining Qi was [Dao Impartment Platform]…

Performing Take As Commission had turned out to be super successful .

Lu Fan squinted his eyes at the thought . It seemed the plan of launching the Spirit Qi revival in this Low Level Martial World would start sooner than expected . It would be done by creating a Secret Realm .

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He needed to provide some resources for the chosen ones to enhance their strength .

The stronger these people became, the more Spirit Qi could be gathered, and thus the more Spirit Qi there would be for Lu Fan to harvest .

However, he still needed to do more research on Create Secret Realm and the reflection of the location in reality, among other things .

He withdrew his consciousness .

Inside the Dao Impartment Platform, the Spirit Qi thickened .

And under it, three blurred figures had formed .

The three of them had even been communicating with each other for a while .

Of course, they were all quite cautious during their conversation . None had exposed their true identity . After all, Lu Fan once warned them about doing so .

Waves of Spirit Qi were rolling .

In a haze, the three of them all looked up and saw Lu Fan hunkering in the center of the Dao Impartment Platform, covered by Spirit Qi . To them, he was the Great Immortal Liu .

“It’s our honor to meet with the Immortal again . ”

Xiang Shaoyun and Yuwen Xiu’s eyes blazed with excitement as they clasped their hands together .

Their attitude was the complete opposite from last time .

Nie Changqing was also fired up .

On the platform…

Lu Fan’s figure, surrounded by dense Spirit Qi, appeared extraordinary and ethereal . Expressionless, he glanced at the three of them and remained silent .

The atmosphere was eerily quiet .

It was very uncomfortable, as if bugs were crawling across their skin .

Xiang Shaoyun was the first to give in .

He looked up and turned his fiery gaze to Lu Fan .

“Immortal! It turned out that there really are Immortals in the world! I was so ignorant as to question the Immortal . That was extremely wrong of me . Today, I want to apologize . ”

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Xiang Shaoyun, who was under the platform, said with his hands clasped together . He seemed very sincere .

“Please grant me the Immortal encounter one more time!”

Yuwen Xiu’s face flashed with a sense of urgency as he opened his mouth to speak .


Lu Fan, sitting in a haze of waves of Spirit Qi, stopped Yuwen Xiu before he could say anything .

“Everyone who comes to the place for Immortal cultivation can get one time of Immortal encounter .

“Once the Immortal encounter is granted, you shall not ask for it again . Otherwise, you will be expelled,” Lu Fan said in a calm tone of voice, his words echoing around the Dao Impartment Platform .

The expressions on Xiang Shaoyun, Yuwen Xiu, and Nie Changqing’s faces all changed slightly .

“Great Immortal! You once said that you could help us with the deduction of Transfusion Technique and develop it into a real Immortal cultivation technique . May I beg you…”

Xiang Shaoyun, on the other hand, obviously wasn’t ready to give up so easily .

He had refined the second wisp of Spirit Qi and well understood its advantages, so he knew that the Immortal in front of them wasn’t bluffing .

So he was also well aware of how important it was to have a cultivation method .

Although he had refined the second wisp of Spirit Qi, it was only because of his outstanding talents . It would be challenging for him to keep going without the help of a cultivation method .

After all, the natural Spirit Qi in the human body was limited .

But after Xiang Shaoyun finished speaking…

On the Eight Trigrams Platform…

Lu Fan shot him a glance .

And then casually flicked one of his sleeves .


Under the platform…

Xiang Shaoyun’s figure suddenly blurred as a terrible pressure fell down on him .

Xiang Shaoyun couldn’t stand steady anymore . His knees wobbled, and he almost kneeled down on the ground…

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“You want me to kneel down?!” His eyes bulged with fury . He staggered, resisting the pressure trying to force him to his knees .

He was the Conqueror of West County . He wouldn’t bow down before anyone on earth or in heaven . Even if Lu Fan was an immortal, Xiang Shaoyun still wouldn’t kneel to him .

He was prideful to the bone .

“If you ask for Immortal encounter, you need to show your sincerity . Immortal cultivation is not for those without sincerity . ”

Lu Fan said, emotionless, his figure obscured in the waves of Spirit Qi .

His tone was cold and condescending, as if he were looking down on them as lowly .

Yuwen Xiu and Nie Changqing also sensed the change in Great Immortal Liu .

In this moment, the Great Immortal Liu had finally made them realize what an Immortal was like .

His arrogance and aloofness, as well as his indifference toward all mortals, as if they were nothing, sent a chill down their spines .

Yuwen Xiu was a bit regretful .

If he had known that the first time he came to this place, he would’ve asked the Immortal for deduction of Transfusion Technique .

Then, asking for an Immortal encounter today wouldn’t have been so embarrassing and pathetic .

The terrifying pressure fell on them again .

Xiang Shaoyun’s spine was almost bent .

He looked up with a fierce look on his face, despite the fact that his figure made up of Spirit Qi was blurred .

On the Eight Trigrams Platform…

Lu Fan gave a half-smile .

He focused his consciousness .

Waves of Spirit Qi grew stronger and wilder, and more and more overwhelming .

This time, it wasn’t just Xiang Shaoyun .

Both Nie Changqing and Yuwen Xiu’s legs started shaking under the pressure .

Yuwen Xiu was shocked and furious . He was the emperor…

The ultimate supreme . How could he kneel down?

He couldn’t . He wouldn’t .


In the Dao Impartment Platform, Lu Fan had absolute control .

Under the influence of his consciousness…

The pressure was more terrifying than the Spirit Pressure he created on the Spirit Pressure Chessboard by putting three chess pieces down in a row .

The three men below…

Their resistance didn’t last long . One after another, they knelt down on the ground covered in Spirit Qi .

Especially Xiang Shaoyun, whose legs almost broke on his way down…

It hit Yuwen Xiu and Xiang Shaoyun hard spiritually . How come… they really knelt down?

Nie Changqing didn’t take it too hard . Kneeling in front of an Immortal to ask for Immortal encounter seemed quite reasonable .

If he could learn one or two things from the Immortal, like Young Master Lu Fan’s unbelievable Immortal-level technique of “chess-piece-turned Spirit Pressure,” then it would be more than worthwhile to kneel down .

Xiang Shaoyun, whose whole body was prostrate on the ground, still managed to stubbornly lift his head . His body felt as if it were about to break into pieces under the pressure .

Yuwen Xiu was a little hazy .

In the center of Eight Trigrams Platform…

Lu Fan laughed, as if something had suddenly occurred to him . The sound of his laughter was like a nightingale’s singing in a hollow valley, ethereal and melodious .

“Once you kneel to the Immortal, you’ll get the Immortal encounter .

“Hidden Dragon Ridge of Great Zhou, the beginning of Spirit Qi revival…

“This is your Immortal encounter… Whether you seize it or not is up to you . ”

Lu Fan’s words hit the three men hard, emotionally and spiritually . They all tried hard to figure out where “Hidden Dragon Ridge” was .

But before they could take in the information, the Immortal on the Eight Trigrams Platform snapped his fingers, and a flow of Qi roared toward them like a dragon and crushed their bodies .

The scene before them suddenly seemed to shatter into pieces .

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