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Chapter 171
Chapter 171: A Thin Line Between Buddha and Demon

When Overlord entered the Internal Organs Realm, the Buddhist Monk hadn’t found him a threat .

However, now the Buddhist Monk felt frightened and his chest tightened as the shadow of the Demon Lord turned back .

The Demon Lord glanced at him in front of the Buddha statue .

At that moment, the monk was too afraid to move .

The Demon Lord’s soul had returned from thousands of miles away .

Overlord entered the Internal Organs Realm in the middle of this battle .

The Buddhist Monk started to feel tangible panic .

Overlord’s black ax, covered with Demonic Qi, abruptly chopped the ten feet tall golden Buddha with his palms together and a compassionate look on his face .

Overlord couldn’t break this golden Buddha before, despite trying all kinds of methods .

Yet right now, accompanying the black ax’s movement, Demonic Qi boiled instantly, like drops of water into a hot pot .

A smooth incision appeared on the surface of the golden Buddha like it had been welded in .

Overlord bellowed as the Demonic Qi soared into the air . Blue veins covered his neck and the Demonic Qi swirled continuously above his head!

He was demonized for a moment which previously resulted in him losing a wisp of his soul to the Demon Lord . Now that he entered the Internal Organs Realm, the Demon Lord had returned his soul .

Overlord thought the world seemed to be entirely different now .

He understood something .

It was particularly difficult for him to reach the Internal Organs Realm compared to other cultivators because he was missing a wisp of his soul .

He had to expend more effort and more willpower because of that difference .

That was why he kept failing .

He had charged at the army of fifty thousand soldiers alone and attempted to use that pressure to enter the internal Organs Realm, yet he failed .

He barged through the Dragon Gate Secret Realm and severely injured himself on the iron chain bridge, and yet still could not enter the Internal Organs Realm .

He could only suffer defeat when fighting against the ancient Internal Organs Realm at the Central Palace . Overlord had never felt so useless and aggrieved in his life .

Nevertheless, these experiences built a solid foundation for him even though they were not enough to grant him access to the Internal Organs Realm .

He was going to transform right at this moment .

He was now the strongest candidate to ever enter the Internal Organs Realm!

He had successfully transformed!

Creak, crack…

A shrill sound pierced through the air .

Overlord chopped the golden Buddha into halves with his ax .

Inside, the Buddhist Monk’s face immediately changed . He slapped his palms together and began to chant Amitabha .

However, the shadow of the Demon Lord behind Overlord glanced at him again .

The tactic the Buddhist Monk had been about to use became stuck like a jammed trap mechanism . The Buddhist Monk’s face flushed, and he looked furious .

The Demon Lord turned back to Overlord .


Overlord’s eyes brightened up . He was paralyzed with fear when looking at the Demon Lord for the first time .

It was a sense of powerlessness when faced with inexplicable fear .

The demonic ax cut through the golden Buddha and loped off the Buddhist Monk’s neck .

The enormous strength decapitated the Buddhist Monk . His head flew up high and spun in the air .

The Buddhist Monk’s body remained standing with his palms together .

Overlord beheaded the golden Buddha with his ax!

He landed back on the ground and let out a bellow . The wisps of Demonic Qi wrapped around his body .

In the distance with a mangled butt, Xu Chu watched the scene and roared in excitement .


Around him, the Western Liang’s armored horsemen and the Xiang Family’s Army were also exhilarated!

Their invincible Overlord had returned!

Even though they were faced with the alliance between Guifang and the Maurya Empire, so what?

Western Liang would stand as long as Overlord was here!


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With a terrifying sound, the ground exploded as if torn apart by a savage power .

The blond man from the Guifang tribe couldn’t remain unfazed anymore .

He held up a giant sword made of the blazing white radiance .

Deep ravines appeared wherever the giant sword swung . Crushed rocks flew in all directions!

Overlord turned around and roared .

The shadow of the Demon Lord behind him disappeared .

Overlord was disappointed . He would be much more powerful if the shadow of the Demon Lord continued to be with him .

Nonetheless, Overlord wasn’t too dejected .

He had enough stimulation from the shadow of the Demon Lord previously .

A simple glance from the shadow of the Demon Lord had been enough to paralyze the overbearing Buddhist Monk . It was the deterrence brought by his power .

Long ago, Overlord had kneeled before the Demon Lord and was demonized .

Now, Overlord was able to behead the Buddhist Monk with one look from the Demon Lord .

Naturally, Overlord was astounded .

“I wonder which one is more powerful, the Demon Lord or Young Master Lu?

“After all, Young Master Lu is only human . The Demon Lord is probably the same kind of existence as the mysterious ‘Immortal Liudao’,” Overlord thought to himself .

Either way, he didn’t get to ponder for long . The blond man’s fierce attack had reached him .

The blond man dashed forward .

The soldiers of the Maurya Empire exploded as soon as he moved close to them .

The light sword made of white radiance contained a frightening amount of power .

Overlord raised the blood shield .

The light sword suddenly swung downward!


The blunt force and the destructive strength of the blow made Overlord’s pupils contract .

It would be fine if the Buddhist Monk was the only one who possessed a kind of power unknown to him, but Overlord couldn’t recognize the tactics of the blond man in front of him either .

Overlord was certain that neither the Buddhist Monk nor the blond man in silver armor was from the Maurya Empire or the Guifang tribe .

He had never seen such moves before .

How had Great Zhou with the Hundred Schools of Philosophy defended themselves if the Maurya Empire and the Guifang tribe had this kind of power behind them?

Even the old Overlord wouldn’t have been able to withstand the attack from the Buddhist Monk .

These people… Who on earth were they?

Various thoughts spun inside Overlord’s head .

Then, he was forced backward by the impact . His two legs, wrapped in Demonic Qi, plowed two deep furrows through the ground .

The blond man’s old-fashioned silver armor, engraved with delicate patterns, emitted an eerie glow .

Debris of rock flew into the air . Overlord maintained his stance . The blood shield in his hand was almost sliced in half with a long crack on it .

In the distance, the blond man was taken by surprise .

No wonder the Buddhist Monk y couldn’t defeat this native from the Qi Condensation Realm despite numerous tries but also let him into the Foundation Building Realm .

It turned out…

This native was indeed exceedingly strong!

Blood stained the beige robe of the decapitated Buddhist Monk . The color was particularly vivid in contrast to his red Kasaya .

The head on the ground had its eyes closed .

All of a sudden, the crimson eyes on the head opened .

The Buddhist Monk’s initially slack face turned ferocious .

The head flew up and landed on the Buddhist Monk’s body .

Yet it attached to the monk’s body in the wrong direction—the bald back of his head was facing Overlord .

The blond man glanced at the fierce monk and cracked a wicked smile .

“Hehe… A real fight is coming!

“There is only a thin line between a Buddha and a Demon . ”

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The Dragon Gate Secret Realm in the Dongyan River .

Gusts of snow flurried in the air .

The roiling river didn’t seem to be drying out like it usually did in the winters past .

The Dragon Gate must have affected the climate of the Dongyan River somehow . Spirit Qi coming from the Dragon Gate rushed into the Dongyan River and made it warm like springtime all year round .

Clam dragons dived into the water and made the river surge forward .

Suddenly, two figures walked out of the Dragon Gate Secret Realm in the Dongyan River .

Lv Mudui gently tapped the bottom of his wooden cane on the ground . A young woman wearing a veil walked next to him . Dressed in light yellow clothes, she held a pipa in her arms, her slender fingers pressing on the strings .

“West County…”

Lv Mudui tapped his wooden cane softly . His face was calm and emotionless .

“Mingyue, follow me . ”

“Yes . ” The young woman wearing the veil bowed slightly .

The two walked out of the Dragon Gate of the Dongyan River .

Outside the Dragon Gate .

Startled, the Xiang Family’s Army guarding the gate pulled out their swords and knives immediately .

Lv Mudui didn’t react to them and continued to tap his wooden cane .

“White Jade City Tianji Pavilion…”

Mingyue held her pipa and followed Lv Mudui .

The soldiers of the Xiang Family’s Army were shocked to hear Lv Mudui’s words .

Did these two people come from White Jade City?

Had they come from the other Dragon Gate Secret Realm?

Several generals of the Xiang Family’s Army greeted Lv Mudui with a hand gesture . They weren’t suspicious of Lv Mudui’s identity anymore .

Tianji Pavilion, the former Tianji School, was now under White Jade City’s control .

Who in the world would dare to pose as someone from White Jade City?

White Jade City was the most powerful cultivation group in the world . It had subdued the Hundred Schools of Philosophy and started a new era .

The public worshiped them, feared them, and admired them .

“West County is in trouble . We came to help . ”

Lv Mudui said .

The Xiang Family’s Army was elated by the news .

A fierce battle was going on outside of the Hurao Gate . Many from the Xiang Family’s Army understood the dire circumstances .

The Maurya Empire and Guifang had joined hands to attack at the Hurao Gate .

Many cities in West County would be endangered once the Hurao Gate was breached . Countless people would suffer greatly .

“Senior, please!” a soldier of the Xiang Family’s Army gushed in exhilaration .

He instantly ordered people to prepare the carriage and take Lv Mudui and Mingyue to the Hurao Gate .

The tents stretched across the Dongyan River .

Lv Mudui tapped his wooden cane and Mingyue held her pipa behind him .

Suddenly, the curtain of the biggest tent in the center raised .

A stunning and elegant figure appeared .

Her long, black hair was loose, flowing down her back like a waterfall and her face was striking .

Luo Mingsang had not gone to the Hurao Gate . Afterall, Overlord had left in a hurry .

As if she sensed something, Luo Mingsang looked across the Dongyan River .

She saw Lv Mudui and the young woman in a veil .

Lv Mudui also noticed Luo Mingsang . Seeing her familiar face, Lv Mudui smiled slightly and showed his broken front teeth to her . He bowed his head to Luo Mingsang .

Then he led Mingyue, who seemed to be in a daze, to the carriage that the Xiang Family’s Army prepared and galloped toward the Hurao Gate .

On the giant boulder next to the tent, Luo Mingsang leaned against the entrance of the tent and remained in a light trance .

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South County .

The unbroken spell of wet weather intensified the piercing chill of winter . The raindrops falling down people’s neck made them shiver with a bone-tingling sensation .

Daoist Pavilion, the Tiandang Mountain .

The Dragon Gate on the Star Picking Peak .

Inside the Dragon Gate, a figure dressed in white and carrying a three-foot sword walked out slowly .

The Daoist Nun stood still quietly in front of the Dragon Gate with her robe flapping in the wind . She was surprised to see Jing Yue .

“A disciple of White Jade City,” Jing Yue greeted .

He looked composed when he spoke but inside, he was absolutely thrilled .

How…How awesome!

As the most handsome disciple of the Young Master, he could never diminish the imposing demeanor of White Jade City .

Li Sansui, the Daoist Nun, nodded slightly .

She vaguely remembered Jing Yue . Besides, not many people in the world dared to call themselves disciples of White Jade City .

The two went out of the Dragon Gate .

Xie Yunling sat in the field on the Star Picking Peak . The rain had made the field particularly wet and the air above it humid .

Several disciples from the Daoist Pavilion sat around him and were learning something from Xie Yunling .

Jing Yue carried his sword with him . He had fastened the sword on his back . Somehow, he always thought that everyone was envious of his sword .

“Senior Xie, Old Lv of the Tianji Pavilion deduced that there would be a major disaster in the world . Therefore, I came to South County to help you to resist the enemy,” Jing Yue said .

He looked at Xie Yunling who was sitting right at the center of the Star Picking Peak .

Xie Yunling opened his eyes and smiled .

“Perfect timing . The Daoist Pavilion is about to head to Nanjin City to fight against the enemy . Do you want to go with us?” he asked .

“Yes . ” Jing Yue nodded .

Li Sansui’s Daoist robes flapped in the wind . Her pretty face was solemn .

She returned to the Dragon Gate .

She passed the terracotta warriors’ area and walked to the iron chain bridge . A familiar figure leaning against the iron chain bridge .

“Li Sansi,” she called .

“You should call me brother . How disrespectful . I’m still your brother even though you are now the head of the Daoist Pavilion . ” Li Sansi turned his head and looked at Li Sansui . His voice was tinged with irritation .

“Are you not going to Nanjin City?” Li Sansui asked .

“I’m not going . With the disciple of White Jade City and the formation of His Excellency, Nanjin City will be safe . ” Li Sansi smiled .

He turned and looked to the other side of the iron chain bridge .

“I need to go to North County . There aren’t any good cultivators in North County . Tantai Xuan probably can’t resist the enemy alone,” Li Sansi said .

The brother and the sister stood still and felt the breeze from the Dragon Gate .

After a long time, Li Sansui waved her hand, turned around, and left .

Li Sansi also smiled and turned around . The siblings walked away, their backs to each other . One exited the Dragon Gate while the other stepped on the iron chain bridge .

The Central Palace led to the other Dragon Gates .

Li Sansi found the iron chain bridge leading to Buzhou Peak . He hesitated for a while .

He could faintly see a young woman on the other side of the iron chain bridge . She sat on the bluestone with her eyes closed, holding her legs close to her, head tilted to the sunset and sunrise .

He inhaled a deep breath .

Li Sansi took a step forward resolutely .

Nanjin City in South County .

The Nanman Army was bearing down on the border again .

Along with the continuous battle cries, giant elephants stomped through the grass on the field .

The Nanman soldiers protected figures wrapped in shabby black robes . These figures were like devils on the battlefield and summoned death with a wave of their hands .

They stabbed the soldiers of South County and left them bleeding .

The South Manor Army was fighting at close quarters .

Everyone was covered in blood .

The attack of the Nanman Army was… fierce .

Tang Yimo led the effort himself, like a sharp blade slashing through the Nanman Army . His punches were exceptionally powerful . Any Nanman soldier who received a blow from him was either killed or maimed .

Tang Yimo kept rushing forward . He was deep inside the enemy’s formation from his inexorable momentum .

He pressed on, headed for the figures in black robes .

The figures in black robes noticed Tang Yimo approaching .

Under the black robes, these people had vacant and emotionless eyes .

Some brawny Nanman soldiers blocked his way from the front . These Nanman soldiers too were expressionless, like walking skeletons .

They didn’t understand the concept of pain .

Tang Yimo crushed a person’s head with his fist yet that person seemed eager to land a blow on Tang Yimo instead of escaping the pain .

The figures wrapped in black robes were all chanting something with their mouths .

After a long time, their wooden canes pounded on the ground .


The earth under Tang Yimo’s feet started to tremble and crack .

Tang Yimo eyes widened in disbelief .

He could vaguely make out mysterious and eerie patterns appearing on the ground .

“We fell into a trap!” Tang Yimo bellowed .

He wanted to flee but he discovered countless spikes rising rapidly from the ground .

The spikes formed a cage and sealed him inside completely!

Tang Yimo’s face turned ashen . It would be a devastating blow for the entire South County if he was trapped .

The South Manor Army started to panic at this change of events .

The Nanman Army shouted in jubilation when they saw that Tang Yimo, the pride of the South Manor Army, was caged up .

They charged headlong once more . The South Manor Army was about to be defeated .

Tang Yimo’s eyes were tinged with blood . He kept pounding on the cage!

Every punch landed on the spikes as if he intended to smash the spikes into pieces with his bare hands .

However, nothing happened . The spikes were reinforced immediately by the men in black robes . He only left behind some faint fist marks .

Tang Yimo was truly trapped!

The South Manor Army was easily subdued by the enemy .

Yet at this moment, on the city wall of Nanjin, a figure in white emerged without people noticing .

He exhaled a breath slowly while looking at the hellish battlefield below .

He stretched out his hand and grasped the handle of the sword on his back .

“Jing Heaven Sword, unsheathe . ”

With the sound of metal clanking, Spirit Qi swirled in Jing Yue’s Qi Core .

Holding the sword high, he stepped forward and dropped in front of the city wall of Nanjin .

His hand trembled .

The Jing Heaven Sword started to spin and transformed into five swords in front of him .

He thrust them forward abruptly!

It was just like the numerous times he practiced at the Beiluo Lake .

The sword spirit had been so powerful that it almost tore the lake apart!

Now, containing the five rays of light, the sword spirit dashed forward swiftly .

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