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Chapter 170
Chapter 170: Never Regret Having Demonified, Overlord Achieving Internal Organs

“What? He isn’t dead?”

In Guifang’s army, on the sedan chair carried by eight Guifang warriors, the blonde man was really surprised .

A punch from a bald Buddhist monk in Peak Foundation Building did not kill a man in Qi Condensation Realm?

And that bald Buddhist monk did not hold back at all .

There was a massive gap between Qi Condensation Realm and Foundation Building Realm . The bald Buddhist monk’s punch was enough to break a city wall .

Even an average Foundation Building Realm cultivator could be either maimed or killed, let alone a Qi Condensation Realm cultivator .

“Well, I have to say this man has a tough body…”

Now, the blonde man’s interest was piqued .

The bald Buddhist monk pressed his hands together again after throwing the punch . He was looking at the Overlord indifferently .

He felt like someone was watching him earlier, so he was in a daze, and this man attacked him by surprise .

The man’s axe struck his neck . It really hurt .

His head was almost decapitated . If a cultivator in the peak of Foundation Building Building lost to a mere Qi Condensation Realm cultivator…

If the native people of this world killed a wanderer before he was able to see the Lord of the Plane…

That would be a big joke .

Plus another wanderer was watching from a distance .

However, since he was Buddha, he would forgive this man .

“Amitabha . ”

“Patron has been demonified . I, a humble monk, will rescue you,” the bald Buddhist monk said .

Then he slowly walked toward the Overlord .

The Overlord’s eyes were bloodshot .

He was pushing himself . He was going to break through to the Internal Organs Realm .

Under the tremendous pressure, he sensed the barrier to the Internal Organs Realm breaking .


It was so difficult .


“So what?”

“Xiang Shaoyun has a clear conscience . I was demonified, so what?” The Overlord roared in a low voice .

Since his shield was broken, he was rushing at the bald Buddhist Monk only with his axe .

“Demons are sin . Demons are karmic debt,” the bald Buddhist monk said flatly .

He sounded calm as if nothing around him was a big deal .

The war cries, the splattered blood, and the broken limbs flying around—none of these had to do with him .

The Overlord did not like the bald Buddhist monk . He even was a little disgusted by the latter .


The Overlord had never heard of Buddha .

Yet, now, he had seen one . However, this one seemed to be more annoying than those Confucian students who assumed solemn airs . Maybe it was because this man’s energy was always suppressing his Demonic Qi .

Demonic Qi surged in his Qi Core . It continued to surround the Overlord’s body .

He was demonified on Hidden Dragon Ridge . It was just one thought .

But he did not regret it, and he had nothing to complain because he chose to demonify to be strong enough to protect those who needed his protection .

Even Young Master Lu did not say he had been wrong .

How dare this bald barbarian from the Maurya Empire say he was wrong and sinful?!

Who the heck was this bald barbarian?!

The Overlord snarled .

Suddenly, he threw his axe at the bald barbarian .

Spinning, it tore the air apart and headed straight for the bald Buddhist monk’s head .

“You are not a match for me,” the Buddhist monk said .

He raised a hand . He was vaguely giving off a golden light .

Just then, the axe was stuck on the golden light shield and could not move farther .

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The Overlord kept releasing Demonic Qi . As he jumped, an extremely powerful energy flowed out of his muscular body .


He punched that golden shield . Qi waves fluctuated .

However, the shield was not broken .

The bald Buddhist monk was indifferent . His kasana blowing in the cold, winter wind, he looked at the Overlord with compassion .

“Patron, you are too obsessed . The demon’s spirit has occupied your consciousness . Your pure heart has been ruined . Drop your axe and become a man of virtue,” said the bald Buddhist monk .

Then he stretched the palm of his hand forward .

The Overlord instantly felt a great force had hit him . He was sent flying as if a cannon had shot him .

The bald Buddhist monk reached out to grab the axe .

Sizzle . Sizzle . Sizzle…

Even the axe in his grasp seemed to have black demonic Qi spreading all over the weapon .

“Look, demonic Qi has occupied even your weapon . It killed too many people and has been stained with too much blood . These karmic debts need to be repaid . It needs to be purified . ”

“If you stay demonified, the whole world will suffer because of you,” said the bald Buddhist monk .

Creak .

The bald Buddhist monk tightened his grip on the axe until finally, the weapon broke apart . Its broken pieces fell onto the ground with muffled noises .

In the distance…

When he saw the Overlord got to his feet again, the bald Buddhist monk frowned .

This man was really brave and strong . It would be hard to defeat him .

The Overlord wiped the blood off the corners of his mouth .

He charged forward once more . The Demonic Qi in him was surging . It was fully released from his Qi Core .

The strange blare caused by his Qi and blood raised sands in the air, which flew all over, and then moved stones, rolling them from the ground . He was rushing at the bald Buddhist monk aggressively like an irritated lion .

The bald Buddhist monk pressed his hands together, and he continued moving . And because he was moving, the Overlord’s fist could not hit him at all .

Qi Condensation Realm cultivators are no match for cultivators at the peak of Foundation Building . This massive gap between realms is clearly evident now .

“I’ve seen how dirty this world is from you… This world needs to be purified to become Amitabha’s pure land, to become a Buddhist country where everyone is good and kind,” said the bald Buddhist monk .


“Who the heck are you?”

The Overlord spit, his saliva mixed with blood .

The next second…

The Buddhist monk opened his eyes widely in anger . Behind his back, the golden light cast a blinding light, and then six arms emerged .

The six arms were all thrown over .

All six arms were aimed at the Overlord . Suddenly, the Overlord turned pale . He extended his hands to parry, intending to repel the attack this way .

Dong! Dong! Dong!

Every punch was hefty .

The Overlord fell again and again . But still then he got to his feet again and again .

His armor had been broken .

In the distance…

At the sight of this ongoing battle, every soldier in Xiang Family’s Army opened their eyes widely in anger .

The invincible Overlord in their hearts was being beaten this way by this bald barbarian?!

How could they allow the man they admired most to be humiliated like this?

“Come to me!”

Xu Chu’s eyes widely bulged . Brandishing the two spiked iron balls, he smashed to death a few old monks wrapped in red cloth .

He rushed at the bald Buddhist monk .

“Mayor, let me help you!”

“Baldy, you are courting death!” Xu Chu snarled .

He grasped the middle of the iron chain, as the two iron balls spun at high speed at the periphery . The dreadful wind kept zipping over as they continued spinning .

In this way, Xu Chu rushed at the Buddhist monk in the distance like an enormous pinwheel .

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Every soldier of the Maurya Empire that he passed by were all smashed to death .

The Buddhist monk threw Xu Chu a glance .

Then he raised his hand to flick advancing opponent .


An airflow rushed out .

The two iron balls both exploded .

Xu Chu spat up blood and was sent flying dozens of miles . He flopped onto the ground, and soon, he realized his thigh bones were broken . Even the ground cracked where he had landed . Xu Chu continued coughing up blood . He contorted his face, already black and blue, in agony .

The Overlord jumped up . He seized the chance to punch the bald Buddhist monk in the face .

When the bald Buddhist monk received the punch, he only slightly tilted his head .

A few soldiers from Xiang Family’s Army nearby ran over to help the Overlord .

However, the Buddhist monk’s six arms slapped the advancing soldiers .

And those few soldiers were all killed…

“You see? You being demon will have countless people killed for your sake . ”

“If you convert to Buddhism, there won’t be more killings,” said the bald Buddhist monk .

Then he delivered a massive blow to the Overlord .

This sent the Overlord flying, but this time, he did not fall . Instead, he landed steadily, spitting up blood .

Looking at those dead soldiers from Xiang Family’s Army…

The Overlord flew into a rage .

The red color in his eyes started to tumble .

He was too weak!

He suddenly recalled what he had experienced in White Jade City .


He was forced to kneel down with only a thought from the white-clothed teenager sitting in the wheelchair .

The teenager told him strength was the fundamental thing to keep the world stable and protect everything .

He was always pursuing for strength, but he just could not break through to the Internal Organs Realm .

He killed 50,000 North County soldiers all on his own .

He had himself injured to save his own life and killed the purple smoke couple and went across the iron chain bridge in the Dragon Gate .


He had been so close, but he never achieved it .

But now, after seeing his subordinates who had once drunk and eaten with him dying before him one by one, the Overlord felt extremely sad . That sadness made him feel cold . After the cold feeling, a violent force surged in his Qi Core .

“Demons are destined to end up in tragedy . ” the Buddhist monk said flatly as he looked at the Overlord, who seemed to have gone insane .

“Well, if that’s the case, even Buddha will not take you,” the Buddhist Monk continued .

He was reciting Buddhist scripture . Then, a golden Buddha emerged behind him . It was about ten feet tall . When the Buddhist monk threw a punch, the golden Buddha also threw a punch .

The palm of hand blotting out the sun and covering the sky hit the Overlord instantly .

The ground seemed to crack .

On the second floor of White Jade City Pavilion, Beiluo .

With his crane cloak draped over his shoulders, Lu Fan was cupping one hand around his chin and holding the liquor cup with the other .

“That pressure should be big enough . ”

“It’s really tough trying to break through to the Internal Organs Realm after demonification . ”

“When you make it, I’ll give you back the soul I took from you . ”

Lu Fan shook the liquor cup, swirling the green plum wine around .

Outside of Hurao Gate, West County .

The snow continued to fall . Accompanied by the howling wind, this made people feel piercing cold .

Dead bodies covered the battleground . Knives covered in blood, several Western Liang soldiers stood nearby .

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On the battleground…

A ten-foot-tall golden Buddha appeared out of nowhere, attracting the attention of armored soldiers of Western Liang and also the Xiang Family’s Army and many other people .

In Guifang’s army…

The blonde man smiled .

“It is over . ”

But soon, his smile faded…

Because he found that big guy’s energy was not gone yet .

The bald Buddhist monk’s eyes narrowed, his kasana blowing in the cold, biting wind . The golden Buddha behind him continued to shine brilliantly .

He was still alive after such a heavy blow?

On the ground where the Overlord stood, there was a deep crater in the shape of a palm .

The Overlord’s body seemed to have transformed, and it was now even larger and more muscular .

Black Demonic Qi rose from the cracks on the ground and continued to spread .

The Overlord looked up .

His eyes were completely red .

“Internal Organs…”


The Overlord snarled .

Then, Demonic Qi surged through, rising from within .

At this moment, the Overlord felt he had been back to the battle on the Hidden Dragon Ridge, where he was demonified for the first time .

A Demon Lord appeared, floating in the air, to ask him whether he would like to be demon .

He did not regret .

This day, he was still very sure of his answer . He did not regret being demonified .

“My West County . My army group . ”

“I, Overlord, will protect them!”

The Overlord lifted his hand . Demonic Qi and blood assembled . The demonic Qi turned into a knife, and the blood formed a shield .

The Overlord brandished his new axe and shield, made up of demonic Qi and blood . He rushed at the golden Buddha .

Over the Overlord’s head, a swirl of demonic Qi was spinning .

In Guifang’s army…

The blonde man got to his feet, unable to believe what he was seeing .


“He achieved Foundation Building in the battle?”

“Are the natives of this world insane?”

The blonde man was not feeling good somehow .

If even the natives were so insane, how frightful would the Lord of the Plane be?

The blonde man stomped on the sedan chair .

Then he flew out, stepping on one head after another .

His ragged armor started to shine . He reached out to clutch the air .

Countless lights gathered rapidly .

Soon, a giant brilliant sword emerged in his hand .

Lake Island, Beiluo .

In the misty White Jade City…

A smile tugged at the corners of Lu Fan’s lips . “Nice…”

“He broke through to the Internal Organs Realm after being demonified . That’s really great . He is the strongest Internal Organs Realm cultivator ever…”

Lu Fan nodded . Blowing off steam when one was extremely oppressed would let off a shocking power .

Could a beginner in Internal Organs Realm kill an Elemental Internal Organs cultivator?

Lu Fan was expectant .

According to the golden light, these wanderers were in Peak Foundation Building, that is, Internal Organs with elements produced .

They were even stronger than the ancient Internal Organs Realm cultivator Lu Fan had set in the central palace .

Therefore, it would be quite interesting if the Overlord could kill one of them .

“Since you already achieved Internal Organs, I will give back to you today the soul I took from you . ”

“You don’t regret being demonified . Great . You don’t regret being demonified . ”

Lu Fan smiled .

He got to his feet from the wheelchair slowly .

When he stood up, the white robe he was wearing turned into a black robe .

Lu Fan lifted his hand and flicked .


A semi-transparent beam suddenly shot out from White Jade City Pavilion .

The Buddhist Monk was a little shocked . Breaking through to Internal Organs in the battle was beyond his anticipation .

“You are too demonified . Since I can’t rescue you, I’ll kill you . ”

“Even though you are already in Foundation Building, you still can’t crack my Buddhist body,” said the bald Buddhist monk .

He pressed his hands together . The giant golden Buddha was reciting Amitabha in a grand voice .

Rays of golden light brilliantly shone all over .

Countless red lights were shred .

Not only was the Overlord running madly, but also he was running extremely fast that his legs were seemed invisible, and his eyes were very bloodshot . In one hand, he brandished the black axe with Demonic Qi clinging on it, while in the other, he held the blood shield covered with blood .

He showed up before the golden Buddha .

He showed up over the Buddhist monk’s head .

He waved the black knife . A shocking black ray of light flew out and hit the golden Buddha .

The sound of metals clashing vaguely came . It sounded as if the axe had bumped against a real thing .

“You won’t be able to crack the golden Buddha . ”

Pressing his hands together, the Buddhist Monk was very calm .

The Overlord, whose eyes were already red, was staring at him .

All of a sudden…

The air suddenly rippled .

As if a stone was thrown into the peaceful lake, creating ripples on the surface of the lake .

The Overlord looked up .

A semi-transparent beam suddenly flew over .

It hit the middle of his forehead .


The red color in the Overlord’s eyes dissipated, and they became clear again .

A black figure, with his back facing the Overlord, emerged out of nowhere, as if it was standing between the heaven and the earth .

Demon Lord!

The Overlord was shocked!

Once more, the Demon Lord has shown itself to the Overlord .

The Buddhist monk hiding in the golden Buddha saw the Demon Lord’s shadow . He saw that shadow slowly looking back to face him…

His calmness was disappeared .

And he began to panic .

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