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Chapter 131
Chapter 131: Even the Maid Ni Yu Is So Extraordinary

Stars lit up the night sky . Like flowers competing with one another in beauty, they shone as brightly as they could to outdo the others .

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When the thick clouds dispersed, the moonlight spilled on the ground like a shy girl’s veil, giving everything a stunning, cold silvery sheen…

Much like the woman who walked out of the Dragon Gate . She was as cold and as aloof as autumn chrysanthemums .

Ning Zhao was excited, but she did not show her excitement . Even though she had achieved a breakthrough to the Internal Organs Realm, she was still a little cold and aloof .

She walked across the lake slowly . The night wind stirred the ends of her dress .

Everyone nearby felt a powerful pressure .

A pressure from a realm .

Lv Dongxuan’s white robe was fluttering . The gold beaded necklace around his neck was shining under the moonlight . It was especially eye-catching and brilliant .

He felt he was suffocating due to the powerful pressure released by Ning Zhao .

A cultivator’s first realm was Qi Core .

A cultivator’s second realm was the Internal Organs .

And Ning Zhao was currently in the Internal Organs Realm!

Lv Mudui even knocked the bamboo cane on the ground . His beard blowing, he flushed and opened his mouth widely, showing his front teeth with a wide gap in the middle .

To his surprise, being affected by Ning Zhao’s energy, the Spirit Qi in his body was tumbling out of control…

As if Ning Zhao was an insurmountable mountain .

“This feeling…”

“An oppression caused by a cultivator in the Internal Organs Realm?”

Lv Mudui sucked air through gritted teeth .

Ning Zhao stepped on the lake surface . Since she had just realized the breakthrough, her force was out of her control .

When she took one step on the water surface, the churning of her Spirit Qi caused a several-foot-high water column in the lake .

“Young Master . ”

Ning Zhao came up to Lu Fan, still containing her excitement .

Lu Fan, smiling, flicked his fingers . A wisp of Spirit Qi was released and flowed into Ning Zhao’s body .

Immediately, the restless Spirit Qi in Ning Zhao’s body became stable .

“It’s hard to keep improving . It’s even harder to keep improving in cultivation . ”

“Talent is not the only determining factor . An indomitable spirit and unshakable resolution are actually more important . ”

“Without those, no matter how talented you are, other cultivators with an indomitable spirit and unshakable resolution would sooner or later surpass you,” Lu Fan said slowly .

The wind stirred his hair and his clothes .

Ning Zhao was astounded after hearing this . A smile showed on her face that was covered in blood .

“Yes . ”

Lu Fan nodded .

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He raised his hand, and blue Spirit Qi started to gather in his palm .

With a gentle sweep, the Spirit Qi flowed into the middle of Ning Zhao’s forehead .

What Lu Fan gave her was the cultivation method for Internal Organs Realm .

“The Internal Organs Realm aims to refine the five organs and discover the treasures in the human body . The five organs are the five treasures . This is a key process for a mortal being to transcend . When the ultimate level of the Internal Organs is achieved, elemental Spirit Qi will be produced . Fire comes from the heart, metal from the lungs, earth from the spleen, and so on… Elemental Spirit Qi could significantly increase your fighting power . You won’t be able to brew storms in rivers and seas, but compared to ordinary people, you’ll be extraordinary,” Lu Fan explained .

Ning Zhao was immersed in the cultivation method for the Internal Organs Realm . She let her thoughts fly .

Lu Fan did not interrupt her .

It was essential to know well the cultivation method for the Internal Organs Realm . After all, the Internal Organs Realm was a process of building foundations . If things went wrong with the foundation, then how would a high-rise building be constructed?

Meanwhile, on the Dragon Gate, the little yellow jiao dragon also transformed . By taking in the Spirit Qi storm caused by Ning Zhao’s breakthrough to the Internal Organs Realm, the little yellow jiao dragon transformed into a heavenly dragon descendant immediately .

Lu Fan was delighted . The little yellow jiao dragon looked even more gorgeous . Its body was long and slim, and its wings looked especially stunning . When the now heavenly dragon descendant flapped its wings, a storm seemed to be brewing .

It seemed to notice the look on Lu Fan’s face .

The little yellow jiao dragon stood straight on the Dragon Gate, flapping its wings, as if it was befriending Lu Fan .

Lu Fan burst out laughing . It was a cute dragon .

He shifted his consciousness .

The giant bowl filled with the black jiao dragon’s blood floated in the air before Lu Fan .

The little yellow jiao dragon’s body suddenly became stiff . Feeling the jiao dragon’s energy from the bowl, it hurried to cover its face with its stunning wings .

Lu Fan waved at Ni Yu, who was far away .

“Pot,” Lu Fan said .

A black pot flew up to Lu Fan immediately .

Fortunately, Ni Yu had lots of herbs in stock to refine elixirs . So Lu Fan did not have to purchase any .

He collected several chrysanthemum petals . Heaven Facing Spiritual Chrysanthemums were waving .

Under the moonlight, Lu Fan poured the black jiao dragon’s blood into the pot and then threw in the herbs and the chrysanthemum petals .

Then, he flicked his fingers .

A wisp of Spirit Qi flew under the suspended black pot and started to burn . Heated by the hot fire, the bottom of the black pot turned red immediately .

“Young Master… Are you refining elixirs?” Ni Yu asked, wiping saliva off the corner of her mouth .

Sitting in the Thousand Blades Chair, Lu Fan threw her a glance . His hair and his clothes were blowing .

Why did she ask even though she knew the answer?

Lu Fan did not reply . He turned his head to continue refining elixirs .

Refining Dragon’s Blood Elixirs was much more complicated than refining Gathering Qi Elixirs .

Standing in the distance, Ni Yu took a Gathering Qi Elixir, which still felt warm, out of the satchel at her waist . She put it into her mouth and chewed it as if it was a sugar-coated bean .

At the sight of this, the corners of Lv Mudui, Lv Dongxuan, and others’ mouths twitched .

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Only this girl would eat precious Gathering Qi Elixirs like eating sugar-coated beans .

However, they could do nothing about it . After all, it was Ni Yu who refined those Gathering Qi Elixirs .

Even if she dipped her elixirs in sauces, they could not blame her for anything .

The process of refining Dragon’s Blood Elixirs did not last too long . After all, Lu Fan used Spirit Qi fire to heat the black pot .

Soon, the dragon blood in the pot started to evaporate, and black steam spread all over .

That was the evil energy of the black jiao dragon and its grievance .

Anyone would have a grievance if someone cut his tail open to bleed him in order to fill a giant bowl with his blood .

Dong . Dong . Dong…

In the black pot…

The loud clatters sounded like an explosion or that of big raindrops pattering against the windowpane during a storm .

Ni Yu was even more curious because she smelled a rich aroma in the air .

It smelled like duck blood and vermicelli soup!

Ni Yu’s eyes lit up .


It went quiet in the pot again .

Lu Fan waved his sleeve .

The black pot fell on the ground right away .

“Ni, go to fetch the Dragon’s Blood Elixirs in the pot,” Lu Fan said .

“Yes,” Ni Yu replied immediately .

Then she ran to the black pot excitedly .

She did not mind that they were still hot . She just could not wait . She blew on them . Then, she took a satchel and put all of the red elixirs in the pot inside .

“Young Master, eighteen elixirs have been refined!”

“Young Master, we have a large output as expected!”

Ni Yu’s face flushed from the excitement . She ran up to Lu Fan to give him the satchel .

She did not sneak even one elixir . Without Young Master’s permission, she would not dare .

She was afraid Young Master would beat her to death .

Lu Fan weighed the elixirs in his hand . He picked one of them out . The color was blood red and had patterns similar to what jiao dragons had on their bodies . There were three lines in all…

They were first-grade three-patterned elixirs!

Since he used the black jiao dragon’s blood, these Dragon’s Blood Elixirs were only first-grade elixirs .

If it had been a heavenly dragon’s blood, together with some top-class herbs, he would have refined second-grade elixirs . The higher a heavenly dragon’s level, the more valuable its blood was, and the higher the grade of the refined elixirs would be .

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First-grade three-patterned elixirs were already of relatively good quality .

“Give one elixir to Tianji Pavilion and one to Lil Shuang . Take the others to my father,” Lu Fan said .

Ni Yu responded, “Ah?”

Lu Fan raised his eyebrow . He threw Ni Yu a look . “What?”

“Young Master, that’s it? Won’t you give Sister Ning one? She just achieved a breakthrough . And Sister Yi Yue . She had been cultivating so hard . And me . I’ve been working so hard to refine elixirs…” Ni Yu said .

Lu Fan leaned on the back of his new wheelchair .

“Take one if you want, but Ning Zhao and Yi Yue wouldn’t need them . The benefits of the Dragon’s Blood Elixirs are limited if there is an abundant amount of Spirit Qi in the Qi Core . They’ll just be wasted . ”

The Thousand Blades Chair turned automatically . The silver wheelchair was like the bright moon in the night . Lu Fan’s fluttering white clothes looked pretty elegant .

The wheelchair moved slowly toward the second floor of White Jade City Pavilion .

Very soon, Lu Fan disappeared into the dark night .

Ni Yu was so excited that she beamed . Her eyes were like two crescent moons .

She took one Dragon’s Blood Elixir happily and threw it to Lv Dongxuan .

Lv Dongxuan’s heart beat faster . He took it immediately and wiped it with his clothes with care .

Ni Yu then ran to the large-headed Nie Shuang—who was practicing fist methods under chrysanthemums—and gave him a Dragon’s Blood Elixir too .

Then, despite the pain of seasickness…

Ni Yu found a small boat .

As soon as she got onto the boat, she took out a Dragon’s Blood Elixir happily and put it into her mouth .

She crunched the elixir right away .

After feeling the aftertaste, she frowned .

“It needs a coat of sugar…” Ni Yu murmured .

As soon as she said that…

The elixir instantly turned into a warm current in her stomach . The Spirit Qi in her Qi Core suddenly boiled as if catalyst had been added into it .

Ni Yu’s eyes narrowed to slits as if she could not take it anymore .

Curling her lip, she lifted her butt .

A hot airflow gushed out as loud as a dragon’s roar .

Ripples formed on the lake surface, while the boat swayed as if it had been propelled forward . The boat turned into a white light and sailed out at high speed . Ni Yu couldn’t help but scream her heart out . The boat looked like the brightest shooting star in the night sky…

On the second floor of White Jade City Pavilion .

Lu Fan was sitting in his wheelchair near the railing .

He shook his head after hearing Ni Yu’s loud screams .

Dragon’s Blood Elixirs were used to build foundations, so the less Spirit Qi in the Qi Core, the better .

The more Spirit Qi in the Qi Core, the more intense the reaction to the elixirs would be .

Ni Yu took so many Gathering Qi Elixirs together with this Dragon’s Blood Elixir…

She was indeed Young Master’s favorite .

Lu Fan tapped his fingers on the carved wooden railing .

A soft wind blew by, while he was looking at the glistening water surface and then to the movement of the clouds .

He turned 30 Available Points into Spirit Qi with his mind .

Before him, a system prompt popped up .

[Spirit Qi storage has reached 1,000 wisps, the maximum of Refined Qi Level 2 . Level up?]

Lu Fan instantly stopped tapping .

A smile tugged at the corners of his lips .

With his hands behind his back, Lu Changkong was walking by the white jade rail along the lakeside of Beiluo Lake . He felt the soft breeze brush gently against his cheeks .

Looking at Lake Island, he could vaguely see it shrouded in a thick fog .

Luo Yue was walking next to Lu Changkong with his knife .

“Old Luo, Luo Cheng led our soldiers into the Dragon Gate . How is it going?” Lu Changkong asked .

“About 800 Beiluo soldiers went through the Dragon Gate . But 300 of them died or got injured . Only 11 or 12 managed to gather wisps of Spirit Qi in their Qi Core,” Luo Yue explained with pity .

“It’s not so easy to be a cultivator . It’s beyond our imagination . ”

“Talent matters a lot,” Luo Yue said .

Lu Changkong nodded slightly . “Even martial arts practitioners need great talent to succeed, let alone cultivation…”

All of a sudden…

Lu Changkong raised his eyebrow .

He looked back at the lake .

He saw a white wave approaching at high speed like a white dragon flying at night .

Lu Changkong took a closer look . He found it was a boat at the front of the wave .

On the boat, a naïve-looking teenage girl was curling her lip . Her hair was blowing wildly . The airflow behind her lifted the ends of her clothes .

Luo Yue saw this too . He could not help but exclaim in surprise .

“That’s truly Young Master’s maid . Even the maid Ni Yu is so extraordinary . ”

However, Lu Changkong’s brow twitched .

Why did he feel something was not so right?

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