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Chapter 132: 132
Chapter 132: Level up, Refined Qi Level Three!

“Dragon’s Blood Elixir?”

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Lu Changkong took the satchel from Ni Yu, who had been exhausted . It still had fifteen Dragon’s Blood Elixirs in it .

Ni Yu nodded feebly . She was a little depressed .

Others took elixirs to improve themselves, while she almost died from taking these elixirs…

She almost could not breathe…

Not until then did she recall how the Young Master had warned her before she had taken the elixir . The side effect of Dragon’s Blood Elixirs turned out to be so severe for her .

No wonder he did not let Ning Zhao and Yi Yue take any .

Lu Changkong took one Dragon’s Blood Elixir from the satchel . Observing the crystal red Dragon’s Blood Elixir, he noticed that it had three patterns on it, which moved like small snakes .

“This elixir…”

Lu Changkong fixed his eyes on it . He could feel that the energy contained in the elixir was powerful .

“Young Master said these elixirs are used to build foundations . They can give martial arts practitioners a solid foundation and improve their strengths,” Ni Yu said feebly .

“Young Master refined these elixirs in person . It only has a moderate side effect . ”

Lu Changkong was stunned . A moderate side effect?

Was she serious?

Looking at Ni Yu, quite limp at the moment, Lu Changkong was a little speechless .

“Lord, let a subordinate take one first,” Luo Yue said seriously, cupping his hands .

“Now that since the Young Master refined these, they must be harmless . ”

Lu Changkong did not refuse . He gave Luo Yue the Dragon’s Blood Elixir .

Luo Yue was not a Grandmaster, but he had been stuck as a first-class martial arts practitioner for many years .

Luo Yue put the elixir into his mouth without hesitation .

Soon enough, something was changing in him .

Beads of sweat formed in his head, and then he felt his blood was boiling .

Luo Yue took two or three steps back, roaring in a low voice .

It seemed like energy was gushing out of every pore in his body .

Lu Changkong turned serious when he sensed the tumbling Qi and blood .

Luo Yue’s eyes were bright and clear as if a jiao dragon was tumbling in his pupils .


Luo Yue roared in a low voice .

He turned aside suddenly and threw several punches in a row .

An unreal shadow in the shape of jiao dragon gushed out and hit the white jade rail .

The stone rail was smashed into pieces .

Suddenly, Qi burst from Lu Changkong’s body . He stopped those stone pieces from flying all over .

He also looked excited .

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Luo Yue had just realized a breakthrough!

And it was not an average one . It was a heavenly breakthrough . The power of that punch could even be compared to Lu Changkong’s attacks!

After all, Lu Changkong was a martial arts practitioner who had refined Spirit Qi!

“Young Master said the Lord could use these elixirs to train a team of guards, and they could be Beiluo City’s trump card . ”

Ni Yu’s lips drooped down at the edges .

She was upset . Why didn’t Luo Yue fart after taking the elixir, while she farted in such a shocking manner?

“Good . Good . Good . ”

Lu Changkong’s eyes lit up when he had heard Ni Yu .

“Use Dragon’s Blood Elixirs to train a Dragon Blood Army . Together with the cultivators trained in the Dragon Gate in the Secret Realm… Such an army will absolutely be invincible in the Great Zhou Dynasty!” Lu Changkong said, closing his fist .

Next to him, Luo Yue was feeling uncomfortably hot, but he was as excited as Lu Changkong .

“Old Luo, you and Luo Cheng will be the Dragon Blood Army’s generals! You will lead the army to protect Beiluo and White Jade City!” Lu Changkong said .

Luo Yue knelt down on one knee . Cupping his hands, he answered, “Copy that!”

Lake Island, Beiluo .

It was late and dark .

Sitting straight in the wheelchair, Lu Fan stopped before the rail . He was gazing at the stars in the sky, like an old monk in meditation .

Lu Fan was focusing on the system page at the moment .

[Host: Lu Fan]

[Title: Qi Refiner (permanent)]

[Refined Qi Level: 3 (progress toward Refined Qi Level 4: 1,000/10,000 wisps)]

[Soul Strength: 85 (exchangeable: 0)]

[Physique Strength: 6 (exchangeable: 6)]

[Spirit Qi: 900 wisps]

His Spirit Qi had reached the maximum amount of 1,000 wisps . He was qualified to level up to Refined Qi Level 3 .

In fact, Lu Fan had been expecting Refined Qi Level 3 for a long time .

Lu Fan got 20 Available Points when Li Sansi had reached Internal Organs Realm . The Torch Dragon became a heavenly dragon descendant, so he got 10 extra Available Points . Lu Fan added all of the 30 points to his Soul Strength, and that was converted to more than 800 wisps of Spirit Qi . Together with the Spirit Qi he received from the breakthrough of Li Sansi, Nie Changqing, and Ning Zhao and the Spirit Qi he received from the many cultivators born in the eight Dragon Gates, Lu Fan’s Spirit Qi finally reached 1,000 wisps .

[“A high-rise building needs a solid foundation . Congratulations, Host . You have achieved Refined Qi Level 3 . Your Spirit Qi stock has reached 1,000 wisps . Phoenix Feather Sword and ten seeds of random species of Spirit Weeds awarded . ”]

[“Host has achieved Refined Qi Level 3 . Spirit Qi Deployment range expanded, self-recovery ability strengthened (Spirit Qi, Soul Strength, and Physique Strength), and the method of manufacturing Spirit Stone awarded . ”]

The system prompts kept scrolling down before Lu Fan .

The prompts were about the prizes Lu Fan received .

Lu Fan was pretty satisfied with the prizes he got this time . He was even a little pleasantly surprised .

He threw a careless glance at the prizes . Spirit Qi Deployment range expanded and self-recovery ability strengthened—these two were enough to evoke excitement in Lu Fan .

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His Spirit Qi Deployment range had covered more than half of Great Zhou’s territory .

And now, it had been expanded again… Would it go beyond the Great Zhou Dynasty?

Lu Fan would try it when he had the time .

The benefits of a strengthened self-recovery ability were beyond doubt .

But what made Lu Fan most pleasantly surprised was the method of manufacturing Spirit Stone .

The appearance of large numbers of Spirit Stones would shock the world . The circumstances for cultivation would also be changed entirely .

Spirit Stones functioned similarly to the warriors in Secret Realms that Lu Fan created, but there were no killings or life-or-death situations involved . In fact, cultivators could easily take in wisps of Spirit Qi from these stones .

The efficiency of training cultivators would also be improved .

That was what Lu Fan valued .

The more cultivators were born, the more wisps of Spirit Qi Lu Fan would get, and the faster he would refine Qi .

It would not be a dream anymore to refine 100 levels of Qi .

He contained his excitement .

Lu Fan opened his eyes .

It was late in the night . The wind was a little chilly .

Leaning against the Thousand Blades Chair, he calmed down little by little .

His Soul Strength reached 85 points . Because of that, he felt his mind was clearer and more powerful .

However, Lu Fan felt like he was stuck .

“There could be a quantum leap in Soul Strength… Maybe 100 points will lead to a quantum leap,” Lu Fan said in a low voice .

His fingers were tapping on the armrest of the Thousand Blades Chair .

He figured he should speed up the refining of Soul Strength .

He could try to set up the second strategy in the Heavenly Go Manual .

“Phoenix Feather Sword?”

Lu Fan’s eyes narrowed .

The prize he got for reaching Refined Qi Level 2 was the Spirit Pressure Chessboard . And now that he had reached Refined Qi Level 3, the prize was a Phoenix Feather Sword .


He shifted his consciousness .

An extremely mysterious force that seemed to involve the laws spread throughout .

The great Dao was roaring .

The void was being torn apart .

A dark opening appeared with a dreadful power . A loud phoenix chime came out of the opening .

A long red sword was floating before Lu Fan .

“The sword is called Phoenix Feather . ”

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An airflow caused by a Spirit Pressure stirred Lu Fan’s hair .

Lu Fan’s eyes were very bright, with the sword reflected in them .

The sword did not have a handle . It looked like a phoenix’s tail feather, and it released extremely dreadful energy .

“Interesting . Does this go with my Thousand Blades Chair?”

A light flashed in Lu Fan’s eyes .

[“Phoenix Feather Sword (defective): Heaven Level High Grade Spirit Tool, made of phoenix’s tail feather . ”]

The introduction of Phoenix Feather Sword evoked more interest in Lu Fan . This Phoenix Feather Sword turned out to be defective .

A defective sword was already of Heaven Level and High Grade . If it were complete, would it reach Ground Level?

The new prize made Lu Fan wonder what on earth was behind the system .

However, with his current strength, he certainly would not be able to know what was behind the system .

He always said it was fun to fight the Immortal . It did make some sense . In Lu Fan’s eyes, the system was just like an Immortal .

Lu Fan looked at the red Phoenix Feather Sword and then waved his hand gently .

A red light flashed by . Descending on the right armrest of the Thousand Blades Chair, the red light pushed the silver blades on the armrest aside .

The silver blades Lu Fan refined were only Earth Level Low Grade . They certainly were not a match for Phoenix Feather Sword, so they had to concede .

Lu Fan put his hand on the red armrest . He felt the Thousand Blades Chair had been totally changed .

The Phoenix Feather Sword seemed to have become the leader of the 1,000 blades that comprised the Thousand Blades Chair .

Lu Fan breathed out .

He fixed his eyes on another prize, seeds of random species of Spirit Weeds .

Lu Fan still remembered how the ten Heaven Facing Spiritual Chrysanthemums made the Spirit Qi on Lake Island nourishing .

And now, he had new plant seeds .

He raised his hand to hold .

Then he spread his hand . A green seed called Biluo Peach Blossom lay still on the palm of his hand .

“Peach blossoms…”

“The peach blossoms on the island died not long ago . Now I have these seeds . ”

“Well, only having chrysanthemums on the island does look a little ugly . The peach blossoms will add some flavor to the island . ”

Lu Fan smiled .

He shifted his consciousness .

Instantly, ten seeds floated before Lu Fan .

He raised his other hand . The long sleeve of his white robe slipped down . He flicked the ten seeds gently with his long fingers .

The ten seeds flew out immediately in the shape of flowing light .

There were chrysanthemums on one half of the island, while peach blossoms on the other half .

Those peach blossom seeds have been sowed .

They broke through the soil right away . Madly taking in Spirit Qi, they started to grow . Taking root in the soil, their branches extended, and green leaves grew out .

One by one, the buds popped out on the branches, waiting to bloom .

In an instant, the Spirit Qi on Beiluo Lake Island became richer and more nourishing .

South County .

At daybreak…

Tang Xiansheng had changed into some luxurious clothing and got onto his luxurious carriage .

“Yimo, do you want to accompany your father to the capital city?”

Tang Xiansheng looked at Tang Yimo with affection .

Tang Yimo was wearing a poker face . Tang Xiansheng’s intention was obvious . He wanted Tang Yimo to go with him because he needed the latter to ensure his safety .

However, Tang Yimo did not reject his father’s request .

Tang Xiansheng told some maids to send many satins and silks and valuable jewelry to his mother and his sister .

Tang Xiansheng even went to his mother’s room to talk with her .

Tang Yimo, lying on the roof with a weed in his mouth, saw how happy his mother and his sister were .

That was why he agreed to go to the capital city with Tang Xiansheng .

“Okay,” Tang Yimo said .

Tang Xiansheng was pleased .

Tang Baiyun cupped his hands at Tang Xiansheng with respect .

“Yun’er, put effort into expanding the South Manor Army . When I come back from the capital city, I hope the South Manor Army will grow to 100 soldiers . ”

Tang Xiansheng told Tang Baiyun .

Tang Baiyun nodded and then bowed .

Tang Xiansheng did not say more . He told his servants to prepare his luggage . Then he told the coachman to set out for the capital city .

Tang Yimo was riding a red horse next to the carriage .

South County Mayor Tang Xiansheng went to the capital city in person .

This news spread far and wide as soon as he left Nanjiang City .

Tang Xiansheng was famous for being too afraid of death .

However, Tang Xiansheng went to the capital city in person . Although he had never accused the Imperial Advisor in public, some of his actions actually echoed that of West County .

Once he went to the capital city, if the young emperor imprisoned him brutally, Tang Xiansheng would be half dead .

After all, the capital city was not under Tang Xiansheng’s influence .

Therefore, many people did not understand this move of his .

However, some people smelled danger .

Tang Xiansheng might have gone to the capital city to deal with West County and North County…

South County had never meddled in the wars between Great Zhou and West County and North County . But now, South County was finally going to participate .

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