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Chapter 126: 126
Chapter 126: Does Young Master Lu Like Chicken Soup?


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Looking at the stone face that amassed from those terracotta warriors’ broken pieces floating in the sky, Li Sansi trembled .


The Immortal who created those Dragon Raising Sites?

A dreadful pressure was spreading around the Dragon Gate . It was so oppressive that the air felt like sticky mud, and Li Sansi could not even move .

Zhu Long had turned her body into a dragon . Coiling up herself on the ground, she looked terrified and panicked like a child who had made a mistake .

Lu Fan, who possessed the giant stone face, was looking indifferently at the Torch Dragon and Li Sansi, who was kneeling in the distance .

Although luck was a part of strength, Li Sansi’s breakthrough to the Internal Organs Realm was not merely because of luck .

If it were another person that had been tortured by the Torch Dragon this way, he might have gone mad or shattered into pieces .

After all, not everyone could handle the pain of being filled by Spirit Qi like an overfilled balloon .

He took his eyes off Li Sansi .

He drifted his attention to the Torch Dragon .

Li Sansi felt relieved when he had sensed the Immortal had looked away .

Although he had been beyond the Qi Core Realm, he was still as small as an ant before the Immortal .

It was true .

In the eyes of the Immortal, he was like an ant indeed .

The Immortal literally never paid any attention to him .


The stone face was pressing down slowly…

To approach the Torch Dragon .

The Torch Dragon was lying on her stomach on the ground, feeling even more nervous and scared .

She seemed to know that using Li Sansi to evolve to a real dragon descendant had violated some rule established by her “dad . ”

Therefore, she was frightened .

She was afraid her “dad” would take her back to remake her .

Lu Fan looked at the Torch Dragon lying down there quietly . To him, the Torch Dragon was the key to make Wuhuang Continent a High Level Martial World or even an Ultimate Fantasy World .

A Torch Dragon in Great Completeness would be very fearsome .

Lu Fan did not intend to blame the Torch Dragon . After all, she did what she had to do in order to evolve into a real heavenly dragon descendant .

And she helped Lu Fan finish his task sooner than expected .

All unique creatures had their own peculiarities and autonomy .

Lu Fan did not need to oppress those peculiarities or autonomy .

The Torch Dragon or the Black Dragon—who was getting more and more violent—were both created by Lu Fan . No matter how far they went, deep inside, they still held Lu Fan in awe and feared him .

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That was why Lu Fan was not afraid to leave the eight dragons in different parts of the world .

It was true that he was going to transform the world, but he was not going to limit any creature’s activities to a circle he drew on the ground or hinder their natural instincts .

After all, he was only one person . What he could do was spread the seeds of transforming the world and let those seeds take root and grow .

However, he still needed to frighten the Torch Dragon for what she had done…

Not only the Torch Dragon but also Li Sansi .

Cultivation was cultivation . It was not okay for him to take advantage of loopholes .

“This mustn’t be repeated,” the stone face said .

A dreadful voice pealed out and filled the whole area around the Dragon Gate .

The Torch Dragon, lying prone on the ground, let out a scared gasp as if she had been wronged .

Li Sansi was kneeling on the ground . His pupils constricted, as beads of cold sweat covered his forehead .

The stone face only said four words, but the pressure almost made him unable to breathe .

Lu Fan glanced at Li Sansi .

Then the Immortal gradually disappeared .

Stones started falling to the ground and then vanished like snow melting in the spring . One by one, terracotta warriors appeared once more .

The pressure that had been spreading all over the Dragon Gate was also gone .

Li Sansi straightened his body up little by little .

He looked at the Torch Dragon in the distance .

The Torch Dragon waved her tail to help roll up Li Sansi .

Despite his attainments as an Internal Organs Realm cultivator, he still could not handle the sweeping motion of the Torch Dragon’s tail .

Feeling somewhat lightheaded, he was suddenly thrown out of the Dragon Gate and fell outside the deep cave .

After steadying himself up, Li Sansi leaped to his feet .

Holding his wooden sword, he took two steps forward, intending to go back into the cave . However, as soon as he moved, two eyes—one black and one white—showed up in the cave .

Li Sansi felt the threat of death .

His body froze .

He took a step back in the end .

Glancing at the bones at Buzhou Peak, he let out a deep sigh .

He walked to the bluestone and then wiped the blood off the stone . Standing with the wooden sword, he sat down on the bluestone, gazing at the sun in the sky . His hair was blowing quietly in the wind .

Bamboo house behind the mountain, Daoist School .

Li Sansui pushed the door open . Standing at the door, she stepped aside to let Nie Changqing in .

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Nie Changqing walked inside the bamboo house . Every step he took felt like he was lifting heavy steel boots weighing thousands of kilograms .

He was very nervous . He was neither bighearted nor aggressive as when he cut the Daoist School’s main gate open anymore .

The bamboo house was shabby . And inside, except for a bamboo table and a bamboo mat, the house was almost empty .

A Daoist nun wearing a Daoist robe and a kerchief was sitting quietly on the bamboo mat…

As pretty and as tranquil as a fallen autumn leaf .

“Ru’er,” Nie Changqing called her .

His voice, a mixture of nervousness and joy, lingered inside the bamboo house .

However, no one responded .

Li Sansui, standing at the door of the bamboo house, curled her lip . Her eyes were melancholy .

Nie Changqing came up to the Daoist nun . However, he saw her, glassy-eyed, sitting on the bamboo mat quietly with her head tilted .

Clouds of dust flew over the bamboo mat .

He saw two words carved on the mat…

Qing and Shuang .

The emotional look on Nie Changqing’s face suddenly became tender .

He called the Daoist nun’s name in a gentle voice .

However, the Daoist nun lifted her head rigidly . But then the confused look in her empty eyes broke Nie Changqing’s heart . She threw Nie Changqing a look, and then she tilted head again .

“Brother Nie…”

Standing at the door, Li Sansui intended to explain to him what had happened .

However, Nie Changqing only waved his hand .

“Don’t . ”

Nie Changqing was very gentle . He put his hand on the Daoist nun’s head lightly .

“Ru’er, let’s go home . ”

“Lil Shuang is waiting for us to go home . ”

Li Sansui was slightly surprised .

“For me, a closure is better than no closure…” Nie Changqing said calmly .

But there was a hint of annoyance mixed in his calm voice .

He carried the Daoist nun on his back . The Daoist nun did not resist . Her head was still tilted . She was even playing with Nie Changqing’s hair .

Carrying the Daoist nun on his back, he clomped out of the bamboo house . Li Sansui did not try to stop him .

When sunlight shone through bamboo leaves, Nie Changqing could not help but squint .

Suddenly, Nie Changqing stopped .

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Without looking back, he said to Li Sansui in a calm voice with his back facing her, “Sansui, you don’t belong here . You should go to Beiluo . ”

It was the second time Nie Changqing said that to her .

Li Sansui was astounded . She had been feeling more complicated at that moment .

Then, carrying the Daoist nun on his back, Nie Changqing reached for the butcher knife he was carrying at the waist . He unsheathed it slowly .

However, he pointed it at the other bamboo house .

Gazing at that bamboo house calmly, he said, “Philosopher, I came to take Ru’er back . Besides that, I also have a task assigned by Young Master . ”

“Take my wife back, and… Eliminate Daoist School . ”

Nie Changqing’s voice startled the birds in the quiet bamboo forest .

Li Sansui’s pupils slightly constricted when she had heard that .

However, what seemed more incredible to her was that the door of the bamboo house, which had been shut for a long time, was suddenly open .

An old voice came from the bamboo house .

“I have a formation . If Young Master Lu from Beiluo can crack it, Daoist School can join White Jade City, just like Tianji School . ”

His old voice was a little hoarse .

A hunchbacked man walked out of the bamboo house .

Carrying the Daoist nun on his back, Nie Changqing looked at that hunchbacked man . His unshaven face looked emotionless .

“Young Master doesn’t need to do it in person . To crack the formation, I will be enough,” Nie Changqing said .

He sounded resonant and determined .

The Spirit Qi in Nie Changqing’s Qi Core suddenly became active .

After the knot in his heart had been untied, there was an indescribable change in him .

Around Nie Changqing, the fallen bamboo leaves instantly began to spin in the air, although there was no wind at all .

Beiluo City .

In an inn…

Chi Lian pushed the old wooden window open and fixed it with a wooden stick . Sunshine spilled through the window, as a cloud of dust danced in the sunlight .

“Sister Chi Lian, when on earth will Uncle Jiang come to Beiluo?”

A lazy voice came from the room .

Bai Qingniao, crouching in front of a basket of baby chicks, was playing and speaking with them .

“It has been days . Uncle Jiang hasn’t come to Beiluo…”

Chi Lian was looking at the hustling, bustling street of Beiluo City . Her eyes were sparkling .

Leaning against the window, she looked at Bai Qingniao . “Qingniao, pack your things now . We’ll go to Lake Island to visit Young Master Lu . ”

Bai Qingniao raised her head right away, surprised .

The chick Lil Phoenix One popped its head out of her collar . With its head drooping, it was slightly panting .

“Are we not going to wait for Uncle Jiang?”

Bai Qingniao curled her lip .

Chi Lian shook her head . “No…”

“The Lord went to the capital city . He accepted a position there . He is leading the army to protect the capital city . He won’t make it to Beiluo for now, but I’ll try my best to finish what the Lord told me to do . ”

Bai Qingniao looked pretty disappointed .

“Okay . What should I prepare for our visit with Young Master Lu from Beiluo?”

“Does Young Master Lu like chicken soup? I can make some chicken soup for him . ”

Bai Qingniao said, “It’s said Young Master Lu from Beiluo is really bad-tempered . Will I really become his apprentice?”

“Sister Chi Lian, I won’t see Uncle Jiang anymore if I join White Jade City, will I?”

Bai Qingniao just did not stop speaking .

Chi Lian did not bother answering her anymore . She turned her head to look out of the window .

It was true . Rumor had it that Young Master Lu from Beiluo was unpredictable and hard to read .

How to impress him then?

Chi Lian suddenly thought of something . She turned to look at Bai Qingniao and then fixed her eyes on Bai Qingniao’s plump breasts .

Bai Qingniao was dumbfounded . She looked away, covering her chest with her hands vigilantly .

Chi Lian’s look was very gentle . “Qingniao, that chick of yours… It’s really nice . Maybe we can impress Young Master Lu with that . ”

Bai Qingniao felt relieved as soon as she heard that . She pulled Lil Phoenix One out of her collar .

“Making chicken soup with Lil Phoenix One? I can’t do that…”

Bai Qingniao curled her lip .

Bai Qingniao lifted Lil Phoenix One, though the chick had been really drowsy . Its head had been drooping . But suddenly, feeling a freezing wind brushing by, its chicken butt tensed up involuntarily .

Chi Lian pulled a long face . “What else does this girl know other than chicken soup?!”

“How can chicken soup be compared to this baby chicken?”

“Besides, do you really think Young Master Lu from Beiluo will care about your chicken soup?”

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