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Chapter 125
Chapter 125: At First, Li Sansi Did Not Want To Do That

“Congratulations, Host . You have constructed the Secret Realm and trained the first cultivator in the Internal Organs Realm . A stage improvement has been achieved . 20 Available Points and Tool Refining Manual awarded . ”

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Leaning against the carved wooden rail, Lu Fan suddenly felt a strand of hair on his forehead stirring . A system prompt popped up before him .

Lu Fan was dumbstruck .

“Someone broke through to the Internal Organs Realm?”

Lu Fan was pleasantly surprised .

“Was it Overlord?”

“Or Ning Zhao?”

In Lu Fan’s eyes, these two were the most likely to break through to Internal Organs first .

Ning Zhao had been stuck at the peak of the Qi Core Realm for a long time .

And Overlord’s Demonic Qi had been soaring since he had turned into a demon . He had been questing for the ultimate pressure of all the time to achieve the breakthrough at Internal Organs .

Thus, it was these two who had the best chances of reaching the Internal Organs Realm .

He ignored the prompting of the system .

Lu Fan’s white robe was fluttering . Lines were dancing in his eyes .

But soon, he became a little puzzled .


In the Secret Realm in Dongyan River, standing on the floating sky island, Overlord looked into the distance . He had wounds all over him . Although his Qi was fluctuating, there was no sign of a breakthrough to Internal Organs .

It was not Overlord then…

Lu Fan raised his eyebrow . If not Overlord, then it must be Ning Zhao?

He diverted his attention to the Dragon Gate Secret Realm at Beiluo Lake .

However, he found Ning Zhao still desperately fighting . Her white dress had been stained with blood . Although she was already on the verge of a breakthrough, she was not there yet .

It was not Ning Zhao, either!

Neither Ning Zhao nor Overlord had made a breakthrough to the Internal Organs Realm!

Then who could that be?

Suddenly, Lu Fan’s curiosity was piqued .

He straightened up . He focused his attention on the Spirit Pressure Chessboard . There was powerful Spirit Qi secretly crisscrossing .

He traced the energy given out by the Internal Organs cultivator .

And he found…

That the energy came from the Dragon Gate at Buzhou Peak .

Lu Fan was struck dumb .

Buzhou Peak…

“Li Sansi?!”

Li Sansi was dumbfounded because this was not the breakthrough he wanted .

He, Li Sansi, ranked first in the Daoist School, had sat on a black ox and with a wooden sword and recaptured several cities occupied by barbarian soldiers alone .

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How could he reach a breakthrough in such a manner?

At Buzhou Peak, Li Sansi fought Tantai Xuan’s thirty thousand soldiers alone with a wooden sword . All his Spirit Qi had been consumed in the end . His Qi Core was almost empty .

However, he still could not push back Tantai Xuan’s army .

But when Li Sansi had been ready to die, he found a teenage girl with strange eyes, one black and one white, in the cave at Buzhou Peak . Under her gaze, numerous soldiers died as if they had been weathered . Their bones were the only things left in the end .

Li Sansi had survived .

Not only did he survive, but he was thrown through the Dragon Gate Secret Realm by the teenage girl “Zhu Long” .

In the Dragon Gate Secret Realm, Li Sansi experienced something incredible .

He fell among a crowd of terracotta warriors . These warriors were well-carved and very vivid .

However, they were very spooky .

Their eyes had been shut, but all of a sudden, Li Sansi saw them open .

A warrior unsheathed its terracotta sword .

He had no Spirit Qi left in his Qi Core . Totally exhausted, Li Sansi arrived at the biggest crisis of his life .

He was on the brink of being decapitated by a terracotta knife .

At that moment, a scaled tail swept over .

The terracotta warrior was full of cracks after getting whipped . It fell down before Li Sansi .

The scaled tail swept again . The same thing happened to all of the ninety-nine warriors .

Then the scaled tale disappeared .

The teenage girl, Zhu Long, had walked out of the darkness with her eyes shut . She gestured for Li Sansi to smash those warriors into pieces with his wooden sword .

At first, Li Sansi did not want to do that . All he wanted at the moment was to lie down . He did not want to move at all .

However, when Zhu Long, with her eyelashes fluttering slightly, looked like she was going to open her eyes and turn him into a pile of bones as well, Li Sansi compromised .

He unsheathed his wooden sword and knocked a warrior down .

The warrior broke .

A wisp of Spirit Qi flowed out of the warrior and into Li Sansi’s body .

His empty Qi Core gulped the Spirit Qi immediately like a starving beast .

It happened once, so it would happen many times again .

Li Sansi broke the warriors by knocking them with his sword .

Ninety-nine wisps of Spirit Qi all flowed into his body . He sat down cross-legged to refine his Spirit Qi .

The Spirit Qi in his Qi Core was restored . More than that, by refining sixteen wisps of Spirit Qi in his Qi Core, he achieved the great completeness of the Qi Core Realm .

However, that was only the start .

Zhu Long had turned into a dragon . She kept whipping the terracotta warriors until they were on the verge of breaking and then threw them to Li Sansi .

For Sansi to break them .

“Enough . Enough . ”

Li Sansi was almost speechless .

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However, Zhu Long did not listen to him at all . she just faced him with her eyes shut, eyes fluttering like she was about to open them .

Then, Li Sansi picked up his wooden sword obediently and knocked the warriors into pieces .

Again . And again, and again .

Spirit Qi kept flowing into Li Sansi’s body until he almost exploded .

In the end, Li Sansi had got used to it .

When he had knocked the last batch of terracotta warriors into pieces with his wooden sword, Li Sansi flushed . It looked like Spirit Qi was even gushing out of his nostrils .

Zhu Long did not stop until then . Finally, she stopped forcing Li Sansi to take in more Spirit Qi .

She took Li Sansi to the iron chain bridge .

Despite Li Sansi’s shaking head, she threw him onto the bridge .

Purple smoke rose from the cauldron in the sunlight .

Two wisps of purple smoke curled up and turned into a couple holding swords . Li Sansi was shrouded in the light of the swords . They gave Li Sansi such a good beating that he kept screaming .

He was not ready to deal with such terrifying enemies .

However, he had an abundance of Spirit Qi in his body . After some blows were exchanged, Li Sansi found, much to his surprise, that he was actually good enough to fight them!

The Spirit Qi that had gathered in his body flowed into his muscles, his limbs, and his bones while he fought .

When Li Sansi had finally begun to enjoy the fight, he was pulled off the iron chain bridge by Zhu Long .

It was those cracking terracotta warriors lying on the ground in front of Li Sansi again .

Li Sansi was dumbstruck .

Threatened by Zhu Long, he had to knock those terracotta warriors into pieces with his wooden sword again .

When he had enough Spirit Qi in his body, he was thrown back onto the iron chain bridge by Zhu Long .

This repeated over and over again .

Eventually, Zhu Long even decided that the purple smoke couple was too weak .

So, she replaced them with herself .

She turned into a Torch Dragon .

Her scaled tail kept whipping at Li Sansi .

“Unless we burst, we shall perish in silence . ”

It was the perfect phrase to describe how Li Sansi was feeling at that moment .

While he was getting whipped over and over by the Torch Dragon’s tail, the Spirit Qi he had taken in completely was absorbed into his body .

Under the incessant pressure, Li Sansi was on the brink of bursting out .

He snarled and growled with his head lifted . He ripped his azure Daoist robe into pieces .

As if his soul had been liberated, Li Sansi thought he could see inside his physical body as well as the state of his internal organs .

The Spirit Qi in his Qi Core was like overflowing water . It flowed into his internal organs, limbs, and bones .

Zhu Long had turned back into a teenage girl . Knowing Li Sansi had reached a breakthrough, she clapped her hands with joy .

Buzz .

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Li Sansi sat cross-legged on the iron chain bridge . Spirit Qi gathered over his head and spun at high speeds into a swirl . It flowed into Li Sansi’s body while spinning around him, giving Li Sansi’s skin a crystal luster .

Zhu Long chimed happily .

She turned into a Torch Dragon, breathing in the Spirit Qi given out by Li Sansi’s body .

The Torch Dragon began to evolve . A powerful fluctuation of Spirit Pressure begun to spread .

It was in this way that Li Sansi achieved a breakthrough to the Internal Organs Realm .

Riding on Zhu Long’s tail like a captive, he became an Internal Organs cultivator before he even knew it .

However, Li Sansi had not wanted that .

Lake Island, Beiluo .

Lu Fan was sort of speechless .

That could work?

The Torch Dragon was really the most special among the eight heavenly dragon descendants . Even Lu Fan could not interfere with her behavior too much .

Of course, Lu Fan could also see the incident this way—the Torch Dragon had been using Li Sansi to evolve into a dragon descendant .

Li Sansi’s breakthrough was just an accident .

“Luck is a kind of strength, too!” Lu Fan exclaimed .

Overlord and Ning Zhao could not complain .

After all, Li Sansi rode on the Torch Dragon’s tail with a flute melody and a pot of good wine .

“Congratulations on finishing the side quest: If Phoenix Is Already Here, Will Heavenly Dragon Be Far Behind? You have created a Dragon Raising Site and cultivated the first heavenly dragon descendant, the Torch Dragon . ”

“10 Available Points and Dragon’s Blood Elixir Refining Manual awarded . ”

A system prompt popped up again and kept rolling before Lu Fan .

Lu Fan squinted involuntarily .

The task was completed .

The goal to create Dragon Raising Sites had finally been achieved .

However, the Torch Dragon becoming a heavenly dragon descendant was only the beginning . Other dragons also had to evolve into heavenly dragon descendants .

At last, Lu Fan decided to check out the awards he received .

Lu Fan had gained a lot this time . He received thirty Available Points . The first cultivator in Internal Organs Realm and the first heavenly dragon descendant won him thirty points in all, namely, three hundred wisps of Spirit Qi .

And the extra awards, Tool Refining Manual and Dragon’s Blood Elixir Refining Manual were a pleasant surprise for Lu Fan .

Lu Fan did not open his extra awards immediately .

He took a chess piece out of its box and stroked it lightly .

Then, a wind suddenly lifted his white robe, and he released a dreadful Spirit Pressure .

Lu Fan placed the chess piece back on the chessboard .

Dragon Gate Secret Realm, Buzhou Peak .

Li Sansi reached the Internal Organs Realm . He had arrived in a new world . He felt like his soul was much stronger . He could even control his wooden sword and make it float in the air simply with his mind .

Every movement of his seemed to be extremely destructive and dreadful .

“Is this a new realm? It’s beyond Qi Core?”

Li Sansi sucked air between his teeth .

He never thought he would this strong one day!

He looked into the distance .

And he was awestruck .

The Torch Dragon, who was once a teenage girl, had also begun to change .

Her scaled body kept shrinking, whirling like a long snake .

Finally, at the center where it was whirling, red hair hung down .

A pretty face that was no longer childish emerged, surpassingly beautiful, and extremely attractive .

Such a change, to put it more simply, was like Ni Yu growing into Ning Zhao overnight .

Li Sansi was dumbstruck at the sight .

The teenage girl, Zhu Long, who had transformed from a snake, looked at Li Sansi .

Her small smile was so pure that Li Sansi felt himself feeling attracted to her . Even his meridians became obstructed .

Li Sansi’s eyes widened .

He saw, behind Zhu Long, one after another terracotta warriors breaking into pieces without any sign of interference .

Controlled by an invisible power, these broken pieces floated into the sky . Stones were rolling with heavy noises .

In the sky behind Zhu Long, these pieces formed a giant spooky human face .

Li Sansi took one look at it and instantly felt his soul, which had just been enhanced, burn as if he had been hit .

He bled from his mouth and nose .

The tremendous pressure was intended to force Li Sansi onto his knees .

Li Sansi roared in a low voice . His ragged azure robe was fluttering . His back was straight . He had been beyond Qi Core Realm, there was no way he would kneel down easily .

He wanted to fight the pressure .

The Torch Dragon transformed back to her true body .

With her slim body turning, the teenage girl shut her eyes tightly . She seemed nervous and uneasy .

Like a child who had made a mistake and was waiting for her parents to pronounce punishment .

“Da… Dad!”

Li Sansi, fighting the overwhelming pressure, heard the Torch Dragon’s voice for the first time .

Immediately, he was distracted and gave away .

His knees buckled and he was forced to the ground .

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