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Chapter 185 - Cloud Movement


With a flip of his right palm, the liquid ball wrapped in flames touched the "Blazing Metal".

Immediately after, the melted "Phoenix Flame Essence" completely fused with the iron ore at an astonishing speed and continued to expand. After a short span of three to four breaths, the scattered "Phoenix Flame Essence" seemed to have transformed into a vivid phoenix.


With the strong and fierce heat pushing it, the phoenix also trembled slightly. From Mu Yan's perspective, it seemed as if the phoenix was about to spread its wings and fly away. At almost the same time, a cry came out from the phoenix.

"He's here!" Mu Yan bit her lips lightly as her beautiful eyes widened.


The moment Feng Ming's voice fell, a loud and clear dragon cry immediately reverberated out, and in the next moment, the five small golden dragons that were roaming around seemed to be attracted, and they all moved closer to the phoenix at the same time.

Not only that, the five golden dragons were also closing in on each other.

When it approached the phoenix's head, it had already fused into one, turning into a small golden dragon that was almost the same size as the phoenix.



The dragon cry and Feng Ming's voice matched each other, and the moment this voice sounded, the dragon mouth and phoenix beak had already made contact, as though they were a couple kissing.

"Sure enough!" Seeing this scene, Mu Yan's heart was filled with an unexplainable joy.


He then moved the [Obsidian Iron] to his left palm, but the flame did not extinguish. Instead, it became even more intense and violent. On Tang Huan's right palm, the flames had converged but the Genuine Qi was surging like a violent storm and it contained an incomparably scorching heat.

"Bang!" "Bang …"

Immediately after, knocking sounds continuously resounded in the secret room. Tang Huan's right hand kept hitting that huge piece of "Obsidian Iron" continuously, rising and falling, sometimes fast and sometimes slow. That sound was also sometimes strong and sometimes weak, as though a strange melody was lingering in the air.

Mu Yan let out a long breath, and a slight smile appeared on his face. This was what forging was called, once the forging was done, the weapon would be the elementary artifact slab.

Relatively speaking, forging an embryo using an instrument such as an iron hammer was much easier, but it would take a much longer period of time.

Directly using Genuine Qi to complement the flames would shorten the time but would also be more difficult.

The better the iron ore, the better it was.

Of course, this was only for the other Weapon Refiner s. Tang Huan possessed the "Nirvana Sacred Fire", so it was impossible for him to forge the "Everlasting Gold" with just his hands. However, this "Blazing Metal" was not difficult for him. In comparison, this step should be the simplest for Tang Huan.

The following situation completely verified Mu Yan's guess.

That huge piece of "Blazing Metal" continued to change its shape under Tang Huan's attacks. In less than half an hour, a spear had already been formed in Tang Huan's hands.

The body of the spear was more than two meters, while the head of the spear was over two feet.

The spear head had a beautiful curve, like a phoenix's tail, and near the spear head, two curved blade thorns extended out from both sides, like a pair of slightly spread wings. Behind the spear head, the spear head started to quickly shrink, looking like a phoenix that was flying in the sky.

It looked just like a small dragon head. It was also at that spot where two sharp thorns were protruding obliquely, much like a dragon's horn. The position of the spear behind this dragon head also had some faint dragon lines …

However, whether it was the spearhead or the spear shaft, they were all crimson like flames at that moment.

The tip of the spear was like a phoenix, the body of the spear was like a dragon. Where the head of the spear was connected to the spear, the dragon mouth was also connected to the beak of the phoenix, matching the dragon phoenix and phoenix cry formed by the "Dragon Crystal" and "Phoenix Flame Essence".

Looking closer, Mu Yan could see that there were three grooves where the spear tip and the spear body met.

With a quick thought, she understood in her heart that it was a spirit channel that Tang Huan had left behind. In the future, to upgrade her weapon, she only needed to melt the gem and directly insert it into the spirit channel. Three spirit channels were just enough for this weapon to advance three more times.

"Next, I'll have to draw a Spirit Map."

Mu Yan's heart slightly shook, and his gaze swept past the three "Heavenly Wood Rocks" and one "Phoenix Stone" in front of Tang Huan.

After a while, under Mu Yan's gaze, Tang Huan grabbed the three "Sky Wood Stones" at the same time ….

… ….

"Chu Feng, has everything been arranged?" In a manor in the center of Dragon Spring Town, Dugu Yan said solemnly.

"It's all set up."

He was dressed in armor and his face was cold and hard like steel, "General does not have to worry, within the four city gates, your subordinate has already arranged for enough manpower. As long as that couple is still in Dragon Spring Town, they will not be able to escape even if they have wings."

"They must still be in town."

Dugu Yan gave a light snort, "It's a pity that this Dragon Spring Town is governed by the three Kingdoms. If not, this old man could have sent troops to search the entire town. However, this is all we can do now." For the sake of this new batch of raw stones, this old man has already stayed in Dragon Spring Town for a few days, and I can't delay any longer. In a while, this old man will leave Dragon Spring Town and head over to Crescent City to intercept and kill that Tang Huan.

"This subordinate understands. No matter what, this subordinate will obtain those three 'Heavenly Wood Rocks'." Chu Feng said in a low voice.

"Very good! This old man has already gathered all the materials needed to forge a weapon, I'm only short two pieces of the 'Heavenly Wood Stones' … Chu Feng, continue to secretly search the city, don't relax! "

"Yes sir!"


"Haven't you found it yet?" In a courtyard behind the Spirit Feather Gem Store, a middle-aged man in white slightly frowned.


The middle-aged man opposite of him shook his head, "However, we did discover two suspicious looking people in the Dragon Spring Inn."


The middle-aged man in white was slightly surprised.

The middle-aged man laughed: "Those two people were a man and a woman. They were also staying at the Dragon Spring Inn that they were in succession last night. However, after they entered the room, they never left the room. Only until today when the husband and wife returned to the Dragon Spring Inn did they leave one after the other, and then did they never appear again.

"What do you mean? You suspect that they captured the couple? " The middle-aged man in white frowned.

"No, no!"

The middle-aged man shook his head and laughed, "Don't you think this matter is too strange? Who would stay in an inn for so long that they would never show up, not to mention that one of them was pregnant? It was not exactly accurate to say that they never showed up. Not long after the couple returned to the inn from the Divine Armament Restaurant, the other two people left and not long after that, the husband and wife pair were also discovered missing … "Isn't this too much of a coincidence?"

"You suspect that the man and woman were dressed as husband and wife?" The middle-aged man in white came to his senses. "But where did the children of that couple go?"

"Such a young child, if you hide him under your clothes and cover him up a little, as long as the child doesn't cry or make a ruckus, who would be able to discover him?" The middle-aged man laughed.

"I see." The middle-aged man's expression suddenly became excited as he said, "Send out people to search the town for the pregnant woman."


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