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Chapter 234 - The Nine Heavens Sword Technique

What surprised Tang Huan the most was that this box of high-grade gems was just like the "Heavenly Wood Stone", rarely seen. However, if one wanted to forge powerful high-grade weapons, they would need to use them frequently.

After a long while, Tang Huan finally let out a soft sigh.

Even if it was the Star Ocean Commerce, they would still not be able to gather a box of these gems within a few years. For example, even if all the Gem Store in the world combined together, they might not even be able to gather a few of these 'Broken Moon Rocks' within a year. However, in Master's wooden chest, each gem contained at least two or three gems and at most five or six gems. In order to obtain them, Master had to spend a great deal of effort.

Two pairs of eyes looked back and forth in the box, Tang Huan's attention was suddenly attracted to a piece of paper that was rolled up into a round shape, and the words on it could vaguely be seen.

"A letter from Master?"

Seeing that, Tang Huan's heart moved, he immediately extended his hand out like lightning, and opened it up to look, seeing the familiar handwriting.

"Disciple, for you to be able to come here, you must have already become a Stage Seven Martial Master, and you must already be a high level Weapon Refiner." Seeing the first sentence Master wrote, Tang Huan smiled helplessly.

If everything was normal, then what Master said was not wrong.

When he had opened the first door to the cave, Tang Huan had already felt it. If not for the strength of the Genuine Qi of the Stage Seven Martial Master, and the strength of the True Fire of a high level Weapon Refiner, it would be impossible to press the seven bumps on the door down.

It was probably because of this that Master wrote these words.

However, Tang Huan, who possessed a "Nine Yang Divine Furnace" and had fused with "Nirvana Sacred Fire," was an oddity. He had just advanced to Stage Six Martial Master not long ago, and the strength of his Genuine Qi was already not the slightest bit inferior to that of the Stage Seven Martial Master.

In addition, Tang Huan also understood that when Master wrote this letter, all of the vengeful spirits and blood spirits were not brought over by the Blood Eye, although there were vengeful spirits and blood spirits in the Sword Crafting Valley, there shouldn't be many of them.

But even so, it was hard to deal with the Stage Six Martial Master. If it was the Stage Seven Martial Master, entering the depths of the Sword Crafting Valley wouldn't be too much of a problem. After all, with only one or two blood spirits and a few dozen ordinary vengeful spirits, Stage Seven Martial Master would be able to defeat them.

However, in the short span of a few months, the situation in the Sword Crafting Valley had greatly changed.

With the appearance of the illusion, all the vengeful spirits and blood spirits had gathered at the Ancient Dragon Spring Town and even the Sword Crafting Valley. There were many blood spirits, and all of them were controlled.

Fortunately, due to some strange circumstances, Tang Huan accidentally entered the "Mazy Sword Valley" and obtained one hundred and eight "Sword Seal". This caused all the sword stones in the valley to be thoroughly stimulated, allowing the sword intent, which was emitted when the huge sword appeared from the high altitude, to rise to the limit.

Under the suppression of the boundless sword intent, not only did all the vengeful spirits and the blood spirits not dare to act rashly, even the strength of the Demon Clan 'Sword Soul King' that the illusionary eye had transformed into had been greatly reduced. Otherwise, if Tang Huan, who was still just a Stage Six Martial Master now, wanted to enter the depths of the Sword Crafting Valley, it would be unknown how much effort he would have to put in.

Even if he entered, he might not be able to defeat Huanmo.

Of course, what Tang Huan should be grateful for the most was Dugu Yan. If not for his serious injury to the illusionary eye, Tang Huan would not have been able to do anything to it, even if he had been suppressed by the sword intent. It was even more impossible for him to defeat the illusionary eye before the sword phenomenon disappeared and restore his condition for a short period of time.

"This time, I was really lucky to be able to enter the 'Forging God Cave'."

Tang Huan sighed in his heart, then continued to read, "This place is the 'Forging God Cave' that His Majesty had established back then, and also the place where His Majesty had created the 'Divine Armament'. The nine levels of restrictions are sealed, so that when the Divine Armament is released, there will be no leakage of Qi."

"The difficulty of the Divine Armament's forging cannot be described with words. Master has worked hard for so many years, I have only obtained one."

"When I wanted to see the Grandmaster's medallion, battle skill manuals, and the remnants of the Divine Weapon Catalogue s in the smithy, I had doubts in my heart. Disciple does not need to make any further guesses about Master's origins. When the time comes, disciple will naturally know. If I, your disciple, truly wish to forge a Divine Armament, please do not be impatient and work hard to raise your martial strength to be on the right path to the Tools Method Attainments. "

"After I leave this place and return to the Glory Continent, this disciple will travel to Heavenly Forging City. There is a 'Heavenly Spirit Secret Realm' in the Divine Weapon Pavilion, this disciple can find a way to cultivate inside it. It would be greatly beneficial for me. As for the 'Furious Billows Castle', if you are not a Martial Lord, your disciple is not allowed to go there. "Remember!"

"The high-grade gems that I left here have all been collected over the years. I can take them to practice with."

"In the box is another book called 'Mystic Eye', which was left behind by Sword King back then. I found it a few years ago in the 'Mazy Sword Valley', it is extremely mysterious, unpredictable, and its might is not inferior to the 'Flaming Rainbow Spear Art' that I left behind. I can study it myself. Sumeru Magical Ring was found by Master when she killed a Tian Clan's Law Encyclopedia. It's extremely rare. "

"In the future, if disciple advances to the eighth stage Martial Lord, and becomes a Weapon Refining Master, I can come back to the Sword Crafting Valley and join the line of 'Mazy Sword Valley'. After obtaining the 'Sword Seal' and strengthening the soul, you can communicate with the spatial ring and store the items within, making it easier for you to travel. "

"The path of cultivation is difficult and dangerous. Your disciple values his own skills, don't think that your master is the best!"

"Master Ou Xie, stay!"

After reading it once, Tang Huan's emotions were stirred, and it took a long time for him to calm down.

After a long while, Tang Huan was awoken by Xiao Budian's cries of "yiyaya" and "yiyaya". It was squatting on the table, with its mouth full as if it contained a few gems.

The thin book was filled with characters and shadows of swords dancing.

When it reached its climax, Xiao Budian was still able to jump, and clumsily gestured at the thin book, but he was still unable to stand steadily and fell on the table. Xiao Budian immediately lost interest, angrily pulled the booklet to the side, then jumped into the wooden chest. His head drilled into the pile of precious stones, his little tail raised high, and his meaty butt arched upwards, wriggling from time to time.

Seeing its naive and innocent look, Tang Huan could not help but burst out laughing. Picking up the thin book and taking a look at it, on the cover, there were actually four big words — —

Absolute Monarch Sanctuary Nine Heavens Sword Technique!

This was the sword manual the current Illusion had thrown into the "Mazy Sword Valley".

In the "Mazy Sword Valley", Tang Huan also did not see the shadow of the sword manual. He thought that the sword manual had disappeared, but unexpectedly, it had already been found by his master, and left in the wooden chest for him. If he knew in the afterlife, the current generation would have been able to rest in peace.

Although it was just six simple words, every stroke seemed to contain a strong sword intent, as though they were drawn with a sharp sword, causing Tang Huan to immediately have a resonance with the depths of his soul.

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