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Chapter 7: Dog Bites Dog (1)

Just then, an ambulance came and Bai Qingyan forcefully pulled Qin Xiaomeng into the vehicle.

Qin Xiaomeng was afraid — very afraid. Gu Hang's mother was a fierce woman, one she could not offend nor did she dare to, but now that she caused Gu Hang a serious case of injury, that woman would peel her skin layer by layer.

"It's you…" Coming back to her sense of reality, Qin Xiaomeng muttered softly. She'd been slapped silly - her soul had almost flown away so she was more obedient this time, yet her eyes gave off a sense of feistiness.

The paramedics quickly tended to Gu Hang's serious case of injury as he lied unconscious.

Bai Qingyan ignored Qin Xiaomeng's fiery gaze and looked at Gu Hang's bloody appearance.

Her eyes flashed a wave of pleasure.

You deserve it, she thought.

Her fingers curled together and tightened into a clenched fist. Gu Hang met an injury once, but it needed to be done three times to dispel the hatred in her heart. He shot Gu Yezhi three times, the final shot the announcement of his tragic death.

She breathed softly. In this life, she'll slowly torture Gu Hang and allow him to experience the bittersweet taste of losing everything he cared for 'till he's left with nothing but despair.

Smiling lightly, Bai Qingyan stared at Gu Hang with indifferent eyes.

Not too long ago, Gu Hang stood in the middle of the streetwalk. Walking towards Bai Qingyan, he heard her shout 'BE CAREFUL' and intentionally ran two steps forward. The premeditated action led Gu Hang to believe she cared for him still and the plan was still intact.

Qin Xiaomeng was also led in the wrong direction. She saw Bai Qingyan running over. That signal verified her plan. It still remained as is. As Gu Hang wanted, she'd soon be injured, but that wouldn't be the case. She will die by her hands today. Once the figure and image of Bai Qingyan is gone, the position as Gu Hang's wife now remains empty and she, Qin Xiaomeng, will have the chance to ensnare him in her traps.

Then, Qin Xiaomeng stepped foot on the gas pedal and the result was this…

Bai Qingyan snickered in her heart.

These people… those who attempt to bring harm to her and Gu Yezhi… one by one, she'll make their life miserable. She'll no longer live for others - she'll live only for herself and Gu Yezhi.

The ambulance soon arrived at the hospital and dragged Gu Hang into the emergency operating room.

Bai Qingyan held onto Qin Xiaomeng's arm. She was content and happy whereas, Qin Xiaomeng drowned in a sea of fright and nervousness. Her legs trembled every now and then.

Moments later, Gu Hang's mother, Qin Wei, arrived.

She rushed towards them. "Where is Gu Hang?! What happened to Gu Hang?!"

Hearing her dearest son meet a tragic accident, cold sweat formed on her back. Her son… in that state… nearing the troughs of life and death… how distressed she was…

"Aunt…" Qin Xiaomeng spoke softly as she saw Qin Wei's face full of despair. She dared not look at her. She had caused Gu Hang's accident… she was dead! Her body could not help shaking.

Seeing the state Gu Hang was currently in, Qin Wei burst out in a flame of anger. She immediately grabbed Qin Xiaomeng's hair and pushed her against the wall.

"Qin Xiaomeng, you bitch! You dare do this to your cousin?! Do you want to die?! Fine, I'll give you a meaningful death myself!"

To think her niece had the guts to physically injure Gu Hang.

Seeing the blood flow from Qing Xiaomeng's forehead and lips, Bai Qingyan stepped back a bit. She did not want to become entangled in their drama, but this is too good! The dog biting dog trick is really good!

In the future, she should create several more plays like this.

Bai Qingyan stretched out her hand and smiled. She was in a good mood.

"Ah… aunt, not me, not me… I… I… I didn't do it intentionally. It… it… it… it was Bai Qinyan… aunt… I was wrong… please let me go… aunt… it… it… it was Bai Qingyan!"

Qin Xiaomeng felt helpless. Her head banged against the wall over and over again, she suddenly felt a sense of dizziness.

The slap earlier that caused her soul to fly out made her a little afraid of Bai Qingyan, but she was more afraid of Qin Wei so she chose to place the blame on Bai Qinyan and divert Qin Wei's fury away from her.

Bai Qinyan scoffed. She changed her posture. No matter what, she'd not go down.

But Qin Wei is different. If truly she had the intent to kill Gu Hang and there was physical proof, Qin Wei would no doubt kill her in cold blood.

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