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Chapter Twenty One Betrayal And Love

Xiu Luo villa, Lian Yu hall's prison.

Dusky lighting illuminated the dark interior's general situation. A large wall was filled with various torture weapons. Nearby, a petite body was chained to a strange iron controlling mechanism. Only the person's wrist was hooked to the machinery, their other limbs weren't supported. Although there weren't any movements of torture, this type of hanging still caused people extreme pain. It was very possible that the person could die of pain three days later. The person's clothing was ragged and messy, their long black hair was damp and clung to their face, covering their features. On their exposed skin was threads of red whip marks, it looked to be an exceptionally tragic sight. Underneath the person were a pile of corpses that reeked of blood, causing people to feel nauseous.

Five meters away from the torture instruments was another scene. On immense, glistening jade benches were two beautiful, languid males that seemed even more remarkable than the jade. The purple eyed male had on black clothes, hatred was on his delicate and enchanting face. The green eyed male had on snow, white clothes, he strongly contrasted against the green eyed male. But, his pure lotus-like features held the same ice cold cruelty. Indifference shown in his eyes, which held a thread of desperation.

"Qing Yi, you're still not speaking?" Dangerously narrowing his enticing, purple eyes, the strictness on Xue Yunge's face deepened.

"I, I won't say anything. You, you should kill me!" Weakly opening her mouth, Qing Yi expended great effort to raise her head, her eyes were stubborn.

"Heng, I won't kill you because you're someone Yi Yi cares for. Even though we don't let her care about anyone else apart from us, you're certainly an exception. Who told you to first become acquainted with Yi Yi, we can only say that we had bad luck. But, we can't let you off just because we won't kill you. You've already seen Ren being tortured, I'll let you feel the same pain he felt. But, you won't lose consciousness and die!"

His cruel words caused Qing Yi's heart to tremble and her whole body shuddered. Correct, ah, she personally saw Ren's death and Ren's suffering. That beautiful and bewitching Young Master only used his slender hand to slowly dismember Ren. First, he cut off his tongue, so that Ren couldn't even shout if he wanted to. Then, his body slowly started to fall apart and he withered away  in front of her eyes. All that was left was a pile of flesh and bones that emitted a dense, fishy smell. This caused her pain, caused her to blame herself, and caused her to give up all hope.

"Qing Yi, when all's said in done, why did you have to betray Yi Yi?" After being silent for a good while, Xue Zhuyue opened his mouth and suddenly opened his mouth.

His questioning didn't anger Qing Yi who immediately opened her mouth to say, "I didn't betray Miss! What I did was to help Miss, it let her escape from your evil clutches!"

"Evil clutches? Ha ha ha ha ha…" He erupted into laughter, naturally it was the constantly cold Xue Zhuyue. An expression that he had never worn before appeared, not only Qing Yi, but even Xue Yunge was started by his own didi.

"You ignorant woman! Why would you think that Yi Yi was in evil clutches when she was with us? Why!"

Somewhat scared now, but still firm, Qing Yi seemed as if she was throwing caution into the wind and said with determination in her eyes, "Young Masters, you are devils with your green and purple eyes. Demons in the chaotic world is an old saying, it isn’t wrong. If Miss is with you guys, she'll only get hurt! Forget about the fact that you're Miss' blood-related gege, ah. The way you guys treat her, imprisoning her. Don't tell me that Young Masters don't understand that this is wrong? You guys and Miss will never have any results!"

"Never have any results?" Xue Zhuyue muttered and suddenly staggered, spitting out a mouthful of blood. The blood was red in color, painting a picture of death.


Suddenly crying out in surprise, Xue Yunge waved his big hand and Qing Yi immediately slumped, seeming to have lose consciousness. He comforted Xue Zhuyue, letting him lean against the jade chair. Resting the palm of his hand on his back, he channeled inner power into him.

"Yue, quickly breath in air, don't go overboard. You're currently at a crucial time in your cultivation progress, how can you be so reckless with yourself!" He softly criticized, but his tone covered up his concern.

"Ge, nothing's wrong." Weakly opening his mouth, Xue Zhuyue's complexion was tired and sad. "Just thinking of our Yi Yi, I actually lost yi Yi! Without Yi Yi, I'll die. Ge…"

Tears dropped out of his beautiful eyes. The pure, cold and lotus-like man was now so helpless, hopelessly weeping like a child would.

"Ge, what can we do? I'll truly die. My Yi Yi, I really miss her. Every moment apart hurts my bones. Why did Qing Yi have to say that, my Yi Yi, I'll give her nothing but happiness. How could I harm her? We're devils, why are we devils? Don't tell me it's because of our eyes?"

He hysterically mumbled, but the listening Xue Yunge couldn't bear it, his purple eyes sparkled with unshed tears. They were twins, they were closely knit. He could feel that Yue's heart held so much pain because this same pain also accompanied him. But he was the big brother, he couldn't fall apart. And although Yue seemed to be indifferent, he was actually the weakest. They had gone through those dark days already. They no longer had hopes for this world. Yi Yi was the one thing they wanted. For the first time, they wouldn't be the same as before and endure the insults. They would definitely get whatever they wanted, nobody could obstruct them!

"Ge…" Like a lost child, he closely grasped onto Xue Yunge's hand. "It's truly because of our eye color right? I understand that we received so much humiliation because of this. But, didn't Yi Yi say before that our eyes were beautiful? Yi Yi won't turn her back to us, right?"

Without rhyme or reason, he shouted out with his eyes filled with hope. His previous wounds from being abandoned, the pain from being ignored, his unstable heart didn't believe he could possess happiness. With great difficulty, his life was filled with hope again, but was it really so brittle?

"I knew ge, I knew all along. I was afraid to lose Yi Yi. Each night, if I didn't hold her, I wouldn't believe that she was by my side. For ten years, I looked at her everyday, held her everyday, kissed her, and even began to forget that I had stolen this happiness. That, one day, this happiness wouldn't belong to me anymore. Has this day come? Ge, I'm very unwilling, but I'm also very hopeless. Don't tell me that we'll no longer have happiness?"

"You shut up!"

'Pa' sounded out as Xue Yunge slapped Xue Zhuyue's face and in an instant, all was quiet.

It was as silent as death.

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