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The London Tower Bridge was a suspension bridge that spanned across the Thames. It was a bridge that connected the north and south regions of London as a whole and was also a symbol of London. Its two ends were connected by four stone towers. At this moment, there were four figures on one of the towers on the south end. They were secretly observing the situation on the bridge.

The leader of the Seraph Knights had already walked to the middle of the bridge. Kelson raised his hand and signaled the cavalry to stop, while he stood alone at the front. After a while, a large group of about four hundred people came from the other side of the bridge. The three people in the lead walked over slowly. They were all dressed extravagantly and had the aura of nobility.

A dozen of people behind the three of them looked like deacons, and the people behind them were completely devoid of human form, like wild beasts. Some of them were hunched, some were crawling on the ground, and there were even some who were climbing on the ropes of the bridge. Their eyes were blood-red, and they let out waves of low growls. They looked incredibly strange.

"They had stopped. Why don't they go over? Dammit, I can't see Kelson." Wang Bugui said, clapping his fist in his hand. Chiou thought for a while and suggested, "Let's climb up the bridge to the Main Tower. Otherwise, the Main Tower blocks our sights and we can see nothing."

Merutia looked at the bridge and said: "If we were to follow the bridge cable and climb over there, even if you and Wang Bugui don't make any sound, Druid and I are much weaker than you two, we would definitely make a sound. And I don't dare to use magic at such a close distance, Kelson is right at the Main Tower's place. "

"How about this, Druid, you pack your combat suit, Chiou and I will send you guys over first. When we get there, we will help you a little, and the jump point is at the end of the bridge cable. It's only around ten meters away from the top of the tower, so you guys should be fine.

When Wang Bugui suggested this idea, the three of them nodded their heads. This was the only way. Druid packed his Knight attire, turning it into a cross necklace and put it on his chest.

Immediately after, Wang Bugui carried Druid on his shoulder, and Chiou lifted Merutia in her arms. The two of them swiftly and agilely ran past the bridge cable, as though they were ghosts in the night, and did not make a sound.

They first got off the bridge cable and climbed up after reaching the bottom of the cable. At the end of the cable, Chiou directly leaped onto the peak of the Main Tower with Merutia in her arms.

Wang Bugui used his hands to support Druid and threw him up. Druid jumped onto the Main Tower and Wang Bugui followed him.

They looked down from the top of the tower and saw Kelson standing there. Opposite him was a large group of people, led by three people at the very front.

"What's going on? Who were those three? And there are so many people behind them." Druid was confused, those people looked weird.

"Look carefully, the dozen people behind the three look like deacons, the rest of them are all very strange. Their eyes are bloodshot, some of them are even crawling on the ground. Are they really human beings?" Merutia's voice sounded.

Hearing her words, the three of them turned to look at those people. It was indeed just as strange as what Merutia had described.

Chiou thought for a moment, then said with a frown: "Those scarlet eyes, exposing fangs, the movements of beasts, aren't they very similar to the Blood Slaves that Blood Hunters had mentioned before?"

Everyone looked at Wang Bugui, hoping he would answer.

He didn't know what to say either. According to his parents, the vampires should have all been killed hundreds of years ago. Even Dracula himself was killed by the First Van Helsing. How could Blood Slaves appear here whom could only be controlled by vampires?

"I don't know either. Let's just watch and see. The vampires should have died a long time ago. Maybe they are some other monsters." Wang Bugui forced himself to calm down. After that, they did not speak anymore and just watched every single move on the bridge.

"I didn't expect the leader of the Seraph Knights would welcome us. How interesting. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Nicolas who is ranked seventh in the Thirteen Infantes." Nicolas walked over to Kelson and introduced himself with a smile.

"Fifth Infante, Annie Brantiny."

"Sixth Infante, Barnard Warenne."

Annie and Barnard introduced themselves as well, Kelson stared at the three of them for a while. Frowning, he opened his mouth and said: "Three Infante s? You really think highly of me."

"Hehe, after all, you should have your sacred weapon with you, and we must treat you seriously. Moreover, you are also the strongest of the Sanctuary Knights, so we cannot let you arrive the main battlefield. I thought that I would be able to eat a hearty meal. Seems like there's no hope for that. "

Nicolas laughed, he did not mind delaying, after all, this was only a separate battlefield, they were only in charge of intercepting the Seraph Knights so they couldn't meet the people on the main battlefield.

"What?! Thirteen Infantes! Did you hear that? God! They were actually of the Thirteen Infantes! Did the vampires really revive?" Druid took a step back in shock.

He couldn't believe his ears. If the vampires appeared again, it would be an unimaginable disaster.

"Of course I heard it. Lower your voice, don't get discovered." Merutia covered Druid's mouth and whispered; her expression became serious.

Wang Bugui looked down in disbelief. He shook his head and said, "Impossible, the vampires were defeated by First Van Helsing a long time ago. They should have died hundreds of years ago."

"Calm down, don't get discovered. It seems that the vampires really reappeared in this world, otherwise why would Kelson be so careful while bringing his fully armed cavalry. If the three were really Infantes, they would find us if we were not careful, and we would all die."

Chiou's beautiful eyes were filled with seriousness as she scolded them harshly. Wang Bugui also calmed down and did not dare to speak anymore. Just like Chiou had said, if it really were the three Infantes, killing them would be as easy as stepping on ants.

Nicolas was still trying to stall for time with Kelson. Annie suddenly glanced at the Main Tower behind Kelson.

Her mysterious red eyes were filled with surprise. She then used the fan to cover her face as she pondered, "Just now, I suddenly felt that there were a few auras of humans above, as well as an aura that did not seem to be human. What is it? Is there a trap?"

It was at this time that Barnard patted her shoulder, and said softly: "You noticed it too?"

"Hmm, just now the Main Tower released a very weak human aura, about four people. However, one human aura seems to be a little special."

"That's right, there should be a Mage. I can feel some Magic fluctuations. The second person should be a Knight. I can't mistake that kind of repulsive, holy aura. There's also another one who should be from Blood Hunter. Even though it's hidden very deeply, I can still feel the surging blood aura. "

"The last person isn't too clear. That kind of aura shouldn't belong to him, but the real owner of this aura is definitely terrifying. I feel that it's possible that this sort of oppressive feeling... more terrifying than our king! "

"Indeed, I have that feeling. I didn't expect you to notice it." Annie smiled faintly.

Barnard squinted his eyes and laughed: "Haha, it's a coincidence, you are just not used to observing your surroundings, otherwise you would be better than me."

Annie shook her head and said: "Stop joking around, it seems like Nicolas can't hold it back anymore, let's prepare to fight."

Barnard nodded, and secretly arranged for servants to prepare for battle. At this moment, a golden ray of light shot up from the London Bridge in the distance.

Everyone looked over, but it did not last long before it disappeared. Kelson looked at it and muttered: "Has it started? We must hurry there! "

Then, he turned and waved his hand, ordering the Seraph Knights: "Everyone, attack! The Holy War has begun! "

"The Lord has granted me power!"

"My Lord is with me!"

"For justice! For home! No fear of evil! "

"In the name of our Lord! Holy war against the darkness! "

Every single Paladin in the Seraph Knights made an oath from the bottom of their hearts, and their powerful voices resounded throughout the entire Tower Bridge. After that, they drew out their swords. A divine golden cross appeared in front of their chests, they were ready to attack at any time.

Kelson also took out his sword, the blood colored Holy Sword released a clanging sound, and then he held the sword upright in front of his chest and prayed: "God, be with me. In the name of the Seraph Michael, I wield a Holy Sword. I shall execute God's Punishment and eradicate all evils in the world! "

With that, a cross of flames appeared behind him, and the red light emitted by the Holy Sword became even more sacred.

Then he firmly pointed his sword at the vampires and said, "End the battle as soon as possible and rush to the main battlefield. Charge!"

The Paladins started to shout and rush forward. Annie also waved her fan and pointed forward, ordering, "Go, kill them for our king, give him a great resurrection gift!"

With that, the dozen of deacons led the Blood Slaves to rush over, and the battle began. On one side was an army brimming with divine power of faith, and on the other side was an army of demons brimming with a bloody aura of death.

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