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The forest beside the Thames was especially quiet under the cold moonlight. There were no animals around, nor were there any sounds of insects. Birds were already sleeping peacefully in the grass.

A breeze blew past, bringing the sound of rustling leaves. There seemed to be other sounds in the forest, making the entire forest gloom and eerie. Those sounds were slowly approaching …

"Listen, can we really do this? The seniors told us not to come out. It would be miserable if we were to be discovered. I do not want to face Clara's anger at all. "

The one who spoke was a twelve-year-old girl. Her silver hair, which was as thick as seaweed, was slightly curled up and draped over her shoulders.

Her eyes were as unfathomable as the sea, her skin was ivory white. She was dressed in a black Gothic Lolita skirt, with a dark red wizard hat on her head.

"Merutia, don't worry. If we were discovered, just put all on me. I, Wang Bugui, am not afraid of any punishment, haha." A youth said with a smile. He was only 12 or 13 years old, a handsome young man from the East.

He was dressed in a black hunter windbreaker. His facial features were handsome and had a hint of immaturity. His sword-like eyebrows flew straight to his temples. Obsidian eyes were mysterious and spiritual, he had a straight nose and a mole under left eye.

The way he smiled looked a little arrogant and evil.

"Actually she was right. The seniors of the Sanctuary warned me not to come out tonight. This time, Dragon Slaughter Knights, Oracle Knights and Seraph Knights had been all called in."

"It is said that even the head of the Seraph Knights had come. This may be far more serious than we thought. Bugui I think we'd better go back."

The one who spoke was another teenager. He looked to be about the same age as the other two.

However, his physique looked similar to an adult's, very strong. He wore a silver Paladin attire, and there was a silver cross engraved on the cloak on his back.

The cross was stained with blood, holy and bloody. His face was sharp and craggy. His pale blue eyes were bright and full of spirit, revealing his resolution.

"Druid, are you afraid? Who are we? The young geniuses of the three strongest powers in the west. Azrael's Hand Wang Bugui, Slaughter Saint Knight Druid, and Ranger Mage Merutia."

"Together, we could even kill vampires if they were still alive. After all, there were quite a number of monsters that we had killed." Wang Bugui said arrogantly.

Merutia frowned slightly when she heard this, and said with a disdain, "Tsk, the title of Azrael's Hand was created by yourself, right? You shameless! Though we did have worked together to kill more than a dozen monsters. "

"But it's only some vicious beasts that were tainted with the demonic aura. Don't compare that to a vampire. If the vampires were to reappear, we would be able to beat only the barons."

"Wrong, we are able to kill viscounts. Don't forget that we still have Sister Chiou. She is the most recent disciple of the Azrael, the one I admire the most. She alone is capable of killing barons and fighting against viscounts." Wang Bugui was very confident when he mentioned her. It was obvious that he trusted this woman's strength.

As he spoke, a woman appeared beside him. She was not a teenager. She looked to be about twenty years old. She wore a high ponytail with slanted bangs, her skin was like fine jade, and her legs were straight and slender.

Her nose was high and her lips were rosy. There was a pair of deep blue eyes on that exquisite face, slanted bangs covered her right eye. All made her look like a mysterious ice beauty.

She was wearing a black leather windbreaker and leather shorts with tights, which made her legs even more bewitching. She held a long black sickle in her right hand, a chain wrapped around her left arm, and a pair of black boots covered her calves.

Her entire being seemed to be filled with charm, but also exuded an indescribable domineering aura. Even though she was expressionless, but she exuded an aura of might. She slowly moved to Wang Bugui's side, her steps sounded calm and determined.

This peerless beauty had the air of a queen. The word 'ice queen' seemed to be tailored for her.

"How could you say so? Sister Chiou is a fresh disciple. The Azrael has never got involved in any conflicts. If she were discovered, the Azrael would punish her when she got back. Then what else could you do?"

When Chiou appeared, Merutia was a little unhappy. After all, she really didn't know what trouble she would have if Azrael got angry.

Just then, Chiou shook her head and said: "It's fine, I'm just bored anyway. I wasn't discovered when I came out. And I heard that this operation has gathered all of the elite forces of the three great powers. I am more interested in what kind of thing could cause the three great forces to take it seriously. "

"But..." Merutia was about to say something but she was interrupted by Wang Bugui. He waved his hand to indicate that no one should speak, and then pointed towards the outside of the forest.

There was a group of people outside the forest. From afar, one could see that someone had tied up a large flag, and on it was a sacred cross. These were people from the Sanctuary, roughly three hundred in total. Their orderly and powerful steps caused the ground to tremble slightly.

The sound of the blood-red armor swaying caused all the birds in the forest to be scared and fly away. Even the fishes of the Thames seemed to be scared and hid underwater, not daring to jump out of the water. A ripple appeared on the calm surface of the river, causing the full moon reflected in the water to shatter into pieces.

The leader of the riders was mounted on a horse, dressed in red armor with the wings of an angel tattooed on it. On his left was a red shield with a golden cross engraved on it; bloody thorns twined around it. A sword was inserted into the shield; its hilt looked like a wing of bird.

The cloak on his back was imprinted with a sacred angel, who held a Holy Sword that was wrapped in raging flames. His physique was imposing and majestic. He led the Paladin to the side of the bridge and stared at the other side seriously.

"It's the head of Seraph Knights, Kelson Green! I never thought that if I could see him, those people should be Seraph Knights! " Druid gasped in surprise.

His expression was as if he had won a prize of ten million pounds, and even if he tried to restrain himself, he could not hide his surprise.

Druid never thought that he would actually be able to see such a grand character, this was the Sanctuary's highest fighting strength. Wang Bugui and Merutia were both a little shocked after hearing what he had said, while Chiou frowned, as if she was thinking about something.

At this time, Wang Bugui suggested: "Let's follow them and see. He seems to be going to the Tower Bridge. We can finally find out what their secret operation is." Everyone nodded in agreement.

The four of them carefully followed the knights. When they reached the back of the cavalry, Kelson had already dismounted. He walked up to the Tower Bridge unhurriedly. The members of the Paladin stood there motionlessly, like statues.

"What is he doing?" Why didn't the other Paladin follow? " Druid was a little doubtful, but at the same time, Wang Bugui said: "Look, he seems to be staring at the other side of the bridge. Could it be that something is attracting him?"

"I don't know, I can't use magic to look. Kelson will definitely sense it." Merutia suggested, and everyone stopped discussing and looked towards Tower Bridge.

"Everyone, advance!" Kelson looked ahead for a while, then turned his head to give the order. After hearing the order, Seraph Knights walked towards the Tower Bridge in an orderly and powerful manner.

"So powerful. Even if we were two hundred meters away from them, we would still be able to feel that oppressive might." Everyone nodded as they heard Merutia's comment. After all, this was the strongest military power of the Sanctuary.

"Don't worry, after ten years, we'll be able to have the same kind of aura. Maybe we'll be even stronger." Wang Bugui was full of confidence about the future.

"Alright, quiet down. They have already ascended the bridge, let's follow them and take a look. Wang Bugui, just shut up and stop wasting your breath." Chiou stopped his nonsense.

Wang Bugui's sword-like eyebrows twitched as he grinned. Seemingly not daring to oppose her, he quickly approached Tower Bridge with the three of them, arriving beside the entrance.

"We can't get any closer. Once we get on the bridge, we will be discovered. We can only go to the small pagoda and wait for them to reach the middle before going up the Main Tower. Remember to make less noise." Chiou said cautiously.

Just as she finished speaking, Wang Bugui was the first one to jump up the tower. The tower was about twenty meters high, and he didn't even need to run before jumping up. It was clear that he had an extraordinary body.

After that, Merutia used her teleportation spell to get on, and then took out a vine, allowing Druid to get on.

In the end, Chiou jumped onto the bridge with only a light leap. She looked so relaxed, much stronger than Wang Bugui, and then walked to the front to see the situation on the bridge.

"Haha, see? Our narcissistic boy, this is the difference. Sister Chiou is still just a new disciple to the Azrael, how could you still be his hand? "

Merutia who was at the back softly laughed at Wang Bugui. She was clever and quick-witted, seemingly wanting to ease the tense atmosphere.

"One day, I will become the strongest Blood Hunter and the strongest human. I have to reach that level because my title is Azraels Hand. If I couldn't even match up one hand of Azrael, how could I..."

Wang Bugui looked at Chiou's back and said with determination.

Hearing that, Merutia's mouth slightly opened, she was truly shocked. She had not expected him to be so serious, so she did not speak any further. Afterwards, together with Wang Bugui, they went up to take a look at the situation on the bridge.

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