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As night fell, the streets of London were now in a carnival, and people were celebrating Halloween. The streets and alleys were full of cheerful chatting and laughing. People on the streets played a variety of strange characters with all kinds of happy music. Everyone was immersed in the gala night.

No one would notice a sad boy on this occasion. He stood in a daze under the Big Ben alone, wearing a tuxedo and a pair of bright leather shoes. He had no extra ornaments, except for a teardrop drawn with a black paint pen at the lacrimal nevus on his face.

This teardrop was his only Halloween costume, embellishing his handsome evil face well. Its matching with the lacrimal nevus he was born with offered a special beauty. But this kind of beauty also revealed an unspeakable sadness. People passing by didn't know what role he was playing. But he looked so good-looking that people couldn't help but get a good feeling naturally. Both men and women would stop to see him for a while, and some would even stay for a long time.

"What role are you playing?" A girl who was the same age as he was, took the courage to ask. She possessed a vigorous voice and a lovely appearance, and she looked adorable in her Gothic Loli cosplay.

"A lonely clown."

"What's your name?"

"Wang Bugui."

"A wonderful name! Have you found your dancing partner? If you don't mind, I think I can invite you to dance with me. How about it?"

"I want to continue my role. Sorry, pretty girl, I can't dance with you."

"Okay, but this is a gala night, and you should play a happy role. Though you look fascinating now, please enjoy the carnival!"

"Thank you, and this flower is for you. I have my own business, so pardon me for leaving."

Wang Bugui made a rose for the girl somehow, then left the bustling street with himself only. The little girl looked into the direction of his disappearance with the bright rose in her hand. She didn't know why she thought that boy was not playing this lonely role, instead, she could feel a true aura of loneliness and sorrow from him, which seemed that he had experienced separation and death.

In a corner without anyone else, Wang Bugui took out the blue pendant and infused blood vigor into it. After that, it emitted blue lights gathering together, which tore the space out of a large crack. He, then, walked in.

The dark battlefield was in the crack, and the traces of the horrible battle of yesterday still remained here. Wang Bugui found out one of the functions of the pendant when he observed it yesterday, that was, to easily break the space boundary. He stepped in the full-of-wounds battlefield and even saw some broken limbs.

Wang Bugui wandered around in this world. He walked from the Big Ben to the Thames, London Bridge, and Tower Bridge. This world was similar to the real world, but it was all gray and its all buildings were also of old style, some of which were broken ruins like the outside buildings.

"Is this the ancient world? But how to explain the ruins of these buildings built these days? Such as the collapsed Big Ben, the London Bridge, the Tower Bridge, and the ruined St. Paul's Cathedral. Some mountains and rivers here are also very close to those of the outside world. Can it be that this world covers the whole world? When the battlefield is broken, it can lead to the outside world, but it can also lead to the universe. What secrets are in it?" Wang Bugui sank into pondering.

But he did not think for a long time, for he could not stay here for too long, and going to China to cultivate was his most important thing now. Wang Bugui returned to the battlefield of yesterday to take a look at it. It had been seriously damaged. The entire land had fallen by more than ten meters, and the place where Wang Xuanming and Dracula fought against each other was left with deep pits.

He had not left too many damages of the world throughout his battle last night, at most a crack on the ground after his full blow. However, the battle between the strongest one of the Human Race and Dracula could bring here a destructive impact, from which it could be imagined that how terrible their strength was.

Wang Bugui stayed here for an hour before leaving, then he returned to the bustling street. The music rang, and there were many girls inviting him to have a dance together voluntarily, but they were all rejected. He left the bustling urban district and went to Regent Street, also known as Lijing Street, working as one of the most bustling shopping streets in London, a shopping paradise for fashion people.

On such a fashionable shopping street existed a very mysterious shop with the words 'Brock Collection Store'. The reason why it was so mysterious was that the things here were all real treasures, even including many that people had never seen before. Those who were qualified to enter it were all royal members or nobles.


Wang Bugui opened the black door slowly. The shop was decorated in black, with only a few lights lit, revealing a strange aura.

"Welcome to the Brock Collection Store! Take whichever you like to me to pay for it. I don't want to move. The things here are all treasures, with a Halloween discount of 20%. Do you feel happy?" Brock's lazy voice came from inside.

"It's me. Under such management, aren't you afraid that someone will steal your treasures?" asked Wang Bugui.

"Why are you here again? No wonder no one is coming! Who dares to steal my things? If someone does, I will steal his life." Brock sneered.

"Well, whatever. I came here for something important." Wang Bugui rolled his eyes.

"You always bring me bad things. Last time, you ruined some of my collections and hadn't compensated yet." Brock came over.

"I will give you some collections of the Blood Hunter Clan. How can you, a god, be that greedy for human's money?" Wang Bugui threw a few pieces of gold artifacts set with a variety of gems scornfully.

"You don't understand. Money can control human's hearts. I enjoy seeing all kinds of ugly or kind hearts. Besides, I have to support my disciples; it's not easy to satisfy them. Fortunately, they were sent to other countries in the past few days, and haven't come back yet, otherwise, I have to reserve a luxury restaurant for them." Brock laughed with those precious treasures in his hand.

"Alright, I don't have time to listen to your complaints. I don't know how to go to China. Could you help me?" asked Wang Bugui, touching his forehead.

"This is a collection shop, selling no airline tickets." Brock joked.

"Who wants your airline tickets?! I'm asking you to send me there directly. There are no problems for you to do so considering your strength." Wang Bugui considered Brock as an unserious god.

Brock patted his chest and said, "Okay! Ten million pounds. Since it is Halloween today, I give you an 80% discount, that is, eight million pounds. There will be a luxury cruise or plane to take you there especially, and you must be satisfied!"

"I want to strangle you to death! Do you consider me as a human mobile bank?! Eight million pounds is enough for me to travel around the world!" Hopping mad, Wang Bugui took off his tuxedo and rushed to Brock, intending to catch hold of his throat.

"Hey! You don't have a Chinese passport, nor an ID card. It is smuggling. My service can send you wherever you want to go, but if you want me to even give you those relevant credentials, I will charge extra fees. So, eight million is very cheap, and if you want those credentials, just pay another one million." Brock smirked.

"I'm a contractor with you. Can you give me a service for free? Who will sign the contract with you in the future without concessions." Wang Bugui tried to persuade him.

"It makes sense. But you are an exception, because every time you come here, my guests are all gone."

"It's your store attire and price problems that influence your business, not me! Moreover, I'm going to give you Dracula and all his fellows with souls in his pool of blood, so offer me a free service is worthy." Wang Bugui continued to persuade him.

"You get out of the shadows so fast! What a bastard! Well, just give you an exception. You are good at calculating! But it's not a full service, after all, there's nothing good for free. I'll send you there, but not directly to the destination." Brock was still bargaining.

"Why not promise me earlier. It's a waste of my time." Wang Bugui laughed, revealing a row of white teeth.

"Stand still! I'm going to send you to the plane." Brock made a transfer port.

"Okay, just begin!" Wang Bugui smiled.

"Welcome to you next time, and I wish you a good trip!" Brock sneered.

Somehow, an ominous premonition emerged in Wang Bugui's heart suddenly, because every time Brock sneered, there was no good thing happening. But Wang Bugui didn't have time to think too much. The transfer port under his feet emitted a beam of blue light, carrying him to leave.

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