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Wang Bugui wore the crystal pendant around his neck, which was his most precious treasure now. He took some money from the manor, then started the manor magic system to block it. Seen from the outside, it was a quarantined waste area. If someone entered it, he would be trapped by the magic system, and only after three days could he be released.

"The house will be full of warmth again, and it won't be too long. I will take all the responsibilities of the Blood Hunter Clan." After a glance at the house, Wang Bugui left. His goal was pretty clear. He must go to the East to study Taoism cultivation. Wang Xuanming's power was totally terrible, unparalleled, and amazing. He was comparable to the full-energy Dracula when his two forbidden arts were both put into effect; he even injured the Infantes seriously with a punch, and he failed eventually only because of the gap between the immortals and the mortals.

Wang Bugui arrived at the world-famous Stonehenge, which was regarded as the connection point between the Earth and the aliens, the Temple of Apollo, the prehistoric stone tables etc. It was built nearly 4,300 years ago and had not been transformed, so it was considered to be one of the most sacred places by today's people.

However, the truth was that the Stonehenge was the transfer port to the Black Tower, built in ancient times. Whoever chanted the transfer magic to gain magic power would be transferred to the Black Tower in the void. Wang Bugui walked to the port and fetched out a black hexagonal stone; it was the transfer stone that Merutia gave him.

Infused with blood vigour, the stone glowed red, then with a flash of white light he disappeared and came to an island suspended in the void, with a huge black tower in the center of the island. He stepped forward. Everything here was about magic, whether a house, an animal or a plant was magical.

When he got to the Black Tower, a magician recognized him and took him to the top floor of the tower, where lived the Wisdoms and the three Magic Mentors. The floor below was the residence of those young high-talented magicians. The Black Tower took inheritance seriously, and all the magicians with high talents would be placed in the safest place to protect them.

"Oh, Wang Bugui, why are you here?" Merutia was so surprised, looking at Wang Bugui with her eyes widely opened. She came here because Clara's meeting was held today, and all the talented magicians and the three Magic Mentors had shown up.

"I'm here to say goodbye to you. I'm going to cultivate in the East," answered Wang Bugui blandly.

"What?! But you are alone! And can you find the one willing to guide you there?" His words startled Merutia. The East was far away from here, and since Wang Bugui had grown up in London since his childhood, how came he know how to go back to the East! The other young magicians all looked back at him, after all, he was the last surviving member of the Blood Hunter Clan, which was known as a clan of the heroes, in the battle.

"I have plans. No worries! I will come back in a few years, and don't let me pull a big gap between us at that time," smiled Wang Bugui.

"But..." Clara stopped Merutia. She shook her head and said, "Everyone has his own destiny, and it is his own choice. You have to understand. He's right. He will definitely come back, so you have to work hard to not be left far behind."

In the next moment, Clara turned to Wang Bugui, "Although it may be full of difficulties to go to the East to cultivate, it can be a good chance for you too. Your father's capability to fight is obvious to all, he's now even regarded as the real Eastern God of War by many people. I believe that when you achieve yourself and come back, you will be as powerful as your father, or maybe more. All in all, I look forward to your return, and don't let me down."

"I will! Since I have to take up the responsibility of this clan, how can't I even persist in the hardships of the cultivation? What's more, I have to save Sister Chiou, and haven't defeat Dracula, so how can I easily give up? I promise all of you that when I come back, I will personally change the fate of this world." Wang Bugui replied firmly.

Merutia did not say anything after seeing Wang Bugui's determination, because she knew that Wang Bugui would do everything he thought he should do, and he would never give up before he achieved it; no one was able to stop him. In addition, he had to take up so many responsibilities, which made Merutia feel sad and unfair for him.

"Then just go! I promise you that as long as I live, I won't let the vampires wreak havoc. I will wait for you to come back, so that I can rest assured when I leave." Clara sighed.

"Merutia, take care! You and Druid are always my best friends. You two, don't really be overtaken by me, or I will ridicule you." Wang Bugui squeezed a smile, then turned around and left.

In everyone's eyes, however, sadness filled up his smile, which made them feel pity. There were too many things to be burdened by this young man. Everyone was seeing him off, with silent blessings.

"Wang Bugui, don't lie to us!" Merutia waved her hands and screamed out with her eyes closed.

"Okay!" Wang Bugui did not look back, but just waved his hand as a response, then left the space of the Black Tower, returning to the Stonehenge.

Then he came to the St. Paul's Cathedral, the second largest dome church in the world, also the representative of Baroque architecture, famous for its magnificent round roof. Imitating the St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome, it was the representative of British classicist buildings.

As the largest church in Britain, the fifth one as well as the second largest dome one in the world, it was a world-famous religious shrine. Its rigorous architectural style made it a sacred place at first glance. On the herringbone wall above its entrance gate engraved with pictures which showed the stories of St. Paul's missionary work in Damascus.

St. Paul's stone statue stood on the top of the wall. The whole building looked symmetrical and majestic, with a pair of symmetrical bell towers at its two sides; the one in the northwest corner worked for the church, and the other one in the southwest corner was installed with a 17-ton bronze bell. When the bells rang, people would be indulged in the sacred ancient peaceful sounds.

Walking slowly through this sacred land, Wang Bugui arrived at a hidden room in the church, where there was access to the Sanctuary Knighthood Hall. He took out a golden cross given by Druid and placed it on the groove of a stone platform, then after a flash of golden light, the door to the hall slowly opened.

There was a little space magic used inside. This magnificent hall was silver-white, looking extremely sacred. Wang Bugui stepped in and summoned Druid out. The former who had experienced a crucial war was now qualified to be a candidate for the Seraph Knight.

"Congratulations! I think your dream will be reached soon, huh?" Wang Bugui revealed a faint smile.

"Thank you, but Kelsen is not here, neither is Bruno. Now the Sanctuary has not chosen the next leader of the knights yet, and the elders will elect one from us young ones," replied Druid.

"Then you have to work hard. You have been dreaming to be the leader of the Seraph Knights, haven't you? But you should be careful about the elders. It seems that Clara and my parents don't like to mention them. So don't be used." Wang Bugui reminded.

"Neither does Kelson. I will be careful. By the way, what are you coming to me for?" Druid just thought that Wang Bugui might have something important to discuss with himself.

"I came to say goodbye to you. I have already bid farewell to Merutia. I am going to the East to learn Eastern cultivation for perhaps ten or more years," sighed Wang Bugui.

"What?! Oh no! How can you possibly get there, and even if you can, how can you find someone who can teach you?!" Druid thought his decision was too crazy.

"Don't worry! I will find ways to go there, and I already know someone I can look for. I will go well on my way, you don't have to worry. I promise you and Merutia that I will change the fate of this world when I return." Wang Bugui made a promise, full of confidence and firmness.

"Have you really decided?" asked Druid.

"Yes. I will work hard to cultivate, and be strong enough to let all the enemies be chilled by me; even Dracula will die under my hand! You and Merutia are my best friends, so I hope that you two to exert yourselves to be stronger as well, and don't be dragged far behind me when I come back." Wang Bugui patted Druid's shoulder.

"Well, I promise you and Merutia that I will try my best to become stronger, not be dragged behind." Druid also promised to Wang Bugui. The former knew that this friend of his was always a persistent person that nothing could change his decisions, so there was no need to persuade him.

"Alright. I should go. Take care of yourself!" responded Wang Bugui. Druid sent him outside the St. Paul's Cathedral. Then the two waved goodbye to each other, without too many parting words, because they all trusted their friends.

Gradually, Wang Bugui disappeared in the crowd. It was the gala eve of the Halloween today. When the night was coming, cheerful laughing and chatting prevailed the streets and alleys.

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