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BBW – Chapter One and Chapter Two

BBW – Chapter One

‘Shimei, give back the Yu Yi Jade to me,’ Fang Hong Fei demanded.

Madam Fang had given the Yu Yi Jade as a betrothal gift to Murong Yun Su.

‘As compensation, I’ll give you a sword,’ Fang Hong Fei said.

Fang Hong Fei opened a sword box, revealing a Ming Jian Sect sword.

Murong Yun Shu had no interest in swords. ‘It’s only right that I give back what belongs to the Fang Household. Keep your sword.’

‘But… you’re my Shimei,’ Fang Hong Fei said.

‘It’s not your fault I’m your Shimei,’ Murong Yun Su said. ‘If I keep your sword, I’m worried one day you’ll return carrying another sword to cut flesh off my body, and demanding your sword back. Keeping your sword will save you time wiping a blood stained sword.’

‘Shimei… what do you mean by this?’ Fang Hong Fei asked.

‘Is there anything else you wanted?’ Murong Yun Su asked.

‘No-’ Fang Hong Fei said.

‘You’re free to leave,’ Murong Yun Su said.

Murong Yun Su’s maid, Lu Ji, stopped Fang Hong Fei from entering the study.

‘Gentleman Fang, the main door is in the opposite direction,’ Lu Ji said.

‘I know, I want to-’ Fang Hong Fei said.

‘Gentleman Fang, have a safe journey,’ Murong Yun Su said.

‘I can’t leave-’ Fang Hong Fei said.

‘Someone escort Gentleman Fang outside,’ Murong Yun Su said.

‘Shimei, if a Ming Jian Sect sword means nothing to you,’ Fang Hong Fei said. ‘When Murong Sect is in danger, don’t’ blame Ming Jian Sect for not helping.’

Fang Hong Fei flicked his robe sleeves, and left Murong Courtyard House.

‘Mistress, I’m worried your coldness offended Fang Hong Fei,’ Lu Ji said.

Murong Yun Su calmly checked the accounting book in her left hand, and made calculations on the abacus with her right hand.

‘Let him be,’ Murong Yun Su said. ‘All dogs bark before biting.’

‘Mistress is right about letting dogs behave like dogs,’ Lu Ji said. ‘But someone who waits until their betrothed’s father dies to end their betrothal is lower than a dog.’

‘I don’t want to be betrothed to a dog either,’ Murong Yun Su said.

‘…’ Lu Ji was speechless.

‘Breaking a betrothal happens all the time,’ Murong Yun Su said. ‘It’s not worth holding a grudge.’

Murong Yun Su’s life interests were making money and counting money, everything else were irrelevant.

‘If Master Murong was still alive,’ Lu Ji said, ‘no one would dare to offend Murong Sect or mistress.’

‘Lu Ji, even if my father isn’t here,’ Murong Yun Su said, ‘I won’t let anyone offend Murong Sect.’

‘Mistress…’ Lu Ji said tearfully.

Murong Yun Su glanced at Lu Ji’s tears, and resumed checking the accounting books.

‘Lu Ji, if you’re sick,’ Murong Yun Su said, ‘go see a physician. If you don’t have enough silver coins, I’ll give your monthly allowance in advance.’

‘Mistress, what sickness do I have?’ Lu Ji asked.

‘There’s something wrong with your eyes,’ Murong Yun Su said.

‘…’ Lu Ji was speechless.

Outsiders were envious of Murong Sect’s silver taels. They were hoping five days after Murong Cheng’s death, Murong Sect would fall apart, and they could raid Murong Sect.

When Murong Cheng was alive, outsiders rarely had the chance to see Murong Yun Su, which made them speculate Murong Yun Su was an airhead.

But everyone inside the Murong Sect knew their mistress, Murong Yun Su, had a brilliant mind for making money, and the mastermind behind Murong Sect’s success.

Murong Yun Su felt fortunate Fang Hong Fei broke their betrothal, because Murong Sect’s silver taels in his hands would burn quickly.

Murong Yun Su didn’t let a broken betrothal slow her down. She wore a white mourning dress, and went about her day conducting business. But Ming Jian Sect disciples got in her way.

‘Mistress, Ming Jian Sect disciples are obstructing your porters,’ Lu Ji said.

Murong Yun Su parted the sedan-chair curtain, and she frowned. ‘Didn’t Gentleman Fang break off the betrothal?’

Murong Yun Su would rather marry a dog than marry Fang Hong Fei.

‘Fang Hong Fei is on his way to Zhen Yuan Sect,’ sixth Fang brother said.

Sixth Fang brother was ashamed of the dishonorable Fang Hong Fei.

It was rumored Zhen Yuan Sect’s leader, Lin Chen Yuan had a beautiful daughter, Lin Shui Er. Outsiders speculated whether it was Fang Hong Fei who seduced Lin Shui Er or if it was Zhen Yuan Sect’s power and Lin Shui Er’s beauty that seduced Fang Hong Fei.

‘That has nothing to do with Murong Sect,’ Murong Yun Su said, letting go of the curtain, ‘let us through.’

‘Mistress, Fang Hong Fei is obstructing the bridge up ahead,’ Lu Ji said.

‘Someone send Fang Hong Fei a message,’ Murong Yun Su said. ‘Tell him to learn from dogs, good dogs don’t obstruct bridges.’

‘Mistress, you’re more menacing by the day,’ Lu Ji said supportively.

‘If Fang Hong Fei’s people keep obstructing our way,’ Murong Yun Su said, ‘I’ll be even more menacing.’

Lu Ji went to deliver Murong Yun Su’s message. ‘Gentleman Fang, our mistress said good dogs don’t obstruct bridges. If you don’t want people to see you as a dog, move aside.’

Fang Hong Fei rode his horse arrogantly past Lu Ji, toward Murong Yun Su’s sedan-chair.

‘What is the problem?’ Fang Hong Fei asked.

‘I want to know what the problem is too,’ Murong Yun Su said through the sedan-chair curtain.

‘Stop acting dumb,’ Fang Hong Fei said. ‘I knew you wouldn’t accept our broken betrothal. Tell me your condition, and I’ll satisfy you.’

‘Do you think I want to cause problems?’ Murong Yun Su asked.

‘Do you still want to lie?’ Fang Hong Fei asked.

‘Do you mean you can satisfy any conditions?’ Murong Yun Su asked sarcastically.

‘As long as you agree not to cause problems at my wedding ceremony,’ Fang Hong Fei said.

‘I’m worried you can’t give me what I want,’ Murong Yun Su said.

‘Don’t make me laugh,’ Fang Hong Fei said. ‘There’s nothing in this world that I, Fang Hong Fei, can’t give you.’

‘Hand over Ming Jian Sect,’ Murong Yun Su said.

‘You!’ Fang Hong Fei said.

‘Can you give it to me?’ Murong Yun Su asked.

‘What is it that you want?’ Fang Hong Fei asked.

‘Give me a clear dong nan xi bei,’ Murong Yun Su said.

‘What?’ Fang Hong Fei asked.

‘Your big ox head is obstructing the bridge,’ Murong Yun Su said.

‘Aren’t you here to kidnap me, the groom?’ Fang Hong Fei asked.

‘Gentleman Fang, don’t be absurd,’ Murong Yun Su said. ‘Did all the gentlemen in the world die? Why would I want to kidnap you?’

‘Murong Yun Su!’ Fang Hong Fei called.

‘Gentleman Fang, if there’s nothing else,’ Murong Yun Su said, ‘please move out of the way. You being late to your auspicious wedding hour is trivial. Making me late to throw a ball to choose my groom at an auspicious hour is significant.’

‘Murong Yun Su, you’re an unorthodox lady,’ Fang Hong Fei said.

‘It’s tradition that people from Murong Sect are unorthodox,’ Murong Yun Su said. ‘Don’t forget, when you agreed to marry into Murong Sect, you knew how unorthodox people from Murong Sect are.’

Fang Hong Fei didn’t know which sects would side with Murong Sect over Ming Jian Sect so he didn’t want another black mark against him.

‘Ming Jian disciples, clear the way for Murong Sect,’ Fang Hong Fei ordered.

The Ming Jian Sect disciples parted into two lines, letting Murong Yun Su’s sedan-chair pass through the middle like she was an empress.

‘Mistress, what a grand salute,’ Lu Ji said.

‘Not as grand as when the royal army soldiers saluted us,’ Murong Yun Su said.

Three days later, a rumor spread throughout Jin Liang Province that Murong Yun Su attempted to kidnap the groom, Fang Hong Fei on a bridge.

‘Mistress, it must be Ming Jian Sect disciples who spread the rumor,’ Lu Ji said.

‘Um,’ Murong Yun Su said.

‘Fang Hong Fei makes me so angry,’ Lu Ji said. ‘He’s despicable.’

‘Um,’ Murong Yun Su said.

‘Mistress, how can you hug books calmly when people are insulting you that you’re an vulgar lady?’ Lu Ji asked.

Murong Yun Su reluctantly put down the ink brush. ‘Is the rumor true?’

‘Of course not,’ Lu Ji said.

‘Then ignore them,’ Murong Yun Su said.

‘It’s because the rumor is false,’ Lu Ji said, ‘I want to avenge mistress. Mistress is innocent.’

‘How do you want to avenge me?’ Murong Yun Su asked. ‘Cut their tongues? Poke out their eyes? Or cut off their manhoods?’

‘Mistress… don’t be cruel,’ Lu Ji said.

‘Lu Ji, it was you who wanted to avenge me,’ Murong Yun Su said.

‘But I didn’t want to hurt them,’ Lu Ji said.

‘How else can you avenge me?’ Murong Yun Su asked.

‘…’ Lu Ji was speechless.

‘Let me hug my books in peace,’ Murong Yun Su said. ‘Go call the groundskeeper to see me.’

Suddenly the groundskeeper charged into the study.

‘Mistress, there’s a problem,’ the groundskeeper said.

‘What’s the problem?’ Murong Yun Su asked.

‘Mo Jiao Cult disciples are here,’ the groundskeeper said.

Murong Yun Su’s heart skipped a beat. There was no bad blood between Murong Sect and Mo Jiao Cult.

‘Why are they here?’ Murong Yun Su asked.

‘They came… on behalf of their leader to propose marriage to mistress,’ the groundskeeper said.

End of Chapter One

BBW – Chapter Two

‘Why are you crying?’ Murong Yun Su asked. ‘Isn’t it good news a gentleman wants to marry me?’

‘But the gentleman is Mo Jiao Cult’s leader,’ the groundskeeper said.

‘Isn’t Mo Jiao Cult’s leader a gentleman?’ Murong Yun Su asked.

‘He is a gentleman,’ the groundskeeper said.

‘Then it’s good news,’ Murong Yun Su said and walked calmly to the guest room to greet Mo Jiao Cult’s disciples.

‘Does anyone here owe Mo Jiao Cult money?’ Murong Yun Su asked. ‘If yes, they can retire.’

‘No one from Murong Sect owes Mo Jiao Cult money,’ the groundskeeper informed.

‘Then why do we have guests from Mo Jiao Cult?’ Murong Yun Su asked.

‘We’re here on behalf of our leader to propose marriage to Lady Murong,’ East Mo said, presenting chests of silver taels.

‘I see,’ Murong Yun Su said. ‘Someone escort the guests outside. Murong Sect maidens don’t marry into any households.’

‘Then can our leader marry into Murong Sect?’ South Mo asked.

‘Is there something wrong with your leader?’ Murong Yun Su asked. ‘Is he missing an arm or leg?’

Whether it was sect leaders or royal ministers presenting silver taels to Murong Sect, it was an ordinary event, because Murong Sect had surplus silver taels. But a cult leader presenting Murong Sect ten chests of silver taels was unusual.

‘I think our leader is missing a brain’ West Mo said.

‘Clearly our leader is missing common sense too,’ North Mo said. ‘He’s handsome if his ruthless reputation is disregarded.’

Murong Jiao Cult’s disciples didn’t understand why their powerful and handsome leader wanted to marry into Murong Sect so they speculated there was something wrong with his brain.

‘Apart from our leader’s ruthless reputation,’ East Mo said. ‘He’s an ordinary gentleman.’

‘Are you sure he’s willing to marry into Murong Sect?’ Murong Yun Su asked.

‘We’re sure,’ the four direction men said.

‘It seems your leader is an extraordinary gentleman,’ Murong Yun Su said.

‘Madam Chu is too generous,’ the four direction men said.

‘Your leader hasn’t married into Murong Sect,’ Murong Yun Su said. ‘Please call me Lady Murong.’

‘Sooner or later, we’ll be calling you Madam Chu,’ North Mo said. ‘Mo Jiao disciples aren’t strict about formalities.’

‘Even if you call me Madam Chu,’ Murong Yun Su said, ‘I’ll be mourning for three years. It’ll be three years before your leader marries into Murong Sect.’

Murong Yun Su’s father wasn’t strict about mourning formalities either. But she wanted to find out her potential betrothed’s motives.

‘Finalizing our leader’s betrothal was the purpose of our visit,’ North Mo said. ‘We’re going back to inform our leader the good news.’

‘You’re free to leave,’ Murong Yun Su said. ‘But why are you taking back the chests of silver taels?’

‘These chests were meant as betrothal gifts,’ East Mo said. ‘Since our leader is marrying into Murong Sect, it’s tradition that Madam Chu escort a matchmaker and betrothal gifts to Hao Feng Courtyard.’

Murong Yun Su felt like she was robbed in broad daylight. Paying for a matchmaker and presenting ten chests of silver taels was an expensive loss.

‘Madam Chu, don’t worry,’ East Mo said. ‘Our leader is a cheap groom. He’s satisfied with a roast pig equal to his weight.’

‘I don’t know his weight,’ Murong Yun Su said.

Murong Yun Su had intended to say she didn’t mind paying for a matchmaker and presenting ten chests of silver taels.

‘As precaution,’ South Mo said, ‘our leader weighs no more than one-hundred and thirty kilograms.’

‘I heard the price of pigs have gone up,’ West Mo said.

‘I’ll encourage our leader to lose weight,’ North Mo said.

The unexpected betrothal to Mo Jiao Cult’s leader made Murong Yun Su question what crime she committed to deserve such a deadly punishment.

End of Chapter Two

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