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The Abnormal Sect Leader

"Miss, are you really going to marry Mojiao sect's leader?" Lu'er asked.

"He is going to marry me."

"Fine, he is going to marry you." Lu'er suddenly felt so speechless that she flipped her eyeballs, "But, Mojiao sect's leader… has a bad reputation."

"Hmm." Murong Yun Shu grimly nodded her head and said. "I should hurry up and get married."

"……" Murong Yun Shu's logic had suddenly jumped too far that Lu'er couldn't even understand her. She tried to emphasize again: "Miss, your betrothed is Mojiao sect's leader, he is the sect's leader!"

"So what?"

"He is the sect's leader!" Doesn't miss really knew that Mojiao Sect was the biggest opposition against the underworld?

"Fang Hongfei is Mingjian Sect's young leader."

Lu'er stood blankly for a while, and soon she suddenly understood something: "Miss, did you mean that, not everyone from Mojiao Cult is bad and not everyone from Mingjian Sect is good?"

"Yes" Murong Yun Shu nodded her head.

Although Murong Yun Shu wasn't involved in the underworld, however she does have some knowledge about it. As an outsider, she could see through the underworld. Prestigious sect isn't always bright and upright, while Mojiao sect isn't all about doing immoral things.

As far as what she knew was the Mojiao Sect's leader, Chu Changge was ruthless and powerful. Even the martial arts leaders and the Taoist leaders wasn't his opponent. Many people wanted to challenge him but nobody dares to.

Why would such a powerful man like him wanted to marry her?

For money? If it was before, then there could be a possibility. But now……Murong house doesn't have any valuable treasure that would attract people.

For status? Other people could be, but for Chu Changge……Even if he married to a celestial, his reputation won't be any better.

For her beauty?

Murong Yun Shu's face suddenly turned red, she felt so shy in her heart until she hoped she could cover her face in the dust. Chu Changge has never seen her face before, how is it possible……

"Miss, did you dropped something? I'll help you find it."

Murong Yun Shu felt awkward immediately with a 囧 expression on her face, her face was warm, she walked back to her room and said: "I lost an earring, if you could find it, then it's yours." As she walked futher, she could still hear Lu'er mumbled confusedly at the back: "Where can it be?"

Murong Yun Shu smiled, and felt blessed to have a dummy maid.

Mount Heifeng, Windward Courtyard.

"Marry into Murong Sect?"

Chu Changge burst into laughter. "This is the biggest joke in the world." Chu Changge he himself wasn't incapable to marry a wife, why would he marry into her house!

"Madam said Murong Sect's maidens don't marry into any households, so the only choice is to let our Mojiao leader to marry into Murong Sect." North Guardian shrugged his shoulder and said.

"She doesn't want to marry?" Chu Changge's expression turned dark, his voice was cold as frost. "Why?"

Chu Changge flipped his face faster than flipping a book. North Guardian took two steps away, just in case his life wasn't in danger: "Madam only said she doesn't marry to Mojiao Sect, she didn't say you can't marry into Murong House, nor not allowing you to sleep in her bed."

North Guardian continued talking: "It's a good thing, since you don't have to pay for betrothal gifts……"

"She did not receive the betrothal gifts?" Chu Changge frowned his eyebrows tightly, and asked strictly: "What was my instruction before I asked you to set out?"

East Guardian immediately replied: "Make Murong Yunshu accept the betrothal gifts."

"In the end?"

"In the end…… She didn't accept…… But actually she didn't refuse it, I shall go for another visit now……"

"No need." Chu Changge interrupted his talk, his eyebrow frowned tightly and gently knocked on the table with a rhythm, suddenly his lips moved and his handsome face showed up with a charming smiled. "Immediately prepare the betrothal gifts."

That face of his looked like he was pure innocent, but his smile actually signified that dangerous is coming, East, South, West and North four guardians recognized their leader's deadly smile and shivered, they consciously stepped back their bodies in sync.

Four of the guardians wanted to tell their leaders to wait for Murong House's dowry to arrive, till then it wasn't late for them to prepare the betrothal gifts. However, when they saw Chu Changge's evil smile, all of their courage to defy his command has gone.

Isn't it just a betrothal gift? Our Mojiao Sect has a lot of money. Four guardians had a thought that even the sky has fallen, there is always money to support them. They suddenly felt relaxed with their thoughts.

"Leader, what sort of betrothal gifts do you want us to prepare?"

Chu Changge thought for a while and asked: "Ever heard of ten miles of red betrothal gifts?"

"We've heard about it before."

"Take that as the standard."


Walking out from the Windward Courtyard, all four guardians were in silence.

After some time, North Guardian could not stand anymore and said: "Do you think our leader is acting strange today?"

"Completely agree." South Guardian nodded his head heavily. "We turned him into a groom marrying into Murong Sect, but he didn't lose his temper. He was angry when he heard we took back the betrothal gifts, the weirdest part is, after he lose his temper he did not do anything to us nor punish us."

"What is weird about that, didn't you knew all along that our leader was so abnormal?" West Guardian doesn't make any reaction.

North Guardian nodded as if he understood something, and soon he asked: "Do you think, our leader was born naturally to be abnormal?"

"…… It is possible that he acquired through his childhood, since his whole family is abnormal."

"You are right."

East Guardian stared at his brothers and said: "You guys should worry about preparing the betrothal gifts instead."

"It's only ten miles of red betrothal gifts, that would be easy to prepare."

"That's right, our Mojiao Sect has so many people and power, don't say ten miles, even hundred or thousand miles is possible."

"But the red betrothal gifts looked weird, if it was black or white betrothal gifts then it'll look better."

"Do you think we're preparing for funeral gifts? Our leader is getting married. Of course we have to prepare red betrothal gifts!"

"……." East Guardian was speechless looking at his three brothers: "Our leader is not even here, who are you guys acting dumb for?"

"Hehe." The other three guardians smirked, and said in sync: "Let's us go and prepare the ten red betrothal gifts."

East Guardian had a deep sigh, he hoped his leader won't blame them for talking jokes about his marriage, he had no choice since he was surrounded by a bunch of dummies in this Mojiao Sect.

In the meantime, inside the Windward Courtyard, Chu Changge was listening to Xiang You and Yang Zuo reporting about the upcoming martial arts world tournament held on the fifteenth of August.

After the report, Xiang You was worried and asked: "Leader, I don't think those four guardians are suitable to prepare the betrothal gifts."

"That's right. Although East, South, West and North four guardians were powerful men, but their intelligence were worrisome." Yang Zuo agreed with Xiang You.

"Which is why I let them prepare the betrothal gifts." Chu Changge smiled but looked as if he was not.

"Did you predicted of what betrothal gifts they will prepare?"

Chu Changge shook his head, he excitedly said with a smile: "I'm anticipating of what mess they'll make."

Xiang You and Yang Zuo both were speechless about their leader, it seems their leader wanted them to ruin the betrothal gifts, that's the main reason why he asked the four guardians to prepare the gifts?

Indeed, Chu Changge has his leader personality, everything he does was weird and can't be understood by normal people.

Chu Changge looked far at the mountain, as if he was thinking of something. His elegant eyebrows made him looked optimistic, his long hair flowed with the wind antiquity. If the Mojiao Sect's disciples didn't know his evil personality, they would have mistaken him as an immortal.

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