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Chapter 43

The big curly bearded man said, "The Four Guardians should not hesitate any more. The life and death of the Mojiao Sect are our utmost importance."

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Just as before, the four of them still couldn't make up their minds. If this matter was put on someone else's shoulder, the safety of the Mojiao Sect would be the most important thing, but Leader was born to rebel and always thought differently than others. Perhaps in his heart, Madam was the most important. After all, Leader had risked his life in order to find an antidote for Madam.


Before the Four Guardians could even speak, Murong Yunshu lightly said, "You don't have to worry about the problem of traveling expenses, just follow me upstairs and get them." After she said that, she got up and headed upstairs.


The four were all puzzled. When did they ever be bothered with travel expenses? Although Mojiao Sect wasn't as wealthy as Murong Mansion, nevertheless, they had no shortage of money for travelling expenses. Besides, if they really had no money, they could still 'rob the rich and give to the poor'. ᵀᴺI don't think 'robbing the rich and giving to the poor' mean like this.


Seeing no response from the four of them, Lu-er quickly winked and urged, "Go up quickly. Do you want Miss personally come down to send you up?"


The four men immediately got the message, as East Guardian said to the big curly bearded man, "You wait here for a moment. We'll be back in a few minutes." Once he had done saying that, they followed Murong Yunshu by went upstairs.


After all four had entered the room, Murong Yunshu motioned for North Guardian to close the door. "There is a problem with the person below," she said while looking for something inside her bundle.


The four were shocked. "What kind of problem?"


Murong Yunshu didn't answer them immediately, but instead took another long time digging into her bundle before picking up the found item with her hand. When she turned back to face them, she explained, "When he heard that Chu Changge had gone to the Mountain of Doom, the corners of his mouth quickly rose a bit before he made a pained expression, and when he said the words, 'How can he returned once he went up the Mountain of Doom', the corners of his mouth rose up again, which meant that he was actually happy that Chu Changge was missing."

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Hearing these words, the four men were shocked and angry. North Guardian shook his fist and said, "I knew that the Left and Right Emissaries would not rebel!"


Murong Yunshu did not say anything. She did not know about the internal affairs of the Mojiao Sect, so she had no right to speak. She could only say that the big man below was definitely not a desperate and loyal protector of the Master, and he hated the Left and Right Emissaries extremely. She could tell because when he mentioned that the Left and Right Emissaries were in control of the Mojiao Sect, his expression showed that he wished he could cut them to pieces.


East Guardian asked, "Then what should we do according to Madam's opinion?"


Murong Yunshu said, "Follow him back to Mojiao Sect and act according to the circumstances."


"But the Leader….."


"I'll find him." Murong Yunshu's calm eyes revealed a smile of confidence.


Seeing her like this, the four of them no longer hesitated. When Madam said she would go find the Leader, she would definitely go. "How are we going to meet with you after we deal with the Mojiao Sect?"


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This was a reconstructed version of money shop or qianzhuang.
Rather than a bank, it was like an old version of the money exchange shop. Qianzhuang was first established during the Ming Dynasty to exchange between foreign money and local silver money.
Image Credit Shanghai Bank Museum via Kkcnews by 刘三解 (你真的知道胡雪岩的钱庄和今天的银行有什么区别吗? Jan 31st, 2018)

"Go to the Huifeng money shop in the north of the city, Lu-er will wait for you there. If she is not here, it means that we have left the town." This noob translation was translated by a noob translator きつね. Please read this chapter at


"Okay. Take care, madam. "


The four men turned and were about to leave when Murong Yunshu stopped them. "You are going to sort out the sect instead of Chu Changge, but without this, how can you convince the masses?" She smiled and spread out her hand, revealing the piece of yupei in her palm.


East Guardian exclaimed, "The Soul Locker!"


"M-hm." Murong Yunshu added, "It is not only carved from Black Wind Token, but also something Chu Changge wears with himself. Only with this will you have a rallying point."


"No way. It was left by the Leader for Madam's body protection, so we cannot take it away."


Murong Yunshu laughed, "Even if you don't want it, it will only lie in my bundle everyday. What kind of body protection will it make?"


It make sense. East Guardian took the Soul Locker Yupei with hesitation, and then led the other three, South, West and North to leave the inn together with the big curly bearded man.


Five men and five horses galloped on the official road.


East Guardian said, "Do you guys ever feel that no matter what Madam says, it always makes sense?"


"Even if the words don't make any sense, they're becoming very reasonable coming out from her mouth." South Guardian agreed. ᵀᴺYunshu can become a successful salesgirl if she lives in our world.


West Guardian also nodded his head in agreement, ''That's what you called having a skill. In the future, if you want to reason things out, let Madam take charge of it."


"Actually, Madam will only say what we wanted to hear the most, nothing more." North Guardian was quite objective, and this kind of objectivity was returned with scornful glances from the other three. Hey, even when he was telling the truth, everyone would still despise him, what kind of world was this?





After the Four Guardians and the big curly bearded man left, Murong Yunshu instructed Lu-er to go to the money store and wait for the news, while she went to the Mountain of Doom by herself.


One of the great advantages of being born in a large family was that one would have a lot of leisure time and could do whatever one wanted. But this was a bit painful for someone like her who had no special interests. Every day, in order to pass the time, she would always go looking for other things, such as going to the underground warehouse every now and then to count money or something.


Of course, once in a while one could stumble upon something new and spend a great deal of time figuring it out, such as mechanisms.


When she was twelve years old, she went to an underground warehouse to spend the summer and counted silver to pass the time. Inadvertently, she touched one of the mechanisms in the warehouse and was imprisoned for a whole day. Since then, she had been studying mechanisms. This noob translation was translated by a noob translator きつね. Please read this chapter at


Chinese-Taoist God of Creation. An illustration of Pangu from Sancai Tuhui, a 17th century Chinese encyclopedia compiled by Wang Qi and his son, Wang Siyi.
Image Credit Public Domain

Among the books on mechanisms she had read, there was an ancient book that mentioned the Mountain of Doom — the top ten unresolved mechanisms in the world. It was said that this mountain was the place where Pangu's head was located after he split heavens and earth apart¹Chinese idiom: the creation of heaven and earth—the beginning of history, and another mountain that echoed it was called the Undead Mountain. In the middle of the summit of Undead Mountain, there was a thumb-thick spring called Undead Spring, which could be drunk for one to live forever and never grow old. However, in order to climb the Undead Mountain, one must first ascend the Mountain of Doom and reach it via the 'Flame Washed Bridge'. However, not to mention crossing the 'Flame Washed Bridge', first of all, there weren't many people who could go up this mountain alive, so gradually, people forgot about this legend.


The reason why it was recorded in that book was because Mountain of Doom, was in fact, a man-made mountain, which itself was a huge mechanism, and only by unlocking the mechanism and entering the interior of the mountain could one find the method of climbing. This was what had been written in the book. She guessed that the person who wrote the book probably didn't know that there was another kind of martial art called qinggong in the world, and even if the writer did know, he must not have known that some people's qinggong had reached great heights²Chinese idiom : attain the height of perfection to the extent that it had gone up to heaven or down to Hades³Chinese idiom : to go to great lengths.


Of course, she didn't know qinggong. That kind of spectacular climbing was where she only saw the other rider's dust and had no hope of catching up⁴Chinese idiom : to be far inferior, unlocking the mechanism was her only great way.

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