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Chapter 42

Although Murong Yunshu did return to the inn, and yet she hadn't slept a wink. She had been standing by the window and waited all night until the dark east turned white. Then, she slumped into the bed and rubbed her temples tiredly.

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Chu Changge had gone missing.


Such an all-powerful and omnipotent person had disappeared. He vanished above the cliffs where one couldn't even see the summit, with no news from him had been passed down since then.


Murong Yunshu knew she shouldn't be so worried about him, but her heart was like a runaway wild horse¹fig. out of control. She could only watch helplessly as it fell step by step into a state of uneasiness, and seized by being worried about him.


Perhaps it was only a sense of self-reproach that made her worry about not being able to sleep all night; after all, he had disappeared in search of an antidote for her; or perhaps it was only the disappearance of her companion that made her lose faith in the search for an antidote and thus made her feel very uneasy; or perhaps.......


Murong Yunshu used various reasons in her heart to explain her anxiety, then she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, cautioned herself to stop before going too far.


'Knock knock——' someone knocked outside her door.


Murong Yunshu immediately opened her eyes and plucked up her courage, as she slightly straightened up her dress, and then calmly said, "Come in." Just as soon as she opened her mouth, she found out that her throat had seriously dried up, thus she got up and walked to the table to pour herself some tea. This tea was brewed yesterday, and she never drank an overnight tea, but now she could smoothly drink it, not because she was extremely thirsty, but she suddenly felt that she could only make do with it. What was a cup of an overnight tea when Chu Changge was currently missing? This noob translation was translated by a noob translator きつね. Please read this chapter at


With the sound of creaking, Lu-er pushed open the door and entered. "Miss, the Four Guardians are looking for you to discuss the matter of finding Guye²son-in-law (used by wife's family)," she said in a small voice, while having a guilty conscience. If she hadn't cried out that she was hungry yesterday, Miss would have stayed at the foot of the mountain and Guye²son-in-law (used by wife's family) would not have disappeared without a word.


Murong Yunshu replied, "Tell them to wait for me downstairs, I'll be there later."

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Curly bearded man.
I don't know if this picture presented Fuyu Wang or Zhang Zhonglian. If anyone knows, please tell me.
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As soon as Murong Yunshu came downstairs, the four people, East, West, South and North surrounded her. East Guardian said, "Madam, Leader hasn't come back all night and he also hasn't sent any signal to contact us, and we're currently really worried..." He suddenly closed his mouth, because he noticed a big man with a curly beard just entered the Inn in blood stained clothes and with a body full of injuries. The other three guardians followed his sight and also looked. When they realised who the messenger was, their faces suddenly became gloomy.


The big bearded man also saw them. His face immediately showed the ecstasy of 'being saved' aseas he ran towards them and asked, "Where is the Leader? I want to see the Leader, there's a critical situation at the base."


Even if the man didn't say anything, the four people, East, West, South and North knew that there was bound to be an emergency, because the big curly bearded man was one of the Ten Guardian Elders of the Mojiao Sect. If the Leader was regarded as the Emperor, then the ten elders were equivalent to the Grand Secretaries of the Grand Secretariat. When the Emperor traveled in plain clothes, the Grand Secretaries of the Grand Secretariat kept watch of the capital, the same when the Lord left Black Wind Mountain, the ten elders were not allowed to go down the mountain, unless, outside enemies had invaded, and they were an irresistible force…..


East Guardian frowned and asked, ”Did the famous and decent sects have hit Black Wind Mountain?” That day, when the Leader gave up the position of the Great Leader, he knew that the war with the famous and decent sects was inevitable. However, although there were many famous and decent sects, the Mojiao Sect was not that easy to be trifled with. In addition, Black Wind Mountain was dangerous which was easily guarded, but hard to be attacked, so it should not be defeated to the point where the elder of the sect had to go down the mountain to ask for help.


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The big curly bearded man grunted coldly and said disdainfully, "Even if the famous and decent sects come out with the whole nest³Chinese idiom : turn out in full strength, they will not be able to step even half of the Black Wind Mountain."


"Then why did you go down the mountain?" South Guardian asked.


The big curly bearded man glanced at the Four Guardians and said, "I must personally explain this matter to the Leader."


The four men looked at each other, until East Guardian said, "The Leader is currently missing."


"Missing?!" The big curly bearded man was really shocked that he suddenly staggered back three steps, and drew out his sword, as he pointed his sword at them and rained curses at them, "Are you rebellious like Xiang Kun and Yang Yan?"


"What?! Are you saying that Right Emissary Xiang and Left Emissary Yang rebelled?!"


The Four Great Guardians were so shocked that their jaws nearly dropped. How could the Left and Right Emissaries who were more dead set on⁴Chinese idiom : unswerving the Leader than they were, could possibly rebel......


"Xiang Kun and Yang Yan took advantage of the Leader's absence to control the Mojiao Sect and eradicate the outsiders. Now the Mojiao Sect is completely under their control." The big curly bearded man beat his chest and stamped his feet, filled with indignation.


The four men still couldn't believe the rebellion of the Left and Right Emissaries, and all went silent. The loyalty of the Emissaries was clearer to them than anyone else, and in no way would they ever believe it even if they had a change of their master here today. But all the Guardian Elders had all gone down the mountain, so it was impossible for them not to trust their words. What's even more problematic was that now the Leader's whereabouts were unknown, and they had been entrusted by the Leader to stay here to protect Madam. Then, who should put out the fire at Black Wind Mountain? This noob translation was translated by a noob translator きつね. Please read this chapter at


"Why aren't you guys talking? Where the hell has the Leader gone to?" asked the big curly bearded man.


East Guardian said, "The Leader went up Mountain of Doom yesterday and still hasn't come down yet."


The big curly bearded man started to reprimand them, "Why are you people so muddled? How can he return once he went up the Mountain of Doom!"


"That mountain is called the Mountain of Doom?" Murong Yunshu asked while being pleased beyond her own expectations⁵Chinese idiom : overjoyed at the turn of events.


The big curly bearded man looked at Murong Yunshu who suddenly spoke and asked the East Guardian, "Who is she?"


"The future leader's wife."


"You're the Miss of Murong Mansion! Great! I've heard that the Miss of the Murong Mansion is a woman of great intelligence and wisdom, and now that I've seen her, sure enough, her name is not in vain⁶Chinese idiom: a fully justified reputation." After he gave out the praise, the big curly bearded man dropped to one knee and said, "Madam, please follow this subordinate back to Black Wind Mountain to uphold justice."


"I'm not going." Murong Yunshu resolutely refused without any hesitation.


The big curly bearded man was stunned and subconsciously asked, "Why?"


"The name is not correct, then the spoken words do not ring true⁷Chinese proverb : A person should have to do things by the proper name, then will one let people to be obedience / convince people."


The big curly bearded man lifted his forehead. Why didn't anyone tell him that the future Leader's wife was a stubborn little person of manners?


Murong Yunshu leisurely walked to an empty seat and sat down, while motioning for Lu-er to pour her tea. Then she said, "I have not yet bowed in the main hall, nor do I have entered the door. Hence, I have no control over the family affairs of the Mojiao Sect."


The big curly bearded man said, "The situation is critical now. We shouldn't care about this matter that much."


Murong Yunshu just ignored the man's words, turned her head and asked East Guardian once more, "That mountain is called Mountain of Doom?"


The East Guardian nodded, "Leader was afraid that you would be scared, so we were not allowed to mention the name of that mountain."


Scared? He thought she would be scared! Murong Yunshu pursed up her mouth and took a shallow sip from her tea cup, as she said, "You guys go back to the Mojiao Sect main gathering place."


"The Leader has ordered us not to leave Madam." The four men spoke in unison.


Murong Yunshu asked, "You mean, you will rather watch his position as the leader being usurped?"


"This......" East Guardian didn't know if it was an illusion, but he felt that when she said the word 'usurp', the corners of her mouth slightly raised up. He was very familiar with that kind of smile, which was her typical took joy in calamity and delight in disaster⁸Chinese idiom rejoice in other people's misfortune, schadenfreude smile...Why was Madam being so ruthless? The fire had caught the eyebrows⁹Chinese idiom : at a crucial point, so how could she have the mood to take joy in calamity and delight in disaster⁸Chinese idiom rejoice in other people's misfortune, schadenfreude…..

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