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‘Young master, I’m sorry,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘You protected me yet I got mad at you. I’m sorry I embarrassed you. But even if I had to choose again, I would have done the same thing. Because my mummy said if someone saves you, you need to repay them… young master, are you angry?’

‘Next time, you have to come find me first,’ Hao Yan Che said. ‘If you don’t, I’ll break your legs.’

Hao Yan Che got out of bed.

‘Did you hear me?’ Hao Yan Che asked.

‘Yes,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Hao Yan Che walked into the bathroom.

Yuan Gun Gun thought Hao Yan Che sounded like he would always be with her to protect her. The thought of them always being together made her happy and smile like a fool.

At nine in the morning, Yuan Gun Gun held Hao Yan Che’s hand to the dining room.

Yuan Gun Gun greeted everyone warmly and they smiled back at her.

‘Why didn’t you say good morning to me?’ Qi Tu asked.

‘You… why aren’t you wearing…’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Yuan Gun Gun hid her face on Hao Yan Che’s chest. She didn’t dare look at the man who wore a shirt but no pants in the dining room.

‘Yes I have a beautiful body,’ Qi Tu said. ‘But if you react that strongly seeing me, I’ll get a big head.’

Qi Tu sat on a chair. He drank a glass of water, and kept his eyes on Yuan Gun Gun.

Yuan Gun Gun didn’t know what to do. Hao Yan Che held her on his lap, and he put a glass of warm milk in her hands to drink like usual.

Yuan Gun Gun drank the milk, and secretly glanced at the strange man.

‘Little girl, I’m Qi Tu,’ Qi Tu said. ‘I’m your young master’s friend. Let me hear you call me big brother.’

‘Big brother Qi Tu,’ Yuan Gun Gun called.

‘If your young master doesn’t need you anymore, you can come to me,’ Qi Tu said. ‘I’ll love you.’

Qi Tu wasn’t scared of Hao Yan Che’s murderous eyes, he rubbed Yuan Gun Gun’s head.

Yuan Gun Gun looked at Hao Yan Che like she was abandoned.

‘He escaped from a mental hospital,’ Hao Yan Che said and patted Yuan Gun Gun’s bottom.

Qi Tu spat out water, stood and wiped water off his body.

‘Little girl, it must be your good influence if your young master knows how to joke,’ Qi Tu said.

Yuan Gun Gun didn’t know where to look or what to think.

‘Eat,’ Hao Yan Che said to Qi Tu and put chopsticks in Yuan Gun Gun’s hands.

Yuan Gun Gun nodded her head, and began eating.

Qi Tu sat, quickly ate his full and read the front page newspaper article.

‘Mr Hao, CEO of Hao Yan’s company,’ Qi Tu read. ‘Mr Hao attended Zhao’s company dinner function with his beautiful girlfriend Miss Yuan, the heiress of Yuan’s company. The unlucky Miss Yu initiated an ugly confrontation with Miss Yuan outside the bathroom. Mr Hao protected Miss Yuan.’

Qi Tu looked at the photos of Hao Yan Che kissing Yuan Gun Gun, Hao Yan Che kicking Yu Cheng Su to the floor and blood coming out of Yu Cheng Su’s mouth.

‘Mr Hao’s close confidantes revealed that Mr Hao is planning a wedding with Miss Yuan,’ Qi Tu said. ‘Little girl, you’ve become a miraculous angel.’

Yuan Gun Gun ate and didn’t understand what Qi Tu meant.

‘Miss Yuan, is a beautiful bright star,’ Qi Tu read. ‘Her eyes are hypnotizing, and her lips are luscious. Her face is like a lotus bud opening. The longer a person gaze at her, the more enchanting she looks. She’s an innocent butterfly… how poetic.’

‘Did someone write that about me?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

‘Yes,’ Qi Tu said and passed the newspaper to Yuan Gun Gun.

Yuan Gun Gun looked at the photos of Hao Yan Che. She was relieved he didn’t look angry in the photos.

‘The Yuan Gun Gun in the article doesn’t sound like me,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘Of course not,’ Qi Tu said. ‘Yuan Gun Gun in real life is more loveable and genuine.’

End of Chapter Ninety-Nine

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