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‘Why do you look like I bullied you tonight?’ Hao Yan Che asked.

Yuan Gun Gun escaped Hao Yan Che’s embrace, and took a step back.

‘You’re right,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘I’m someone who can’t protect myself so how can I protect other people? Even if I can’t protect myself, I didn’t ask young master to protect me. I’m someone who likes getting involved in another person’s business. I’m someone who can’t judge my own strengths and weaknesses. I’m sorry if I embarrassed young master. Next time you don’t need to save me, and let me face the consequences of my actions.’

Han Yan Che clapped his hands.

‘Congratulations Yuan Gun Gun,’ Han Yan Che said. ‘You have guts. I should reward you.’

Yuan Gun Gun regretted what she said, and took another step back.

‘Why are you stepping away from me?’ Hao Yan Che asked. He slowly stepped toward Yuan Gun Gun. ‘Are you scared of me?’

‘Young master…’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Yuan Gun Gun’s back touched a wall, she had nowhere to escape.

‘How should I reward you?’ Hao Yan Che asked.

Hao Yan Che caged Yuan Gun Gun’s body between his body and the wall.

Hao Yan Che was angry at Yuan Gun Gun’s recklessness. But he didn’t want to take it out on Yuan Gun Gun.

‘I know I’m useless,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘I don’t suit being by your side. I know I can’t protect myself and others, and I overestimate my own strengths. But I couldn’t stand by and watch someone insult Qing Qing. You’re right, I’m useless. I’m sorry.’

Yuan Gun Gun sat on the floor and cried on her knees. She looked like a child who was scolded. Hao Yan Che’s anger diminished. He thought the way she looked vulnerable made her endearing.

‘I’m sorry,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘Do you want me to punish you?’ Hao Yan Che asked.

‘Yes,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Hao Yan Che carried Yuan Gun Gun to the bed.

‘You’re too noisy,’ Hao Yan Che said.

Hao Yan Che hugged Yuan Gun Gun on the bed, and wiped her tears.

‘Ugly,’ Hao Yan Che said. He pinched Yuan Gun Gun’s bottom. ‘Why are you such a dummy by standing still and letting someone hit you? If you want to interfere in another person’s business then you need to go find a mountain to lean on. Understand?’

‘At first I wanted to go find someone to help,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘But I didn’t want to see someone hit Qing Qing, and I forgot to get help. Besides, I didn’t know anyone there to ask to help me.’

‘You don’t know anyone there?’ Hao Yan Che asked. He pinched Yuan Gun Gun’s bottom again. ‘Don’t you know how to look for me?’

‘I know you don’t like interfering in another person’s business,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘So I was too scared to go find you.’

‘Don’t you know how to beg me?’ Hao Yan Che asked and bit Yuan Gun Gun’s ear.

‘If I beg you, would you have helped me?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

‘Depends on my mood,’ Hao Yan Che said.

‘Then it’ll be useless to beg you,’ Yuan Gun Gun mumbled. ‘I’ve lived with you for a long time. I’ve never seen you in a good mood.’

‘What?’ Hao Yan Che asked.

‘Nothing,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Hao Yan Che’s lips hovered over Yuan Gun Gun’s lips. She thought his face was always beautiful.

‘Little Chub, your face is all red,’ Hao Yan Che teased.

‘I… I’m not thinking anything weird,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘What weird thoughts?’ Hao Yan Che asked.

Hao Yan Che’s lips lightly touched Yuan Gun Gun’s lips. She gulped. He smiled and caressed her back. His lips touched her lips again, and they kissed each other.

‘Right now I’m not in a bad mood,’ Hao Yan Che said.

End of Chapter Ninety-Eight

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