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‘Mr Yuan, Yuan Ting Liu has a surprise for you and young mistress Yuan,’ the man said. ‘He sent me here to drive you there.’

‘Where?’ Feng Du Du asked.

‘Follow me,’ the man said.

The gullible Feng Du Du and Yuan Gun Gun held each other’s hands, and followed the man to a car.

‘Mistress Feng and young mistress Yuan, take a seat in the car,’ the man said.’

‘Talk less and capture them,’ the ponytail man said.

The ponytail man grabbed Yuan Gun Gun’s arms.

‘Ah… let me go!’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘Gun Gun, let go… let go of me!’ Feng Du Du said.

The man grabbed Feng Du Du too, and neither mother nor daughter could move.

‘Let go of us!’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘Who are you?’ Feng Du Du asked.

Yuan Gun Gun bit the ponytail’s arm hard. The ponytail man threw Yuan Gun Gun to the ground.

‘Gun Gun…’ Feng Du Du called.

‘Ah!’ the men cried out.

A tall beautiful woman with long hair to her thighs kicked the two men’s faces. The two men fell to the ground, and looked up the woman’s dress.

‘Did you two see something forbidden?’ Long Liu Bao asked.

‘Does white underpants count?’ the two men asked.

Long Liu Bao cracked her knuckles and smiled at the two men.

‘Ah!’ the two men cried out.

Long Liu Bao’s beautiful hands cracked the two men’s necks. Then she tossed the two silent men onto the ground.

Long Liu Bao turned around and assessed Feng Du Du and Yuan Gun Gun for injuries.

‘Are you two ladies OK?’ Long Liu Bao asked.

Feng Du Du and Yuan Gun Gun looked at Long Liu Bao like she was a heroine out of fairy tale.

‘What are your names?’ Long Liu Bao asked.

‘Yuan Gun Gun,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘Feng Du Du,’ Feng Du Du said.

Long Liu Bao thought she heard them called themselves little round ball and little chub. She held their soft hands, and smiled warmly at them.

‘What adorable names,’ Long Liu Bao said. ‘Where are you ladies going? Do you ladies want me to take you two home?’

‘To your home,’ Feng Du Du and Yuan Gun Gun said.

Feng Du Du and Yuan Gun Gun followed Long Liu Bao to Long Wu’s company.

Inside the CEO’s office, two handsome identical looking men were happy to see Long Liu Bao. One man looked like a gentle angel and the second man looked like an oppressive king.

‘Bao Bao, why are you here?’ Long Liu Lang asked gently. ‘Didn’t you say you wanted to go shopping?’

Long Liu Bao hugged Long Liu Lang.

‘I saved these two lovely sisters from thugs,’ Long Liu Bao said. ‘We hit it off, and became friends.’

Long Liu Bo looked at Yuan Gun Gun who looked familiar to him.

‘Aren’t you Che’s wife?’ Long Liu Bo asked Yuan Gun Gun.

‘Hehe… hi big brother Lang and big brother Bo,’ Yuan Gun Gun greeted.

Yuan Gun Gun’s life was over. Yuan Gun Gun couldn’t believe she met the Long brothers’ little sister. Hao Yan Che was going to kill Yuan Gun Gun.

‘Everyone knows each other?’ Long Liu Bao asked and stood next to Yuan Gun Gun.

‘Gun Gun is your big brother Che’s little treasure,’ Long Liu Lang said.

‘Hao Yan Che?’ Long Liu Bao asked.

Long Liu Bo knocked Long Liu Bao’s forehead.

‘Where are your manners?’ Long Liu Bo asked.

‘Impossible,’ Long Liu Bao said. ‘Gun Gun can’t be the wife of the beautiful angel with a demon soul.’

Yuan Gun Gun held Long Liu Bao’s hands like she met a kindred spirit. Yuan Gun Gun finally met someone who wasn’t hoodwinked by her husband’s beauty.

‘Xiao Bao, even if it’s the truth, you shouldn’t let him hear you praise him like that,’ Long Liu Bo said.

End of Chapter 135

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