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At fourteen to one the following afternoon, Yuan Gun Gun laid lethargically on the grass with her small friends.

Yi Tu’s shadow cast over Yuan Gun Gun and she sat up.

‘Big brother Yi Tu, how come you’re not with Che today?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

Yi Tu sat on the grass, and smiled at Yuan Gun Gun.

‘Young master asked me to stay home with you,’ Yi Tu said. ‘Don’t you want me to be here?’

‘Of course it’s good to have your company,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘But you and big brother Jia Tu are normally with Che.’

Yi Tu watched Yuan Gun Gun played with her small friends.

‘Big brother Yi Tu, I want to eat dessert,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘OK,’ Yi Tu said. ‘What dessert do you want me to get for you?’

‘I want to eat egg tarts from Ting’s Cafe,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘Ting’s Cafe, near Hao Yan’s company?’ Yi Tu asked.

‘Yes,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘Does it have to be egg tarts from there?’ Yi Tu asked. ‘Don’t you like the chef’s desserts?’

‘It’s not that,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘I don’t know why, but I’m craving for egg tarts.’

‘If you promise me that you’ll stay at home then I’ll go buy them for you,’ Yi Tu said.

‘I promise I’ll stay home,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Everyone at the Hao Mansion feared their young master. But they had the same weakness as their young master. They were all putty in their young master’s wife’s hands. Yi Tu wasn’t an exception.

Yi Tu walked to the car, and Yuan Gun Gun received a phone call from Feng Du Du.

‘Mummy,’ Yuan Gun Gun greeted.

‘Little treasure are you at home?’ Feng Du Du asked. ‘I’m on my way there.’

‘Yes,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. She rubbed Xiao Yuan’s back. ‘Mummy is it just you?’

‘Just me,’ Feng Du Du said. ‘I’m coming to pick you up for lunch.’

‘Where’s daddy?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

‘He’s at work,’ Feng Du Du said.

‘Mummy, why aren’t you eating with daddy today?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

‘I’m almost there,’ Feng Du Du said. ‘We’ll talk later.’

‘Mummy, wait,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘Che said I can’t go out today.’

‘Is he at home?’ Feng Du Du asked.

‘No,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘Then there is no problem,’ Feng Du Du said.

‘But…’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘My little treasure doesn’t need her mummy because she has her husband,’ Feng Du Du said.

‘Mummy, of course I need you,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘Then stay home and wait for mummy,’ Feng Du Du said.

‘Hello?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

Half an hour later Yi Tu returned to the garden with a box of egg tarts. He panicked when he saw the note on the garden table, ‘Big brother Yi Tu, I’m really sorry. My mummy picked me up to eat lunch with her. She’ll drive me home after lunch. I’m sorry. P.S. Don’t tell Che.’

‘Gun Gun, do you want young master to kill me?’ Yi Tu asked himself.

At the grand opening of a new restaurant, Feng Du Du piled spicy food into Yuan Gun Gun’s bowl.

‘Little treasure, does the food taste good?’ Feng Du Du asked.

‘Yes,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. She drank a glass of water. ‘Mummy, how did you find out about this place?’

‘I saw it in a newspaper advertisement,’ Feng Du Du said. ‘I wanted to come here with your daddy. But he hates eating spicy food, and he’s too busy to take me here today.’

‘Mummy, are you and daddy fighting?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

‘No,’ Feng Du Du said. ‘Your daddy is really busy. I think I’m being unreasonable.’

‘Why?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

‘Because this morning your daddy said he’s not free to come here with me,’ Feng Du Du said. ‘I got upset with him. Now that I think about it, I’m being petty. He promised to take me here tomorrow.’

‘Mummy, don’t worry,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘Daddy isn’t mad at you.’

‘Um,’ Feng Du Du said.

A man in a white suit appeared at the mother and daughter’s table.

‘Excuse me,’ the man said. ‘Are you Miss Feng?’

‘My maiden name is Feng,’ Feng Du Du said. ‘But I’m a married woman so I’m not the Miss Feng you’re looking for.’

‘I’m sorry,’ the man said. ‘I should have asked if you’re mistress Feng Du Du.’

‘Yes,’ Feng Du Du said. ‘Why?’

End of Chapter 134

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