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74) The Magic Academy in Nightmare

[Run towards the Cathedral! It's impossible to hold it any longer!]

The winner already decided.
A lot of people has gone. They have already lost the fight here.
Even before thinking that, they already can't enter the same battlefield anymore.
These people mostly students inside this academy, they never thought of throwing their life away on a battlefield this soon.
But unfortunately for them, These monsters are already evolved from what they used to be, These monsters came out from the Dungeon and crawled all over the academy without caring what they thought.

Right now Kurushu Magic academy is turned into a place not meant for human, it was a domain for monsters.
The tide of war has turned towards the invading monsters since the downfall of the academy's gate.
This academy was already turned into a haven for monsters.
Some monsters already invade and destroying the school buildings into pieces. Some are invading the dormitory, one of the monsters was breaking inside one of the girl room and a fat orc already occupying her bed there. There are also some whom uproot trees and hold it in their hand as if telling everyone 'hey, I'm strong!'.
That is why for these people whom already lose all they could do was running.
There is only one safe haven inside this academy.
Inside the barrier enveloping the Cathedral.

[Run! Run with all you have!]

It was actually a blessing among this misfortune since there is no casualty up till now.
And that blessing is thanks to these three reasons.
Reason number one, the monster’s boss, AKA the cyclops, giving the monsters a strict order to not touch them so he could have fun hunting the human.

[Don't you dare to kill them! Back them into a corner, and then encircle them! Hyahahahaha!]

[The monsters are-!!]


[So, You are the dungeon master who eats it's dungeon core huh. In other words, if I could kill you here and now, those friggin' monsters will stop coming-!]

The second reason.
An existence of a certain former member of the 'Royal Knight' that ready to throw away his life fighting the cyclops.
A giant rock boulder was flying towards the Cyclops, but without any hitch that Cyclops could make a big hole with its right hand and rush towards the human who cast that magic.

[That right hand!! What the heck happened here!!]

[Hyahahaha! This is what it means to hold the dungeon's fate on one hand! It also means this great me was stronger than you!!!]

Cyclops was showing such a joyful face.
In short, there will be no killing spree happening anytime soon until the cyclops reach the cathedral.

Finally the third and also the last reason.
Even though they were told to do something by some kind of boss character, they were just mere monsters.
It was almost impossible for such a creature to listen quietly someone’s command when they already gathered in a large number.
Originally cyclops was only one of the dungeon monster who evolved and got recognized as the boss of that dungeon. So a monster that only follows the dungeon master without moving on his own, will have no value to be called a dungeon monsters.

[Stop, I beg you to stoooooooop!!!!]


Outside the barrier at the cathedral, a selected few students fight back against the attacking monsters.


Protecting those students who fighting against the monsters horde, the third reason why did there is still no casualty among them, the presence of the water orc knight.
Even though these water orc knights is not as strong as the Royal Knight, they have enough strength to protect some people who still trying to escape inside the cathedral from the attacking monsters.

[These water orc knights are amazing. It was such a bad taste using orc as the base there, but as expected from headmaster's magic! I wonder what kind of training I need to do to cast that magic!]

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75.) The Wind Prodigy and The Imperial Princess (5)


The first impression when meeting the great wind spirit was a big injured cat monster.
A big black cat suddenly came out from behind Charlotte were having a contest of wind magic between both of them without Charlotte realized, in that contest, the child's magic is suppressing the great spirit's magic.

[So, it seems]

[Hey, what are you talking about suddenly?]

Charlotte, who already got tired of all her crying, heard what Slow just said.
Even if Charlotte could be heard what Slow said since she couldn't hear what was the great spirit said, she can't understand why did he suddenly said those words.
Slow then looked at Charlotte in the eye, and said 'it's nothing' while laughing.


The reason why the Great wind spirit, Art Ange come to the Duke Denning's territory was to meet this famous Slow Denning that spirits love to talk about.
And when it was able to meet him, it will ask him to lend his power to protect Charlotte.
But he was much better than it thought before.
Surprisingly as if all the spirits around him are trying to protect him, they stay in between the great spirit and The wind prodigy Slow Denning.


The Dostork Empire were searching Charlotte where about.
The power to understand monsters, it was a power The Dostork empire need the most since they were greatly affected by monsters, and this power was possessed by no other than the princess of Hugh Jack Empire.
Looking at the menacing look The great wind spirit shows him, Slow nod slowly.

[I just want you to stop being angry here. It's your fault that all the spirits in Denning territory wanted to flee. If you somehow calm down, I will promise you to protect this kid here.]

[!? Not angry! I'm not angry at all!]

[Eeeh! No no no, I'm not talking about you!]

Charlotte glaring at Slow with her big eyes.
But her sad voice cannot be heard anymore.
It seems it was because she was tired of crying,
But more than her sadness she was more interested in the mysterious boy in front of her.
The boy who suddenly talk by himself.
The boy who brings back young Charlotte back to this world.
A growling sound could be heard somewhere, Charlotte hurriedly presses her own stomach down.

[Ah….This, ummm….]

That sound was so weird it makes Slow laugh, compared to Art Ange's killing intent it was very heartwarming.


Charlotte who was oblivious of things, she could only just glaring Slow with teary eyes.


[Ahahaha, I'm so sorry. But, it seems your stomach is hungry now]

[….Umm, I'm hungry]

[Then let's eat delicious food together after this. Oh and your name, what should I call you?]

Charlotte mulling on how to answer that question, then she pushed her plushie that she hug before on to Slow's chest.
She was mulling over whether she should tell him her real name or not, she suddenly remembers the name she told the slave trader when she was captured.

[Bra, Brady]

[Is that perhaps this kid's name?]

[……Um. actually…..]

Slow smile bitterly and brush the doll's head gently.
Then when Charlotte tells him her name, he made sure it was deeply rooted inside his head.
Even though he has already heard her name from the spirits, but hearing her name directly from her own mouth had a different sensation.


The second impression it has was an idiotic parent.
But the vibe it holds was extremely good, it leaves a refreshing feeling to Slow.
He understood how worried the great wind spirit towards Charlotte, and he also agrees not to let Charlotte face any kind of hardship in the future.

But the number one reason why he agreed to help Charlotte with that kind of condition was—-
—It was so cool protecting a princess just like a protagonist in the storybook.

[Little Charlotte]

[Stop that 'little' thingy]

[Ah, sorry….. Well then, those two also almost finished with their fight, how about you come with me to my house and eat a delicious soup there, Charlotte?]

[Umm….yes, I want that. I'm so hungry]

The wind prodigy and his two knights are indeed proved to be far superior.
Claude was going before first to the household to give them a report, while Silva was grinning seeing the two persons in front of him.

[….This is bad, Those lines are just like a kidnapper would say isn't it?]

[Slow is a bad person?]

They have introduced themselves.
The wind prodigy when the girl calls him by his name.

[Yes I am. I am a bad bad bad Mr. kidnapper.]

Charlotte unintentionally smiles seeing a villain like a smile from him.

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